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  1. Here in Europe it is difficult to get a making my own hipstick so I have gotten to work and I am making my own. The oscillating piece that you see in the video is a tap diffuser, I have glued it to an aluminum bar and at the end where it will go on the harness I have adapted a rope carabiner that I had saved and had never been used . I only need to secure the belt, which I already more or less have the idea of how to do. I hope it works. At the moment I have spent about 5 euros?
  2. Been contemplating ordering Docs Swingy Thingy, and the Saga Swing arm, since I added the Axiom 16x14 Mono Coil for sure going to pick up the Swingy thingy and Queegle bungee attachment but was wandering if it is worth adding the Saga Swing arm also, does it give you more control of your detector and coil, and can the Swing arm be removed when I am running the 11x7 Mono and DD without to much trouble, just to remove the added weight the 16x14 throws the balance off quite a bit on the Axiom, and at my age it is a bit of a work out swinging those big coils Thanks for any replies
  3. Phrunt posted a pretty neat Clip he got from China. It works perfect for your Swing Arm. Especially if you have a Minelab Swing Arm that has no convenient way to store the Swing Arm if you don't want to use it. I ordered a sample and it has my approval. So I ordered 550 of them. Price $3.50 plus shipping in the U.S. Unfortunately depending on where you live shipping will probably be more than the clip. Doc
  4. Has anyone found a good balanced bungee setup that works well with the GPX 6000?
  5. Hello all, Just saw these on Ebay! But haven't seen anywhere else yet! Just thought I'd pass the info along, as I haven't seen Doc post about them recently, unless I missed it!! They are a new addition to his past offerings!???
  6. For long days in the field swinging a heavy detector do you prefer a swing arm or bungee system. Your opinions
  7. Hi Folks just Finished reading the detecting backpack thread with interest. Some great ideas presented there for people who will be detecting and camping out for a few days. My question relates to detecting harnesses that many of you use on day trips. What do you wear and how do you configure them? Now before we get started, I know that many of you hate wearing a harness and use other methods to hold your gear. I understand that and can relate to that but as a harness wearer, I’d be interested in what solutions people have come up with to hold a pick, scoop, phone, gps, enhancer, speakers, water, finds container, first aid kit, camera gear, food etc, etc, etc. I have always used the Minelab harness and found that it works well in most situations but it does lack storage space and I have run out of room. It would be great to see photographs, ideas, links etc as even one small idea could make a huge difference to harness “efficiency”. Looking forward to reading about some of your rigs. cheers Les
  8. Summer in the USA, the fields are planted, the ground is turning to concrete, the rivers and beaches are either off limits or full of people and boats. Some boats are on the beach too. ? Heck you have to mow or bush hog your own spots to detect! I've been refining the amount of stuff I carry, trying to make it as light and simple as possible. For the Summer I have it down to this: Calces365 bag with the mesh on the keeper pocket and the trash pocket, it drains out the sand/water from your finds. On the belt is the Carrot, and a Doc's deep bag for my composite trowel, a brass wire brush, and a Kong rubber Frisbee for dogs that rolls up for putting the dirt in. Makes it easy to clean up, and isn't too big. When rolled in the bag the trowel fits right in. One knee pad, and the best warm weather nitrile gloves I could find, they are 5 bucks at Lowes. I can use my cell phone while wearing them, sorta. They will save you from cuts and poison ivy. The only other thing I might add to this rig is a 9mm MOLLE mag pouch with a spray bottle for the silvers but I don't find so many of them. ? If Doc ever reads this, the trowel bag could use some mesh on the bottom to drain water and sand, may modify it soon but I'm not good at sewing. Got some spare OD Kevlar though... ? Edit: Please don't think that I'm pushing minimalism in any way. That's just my preference, the whole point of this thread is to show what ya carry, and tell why in some cases so others can get ideas for possible substitutions. The bigger the better. Lots of people browse this forum for ideas. Gear is a big part of what we do. I've seen some pretty big rigs, and totally understand them. Remember I just walk out my front door to detect and use a modified off road golf cart! ? I can bring a lot of stuff if I want.
  9. It's a made up name which is a mash up of the words Quick, Bungee and Double (double adjustment point). It describes another innovative product from Doc that makes detecting more enjoyable and helps save your arm, shoulder neck and back from undue stress. Just add your own backpack or Hydration pack. This amazing Bungee Support System provides absolutely instantaneous adjustment so your detector is always at the proper height off the ground, even when you are in mid-swing. We use super strong Marine Grade bungee that is stronger than 3/8ths inch bungee that is commonly used for tie-downs.
  10. Could someone who has one of these please tell me how long the bungee is? I’m wanting to find a bungee in the states that has enough length to attach it to the lower shaft of the GPZ 7000. I’ve seen that this is how some of the ozzies are holding up the 19” coil and would like to try this. Any ideas? Thanks guys!
