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  1. I wonder how many Nox users haven't read or even downloaded the Manual. I know a few in a couple of clubs I belong too. I don't mind hunting behind them. 😁
  2. $68.00 for an arm cuff? Sorry but I'll use as $17.00 cuff from a Fisher.
  3. Loved the first season and I have the second on DVD ready to watch. I didn't know they started a third. I'd better get busy catching up. Thanks for the reminder!
  4. OK, I don't hunt a lot in the summer heat but at least I don't have to shovel it. 😁
  5. During the winter I charge mine before each detecting trip. I'll be charging mine today for tomorrows trip and again tomorrow night for Saturday's. I love Arizona winters. 😀
  6. The amps should be about 2 amps at 5 Volts. I think the OP got his volts and Amps mixed up. I've been using a 2 Amp charger about four times a week now for two years without issue. Lower amp chargers just take longer. I personally wouldn't use any charger rated at more than 2 Amps just because my own experience tells me 2 amps is plenty. Mine is a three port with readout like the one Steve posted above.
  7. Been looking since 1975 for my first gold coin. I've still got some years left in me so who knows. Your's is a fabulous find! Congratulations!
  8. Thanks Steve for the link. Looks easy enough. Mine after almost two years still holds a charge like new. Or at least longer than I can detect.👍
  9. OK, so I attended a seeded hunt sponsored by Minelab just before the release of the CTX. Minelab held a marketing program where they introduced the CTX and touted all its attributes . When it was handed to me I thought "what a beast, what a pig. I don't need GPS, I'll buy my own GPS if I want one". Now I know its an excellent detector when it comes to finding certain stuff, in certain environments, so I'm not bashing its performance. Its the way its built that I think is ridicules. Every other detector has about the same size lower rod. They cost about $14 - $20. CTX close to $200. The Arm cuff must run about $50. Coils $295 & up. I've got to think Minelab worked really hard trying to figure out how to make it expensive. I'm sure glad they have finally seen the light with the Equinox. Anyone else think they over built the CTX just to make a bunch of extra bucks?
  10. Steve - You really think any of us are going to give you a year to try it out before you report back to us? Good chance you'll have the entire West Coast cleaned out by then. 😜
  11. I've also had the GBP, F19, and G2+. I'm one of the few the preferred the F19 over the G2+ as the slight ergo advantage goes to the G2+, I prefer the more solid feel of the F19. The problem I had with the F19 was that once I used the Racer 2, the F19 never got used again. For my relic, ghost town, home sites, etc. the Racer 2 was the better performer.
  12. I think the feature set makes for a great coin and jewelry detector. The only issue I had with mine was the audio was so clipped that it made it nearly impossible to distinguish between a good target and a false signal. I was nearly always swinging over every chirp multiple times trying to figure out if it was a good target or not. Maybe I got a bad one, but I sold it pretty quick and moved on.
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