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  1. 100% agree. Hipstick is still the best resource available!
  2. Brian, Thanks for the insight. Seems to be a consensus to "work up" with the GPZ. I have to admit, I got started with this unit a little cocky. I figured, I have swung detectors for hundreds of hours, how different could it be? Well, let's just say I've been humbled at bit, lol. I'm actually really enjoying having to take the time to learn something new and have a new challenge. Hope to meet some day neighbor, Beau
  3. Hey guys, Thanks for the input. I know I'm very late to the party with the GPZ and I appreciate you taking a minute to point me in the right direction. I'm sure you guys have hashed this over many times... years ago, lol.
  4. Your suggestion to work the sensitivity up makes so much sense. It's funny how the obvious can avoid me sometimes. Thx.
  5. My general setting for the area are: GM - High Yield GT - Normal Sensitivity - 8 Volume - 15 Threshold 35 Threshold Pitch 35 Volume limit - 5 Audio Smoothing - High Ground Smoothing - OFF I tried High yield/GT difficult, General/ GT normal, General/ GT difficult. Also tried these settings in GS off and Locate Patch. To be perfectly honest, adjustments beyond that felt beyond my experience at this point. I have less than 50 hours on the ground with the GPZ . I didn't want to start chasing the white rabbit.
  6. Hey guys, I hate being the guy asking for help on the forum. But, I'm really struggling and hope some of you with more experience on the GPZ might be able to share some insight. So, here's the scenario. I have what I think is an old equipment pad I've been working. I've nicknamed it my "trash patch" since it is just hammered with trash, probably why it doesn't appear to have be detected much even though close by areas have been beat to death. I found my first nugget in there with my GPZ at about 8", The problem, so much trash I couldn't even keep a single target under the 14" coil. I went back this week and spent 2 1/2 days (sun up to sun down) with my GB2 cleaning about a 2500sf area of trash. I can't begin to know how many targets were removed, but I can tell you my legs are so sore from that many squats I can barely walk today. Once I got the area clean, I was super excited to get back over it with the GPZ and see what I could find. And, here's where we get to the help part. This entire pad has basically been built with about 3" of crushed hotrock. I thought getting the trash out was the biggest issue, but it wasn't. I can't figure out setting on the GPZ to get through the top layer. Either it just wobbles and whines all over the place, or you choke the settings down so hard it won't pick up anything. I can't find a working medium. Short of racking and shoveling 3" of rock off this area, which moves way outside the bounderies of enjoyable hobbie for me, I'm not sure what to do. Anyone have some detector settings I might try, or other ideas would be greatly appreciated. Attached are 8 little micro nuggets I pulled off the surface cleaning trash with the GB2. Everything I have got more than 2"s below the rock layer has been larger. Thx, Beau
  7. CCRV

    I'm Back...

    Hey Guys and Gals, Some of you may remember me, I used to belong to WSPA and spent quite a bit of time in SoCal and Rye Patch. But, about 6 years ago I dropped out to concentrate on business. Now I find myself with more available time and have jumped back into detecting with both feet. I'm looking forward to running into old friends and swinging new machines. If I met you before and have forgot, please don't feel offended, I have a hard time with my own name some mornings, LOL. I don't want this to come across as a solicitation, it's not. I know a lot of you have RV's and trailers. I own Carson City RV. If I can help my fellow prospecting/detecting community with: questions, technical/service issues, parts or looking for a unit. Please feel free to ask, I will do my best to help. I attached a pic of my own truck and Trailer. If you see me out in the desert, come say Howdy. I'm hard to miss with the giant CARSONCITYRV.COM on the side of my bright blue truck. I always have a cold drink, bowl of soup or shot of whiskey handy. Also, if you want to use the head, instead of digging a hole, I'm happy to step out for a few moments and let enjoy the facilities. If I'm not in the trailer, feel free to go on in and help yourself. I was solely and gold detectorist in the past, but I'm looking to add some coin and relic hunting to my list. I live in Reno, NV. I have a pretty open schedule and I'm willing to drive. So, if anyone wants a detecting partner, LMK. Good luck to you all and look forward to meeting/seeing you again, Beau Durkee
  8. My last day of trip, I actually started working around a road.To be honest, I wanted the variety of trash to help speed up the learning curve of differentiating target sounds with my new machine. Pulled a nugget right by the road. was laughing to myself remembering you telling just a couple days earlier how you were looking around, not wanting someone to see you digging near road. I was doing the same thing. Something about it feels so wrong.
  9. Lunk, Thx for your time out at RP. Your thoughts on some of those settings seemed counterintuitive to me at first. But, after I started pulling some little pickers and seeing how Zed would find them, it was such an advantage to get some time with someone with your experience. It's so completely different than the GPX's, I would have spent so many more hours with it before getting on the right track. Very much appreciated. Beau
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