  11. Well out of the blue Doc or Doc's Detecting Supply of Las Vegas sent me a goodie bag with some product to look over. Thanks Doc! Before I begin I want you to know I did not request this stuff. In order to not look like I am trading favorable comments for gear I am going to use this stuff as prizes in various forum contests I have planned (best finds, etc.). All these goodies Doc sent me will be finding new homes in the near future so stay tuned. I already have a few of Doc's products. I have one of his original Swingy Thingy support harnesses from over ten years ago. I don't use it per se but it remains in my detecting kit at all time "just in case". This is cool because Doc sent me the latest version of the Ultra Swingy Thingy to look at, and they are light years apart. The old one is little more than a strap and bungee. The new one is a full harness system. Original Swingy Thingy detector support harness I also have been using Doc's cover for the GPZ 7000 since the cover came out at the end of 2015. So I am already a little familiar with the product construction. I have not used my GPZ 7000 without that cover since the day I got it. It is a very well thought out protective cover system and I could not be happier with how mine has worked out. Doc's protective cover system for the Minelab GPZ 7000 Here is a look at the new covers for the Minelab Gold Monster 1000 and Minelab Equinox 600/800 models. The two covers are very similar. Before I forget, I want to mention that I always apply a stick on screen saver to my metal detector displays before installing any of these loose fit type pod covers. Dust and grit will get into the inside of these covers no matter what you do, and the dust between the inside of the covers and the screen can abrade the screen. I look at the pod cover as a protective cover for the entire pod, but not ones that eliminate the need for a screen protector. If you have gone without and had no issues that's great. I still recommend using separate screen savers and always apply them to my new detectors before they ever see the field. Docs' cover for the Minelab Equinox (left) and Minelab Gold Monster 1000 (right) The Equinox cover is a two piece affair, with a cover for the display pod and the armrest cup. A new arm strap is included. The Gold Monster cover includes an additional item in the form of a small cover for the upright support post. Again, new arm straps included. For those that do not like using an arm strap Doc includes a couple small velcro stick tabs that allow you to attach the cover more firmly to the arm cup using the velcro tabs. Closeup of armrest cover showing cordura nylon and stitching details Here is a little closer detail of the pod cover for the Minelab Equinox models... Detail of Doc's pod cover for the Minelab Equinox metal detector The cover simply pulls down over the top of the pod once you disconnect the coil, then make the coil connection again once the cover is installed. Two velcro straps wrap around the bottom and back of the pod to pull it down and attach it firmly in place. Two velcro sticky tabs are included for those who wish attach the cover to the pod via internal velcro tabs. This could help keep the pod from shifting in place but most people won't need them. A nice touch is the little bit of stretch material forming a band that holds the charger cable more firmly in place while in use. Equinox pod cover detail showing charger cable in place As you can see in the photo above I put the cover over the little cap and strap that protects the physical headphone port when not in use. I never use wired headphones out of water and so this worked for me, but if you wanted easy access to the headphone plug port you would want to route the strap over the cover instead of under it. The cover has two slots on each side to allow access to the Equinox pod side buttons. The thickness of the cover requires you push the tip of your finger into the slot to push the buttons, but this is easily done. Side view of Equinox cover showing button access slots The Gold Monster pod cover is simpler, just pull over and secure with a velcro strap. As noted the Gold Monster cover set includes a cover for the upright battery compartment support post - see the first picture in the post. Detail of Doc's pod cover for the Minelab Gold Monster 1000 The bottom line is I found both these covers to be well designed and constructed. Visit the Doc's Detecting website for the latest information on pricing and availability. Doc included the latest version of his Goldscreamer Brand Qweegle Bungee. Earlier versions I saw had a kind of bolt on attachment for the detector rod. This latest version attaches to the detector with a velcro strap clip not unlike the one that comes with the Minelab GPZ 7000. I really like this type of attachment since it will work on any rod size with no issues. What makes Doc's bungee unique is the quick adjustments at both ends of the bungee. Doc's Goldscreamer Brand Qweegle Bungee This is a nice stout bungee, and one that can be rigged to support almost any detector from any backpack or rucksack shoulder D-ring attachment point. However, for those in need Doc has made the Qweegle Bungee an integral part of the new Ultra Swingy Thingy harness. The Ultra Swingy Thingy is basically a large "Y" or yoke. One wide padded strap goes down your back and attaches to your pants at the belt line. The strap splits behind your neck and drops large padded straps over each shoulder. Harness rear attachment point The front padded straps end in adjustable steel clips that attach the harness to the belt line of pants exactly the same way that suspenders work. There is also a front cross-strap at chest level to tie both sides of the harness assembly together for a snug fit. There are two super oversize rings on each shoulder, either one which can act as an attachment point for the Qweegle Bungee. Click photo for closer view... Details of the Ultra Swingy Thingy Harness with Qweegle Bungee This, simply put, is a really great detector support system. Here is Doc's sales sheet below for the harness which has all kinds of details about the product. If anyone has any questions on any details of these items including any requests for any photo details - please just ask. And like I noted, all these items will be featured soon as prizes in various contest activities I plan on offering to stir up a little more action on the forums. Thanks again Doc for this surprise package. Keep up the good work filling in the gaps in available detecting gear for the avid detectorists among us! ? Doc's Ultra Swingy Thingy - click image fr larger version
  12. I have been searching this site as well as others for one simple question and can't seem to find the answer. Will this harness fit fat guys. I mean I am 5'11 and 275 pounds. Will the hip straps adjust enough for us bigger guys? I would like to buy one as my arm has been taken a beating.
