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  1. 650.00 to repair it with no warranty. I bought a new one with my military discount
  2. Phrunt does there have to be any other devise between the head phones and the 6000 to get them to work?
  3. Will the ML-80 headphones work with the GPX 6000? I have a pair that came with my Equinox that have never been used. I would like to send in my regular 6000 headphones (ML-100?) to the repair center and really don’t want to use my 6000 without a wireless set. I have tried searching for my question with no luck. I would think it has been ash before.
  4. Hey Gerry….I found a guy in Quartzsite with a 6000 and my machine power up just fine with his battery. So it was the battery. I noticed a little green corrosion on the battery itself. Phunt and Jeff helped me out with how to clean it, all though it took about 3 good cleanings to get it working again. I ended up scraping the contacts a little bit, cleaned with alcohol, and used a pencil eraser. I had stored the battery separate from the machine and some how it must of got moisture in it. I took the 6000 out yesterday for a test run and it worked great the 2 hours I was out there.
  5. Thanks…..i do believe i have someone with a 6000 that going to help me tomorrow morning.
  6. Thanks Phrunt……….no it won’t destroy my trip. I have a monster and the 800 that i can use. I have had nothing but trouble with my 6000 though. Last year it was the coil and the audio update. I sent it in last year and from start to finish it was around 3 to 4 weeks I could not use it.
  7. Phrunt yes I have checked the pins and cleaned everything up good. I used an eraser on everything I could. Still no luck!
  8. My 6000 won’t power up. Yes the battery has been charged and checked with the 12v volt charger and the 110V charger. I have checked the voltage of the battery and it is 8 volts, but I am not sure what it really should be. I am in Quartzsite, Az. If anyone is here and would be willing to help, by let me try your battery in my 6000 it sure would help me out. Miner Depot is not open yet and won’t be for another week. If it is something other than the battery I would like to ship it off to Minelab repair as soon as I can, or get another battery headed this way.
  9. Thanks everyone! That sure was exciting! When I get it clean up I will post another pic of it.
  10. I hunted all morning without anything to show for it. About 1:00pm I meant up with some friends for lunch and talk over the mornings hunt. Nobody had found anything. We all took off in different direction again. I ended up in a very small wash leading into a slightly bigger one. It was about 30 feet long and 2 feet wide and maybe a foot deep. I had never detected there before so I though I would try it until dark about 2 or 3 hours away by now. There were some old tailing piles there. Wasn't long I got my first target. I dug it up and it was about 1/2 a gramer. Then 5 minutes later another one. This went on for a few more nuggets. Seven in total I believe. Then I did a coil sweep on the topside of the wash. My 6000 sounded off different. It seemed to give me a low high tone. I scraped the bigger rocks away and still had the same tone. Went down another 5" until I could hear it with my Equinox. the equinox was giving be a Constance 15 for the target ID . I was thinking big lead or maybe a tin can. I finally got in out of the hole and into my scoop but what is it. after washing it off a little I see it is gold, big gold for sure. it came in at just under 13 grams with the 7 others I was over a 1/2 ounce for the afternoon. Best day in my life!!!
  11. Thanks jasong! I wonder why it sounds non-furious, Gold/aluminum on a metal detector?
  12. I friend of mine found this rock. He seems to think it has some value. On his monster 1000, and Equinox 800 it reads as having some gold in it, or it at least has some non-ferious properties to it. It just looks like lava rock to me. It is very light for it size, less than a few ounces. It was found a little west of Phoenix, Arizona. Any ideas?
  13. If the gold was more plentiful I would be posting more, but I do like seeing everyone else's posts.
  14. I am not sure. It’s the only one like this I have ever found in that area. It appears to be in really iron stained quarts. No photo issue. When I first found it, I was thinking it was a chunk of lead, then I seen a little glint of gold, or so I thought. I took out my water bottle and washed it off a little, and it started to reveil more of the gold.
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