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  1. The MMK runs really quiet in the saltwater. The Makro detectors IMHO go deeper in the Saltwater sand than any other VLF detector I've ever used.
  2. The quality is sure a lot better than what Minelab is offering for my Equinox 800 and the MMK headphones are $20.00 less expensive.
  3. I received my MMK waterproof headphones. Very comfortable fit. Same basic headphone as the SunRay Pro Golds I have except they have no controls on them. Volume is controlled by the detector volume setting. These are not as loud as the wireless headphones and I'd like them to be a little louder for my taste. I have pretty good hearing. These won't work for scuba as the air bubbles would over ride the volume. I'll only be using these for wading chest deep. Anywhere else I'll be using the wireless. The wireless set on 02 has the same volume as the waterproof set on 10. If they were any quieter, I'd have to return them as unusable.
  4. Tom Slick


    I don't know what pin pointer you have but I use a Garrett Pro pointer and I've installed a mercury switch. My pro pointer is turned on once with the switch when I put it in my pouch. I keep it pointed up so the fat, heavy end is in the bottom of my pouch. This keeps it from falling out of the pouch and also allows the use of the mercury switch. When I retrieve the pin pointer from my pouch and turn it so its pointing down, the mercury switch is activated turning the pin pointer on. turn it up to put it away, it turns itself off. This save a lot of wear and tear on the switch and also makes the battery last just about forever. The switches are available from Radio Shack or any other electronics supply. They only cost about a dollar or less and you only need some black electrical tape and some needle nose pliers to bend the switch wires. Years ago there were diagrams on the forums on how to do the switch install. A little searching should show diagrams or pictures on how to do it. Otherwise, I hunt just about like you when I'm clad stabbin' with a DFX and BigFoot coil.
  5. Tom Slick

    Gold Walk With The Nox

    Steve, Above you mentioned hunting in all metal in Park 2 or Field 2. By all metal do you mean using no disc in those modes, or do you mean hunting with the Horseshoe all metal button depressed? Thanks Tom
  6. Tom Slick

    Coming Soon - Waterproof Wireless Earbuds

    Iffy Signal - I can't hear any lag at all. I'm really happy with the sound they produce also. I think I made a great purchase with them and they were only about $20.00.
  7. Tom Slick

    Equinox Rod Mod

    I understand the Xterra 705 rod will fit without mods. $41.40. The White's rod is available for $19.95. Both are available thru Kellyco.
  8. Tom Slick

    Equinox Rod Mod

    Decided to mod the 800 rod by switching out the straight middle rod to the White's S rod. I know a lot of folks like a straight rod but by switching it out, it eliminates the detector's handgrip from wanting to twist at the end of each swing. In a side by side comparison, both myself and a buddy with an 800 both like the feel of the modified version. The mod requires the middle rod from a White's DFX, or MXT. The rod needs to be drilled on the upper top end for the spring plunger and again adjustment holes need to be drilled on the bottom for length adjustment. The Lower rod from a Makro Racer or Kruzer is used as the lower rod from the Nox is larger in diameter. The top of the S rod also needs to be shimmed about .040" in diameter to fit snug into the Nox upper rod. Now it swings about as close to an F75 as you can get.
  9. Tom Slick

    Coming Soon - Waterproof Wireless Earbuds

    Kind of pricey .
  10. Tom Slick

    Coming Soon - Waterproof Wireless Earbuds

    I bought these and use them with the 800. I can't notice any lag https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B078C4YGYD/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  11. Tom Slick

    Homemade Scuff Cover / Skid Plate

    1/4" lighting holes drilled thru from the top side. About 20 in each section will give the benefit of additional weight loss, while allowing sand that gets trapped in the top to sift out as you swing. it would still ride over stubble like a solid bottom. Just a thought.
  12. Tom Slick

    Predecessor To The E Q 600 & 800

    We haven't come very far in 40+ years, only six to eight revisions. 😕
  13. Tom Slick

    Equinox Ergonomics - The Challenge

    For me personally I prefer the ergos of my Multi Kruzer over my Nox 800, but that's because I mostly use a 5X9.5" or 7" round concentric on it. I'm pretty sure that the 800 will feel better in 2019 when the smaller coil becomes available for it. 😀
  14. Tom Slick

    Great $8 Digger Shovel At Aldi

    I sure hope you don't take that shovel to a park!
  15. Tom Slick

    My 800 Is Here!

    Got out for about two hours (before the heat got to us) this morning and went to a dirt lot that we've hammered pretty good in the past. Used to be three homes there built in the thirties. Used Park 1 that I made a few adjustments to prior to going out. Changed the tone breaks to my liking and also the Tone pitches for each "bin". When they tore the homes down, they moved the dirt quite a bit so clad can be found at the same depth as silver. Managed to pull out a couple of weaties and a 42 Merc. along with about 12 clad coins. My buddy using his 800 for the first time also pulled a wheatie and a 43 Merc. Gotta say we were both impressed with the 800's performance for being the first time we've taken them out. Heading to Nevada week after next to hunt some ghost towns and hoping the weather is much cooler up there.