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  1. Warrens last video had some comments made about not being able to hear the detector audio. They must have read the comments, because this video makes specific note of doing just that. Personally, I think this makes for a much better video, as a number one question people have is about how a detector sounds on the ground, and on the target. This video does show that about the Axiom, for those that are interested. I’ll admit I don’t watch many videos, but I do want to note I very much appreciate those that create them. I see a lot of armchair critics, and my response is “have you ever shot video?” It’s hard work that detracts from the detecting at hand, and as far as I am concerned, is a waste of my time in general, which is why you don’t see me doing many videos. The main thing is they are free. Some comments people make act like they bought something, and got ripped off, when instead they are watching a free video. Just had to mention that, and to reiterate I appreciate anyone who takes the time to make and post videos for others. If you’ve never made them and posted them yourself, you have no idea what a pain it is to make a video more than a couple minutes long.
  2. Here's another nice find made with the new Axiom. This 21+ gram specimen should clean up nicely. I know some will say to smash, but I like it as is. Are you a smasher or leave it all natural? I ran the detector with a GAIN of 6, slight THRESHOLD, FINE GOLD Timing and Ground Tracking Off. Sure wish the temps were not so hot though. When the ground is too hot to get on your knees and or even grab with a bare hand, it's time to take a break. Luckily it was not 109 when we were detecting, but it was when I was driving home Sunday late afternoon. Also found a hidden gem on the Garrett. https://www.facebook.com/gerry.mcmullen.7 Options of another high end detector is exactly what the market needs. It would be nice to see Garrett jump on here and say "Hello, we are listening".
  3. Hi @Steve Herschbach Did you find below repeatable (you may not have tested this), could you literally determine a ground number for a particular area and then go back later that day or the next with different environmental/atmospherics and it showed the same number? This is going to be great for logging certain areas of ground. Or was is strictly an arbitrary number the Axiom assigned for that ground balance session that was different each time?... I've only been a Minelab and Infinium PI owner so correct me if I'm wrong, this would be the only PI so far that gives us this info or did others? Thanks in advance Steve. Jen
  4. GREAT VIDEO(s) They sure nailed it in the tone frequency, the tone is beautiful!!!!! My favorite part is where she tells him to STFU she can’t hear cus he’s talking… that’s always been my pet peeve in his vids, he never embraces silence. 🤣 Note: Please feel free to fill this thread up with comments or feelings about what you see in these 4 days of videos, I'll add links to the other three as he uploads them. PS: For my non Aus friends, the gate is to keep Dingo populations from moving interstate..... (well "technically" the gate is there to allow the hooomans to get through the fence, which IS there to keep the Dingo's from roaming).
  5. All gold pictured in video found by yours truly with the Axiom. I like it Steve_Herschbach_Axiom_Testimonial_Compressed.mp4 Garrett Axiom Quick Facts, Owner's Manual, Etc.
  6. There has been a change to the options for US customers who are interested in the new Garrett Axiom. US customers can now order the detector in 2 different configurations. Read the link to get a better idea. The price is the same though, but one of them just makes more sense for most of you. Again, If you are wanting to get one, please get on my list. I've been a Garrett dealer for 20+ yrs and also one of the contributing Field Testers and an active member here on Detector Prospector for many years. As a veteran myself, I am proud to offer active and veterans the full 15% military discount. Also, if you are new to gold detecting and would enjoy spending 3 days in the Field with like minded people and my Field Staff Experts learning the ropes of finding gold nuggets, you'll get an additional discount on the class. My website Calendar of Events has the remaining dates for 2022. Thanks, Gerry at Gerry's Detectors in Boise, Idaho www.gerrysdetectors.com
  7. It would be nice if someone who knows the Axiom (from an Engineering standpoint) were to get on here and help educate some of us future Axiom Owners. How many others would enjoy talking the the main folks who are behind this new Ultra Pulse Induction detector? We have questions and some of us testers are detectorists, not Engineers. On a side note. As one of the testers of the Axiom at finding gold nuggets, I wanted to make sure everyone realizes this. This fine forum has a site for gold hunters to post pics of gold and or gold nugget related text. I'm posting my success finds and little tips of nugget noggin knowledge on there. https://www.detectorprospector.com/forums/forum/4-detector-prospector-forum/ I'm also curious as to how the Civil War Relic Hunters and Beach Hunters will be using this new Axiom as it has features some of the other high end detectors do not. Who knows, this could become waterproof down the road and we'd have a new Garrett PI for the surf. I'm already thinking the features is going to make it a great CW detector so it's just a matter of time. Be sure you folks have your questions thought out and ready and maybe, just maybe we can have someone behind the scene come on aboard.
