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  1. You might try the SteelPhase sP01 Audio enhancer. It has different sound profiles on it. I have tinnitus real bad also with hearing loss. It helps me.
  2. Phrunt….I understand all about the addiction. I found gold with my monster, but in another area. I have been using my sdc-2300 here and yet to break it in. Its frustrating because I have already proven I can find it, just not with the sdc-2300. It's not coming out of my hands until I do! It does not come much easier to use than the sdc-2300. Turn it on and go. If i can find bird shot, it is just a matter of time.
  3. Thanks for everyones help. I still have not found any gold this area, at least not detecting, but I hear others have. I found a little sampling here and there, but mostly fines to small flakes. The area has been hit hard, though I find old boot tacks, small bits of wire, screw, lead, bird shot so I assume there still some gold here. I will keep looking until it's time to head back to my home for the summer. There's alway next year. For the most part I have been detecting the benches above the washes, depression, gravel bars, rock intrusions. I think next time I go out I will try the sides of the washes. I am hunting just south of Wickenburg, Arizona. The area has a rich gold history but it also gets it share of traffic.
  4. Thanks Steve. You and your attachments have been very helpful. I have a lot to learn. I have been detecting the area every day. Each time I go out I learn more and more about it. Now after reading some of your material I am armed with a little more understanding. Today maybe the day.
  5. I have been having a real problem when going into a new area trying to decide were to detect. Washes from time to time I find a piece or two by turning over rocks and detecting in that spot, but for the most part, most of the gold is gone. I've tried detecting on the top of the washes with a little better results if the washes aren't to deep but some of these washes have sides that go up a long way and are difficult to detect. So now I have been looking for contact zone or at least as I think I understand them. I have attached a pic in and area I am detecting now and it seems overwhelming to me. Everything looks like contact zones. I know gold is coming out of this area but I am really struggling to find any. I could use a little help deciding how to detect this area. I have circle and area that seems like a contact zone but is it? I am constantly looking for different signs, fuggy quarts, iron, etc until it drives me nuts.
  6. Nice gold Phrunt.. I have been on a dry streak for a month now. Your story has helped me get motivated again.
  7. Thanks Lunk.... I will look for him. I am starting to be more aware of all the gold ore sample rocks. I went to the place I asked you about. Got to be careful there or you could find yourself in the bottom of one of those deep mine holes. They were everywhere down that wash.
  8. That’s a great find!! I can see my detecting lasting all year now. Arizona in the winter for gold and Michigan in the summer for gold rings. Thanks for showing us.
  9. Thanks Jim. I will try the streak test. The gold and mineral show is going on this weekend in Quartzsite. Maybe someone there my be able to help me also. I looked at it with a lope and it does seem to look like silver in places. Seems that there is at least 3 or4 deferent minerals in it.
  10. Well I was out today in a remote locating looking for nuggets with my 2300 and it sounded off on this rock. The area is noted for a lot silver. Not saying it is silver only my PI machine is pretty quiet unless it hits some kind of metal. It was lying on top the ground. It's dark gray to black. Maybe Hematite. Any one no for sure looking at a picture? Has some quarts in it also.
  11. Randy........I have had 3 flat tires now and finally put ten ply tires on my truck. Quartzsite rocks will eat them tires up. If you need someone to go out with while in Quartzsite give be a shout. I am always ready to go. I am over in the dome rock area.
  12. I am using a sdc-2300. I am pretty hard of hearing and would like to no more about which audio Enhancer is best. I am using Sun Ray Pro Gold CTX head phones but I am still having some trouble hearing those faint signals. I have read a little on Steel Phase, BZ booster, Doc's screamer. Is one better than another?
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