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  1. Well done Strick. Now who was it that he called first? haha
  2. I was taken to a claim in the Sierras near Downieville and that was the main place where you would sluice was with roots and grass that had held the flood gold.
  3. My calculator says Minelab charges so much for its detectors because they have so many warranty issues! It might also be a reason for price increases in addition to currency rates.
  4. Be safe. I lived in Port Charlotte and worked in Arcadia many years ago. Go to a swimming beach afterwards. Try to determine an area that has repetitive waves rather than just a few big ones or a surge. I know more about the East Coast of Florida beaches than West Coast but I've hunted the Venice (Fla) beaches for sharks' teeth to good success so maybe there will be some big teeth too! That is not a good swimming beach. You have to be willing to get to different beaches. I went to a favorite beach of mine after our hurricane about a month ago, and it was disappointing for the heavier gold items. Good luck.
  5. I posted on AZO for several years as that is where I bought my 5000 and met you at an outing Clay. Then the forum was gone a few years ago and then it came back with less content, but it still had the thread where I found my big nugget. I just went to the AZO site and tried to go to the link but as Steve and you both said it is gone. It didn't seem to be something he wanted to make time for. I wish you could get the content and put it up with some of your other old saves. How does the Wayback Machine work on forums like this about content?
  6. Thanks for the visuals. You'll hear some bigger chunks, I think.
  7. You guys missed the clues. He said Australian ALPS!!!! Thanks for the photos. It was too far east for me to go there on my trip.
  8. Do they? I've registered more than one Minelab product over the years and I can swear when I go on to my account with them, I can't see or find the multiple registrations. When I have gotten a new detector, I drop the info into a new form that I can't seem to find. I've never gotten an email that said you are the owner of such, and such numbered detector and we just wanted you to know something. Can you look up your warranty on their system? I know my dealers have had them and they have accepted my 800 but that is because they know their stuff and not really mine. Who maintains their purchaser database?
  9. 'They' are crushing the money supply. When you have pressure on the value of stocks and real estate there is less speculative money for commodities that are nonessential. Some speculators have to sell gold or will sell gold to pay for other things. That becomes a temporary scenario rather than price up because of world instability and the cost to mine gold going up. Crypto is under the same pressure.
  10. When interest rates rise .... The curious case of falling gold prices (msn.com)
  11. Thanks, Gerry, for this report. It is a good one. The 'report' I was really asking about was the one about the 'history' of Rye Patch. That would be one that would include large nuggets found there and an estimate of total gold that might have been found there since metal detectors were used. This was the one you said you would ask your trainers about and maybe even reference Sonny Baird and even could be expanded to the Eugenes!
  12. All those fishing weights! What did you lose? Good job.
  13. Simon is trying to save it all for himself. Don't fall for his 'bad' attitude!
  14. Maybe it is from someone who found Christianity in prison.
  15. Here is the writing I can see, and I got the light right.
  16. Steve had a comment on it early on when I asked him. He seemed to say that the emphasis for the Manticore would not show an improvement over the Equinox. Maybe he has something else to say now or I paraphrased him wrong. We'll see.
  17. It might be the Lord's Prayer, but I don't know the symbolism of the razor blade.
  18. Does anyone have an idea what this is? It has some writing on it that didn't come out with the way I took the picture. It seems to be latin or Italian?
  19. This place reminds me of a small-scale Ballarat. Do we have any Canadians on the forums? B.C. history brought to life in Gold Rush town of Barkerville - Victoria Times Colonist
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