  8. The Axiom uses Garrett’s proprietary Z-Lynk audio system. At 17 ms it is easily faster than the 30 ms threshold it takes for most people to perceive audio lag. The transmitter is built into the detector, and the receiver into the headphone. Pairing is almost instant and once paired, just turn on the detector, good to go. Way less hassle than Bluetooth in that regard. The waterproof Z-Lynk enabled Garrett Pro-Pointer AT can be added as an option, and will seamlessly pair with the headphones and detector both, so you can use and hear the pinpointer without removing headphones. Finally, buy a Z-Lynk transmitter box, and it will work with every detector you have, and the pinpointer also. It is actually probably the best one stop solution for wireless on multiple detectors. The only issue is you have to like the fit and sound produced with the MS3 headphone with single volume control. If not, get a receiver box, and use your favorite wired headphones plugged into it. Garrett Z-Lynk Wireless Audio System Details Garrett Z-Lynk Enabled Pro-Pointer AT Pinpointer Details Garrett Axiom Quick Facts, Owner's Manual, Etc.
  9. It took two days to shoot these (more to come), I hope you enjoy them! Garrett Axiom Quick Facts, Owner's Manual, Etc. Garrett Axiom Quick Start From a full reset / factory default, my steps are: Go to full sensitivity. If machine gets unusually unstable for any reason, lower this setting, but under most circumstances I run full sensitivity, and maintain control with slow coil movements. Volume so that loudest target is not too loud. Wave over pick and set. Volume is actually a volume limit, does not lower all volume, just high end cutoff. If you want a normal full range volume, use headphones with a volume control. In that case set detector to full volume, and adjust headphones to suit. Set threshold to suit, for me a bare tone, others may prefer quiet. Go into menu and change speed from default Medium to Slow (it’s smoother/quieter) Do a ground grab ground balance. Optional. Once all other settings adjusted, do an EMI cancel if it seems necessary. Start detecting, stay low, go slow. Dig all signals, but in heavy nails, low chance of really large gold, focus on sweet high tones. Once the Axiom is set, power off, power back on, all settings are retained. If you ever feel like things are a tuning up, hold the power button in while powered up, until detector double blips, and screen says 49 49. Power off, back on, and you are at factory defaults, ready to tune from start. Garrett Axiom Volume, Threshold, & Sensitivity Garrett Axiom Tone & Audio Options Garrett Axiom Z-Lynk Wireless Operation Garrett Axiom Stem Length & Cuff Position Garrett Axiom Frequency Scan Garrett Axiom Ground Balance & Hot Rocks Garrett Axiom Speed Adjustments (Slow, Medium, Fast) Garrett Axiom Detector Modes (Fine, Normal, Large, Salt) Garrett Axiom Using Iron Check
  10. So I've recently started using my GPX 5000 as a coin and jewellery detector, I've been using the Coiltek 11" Anti Interference coil on it, this coil is fantastic for the job, the most stable threshold you'll ever hear on a GPX, although sadly the coil is now discontinued, Detech make a similar coil though but I know nothing about their version and if it works as well. At the moment I'm considering an Axiom as I'm sure quite a few others are too, the main focus so far on the detector has been prospecting so it's time to find out how it goes as a coin and jewellery detector, and of course relics for those lucky enough to live in a place that has relics. With my coin and jewellery spots there is always a lot of EMI around as obviously where you hunt these things are places with heavy human occupation. The other places I'd use it are at beaches which around here especially popular beaches where the finds could be made generally have houses all around them so many sources of EMI. An example of how good the Coiltek AI is on my GPX under some high voltage power lines And another video showing the Coiltek AI coil being used inside my house, a crazy high EMI environment showing just how well it handles EMI This is the question, how well is the Axiom going to compete with this? Is it naturally good with EMI with a DD coil? Being a detector with no protective chips to prevent aftermarket coils perhaps manufacturers would be able to make AI coils for it too? I would think Detech would be one of the first to take on coils for the Axiom and seeing they make AI coils already it might end up possible. These videos were filmed using my old Aussie made ratty GPX 4500, my GPX 5000 is much more stable although I can't really complain how well the 4500 works with the AI coil, the 5000 is even better. I didn't own the 5000 when I took the video. I guess for the answers to my questions it's going to take time for people to have the Axiom in their hands but with a few on order already from people giving up their GPX 6000 due to it's EMI problems as they hunt in high EMI environments I'm sure it won't be long and a few friendly helpful users will give me the advice I'm chasing 🙂