  13. If memory serve me correctly as a 17 year old I found myself swinging a Garrett A2B in one arm, the other arm holding a pick over my shoulder. No hat, no water, not GPS, just enthusiasm. Those days are long gone, getting back into electronic prospecting I found myself using a sling bag, it held water, gps, phone and a 5w handheld radio. A small pick hung off it and until I got myself a larger pick it was adequate. Problem was that I always had a reason to return to the car for something, which ate away at my swing time. I needed to equip myself so that I could operate for hours without needing to return to the vehicle. The addition of a decent size pick forced me to adopt a rig that allowed a large degree of independence. A molle battle belt and suspenders combined with a heavy duty leather belt formed the basis of my prospecting rig. A leather holster for the large pick, first aid kit, two way radio, GPS, phone, water bladder and water bottle, etc. I can simply add or detract as circumstances dictate. In remote areas I have a Personal Locator Beacon and additional safety gear, at other times an Ipad and phone replace the PLB. Snake first aid kit at all times, one in the car and one as part of the permanent first aid kit on the rig. I always leave trip information and details with family before going out, keep my first aid training up to date and maintain my gear, with particular care for keeping the car up to spec at all times.. I can now go out detecting without needing to return to the vehicle for a whole day. No more time wasting going back and forth, more swing time results.. safety and convenience. Pays to keep the gear mounted on the rear panels of the belt away from the front, less interaction between the detector and stuff. Easier to bend and dig. The water bladder carries 2 litres of water with ice cubes to keep it cool all day. The weight goes unnoticed and the pick is back far enough to not interfere with the detector. Set the rig up correctly and balance your load, the weigh disappears.. The rig in the pictures is my second attempt using a better battle belt and harness. Easier to thread the leather in and out between molle panels to hold the leather pick holder. Because of this rig I tend to wander off further and further, making the GPS and a map even more essential. The GPS to mark the location of the vehicle and to mark interesting locations, the topographic and geological map allows trip planning on the go. All a far cry from the 17 year old swinging the Garrett A2B with nothing but a pick.. All the best, Karelian.
  14. A prospecting supply company in Australia is selling what looks like a nice harness made for the GPZ 7000 and 19" coil, has anyone heard any good stories on this harness? Pics of New Harness Dave
  15. o I finally have some production models of the New dual adjustment bungee I designed. I think I am going to call this one the QWEEGLE. Sort of a combination of Quick Bungee and Double for Double adjustment. I know a lot of you use your own harness, which in a lot of instances is a modified Camel Back. Camel Backs are great because they provide hydration and give you a great place to hook a bungee cord up to. Well I have thought long and hard about now to improve the QWEEGEE bungee which allowed you to adjust the length of the bungee where it attached to the rod. The BOOMERANG bungee which I also invented allowed you to adjust the length of the bungee at the "D" ring. The big issue with the QWEEGEE, was that you could only detach the bungee at the "D" ring, so when you laid your detector down the bungee was lying in the dirt. There was no way to detach the bungee from the shaft of the detector. Also where the bungee snapped onto the "D" ring it was pretty clumsy to get it on and off. I wear gloves, and when you wear gloves, small pieces of plastic are hard to deal with. So here was my challenge. 1. Design a bungee that could be adjusted with at the "D" ring or where the bungee attached to the rod. 2. Design a bungee that could easily be detached from the detector. or the "D" ring. 3. Make the process of detaching the bungee really easy and effortless. 4. Provide an optional attachment ring that would be similar to a "D" ring but be more durable, easier to attach to, allow the user to stitch it onto their own harness, and not turn around in the webbing you use to attach it. Standard "D" rings, always manage to wiggle around in the webbing and end up looking just like this "D" running vertical instead of like a U where the curved part of the "D" stays at the bottom. First part: Easy on and off attachment snap that attaches to "D" ring. Nice and hefty and durable. A thumb tab, to allow you to remove the bungee from the adjustment groove using one hand. Second Picture: Adjustment groove in snap. Lift or lower your detector while the bungee is out of the adjustment groove to find the right length, give a slight tug down to seat the bungee in the groove and lock the bungee to a perfect length for detecting comfort. SHAFT ATTACHMENT ADJUSTMENT Point. Long non-slip strap that will accommodate all known detector shafts, even the Garret ATX Deep Seeker that has a rod the size of a baseball bat. • Easily attach or detach bungee by pulling the bungee in or out of