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  1. I have been using a shotgun trap pouch that I had for trap shooting. It has served its purpose for about 5 years now, though I aways wanted a bigger one. It was never deep enough. Now that I have seen this thread I have decided to try a real metal detecting pouch. I have a few to pick from now. I just hunt for gold and treasures on land.
  2. It takes 5 to 8 hour to charge the battery. It's only taking that amount of amperage out of the charge source. I am not sure really what the amp hour capacity of the battery is, but again its not much, probably around 5 to 6 amp. You could charge that battery many times from one car battery. I fail to see an issue here.
  3. Thanks Jonathan. That help me understand it much better.
  4. I really don’t want to charge the batteries in my car or truck. I want to charge my batteries in my RV with the supplied 12 volt plugs. I have 1500 watts of solar power, so time is not an issue to me. Charging direct from the battery uses less power than turning my inverter on.
  5. Exactly….Does the 6000 auto GB in manual modes?
  6. This is from Steve’s GPX 6000 accessories page. The following items do not come with the GPX 6000, but are likely to work with it based on what is known so far. This is preliminary guesswork, and it is not advised a purchase be made based solely on the information presented here. https://parts.minelab.com/0302-0082-p/0302-0082.htm
  7. Each time I try and ground balance my 6000 there is no detectable change. While holding the GB button I pump the coil then move it side to side. It’s like it don’t work. I friend of mine says his does not either. What am I missing? I run in manual mode with the threshold on. The noise cancel works very well.
  8. I glad to see I am not the only one. It is getting better. I went out today and slowed the process down a little bit and concentrated specifically on pping the targets. I am always in a hurry to see what I have found under that coil, which usually costs me a lot more time and a sorer back. Today I spent more time with actually pping the targets. It’s hard to over come that instance gratification feeling of what maybe in your scoop, and scoop after scoop there is nothing. I need better detecting skills it appears!
  9. Coming from the Monster 1000 with many hour using it with the 5” coil, I have had trouble with GPX 6000 pin pointing my targets. A few times I get it right but more times I don’t. It would sure be nice not to have to spend so much time trying to figure out where that dang piece is. Of course I only have about 6 or 8 hours on the machine. I am sure with time I will work it out but is there any pointers to help me along a little? Also this is my first gold with the GPX 6000. A nice .25 gram nugget.
  10. Thanks Steve…I found his site very interesting. I think I need to hunt a little to find one like that.
  11. Thanks DDancer……..that is a great site also, with a lot of info
  12. I think most of these are agates but the one on the left in the middle I am not sure what it is. It kind of looks like a flower. When I was out detecting I run in to these rocks. They seem different then most I see. Anybody know what the one on the left in the middle is? It's kind of white. And what are the rest?
  13. I believe now I am leaning towards the Nox 800. There this not a lot of info about the ORX though I believe it to be a good machine.
  14. Not my only, but my best day, and sure they are little but, it was exciting to me. Its gold!
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