  11. From the Garrett website: 1142720 Axiom Metal Detector with 13"x11" DD Coil, 11"x7" Mono Coil and MS-3 (wireless) Headphones 1142765 Axiom Metal Detector with 13"x11" Mono Coil, 11"x7" DD Coil and MS-2 (wired) Headphones Note wireless Z-Lynk vs wired headphones, and reversal of DD and mono options. From letter sent to Gerry and other dealers: ”Axiom will be available in two standard packages, each including two searchcoils and headphones. Each kit varies slightly based on the regions where they will be used (i.e. wired headphone versus wireless headphones where electrical charging sources are not readily available.)” Right now it seems only the wireless pack is being sold in the U.S. Is the other for Africa etc. due to idea that it’s easy to charge detector, but not the headphones? Makes no sense, though I can understand the desire for less things that need charging. Fact is though that the headphones should go longer on a charge than the detector. I’d assume wired pack sells for a little less, but then again, with coil differences, maybe not? Anyway, a question dealers need to sort out ASAP.
  12. I've just been updated to the new Garrett Axiom pricing and what's in the box. Please read below and if you are interested, contact me "Gerry's Detectors" to get on the list. Military folks get the new 15% discount savings right off the top of the price = approx $600 savings. Garrett Axiom Quick Facts, Owner's Manual, Etc.
  13. Hey Steve, while reviewing the iron check feature I took a look at the Axiom manual: Note: Iron Check is a conservative function. To help ensure Axiom does not misidentify a good target as iron, the iron tone (buzz) will only activate on strong signals. Examples: 3" nail to a depth of about 5" and 3/4" boot nail to a depth of about 2". Steel bottle caps will typically not identify as iron. Did you have a chance to validate the Iron Check function, seems similar to the GPX 5000 capabilities, and what are your thoughts? Bill
  14. Here is a short video showing the Axiom manual ground balance (ground grab) and a few methods for dealing with hot rocks.
  15. I have a Garret Axiom on pre-order from one of our resident "favorite dealers" and look forward to when it arrives. Here are the packages offered as we know for now, info from the Garret website: 1142720 Axiom Metal Detector with 13"x11" DD Coil, 11"x7" Mono Coil and MS-3 Headphones 1142765 Axiom Metal Detector with 13"x11" Mono Coil, 11"x7" DD Coil and MS-2 Headphones I selected the Axiom package with the MS-3 headphones, 13x11DD and 11x7 mono coils. I figure where I hunt, lack of a headphone cord to tangle up on brush made this package the most attractive, but I feel like the other package offered with the MS-2 wired headphones would also be a nice coil selection to start. Such a hard decision... These initial coil offerings are a big selling point for me. I'm a big fan of elliptical shaped coils for their benefits for reaching into tighter spaces, while also maintaining decent coverage for the relative size. I also like how responses can be sharper than round coils too. These are fairly round for people who enjoy the benefits offered by round coils. 11x7 and 13x11 and also the 16x14 are fairly unique coil sizes are a great blend of the popular round and elliptical coils offered by other manufacturers. While they might not make all people happy, I think these sizes will make most people quite satisfied they have a very useable and flexible-sized coil attached. The Axiom definitely seems to be one of those "do-it-all" type of PI machines. Maybe not best at certain things, but a high-performing all-arounder in many areas, and that includes the coils! I like what I see so far and can't wait for mine to arrive to give it a go. Garrett Axiom Quick Facts, Owner's Manual, Etc.