the SLIDE SLOT. Picture 3 • Easily adjust the length of the bungee by lifting your detector up or down, and then tugging the bungee up into the adjustment groove when you find the proper length. Picture 4 • Use the shaft attachment point only as an attachment point, and don't use the adjustment feature. Simply put the loop at the end on the bungee onto the shaft attachment point. Then you can use the snap at the "D" ring to make adjustments Picture 5 PICTURE 3 PICTURE 4 PICTURE 5 Then we have the optional non-slip "O" ring that I designed . Supplied with a piece of webbing for you to attach to your favorite harness system. I designed all of these pieces. I had to have injection molds made (not cheap) and had the parts molded out of Nyglass, which is a darn near bulletproof material. That "O" ring is 2 1/4 inside diameter. A blind drunk monkey could attach the snap to this "O" ring without ever worrying about having to see it. So I would love to hear your input. I have just 10 from the first production run. The rest will be sent by boat. Only the plastic parts and the strap are being shipped, we assemble the parts with the bungee here in Henderson. Some things are OK to have made in China, but bungee cord is not one of them. We use a very expensive high quality marine grade bungee. Doc
  16. Thought I'd post what I ended up doing. The telescopic shaft with shipping was to expensive for me to justify. But I did find a cheaper alternative which looks very similar. The Andoer C-555 carbon fiber monopod. Found one on EBay for $41 shipped from China. Ordered a few other parts here and there to modify. I' very happy with the results! I made a video of my process and include a parts list if anyone is interested. Cheers!
  17. Well it is rainy so no beach today--- i go to work for 4 10s that means I will work thru the rain and then it will be beach time next tuesday!!! Here is a picture for us OLD 7000 users--it is a 3rd arm device the Army is prototyping to relieve weight issues for heavy weapons users (much heavier than the 7000) This is what happens when i have too much time...lol
  18. Aloha just bought an harness after searching everywhere in the UK i could locate one wich was multi purpose : Good for my CTX but also able to carry my deepstar on my chest ......i am really looking toward hitting the beaches .....i invested a fair amount of cash now its time to start digging......once i found a few gold rings i ll get a 15" coil for my deepstar and a CTX battery charger(another £400 i guess)but hey no guts no glory!!!! RR
  19. Now this could be a new revolutionary harness. New Harness Link Dave
  20. Its a silly question but I am curious to know how many use a bungee or other support system while out bush or even in a park? I use just a standard harness and bungee pretty exclusively as it reduces wear and tear on my person The advent of the Zed kinda makes it imperative to me now. I gain extra control of my coil, regardless of the machine, and I don't have to worry about dropping it to take a break~ or that someone will try to grab and run with it. Silly question but I'm curious to ask.
  21. Video of a harness set up to make it easier to swing your detector.
  22. This new shaft is supposed to have the ability to work with dozens of metal detectors. It has been delayed for some time but will supposedly hit the market in the next couple months for around US$130 plus shipping. Shipping might be a bit since this is from overseas unless somebody is distributing for Mars in the U.S. Anybody have any wild guesses where the inspiration for the design came from? More Information Mars MD Website The images on the website link above look small but are HUGE and so very slow to download. If you click on one you will se what I mean.
  23. I've just been out in the field with the GPZ 7000 and I could not possibly use it without a weight assist. I'm using my HipStick that I use with my other Minelabs (3030, 5000). I use the 5000 harness but there could be others. It is simple to unhook and I don't feel like I have put on armour to go out detecting. JP has a video where he put it together for the 4000. The ProSwing bungee is the BEST. When going up or down a slope it can be adjusted with one hand to perfectly balance the coil. Without this my arm would be unable to prevent fatigue and tennis elbow from flaring up. I don't even need the extra arm which is good because I'm using that one for the pick. Here's the site to get one: http://detectoraid.com/ Mitchel
  24. I tried a couple of methods to balance and hang the detector from my harness and hipstick. These pics show clearly how I did it. Attaching the bottom of Doc's bungy on the right and then bringing the top connector through a d-ring on the left does a few things. This attachment helps eleviate some of the twist that the detector wants to do, it keeps the bungy in line for maximum lift and control, you can turn the detector loose and it won't fall to the ground and it makes swinging the detector very easy on worn-out wrists and elbows. Also, it keeps the bungy up and away from my fairly large hands...comfort and convenience thanks to the Hip-stick, Doc's Bungy and a little modification by me... fred
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