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  1. Tom Slick

    Vegas Here I Come !!

    Brian, Looking forward to your hunt results. Been thinking about getting the 15" coil myself. May work great at hunting the outer limits of some sites around here.
  2. Tom Slick

    Gold Ring Or Gold Coin?

    Great find! I hope he's not like me. I usually forget to take my best finds to the meeting.
  3. The simple answer is to LOOK at the targets after recovery, then its pretty easy to tell the difference between gold and trash. Sounds sarcastic but it's really the only sure fire way.
  4. Iron Bias is basically the same thing as White's "Bottle Cap Reject". It's been on a number of White's detectors, V3i, VX3, DFX, etc. An adjustment to help make sure bottle caps (iron) registered as such and not a coin. Of course now, many bottle caps are actually an iron /alloy making it more difficult to disc out without missing good targets also. DD coils don't help in that regard. In the past, most detectors used concentric coils which are better at discrimination but now most manufactures use DD coils as standard equipment. Each have their advantages.
  5. There's also the 11' round DD coil from the Anfibio that will work on the MMK. Gets more depth than the standard 7.5" X 11" MMK coil.
  6. No need to do the factory Reset. Just switch them out.
  7. Tom Slick

    Silver #10 Fty From A Trashy, Pounded Dog Park

    Very good! I know a few guys that have been detecting much longer than you and still haven't found their first silver. ๐Ÿ‘
  8. Last week I scored a 1945 S war nickel here in AZ. It reads a solid 16 VDI. My Buffs and V's have all been 12-13. If I get a 13, it's a nickel.
  9. Tom Slick


    After reading your posts, I finally figured out that you were talking about where you have set your tone breaks. The "Bins" thing kind of threw me for a bit. I usually set my 5 tone breaks at 2/11/13/22 , with the tones set at 1/6/20/15/25. This makes the nickels jump out almost as high as the dimes and quarters.
  10. Tom Slick

    A Play Mate For Noxy

    Hope it works well for you. I personally wouldn't want any detector with "Super Dumping Technology" . I hope it cleans up after itself. ๐Ÿ™‚
  11. Tom Slick

    Nokta Amphibian - A Waterproof Impact?

    After having the Impact and now the Multi Kruzer, I don't see that the Anfibio will offer anything additional that is needed or necessary for fresh water or land hunting that the MMK doesn't already have. But then again I've been wrong before, like the time I thought I was wrong but I wasn't ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
  12. Great Hunt! Funny how some yards hold nothing and others are loaded. I like the loaded kind.
  13. Tom Slick

    Title Sponsor Of Detectival 2018!

    I'd love to attend a Nokta/Makro event in the USA. I did attend another manufacture's event in CA where they introduced a detector that has GPS. (so it can find itself if it gets lost).
  14. Tom Slick

    Anyone Know Where I Can Get The 6" Coil?

    Brian, Mine came from Seriousdetecting.com
  15. I'm with Steve on that one. When I GB, I always want the detector looking at the same amount of soil it will be looking at when I'm detecting.