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  1. Last week I scored a 1945 S war nickel here in AZ. It reads a solid 16 VDI. My Buffs and V's have all been 12-13. If I get a 13, it's a nickel.
  2. Tom Slick


    After reading your posts, I finally figured out that you were talking about where you have set your tone breaks. The "Bins" thing kind of threw me for a bit. I usually set my 5 tone breaks at 2/11/13/22 , with the tones set at 1/6/20/15/25. This makes the nickels jump out almost as high as the dimes and quarters.
  3. Tom Slick

    A Play Mate For Noxy

    Hope it works well for you. I personally wouldn't want any detector with "Super Dumping Technology" . I hope it cleans up after itself. 🙂
  4. Tom Slick

    Nokta Amphibian - A Waterproof Impact?

    After having the Impact and now the Multi Kruzer, I don't see that the Anfibio will offer anything additional that is needed or necessary for fresh water or land hunting that the MMK doesn't already have. But then again I've been wrong before, like the time I thought I was wrong but I wasn't 😃
  5. Great Hunt! Funny how some yards hold nothing and others are loaded. I like the loaded kind.
  6. Tom Slick

    Title Sponsor Of Detectival 2018!

    I'd love to attend a Nokta/Makro event in the USA. I did attend another manufacture's event in CA where they introduced a detector that has GPS. (so it can find itself if it gets lost).
  7. Tom Slick

    Anyone Know Where I Can Get The 6" Coil?

    Brian, Mine came from Seriousdetecting.com
  8. I'm with Steve on that one. When I GB, I always want the detector looking at the same amount of soil it will be looking at when I'm detecting.
  9. Tom Slick

    Found In A Wash Today

    I believe its an old lug wrench. Used a cross bar with a square hole in it to turn what you have. Needed due to the depth of the older truck wheels
  10. I took my 800 to a saltwater So Cal beach two weeks ago. Ran it in Beach 1 with the gain between 20-22 and it ran beautiful and quiet on both the wet and the dry sand. I was really impressed with how well it performed. In all my years of detecting the beach, I've never used any single frequency detector that goes as deep on the wet sand as the Makro Racers, Kruzer and Notka Impact, but my Nox outing to the beach yielded a few coins on the wet sand that I'm sure those detectors would not have hit.
  11. Tom Slick

    Makro Multi Kruzer Chattering

    The MMK is a high gain detector much like the Racers and the Nokta Impact that came before it. 4 Tone can be very chattery when the gain is set high but I found that I almost never use the 4 tone mode. The 2 tone, 3 tone, and deep modes cover all the detecting I do with the MMK. The only place that I sometimes run in 4 tone is while hunting soccer fields for fresh or recent drops. The 4 tone mode quiets right down wile swinging with the gain lowered. I run 4 tone with the gain between 25 - 50 in 19 kHz and it will still get coins, pendants, and small charms 4-5" deep. I like running 2 tone in the tot lots and sand volleyball courts, with the gain cranked up in 19 kHz to hit on the small gold and, i run 3 tone most everywhere else, like the general park and school areas. I also use 3 tone for ghost towns, railroad sidings, old homes, empty lots, and freshwater lakes. I bought a Red Racer when they came out, then the Racer 2, then the Impact, and now the MMK. I sold the Impact after getting the MMK and haven't missed it one bit. Between the MMK and the Nox 800 and one other, I've been able to sell off all my other detectors that I've kept for hunting specific sites. My MMK will be in my arsenal for a long time, I'm sure.
  12. Tom Slick

    14 Khz Makro Kruzer

    I bought the Multi Kruzer but I could have been just as happy with the 14 kHz Kruzer. It's seldom that I ever switch off 14 kHz on mine. Total opposite from the Nox. With the Nox IMHO it's crazy not to go with the 800 over the 600. The 800 offers so many additional features. The Kruzer is an outstanding buy for it's features, function, and performance.
  13. Wow, you found the Key to the state of California! Nice silver too!!
  14. Tom Slick

    Minelab Did 24 Hour Turnaround On My Nox 800!

    Great to hear. Maybe they've learned something from Makro/Nokta?
  15. Chase - the tone break at 2 with the disc set at 9 is due to backing into the tone breaks as I usually run the my tone breaks set as described above and after hunting for awhile with the disc set at 0 -1, I decided to raise the disc to 9 to avoid much of the smaller foil targets and just left the breaks where I had them.