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  1. mn90403..... whatever you do, don’t catch a cold or the flu. You do not want to have to cough, at all. Heavy coughing can even cause a hernia, so imagine the stress to a fresh incision there.
  2. Thanks for sharing that geof...gives one some perspective of the scale of the gold rush days of yesteryear. Some amazing images there.
  3. Well done for conquering your nemesis patch mate.... I know how it is. My nemesis patch is called “South Australia “.... if you know what I mean.
  4. There are plenty of shoes out there with NO metal in them.... just saying.
  5. Ain’t that the truth Chase.... it certainly applies to my favourite button, found near a 1840’s era surveyor’s hut for a newly settled town. It is a coat button of the Protector Fire Insurance Co. of London circa 1830. A retired fireman in England is an avid collector of this firefighting memorabilia and offered me a tidy sum for it. How it got from London to the unsettled Aussie bush would make for a great read. The new owner has documented his collection in a catalogue. My find is item No.4 in this picture. I feel like I have made a tiny contribution to posterity.
  6. Nice Glenn.... yeah I love those old makers plates, real stories attached to them. Here is one I unearthed in an old farm site. Coach builder’s plate.
  7. That’s a sweet find there Chase..... no thoughts of giving it a cleanup? Or do you keep them as is.
  8. I’m curious to see what unusual relics all you seasoned hunters have recovered over time. This is my favourite oddity..... a late 1800’s brass spike from a Pickelhaube (pith helmet). South Australian police uniform issue.
  9. Great job there SS.... what did you attack it with first up? Almost looks like gold. Gotta be quality brass.👍
  10. When I found these live 357 magnum rounds at my local beach on the towel line, about 6 inches deep, I was hoping to find an accompanying gold Rolex watch or Cartier diamond bracelet or some such treasure. No such luck....🤣
  11. Chinese arrowheads..... what next..?😂
  12. Cheers, I wasn’t aware of the symbol for liberty aspect. From what I researched on my button, ( British Button Society ), it’s definitely from a fox hunting jacket, but even those experts couldn’t ID the maker. I may have a rare one of..... Here’s a pic of the backmarks with some tailors pencil applied. You can clearly see the symbols... crossed swords, archer’s bow?.... axe? and definitely a crown. It’s got a lot of experts stumped. If any of you relic hunters have any clues, I would love to know. Thanks and apologies if I’m imposing on dogodog’s thread.
  13. Nice finds there dogo, especially the fox hunt button. It immediately reminded me of this two piece button found at my favourite relic site in my home town here in South Oz. Also late 1700’s. I am yet to ID the maker as the backmarks are very faint.
  14. Thanks for sharing those amazing pics of your detecting exploits Gerry. You are definitely a well travelled exponent of our fantastic hobby. 👍
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