  16. Just some pictures of my two favorite configurations, Garrett Axiom with 7" x 11" mono (4lbs 3.8oz) and Minelab GPX 6000 with 11" round mono (4lbs 8.6oz). Weighed on my postal scales as configured, both perfectly balanced, a real joy to swing and use. Mainly wanted to give people a look at the "look," and general proportions of both detectors. Click or double click photos to see or download full size versions. The Axiom coil looks "longer" than the 6000 coil in the photo, but that's an optical illusion. I just measured both coils, GPX is 11" round, and Axiom is a true 7" x 11" modified elliptical. Both excellent examples of what we should be getting in way of easy swinging, ergonomic PI detectors. Finally! Garrett Axiom Quick Facts, Owner's Manual, Etc. Minelab GPX 6000 & Garrett Axiom Minelab GPX 6000 & Garrett Axiom Minelab GPX 6000 & Garrett Axiom Minelab GPX 6000 & Garrett Axiom Minelab GPX 6000 11" round mono & Garrett Axiom 7" x 11" elliptical mono
  17. I am planning to get the Axiom package with the 13"DD and 11" Mono. I dont really have a use for a Mono coil so if anyone wants to trade straight up a brand new 11" DD for a brand new 11" Mono, I will be happy to do so.
  18. Just copied this from Garrett Australia Facebook……..trust me, that is some very spicy ground 🌶 This is some very good preliminary results if its pinging gold in this ground as you need an effective GB to hear any targets. Good boots are a must on our hot ground 😳
  19. I'm starting to wonder if Garrett is about to release a new prospecting PI, they're talking about a new gold detector on their website. Is it possible this is the new and improved ATX in a land based design? Could it be? Fingers crossed. They've even now got a prospecting section on their website with their prospecting detectors. They're announcing the most powerful prospecting detector they've ever created!!! That's got to be a PI. Sounds pretty exciting to me. The 24k is outstanding, if they can combine that with a modern powerful PI they've got themselves back in the game. Garrett Axiom Quick Facts, Owner's Manual, Etc.
  20. Happy and excited DP forum followers. Yes my Field Staff and I are just as excited about another Pulse Induction detector option and or addition to our tool supply. 1st off, I need to apologize for not keeping up with everyone's questions on this high powered and advanced tuning PI ( the AXIOM ) by Garrett. Guess what, I'll be honest and can't physically keep up. My email, text, phone are just blowing up with mostly questions about what it can/can't do and should I sell this/that to get it. Come on, I'm not here to tell you what to do and I can't (NDA) answer some of the questions I've been presented. Realize my position as a Multi Line Dealer and the greasy tight rope with a noose...I'm trying to walk. Our fine friend Steve H., is not in my shoes and has zero skin to any manufacture as he lives the retired life. But Steve's blood and desire for the best ultimate gold detector runs through my veins as well, we are like minded guys. A couple of my team and I are off to the quiet zone free of TV, phone, email all in the interest of education/promotion of another detector options. Notice I keep saying option, for a simple fact, that's exactly what the Axiom is giving us. It's another tool for us to use and the features/capabilities it has (we are still learning) will be used again on this trip and we'll be making adjustments, coil size runs and hopefully be able to find some gold/take pics and or video. I'll post on here telling you to sell this and get that. I don't know you well enough, don't know the areas you detect, don't know your skill levels and or know how serious you take gold nugget prospecting compared to your other hobbies. Heck I don't know your financial position of owning a $4000 detector. But if you are on DP, I'm most certain many of you already have so that's why I'm here, just like you. So far our initial impression on the Axiom from Garrett is, "You have a WINNER". What does that mean to the average Joe/Jane and or those not sure yet which way they lean? For the gold hunting we have experienced in 4 locations of Nevada and 2 additional states, it's the best PI Garrett has come out