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  1. I received mine also. No chance to try it yet but my guess is that it won't come off for my my sites. The Anfibio Multi is another great detector but after getting the Nox 800 I sold the Anfibio as for me, the Nox just did everything better.
  2. Just received an email that my 5x10" coil has shipped. I should have it by this weekend. Yay!
  3. So last week I'm watching Freddy Dodge's Gold Mining show and he calls his friend, a "nugget detecting Expert" to come check out a claim to see if there is any large gold to be found. She takes out her Garrett Apex and proceeds to find close to a 1/4 oz nugget. That's it, I'm selling all my other detectors and getting an Apex.🤣
  4. Here's mine. Snap on what ever size socket you want. The socket pictured weighs 16 oz. I don't use it as I like the way my "S" rod mod. swings.
  5. Trash Panda - "just curious which dealers, cause i want a 5x10" I dealer in MI.
  6. Wow "Not fully released quite yet" although the dealers have been receiving, selling, and shipping them to customers.
  7. The narrow 5" width gets your coil into places the Minelab coils can't get to like between rocks while still giving decent coverage with the 10" length. Separation and coverage, what more could you ask?
  8. I received an email saying the coils were in stock so I ordered the 5x10" also. Then I received a phone call saying they only received two and they already went out, so I'm still on the waiting list. Anxious to hear how it works for you.
  9. I, myself wouldn't add a larger coil to the F5 as I already have a Nox 800 and the Deus for deeper hunting and/or relic hunting. I do however have a CORS Shrew 3.5 x 6" DD that I once used on a EuroTek Pro. The F5 with that tiny coil gets the job done when hunting around picnic tables where there's lots on aluminum trash (tabs) and bottle caps.
  10. I've had an F5 off and on for a few years in addition to the Deus and Nox 800 (and others). The F5 is a great Coin and jewelry detector for hunting parks and school grounds. It not the deepest detector but has some nice features like ground grab and manual G/B, Threshold, Notch, Multi tones, etc. Just a fun detector to use. I think all the Knobs may have scared off a lot of buyers and more experienced users felt like the F5 was a beginners unit (wrong).
  11. it was 1975, was 21 years old and listed my high school band Saxophone in the local Green Sheet. A guy called and asked if I'd be interested in trading for a metal Detector. He had brain cancer and couldn't get out to detect, and I always wanted a detector so I traded with him. It was a White's Gold Master with a Metal/Mineral knob, and used 14 batteries if I remember. Found 36 Mercury dimes in a three foot circle next to the driveway of my 1917 house. I was hooked!
  12. 45+ years detecting, buying, trying, selling and trying the next. Probably well over 100 but I never have more than 10 at a time. I've probably really used 50 or so, the rest were tried in the yard and let go.
  13. I don't understand why you'd want or need an F75 if you already have a Simplex and Equinox 600. What are you hoping the F75 will do for you that the other two can't do?
  14. For me, the 800 is worth the extra expense. You can always sell the ML wireless headphones and w8m wireless module to recoup some if not most of the difference in price and the 800 will always have a better resale price. Almost everyone that wants a Equinox would prefer the 800 over the 600 so selling somewhere down the line makes the 800 the better buy.
  15. Steve, My first detector (1975) was the one on the top of the ad. I traded a saxophone for it to a guy with a brain tumor that couldn't go out detecting but thought he might learn to play the sax. Looking back I think we both made a poor deal, except it got me into a great hobby.
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