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  1. Lightly used 12" concentric coil for the Whites MXT (DFX, M6, V3i,) series detectors. Coil is in great condition, no wear on the cable and just light scratches on the skid plate. The charger works great, battery pack is older and not sure how much charge it holds as I do not have the detector any longer. (ill include it if you want it) Id trade for some good working headphones $85.00 shipped Priority Lower 48 USA only. I can accept PAY PAL OR ZELLE if you have it.. Cheers, Mike in Tucson,AZ
  2. thanks yeah, ill look up the cupeling, i once tried it with portland cement and some weird low grade galena/gold ore.... maybe with some upgraded materials (and safety equipment) that just might be the ticket.. Heres a few Jewelry shots for ya, cheers! Hope to do more gold soon...
  3. Hey, yeah I have all the necessary tools, rolling mill, etc, crucible, fluxes, borax, etc. So far each of my batches (ingots/ round stock) have turned out brittle when worked with a hammer, or rolled in the mill. I have been melting silver and gold and making jewelry for years with few issues. Only when I use the rough little nuggets from southern arizona does it seem to be a problem due to quartz or iron inclusions (I am assuming) which are not fully removed by the borax and fluxes. I have tried, a variety of fuels/temps, fluxes, pouring into water, slow cooling, quenching, annealing,
  4. thanks guys, wish me luck, this is a rabbit hole for sure... Has anyone else experimented with smelting, refining, and working (jewelry) with placer gold?
  5. Hey All, Iv been trying to locate a Refiner here in the USA that can process a small batch of placer gold (2oz) and fabricate some 18/22k jewelry stock. I am an amateur jeweler and have tried many times to smelt my hard earned gold into some usable material and have not had any luck thus far. So, I know I can send it off to a refiner and get generic stock back but the point is to use my own gold for some special pieces. I know someone else out there has gone down this road before, and i would so appreciate a lead on a reputable refiner/fabricator. cheers!
  6. FIXED!!! Ok, so I finally got around to doing the coil repair. Not the most professional soldering but it got the job done. Items needed: Soldering iron and solder Plumbers flux wire snippers/strippers Liquid Tape and fine -cheap paint brush dual wall heat shrink tubing (two sizes. one the same size as coil cable, and one size larger) Optional: Jewelers glasses, third hand tweezers. Made it much easier to see and hold things in place. Six very fine wires and two shielded wires in the center. I stripped back and separated the two in
  7. Thanks Fred, funny enough I just bought a nice padded case for the back of the truck to carry the detector(S) in..to protect them! I think it was just the bouncing around on the back roads that did it....
  8. UPDATE: Minelab just replied to my coil repair inquiry. "Unfortunately there is no repair for your damaged coil. They (the repair techs) are unable to perform a repair or replacement of the coil plug connector." Sooo... your on your own if you damage the connector, which in my opinion is too easy to do. I was actually worried about doing just that when i first bought the EQ. Ill update as soon as I get around to performing the fix with the new connector. If anyone has more tips/tricks or product recommendations to use for this fix please post them. In the
  9. Hey thanks guys, I really appreciate the support! Ill report back when I hear from Minelab and Ill snap some shots of the surgery and reconstruction when I get into it. And yeah, iv done the heat shrink fail myself too thanks for the reminder! Thanks again Steve!
  10. Hey all, I just found my coil connection sheared off at the control housing. (oops, and bad timing as I was just headed out!) Luckily no damage to the control housing connection but the other end was bent and broken right off... I sent some photos to minelab to asses if they will fix it or not but still waiting. I was wondering if anyone knows if its possible to buy this connector anywhere? If minelab wont fix it then I will end up splicing one on myself and hope for the best (minus the water tightness of course) . Any help would be so appreciated!
  11. the "patch" as I found it, was on the side of a gently sloping hill. I had found one bigger piece (gram+) previously which was deeper than say 4-6" with sdc. I returned with a 12"evo on the 4500 and didnt find anything else. When I went back this time, i just scraped a few inches off of where Id found a smaller piece and found another, then another. So I just used my pick and scraped back a few more inches in every direction. As it turned out, the tiny pieces (which most id missed with the sdc) were within the top 2 inches, nothing deeper (or nothing deeper than I could detect) an
  12. Ok, yes, thanks, that makes complete sense. Ill have to dig a little deeper into this one.. 🤔 now I cant wait to get out again!
  13. Thanks Noah! Ok, settings for that day and place. Northern AZ. lots o hot rocks, ironstone, black sand.. Id been over the spot previously and gotten (most) of the larger pieces in the poke, and the trash out of the way.... Field 2 Sensitivity 17-20 -9 to -1 blocked out with everything else accepted 2 Tones Tone break at 0 Iron bias 0 ground balance manual Main concern was the hot rocks and iron ground. Recovery speed of 3 seemed to help. I dug nothing but 1,2,3's. not really concerned about missing anything but the smallest microscopic pieces.
  14. Haha! Thanks Steve, Im going to have to share that lofty title with my GF who found half of them! In fact, thats why I "HAD" to get an 800... so maybe id have an edge....😜
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