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  1. Can't comment on the Mars coils but both the NELS and the CORS (same company) coils have worked very well for me. I've used them on a Teknetics ETP, 8500, Fisher GBP, F75 and F19, Nokta and Makro Anfibio, Racer, Racer 2, and Multi Kruzer.
  2. I think a girlfriend deserves the Nox. Can't believe you gave her the AT Pro, you should be ashamed of yourself. 😁
  3. That's what I get for relying on my memory. Thanks for setting the record straight.
  4. The White's DFX and V3i have about 5 user slots, The XP ORX has 2 slots, and the winner is: (Drum roll) Deus has 10 factory programs with and additional 8 user slots for a total of 18 Programs.
  5. I've had all the same detectors in the past. MXT, T2, 6000 Di Pro- and several Tesoros. I agree with your assessment 100%. Thanks for doing the testing and the post. Kind of like reliving the past, and much appreciated.
  6. I'd put the DFX BigFoot coil combo up against any other detector for sheer volume of clad coins. For deep silver I'd go in another direction.
  7. If I'm just going for picking up the most clad in a given time, my "go to" coin vacuum is the White's DFX or V3i with a BigFoot coil. I've never found another detector that can match it. It will only go about 4-5" deep so not for the older coins but it will smoke any other detector for sheer quantity out of a park or school. Pretty good on the dry saltwater beach sand also.
  8. Usually they will pinpoint a dime at about 1.5" So your's seems to be working correctly.
  9. Congratulations on your new detectors. Speaking from experience, they are both top quality detectors and will find you lots of Goodys, Goodies, Good Stuff.
  10. After having them, I'd have to rate them as follows: 1. Full Deus (control module and Headphones WS 4 or WS5) 2. ORX with WS wireless headphones 3. Deus with control module wired headphones 4. XP Coil with WS5 Headphones 5. XP coil with WS4 puck (Deus lite) JMHO
  11. Isn't a Deus Lite the Coil, shaft with armrest, and wireless headphones? How do you have a Deus Lite and not have wireless headphones?
  12. Congratulations on a truly once in a lifetime epic find. 👍👍
  13. "23 adjustments" Hell, there's 23 adjustments just getting the discrimination set correctly. 😁 This is for the V3i and BIGFoot coil only, running 3 frequencies.
  14. Tom Slick’s V3i BigFoot Coin & Jewelry Program Bottle Cap Reject 6 Hot Rock Off RX Gain 6 to 12 (to remain stable) TX Boost Off Dics. Sens. 80 AM Sens. 60 Auto Track On AT Offset 0 Tone ID On Modulation On VCO Pinpoint On Filters 10 High Recovery Delay 50 Disc. Accept +10 - +36 +40 - +46 +48
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