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  1. Thanks Steve…I found his site very interesting. I think I need to hunt a little to find one like that.
  2. Thanks DDancer……..that is a great site also, with a lot of info
  3. I think most of these are agates but the one on the left in the middle I am not sure what it is. It kind of looks like a flower. When I was out detecting I run in to these rocks. They seem different then most I see. Anybody know what the one on the left in the middle is? It's kind of white. And what are the rest?
  4. I believe now I am leaning towards the Nox 800. There this not a lot of info about the ORX though I believe it to be a good machine.
  5. Not my only, but my best day, and sure they are little but, it was exciting to me. Its gold!
  6. I mostly hunt for gold in the winter in Arizona and could probably use another detector for that. In the summer months I have been wanting to hunt for treasures around my old farm house back in Michigan. I have tried in the past but, man there is a lot of trash! My monster 1000 loves Arizona but not Michigan or not a least around my house. I swear it was a trash dump at one time. Same with my SDC 2300. I am looking for a machine that might do both well, gold and treasures, if there is a detector like that. I have consider the Equinox and also the XP ORX but I might be missing something here. M
  7. jw………..thank you. Glad you put it in my language. Guess I will have to purchase one now or buy the GPZ that comes with one! I should of bought Fred's, then he could have showed me all his gold hunting places! 😀 Thanks again for all your trouble JW!!
  8. Prunt………..Thank You very much. I ware a 42 size pant so that harness may work, though it may be a little tight. I do appreciate you taking the time to share that information on all the harness. I really shouldn't of had to ask everyone. It should of been common knowledge in the Minelab specs. one another note I found a 1/2" by 4 foot long bungy at the hardware store. I hook one end on my belt and throw the other over the shoulder and hooked it to my SDC 2300. I sure helped a hole lot! Took the weight off pretty well.
  9. Thank you Kiwijw….That was very informative on how to use the harness. The question remains what size is the hip belt? As many of these that are out there you would think someone could just measure one to answer that question. Is it 38", 40" 44" 50"? Smaller, Larger. No where have I seen this information.
  10. Thanks Fred……..I am going to start by getting a hip stick and looking for some kind or harness. I will try to replicate what you have. You have been very helpful. Phoenix…… I have worn many of them harness working as an electrician. I probably have one but its 2000 miles away from me now. All good ideas
  11. Fred…..I guess I don't understand. You use the hip stick with the minelab harness?
  12. Reg…….I do agree with you. I am 68 years old. I bought the SDC 2300 in hopes I could swing it all day. I find myself pretty worn out after the first couple of hours and really lose interest in digging every target after that. All I can think about is dam my arm hurts! I thought I might try something to help bear the weight. I wanted the 7000 but thought I should try the 2 pound lighter sdc first. I come to Arizona every year to hunt gold for 6 months. Night after night my arm is so sore from swinging that thing I can't hardly sleep. About 2 hours is all I can take. Lately I would have don
  13. I have been searching this site as well as others for one simple question and can't seem to find the answer. Will this harness fit fat guys. I mean I am 5'11 and 275 pounds. Will the hip straps adjust enough for us bigger guys? I would like to buy one as my arm has been taken a beating.
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