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  1. Chat with Chet. He has a chart. You may get one because you will be going much more often than I will over the next few months and you already know where the deeper gold is. My trips will be limited on length of time and frequency so I am holding off for now. I kinda hoped you would say you don't need one because Minelab will have on soon but maybe it won't beat the Xs anyway. I'm a user and customer and not a very good technical tester.
  2. I'm going to some Southern California mountains with Jim. 😊
  3. I'm getting ready for another gold nugget trip. I've been told where we are going to bring a VLF for all the bedrock. That is a style of detecting nuggets I don't normally do so I thought I would need practice with the 6" coil. I live in Santa Monica so where am I going to 'practice?' The beach of course. Waves have been very small for a week or more. I went out a couple of days ago with the 11" coil and got so few targets in the tide zone I detected back to my car in the dry sand. I prefer wetter detecting. That is what I did with the 6" coil for about an hour and a half. There still weren't many targets but I was going to dig everything I heard. It is a little weird going out there with such a little coil but I did it when I first got the 6" coil and I got 4 cheap rings that day but the conditions were better because of the waves. This afternoon I used Beach 2/F2 4/25 sensitivity/5 or 6 speed. I had just reduced to 5 (for the ring) when I got a slight negative target but it was repeatable. I turn up the negative sound so I can hear it and see it. I dug a bit and the sound was solid. It took several scoops and it was still in the wet sand hole. I was not fighting the waves but the hole was filling with water. My scoop is 6" and I was now down a full scoop and the number came in at a solid 10! Its been a long time with any of my coils for that sound. It came out of the hole and I swung over the pile and it was still 10 so I was hopeful. I might have hit it with the scoop. When I shook the wet sand away I saw it. It looked good now and it sounded good so ... please don't be a cheap ring ... haha There were lots of people about and I didn't want to answer questions so I put it in my pouch and hunted for another hour after I found it. It's a 14k Lee that is .1 oz (2.7g) with 5 little diamonds. It seems I'll have to use the 6" coil on the beach more often.
  4. The cabins are part of the Humboldt Home Owners Association. A couple of WSPA members have lots there and make them 'available' for this outing. They are not commercially available.
  5. Chet said he will never take the Xs off and put the 14 or the 19 on again. He used the 19 quite a lot when it first came out. I forgot to add as part of our 'test' of that 150x150 ft area when Chet was 'done' with the area using the 17 I put the 19" Minelab coil for 30-40 minutes at the end of the day. All of the trash was gone except for a couple of spots where some had been buried from camp pits. That coil even with the Hipstick is a beast. I was not able to find any targets to dig. Your question now bring up the fact that I never listened or swung the Xcoil! When I first saw Chet in Gold Basin he had the 10" coil on and I lifted it but I was surprised at how 'head heavy' it seemed. Beyond that I have not handled one. I was told that the bigger coils were about the same weight. The next time I see Chet I'll want to tease the ground and some sample targets with it so I know more.
  6. Simon, I heard there is some gold in Australia but I didn't manage to find much to bring home. The metal detector at the airport was as unimpressed as I was with my 'haul!' Mitchel
  7. It was time for another Rye Patch trip. It was a group outing this time and I had invited Chet. He was already there when I showed up out in the field about 3 on Wednesday afternoon. It was an 8.5 hour drive and I had added a couple of hours onto it getting checked in to my cabin but I was there! Chet had not found anything so he said I'll follow you. We got set up and he said he would catch up on some things and it was near the end of the day so I headed up. Before I got up too far my first target gave me that nice, warm sound. Even with the little sleep I had I thought it was a good target. I scraped and it didn't move and down a bit farther it didn't come out of the hole and then down about 7" I had it in the scoop. I sometimes overestimate so I put on my 7000 navigation that it was 1 gram but later not to be. It is just .72g. It is the nugget on the top left on the scale. I looked around the area and saw old dig holes so I knew I had to stay. I circled and gridded in the late afternoon sun and I got another signal. This one was a little deeper at 8". The size slightly larger at .75g. That was it for awhile until another repeatable signal. I don't remember the exact depth but I think 5" and I didn't really know if it was gold. It is and it is .11g! I didn't have my phone with me but that was it. I was beat and so was Chet so we took the 35 minute ride back to camp. Overnight it was pretty cold at 17-19 so I left the lid on my coolers open in my car and outside. When I got up the drinks had frozen in both of them but we were off for the same location. This time Chet hit the area where I found those three nuggets. I walked up the hill as I had intended. We didn't move the cars all day. Chet was working the little bowl and I was up on the sides of the big gully and anything else that looked promising. I heard a promising signal in a little dry, side run and it had shale type rock around but the signal would go away when I scraped and scratched. I was into some harder rock and it stayed and stayed and then I blasted it with my pick and it was out. It is the nugget in the middle. A solid 1.5 g nugget! I didn't have my phone with me as it was affecting my detector. Down in the distance I could see