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  1. Liberty Gold and Yellowstone. A little long but worth the watch.
  2. Nick Zentner, CWU visit inside Rob Repin’s mine in Liberty, Washington.
  3. Nokta Makro just announced the company is updating the Legend with additional SMF in order to provide Park 1 plus Park 2; Field 1 plus Field 2. The Legend is also to offer 4 tones. Estimated ship date February 2022. This improvements should place the Legend closer to the SMF offered by the ML Equinox.
  4. Here a video link to the richest pocket gold mine in the gold country if not the state. Take note of the depressions from the wooden cross ties of ore cart tracks. A lot of barren quartz broke a lot of want to be mine owners but when they mined into a crossing the gold was in sheets. The contact was along the north south trending limestone formation. Later the drifts were used for passage ways between the cathouses and underground speak easies. Back in the 1950’s one of the sons of the then mine owner ran an ore cart off the tracks into a support timber. He discovered enough high graded gold buried under the foot of the timber to buy himself a new pick up truck and then some. Years later I would have the privilege of remodeling one of the above ground madam’s room, which was connected to this mine, into a bank manager’s office. The original cathouse door with glass window advertising, which led many a miner, logger & cowboy in the wrong direction, is still around back. I still own stock in that bank. Enjoy, few are alive that have ever got view inside of this historic mine.
  5. Check out the forum post /video on the “Geology of the Liberty Gold Deposits”. Nick Zentner, Geology CWU discussion on the Eocene placers deposits located in Liberty, Washington.
  6. Nick Zentner, Geologist CWU discussion on the Liberty WA placer & hardrock gold deposits.
  7. The book is on the way. The video series by Nick Zentner, Geologist, Central Washington University (youtube) may be of interest. Prior studies tracking the measurement of movement of the San Andreas Fault System required totaling the SA fault zone, the Walker Lane then required the fanning of Basin Range to account for the total movement. Follow up studies indicated up to twenty miles of offset of the Eocene river channels between adjacent ranges located in Nevada. One of Zentner’s videos “ Eocene 1- Clockwise Rotation” illustrates recent studies of the movement of the Sierra Nevada Block. Give it a watch, it may closer to home than you realized.
  8. Running buckets of classified material from an cemented bench gravel the old timers left behind. A lot of chiseling, single jacking & boulder winching. The pay was on a false bedrock four feet above bedrock located 35 feet above the stream channel. The material was processed both on site and at the shop. On site I used a 12vdc AGM deep cycle battery; at the shop a 120vac to 12vdc converter. I adapted a backpack frame to haul that 65 pound AGM battery. Then I heard about metal detecting…
  9. Looks like a range of seven to thirteen button clicks to set a specific detection mode. Five clicks in the menu settings to get the user profile; one to four clicks to scroll through the user profiles 1 thru 4; one to four clicks to select a specific detection mode. The NM Legend apparently saves and remembers the last settings used for any shutdown/restarts. The “Ferrocheck” meter appear to drop off at depth based on target size & mass. Take a look at the air test video posted under Calabash’s pre-Vacation Questions in the “Nokta Makro Section. The air test video sets the Legend in “Field Mode” then the tester runs through an assortment of non-ferrous targets including a hammered silver coin. The “Ferrocheck” meter is taken off of the split screen as the tester runs the bag of coins & relics so no ferrous reading at depth.
  10. The NM Legend manual pages 22 & 23 explain the four (4) custom user profiles numbered 1,2,3 &4. User profile 1 is the default. All the custom user profiles have the default settings. It appears you can customize & save the four (4) detection modes (park, field, beach & goldfield) as a group to each of the custom user profiles 1 thru 4. However, keep an eye on any disclosure by NM regarding the frequency range weighted processing of SMF for the four detection modes especially modes park & field. The user can select settings such as recovery speed, single frequencies, etc but not the the SMF weighted range. Calabash brought up an interesting question regarding the adjustability & depth of “Ferrocheck” as compared to the ML Equinox adjustable “Iron Bias”.
  11. Check out the "Metal Detector Advice & Comparison" for a side by side comparison of the Equinox 800 search modes to The Legend search modes per the information provided in their respective manuals.
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