with yet. Is it better than Minelab? AUT...Aut...aut, you know better than that. Read above "greasy tire rope walk with a noose on the end". I'll say this. The Axiom can find a variety of gold nuggets the $3400 SDC-2300 can not. It can do things performance wise and ergonomically that a $4000 GPX-5000 can not. It can find gold and ignore rocks/minerals a $6000 GPX-6000 can not. It can even do some things and find gold in situations a $8500 GPZ-7000 can not. Now to be fair (life is not fair), those machines can do things the Axiom can not. Heck, the new improved 24K can find gold none of the above mention can find. That's a fact. There is a reason (you know it) many people (not all) walked away from their GPZ-7000's and purchased a GPX-6000. Most folks are happy with their move of the GPX-6000, but not all. Where we have been using it, the Axiom easily takes care of the issues some 6000 owners have had. But since I do not hunt in everyone's location and I have only used a few Axiom units, there could be a location of same issue? Is the Axiom the #1 all to go PI detector on the market? Heck no and I'll never say there is. The all new Garrett Axiom with Untra Pulse Technology is another option for you. It has features and design I'm very impressed with and it looks to be that so are a few other well known Prospectors. If you are happy with your current model detector and the success/enjoyment you get from it, then I am happy for you. Remember, I promote the hobby of metal detecting. If you want to try something new or need to add another tool to up your game, I'm here for you as well. In the United States, metal detecting in my mind and I tell all when selling a detector, is a "hobby". Do some folks take it to an extreme? Most certainly and those are a select few very rare. They hunt gold, find gold and have to sell their gold to continue, the hunt to survive. I hope most of you are not that person. Another question that is the same from many people, so it must be important to a big group. Will this detector be good for Relic Hunting (primarily Civil War Relics). I've yet to actually take an Axiom and try it. But I have done very well (better than many VLF's) with PI type detectors and especially in highly mineralized Back East soils. The Axiom and it's soil tuning capabilities, combined with it's ergonomic design, the Iron Identification and option of 6 coils looks promising. I went out on a limb and posted on here DP over a year ago that most nugget hunters who owned a 7 would step to the 6. I'll do the same thing with the Axiom and tell you right now from what little bit of time I've used the Axiom, it's design, features and capabilities will soon make it a very popular CW Relic detector and you'll soon be seeing them. If you are interested in getting an Axiom from Gerry's Detectors, please get on my list soon as we've been told they will be short supply at 1st. Remember, as a VETEREN and long time DP contributor, I'll be happy to offer the new Garrett Military Discount to those who earned it. Pics of a small picker gold found with Axiom. The hunt goes on, with Axiom in hand and I'll be back sometime next week. Again, Please be patient and thanks for understanding the situation.
  21. Garrett just informed me that the Axiom, with MS-3 Z-lynk phones, TWO searchcoils (13" DD and 11" mono) external back up battery pack, & carrying case, has an MSRP of $4700.00 and MAP price of $3995.00. HH Jim Garrett Axiom Quick Facts, Owner's Manual, Etc.
  22. Garrett Axiom Quick Facts, Owner's Manual, Etc.
  23. I'll tell more details later. My phone is on fire... Garrett Axiom Quick Facts, Owner's Manual, Etc.
  24. ¿Alguien sabe algo del detector de oro que va a lanzar Garrett? on the website it appears that they are going to present it these days: You don’t want to miss out on this announcement of the most powerful prospecting detector we’ve ever created. Sign up for our release on July 26th at 10:00 am CST! Something big is happening at Garrett!
  25. Here's a video I recently shot with my cell phone and a live dig of a monster gold nugget. As a guy who enjoys many detectors for different tasks, I'm very impressed with the Axiom.
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