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  1. There is no 11" HF coil. The HF coils come in the 9" round and the 5X9.5" Elliptical coil. If you want a 11" coil you'll have to go with the X35 .
  2. For small nuggets sitting on bedrock covered by a thin layer of dust and dirt, try one of the small "hand Bellows" sold on amazon along with a good set of tweezers.
  3. That Mi-6 Pin pointer with the ORX is GREAT! The best Pin Pointer I've ever used. Not that I've used them all but I much prefer it to the Garretts or White's TRX. Rechargeable, Waterproof, Adjustable, Sensitive, and you can even use the detector to find it if you forget and leave it at your last target, what's not to like about it? I have the two HF Coils and would be hard pressed to pick a favorite. They each have their place. I've been super happy with my Nox 800 but after I got my Orx I haven't used the Nox. Not because the Orx is better, but it's just so fun to use. It's so lightweight, the wireless coils make changing them super easy, and the detector is the fastest I've ever used. Wish I had gotten the Deus when they came out. All that said, the Nox 800 and the ORX have me covered for my type of hunting.
  4. I think the F5 is the better park and school detector. The features make it a really good coin and jewelry machine and with the 10" concentric coil it pin points better than the Simplex. This is important when detecting nice lawns and being able to pop coins without doing damage to the grass. The Simplex lacks some of the "Coin Shooting" features of the F5 but is probably the better all around detector. Not up to par with the F5 for coin shooting but still a good performer for that task, but a better detector for hunting relics and using for old home sites, ghost towns etc. The Factory is currently producing two additional smaller coils for the Simplex which will expand the Simplex's versatility. Both are very nice detectors. Just decide wher or what type detecting you'll be doing the most of and go from there. I'll second the Minelab Vanquish series. For the money, They would be my first choice if spending around $300.
  5. I used to keep boxes of stuff like that. After getting tired of storing them, I finally just tossed most of it out. Now when I get home, I just sort through it, save the good stuff, and pitch the rest. With garage space always being a premium at my house, I'd rather collect detectors and accessories than miscellaneous scraps of metal.😁 PS. My wife does like to use some of my junk for craft projects.
  6. I hunt in Arizona where 90 degrees would be a nice cool day here in the summer. I've never had a problem with heat either with my Nox 800.
  7. Did you ever check to make sure the coil cable was tightened?
  8. That's a really clean, collapsible shaft! Nicely done!
  9. I have the Nox 800 and ORX team. I have others also but I usually have the Nox and ORX with me when I go detecting.
  10. Per the Manual: System error code 'Er' will be accompanied by an error code number shown on the Frequency Display. The detector will shut down 5 seconds after reporting a system error. In the event of a system error, please follow these steps: System error 1. Restart the detector to determine if the error still remains. 2. Confirm the coil is attached correctly. 3. If the error persists, perform a factory reset by pressing and holding in the Power button for 5 seconds. 4. If the error still remains, please return the detector to your nearest Authorized Service Center for repair.
  11. Excellent Video! I really appreciate you sharing it with us. I'm looking forward to your next video.
  12. Abenson - Next time don't bother digging the coin purse hardware. Just dig the leather pouch with the silver and gold coins still in it. 😁
  13. I'll guess the token. I would think the ring would be a 27 or more.
  14. Rich - Great to hear you had a good outing. Wish I could have made it this year. Looking forward to the next WTHO.
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