Chet working his 17" X Coil very slowly over and over the area from the day before. He had been digging some deep holes. When I made it down to him he said he had found one down about 10" that I didn't get. He also found another smaller one. In addition he had dug some really deep holes where some type of metal pieces had sounded off for him. It was a good day. I had a nice nugget and he had a couple. Friday we started at a different location but soon I wanted to get back to 'the area' but a bit higher. We both walked a long ways checking piles, pushes and holes. I was heading back up the hill and hear that nice sound again. This was only 4 inches or so and out came a nice flatter nugget (.84g). When I looked around I saw someone's recent filled in dig hole but they didn't get this nugget. The trash was hiding it! Things die out in the desert but not like they do in Australia! Australia is one big kangaroo graveyard! Here is the total for this trip. (I didn't find anything with a half day Saturday.) If I add in the two nuggets from my last trip then I have about 1/4 oz of Rye Patch gold. Thanks Chet for the companionship and the stories. You have some really great ones about gold, jobs, life and I wish others could hear them. Mitchel
  8. I saw the 17 inch X Coil in action on Thursday and Friday at Rye Patch. The operator didn't really experience hot rocks as much as deep trash that would be missed by the 14. We had a test area where I had found a couple of .7g nuggets using his max settings. I was there for a couple of hours on Wednesday afternoon. I dug down 8" which is deep for me on a nugget. The next day (about 6 hours total) he went back over my area which had been gone over numerous times before me and he found 2 additional nuggets. One was at 10" about the size of my nuggets and another nugget was smaller. He also found some deep copper/tin pieces and other things I had not tried to dig the day before. Neither of us was much bothered by hot rocks in that area. He has no plans to go back to the 14!
  9. The SS Central America had lots of coins and lots of treasure to say the least. We has a presentation (with coins and gold nuggets) at a PCSC meeting in Downey, California last year. The author said this book was coming. I don't see much of a preview online but it may be a reference book that will show up in your local library! https://www.coinworld.com/news/us-coins/new-reference-details-gold-silver-recovered-in-2014-from-ss-central-america
  10. I am in Rye Patch right now! I know the area pretty good. It has been below 20 the last couple of mornings but perfect during the afternoons with very little wind. I suggest you send PMs and you'll get more details than just open forum. Mitchel
  11. WTG! That is more than I've found in a longer season in a few years.
  12. Micro, I'm glad you posted it here on a forum where everyone appreciates the Nox's abilities but we sometimes don't stretch it like you did! Could you tell us a little more about your 'technique?' I mean did you rake and detect, micro-swing, gully or side hill and was the patch big? Mitchel
  13. JP, Are we throwing things 'off' when we turn the coil on edge to pinpoint? Mitchel
  14. I found two nuggets with the Equinox as one of the first 'customers' to have one sent from Bill's first shipment. This was right after they were first shipped to the United States. Actually I lost the nuggets for a day and my friend Patrick found them for me and I posted the picture a couple of days later. Phrunt said no picture ... no nugget! haha On another note, there is someone who found several little nuggets in Gold Basin this week with a 600. They know about this forum so maybe they have posted them. I saw the post on Bill's forum. Mitchel
  15. Has anyone got any nuggets from these hills/mountains that they put in their collection? A company here is taking a bet on finding more. They said the largest nugget taken was 22 ounces! https://finance.yahoo.com/news/dakota-territory-corp-announces-acquisition-141500469.html
  16. I followed a link to the site and I thought it was a mistake. I left and didn't go back!
  17. I would rather they have the new small coil for the GPZ. But I'm going to ask them about the Equinox update and ...
  18. Why couldn't I get one of those when I was there? haha (Just to break the thread a bit!)
  19. I went back to my spot this morning and there were already two detectorists on it. No more goodies this time.
  20. I have been out every day since the update came. I've watched a few of the videos where it shows the iron ring being ignored with settings. That impressed me. My 'results' of FE/FE2 adjusting amount to 'no change' in audio when it comes to bobby pins, iron screws, iron coins, paper clips or just about anything else including bottle caps. I hear all that stuff if I'm in all metal in dry and wet sand. I adjusted today with FE at 0 and FE2 at 1-9. I've had FE2 at 0 and FE and 1-9. Yesterday I used the 11 inch coil and today the 15 inch coil. I like to dig 95% of my targets on the beach. I'm surprised by what I find up to 10% of the time. It is not what I expect. The thing I like about the update and I noticed it the first night I used it is that the targets sound better. That includes cheap rings and corroded pennies. This afternoon I found 4 rings (top 4) and one 13g silver chain with the 15 inch coil. (I really like chains now more than rings!) I did have to dig some falsing holes with the 15 and sometimes a coin will completely disappear. It is why I call the 15 a finicky coil. Most of the targets are the result of some wave energy finally coming with some wind to push these targets into an area where I detect. The 4 rings at the bottom were found with the 11' coil in the same general beach. On that hunt I also found many more coins. The total time for the two hunts is about 6 hours. I'll go back in the morning.
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