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  1. I too have only found gold with the 11 but maybe we should be swinging it faster also? haha I can't swing the 15 real fast but maybe that has something to do with the IDing being a bit tricky. I do try to give the 15 a fast wiggle near the tip to pinpoint and ID. The 6 seems to have a large fringe area. It also seems to be sensitive to EMI. Several times helicopters went over and their electronic noise could be heard on my headphones and this just doesn't happen with the 11 with the exception of one time. Yes, the foil bottle seals do come in low. They are about 3-5 and I don't see them that often in the surf sand but yesterday there were a few I dug. This weekend I'm going to try a small gold area again and try to swing faster. I already know that if I am up on the side of a wash/gully I could swing fast and see bullets and gold.
  2. I should add that I was in both of the beach modes. I'm going to go try it again now.
  3. I got my 6 inch coil for the 800 back in July. I was so anxious to use it I went right out to the beach rather than wait for a gold trip. I found 3 rings that trip. Now today after having gone on a gold trip and still not having found a gold nugget with the 6 inch coil I decided to go back to the beach and leave it on. I think this is the first time since July! Well, at the end of my gold trip I had tried to use the 6" in gold mode to find a meteorite. (I can't hear them in any other mode.) What I had found in my experiments was I could eliminate many of the hot rocks if I just rejected #9. I could swing and hear a meteorite I had already found with my 7000. What helped the sound was to make the machine quick (6, 7, 8). I had this in mind when I went to the beach. It started slow and as far as good targets was concerned it stayed slow but I had fun! I'd say the thing I learned today was that I can swing the little coil fast (zipzip), on a long shaft (next to the last hole on the handle) in all metal and still hear deep targets. I was digging targets down to 10 inches in some little patches. They did not start out with a good ID but I could hear them. Some of the pennies were at 10 inches when measured by my 6" coil and my 6" basket digger. The bucket handle was down over 10 inches. Perhaps my most impressive 10 inch deep dig was the little hook. It is iron (I've turned the volume up on iron a bit) but it also had a solid shape sound to it. It was fun swinging a stick with a little coil on it and hearing a zip zip. Try it. Mitchel
  4. I've been to that group of claims once. I found a coil cover for something like a Gold Bug Pro down in the bottom of the river/wash but I haven't been back. Oh, watch out for the ticks there. I had one on my clothes when I left. It didn't bite me. Julie, a much 'easier' place to use a detector and find some little nuggets are on the claims around Randsburg and LDMA. You don't have to deal with all that vegetation and stuff. There are two or three clubs around there and they still find gold. One of them is the OC 49'ers. When you get up to the 395 at Hesperia just go north about 20 miles. You can read about those claims up there online. Mitchel
  5. I just watched the video. Were the power lines above you working at the time? You could show this video any time someone says you can't detect under power lines! Well done. Mitchel
  6. No, I'll be there. I just had some places in mind I wanted to check before next week.
  7. I targeted gold but didn't come back with any. When in Gold Basin you can also target other things. I went back to an area (actually several) where I had found meteorites and I got a couple. One is flattish and only weighs a half an ounce and the other one on the right is 1.5 ounces. These were found with the 7000. After I found them I experimented with settings for the Equinox on finding meteorites. Meteorites are like hot rocks and can resemble the ground. It was really not possible to hear them unless I was in gold mode. I went from slow to very fast. I went from all metal to reject 9 only in gold mode. Hot rocks are the problem for a VLF. I think the setting that needs more experimenting is speed at maximum, iron reject can vary but reject just 9. This gives an audio response for objects above ground noise and lets me hear a meteorite. Does anyone have a suggested 800 setting for meteorites? Mitchel I've added a few pictures of Gold Basin for those of you who don't see it often.
  8. I was just in Gold Basin for a quick trip. Before I left I decided to hit a wash, a big wash and have a chance at getting a big nugget I've been told. So I get a bit of can slaw and soon I get a solid, booming hit not too far down the wash. There are no track or footprints and I'm down now about 6 inches and its all loose gravel. I get down to 8" and out comes the target. I get it in my scoop and its a coin. It has some tarnish on it ... old? Nah, it's a 2003 nickel. I've not found many coins with the 7000. It could be a good coin hunter. Mitchel
  9. Not too far from where I'll get some training. 😌 I'll have to look at the locations for the other 4 in this video.
  10. When I first got my 800 I went slow on recovery speed a couple of times down to 3 for a night test on the beach. I consider those adjustments filters so if you turn them off then what will it do was my thinking at the time. I stopped doing it when I learned the target sounds but the machine does have a range so I'll have to look at what they are doing with it. Mitchel
  11. That penny might tell you more than you think. It does add to the story. What is the year? When do you think those tailing piles were made? If they were using a metal detector at the time, what was the 'hot' model they may have used? Questions worth asking. Mitchel
  12. Found only a few small pieces here personally, but was following up on Jim Stewart, Reg Wilson and John Hider Smith. These guys didn't miss much! I don't know who 'said' that but it brings up an observation ... should I follow or avoid the trail of these greats when seeking nuggets in May? haha (And just think, there were 3000 combing the area long before these guys!) Mitchel
  13. I found one of those on a Southern California Beach where they had been pushing up sand. Mitchel
  14. Thank you. So now it looks like the beginning and the end are a bit 'set.' I would be pleased to swing with you. Maybe I'll have a patch or two for you by then. haha
  15. Dave, I posted it up at the end of last year. He did pass. He was a Vietnam Marine. He was buried at the Riverside National Cemetery with a gun salute. I attended. He knew it was coming so he was 'prepared' by having removed his valuables from that house. I miss Jim. Mitchel
  16. When I was reading the beginning of this thread the GPZ came to mind. It has no TID screen. How many tones does it have? We consider it to be the best, most sensitive gold detector out there. Could someone use it as their only detector? Sure. Would I be digging a lot of targets that would be a waste of time? Sure. As Steve says it is a judgment call and sometimes you only have a limited amount of time to hunt a site and you or it will be gone. Sometimes you only have so many holes you want to dig for that session. Minelab (and all manufacturers) has made many 'judgment calls' for us by the way they set up the machine from the factory and the controls they allow us to change. Ground balancing is a 'judgment call' of sorts and 'Iron Bias' is another judgment setting, etc, etc. All of that being said there are times (quickly walking a beach line) when going less than 50 tones to cover an area faster is a better option for me. I believe on the beach I sometimes miss targets if the machine (and my brain) is trying to process everything too quickly. I would compare this to the 'find patch' setting on the GPZ which lets it process differently. The 50 tones are king after you find that patch. Mitchel
  17. Flak, Your thread reminded me of a time. I was prepared to do a coin hunt last year and everything was working great until just before the hunt. The 800 was tested, paired and ready to go. I turned it on for the hunt and then it didn't pair repeatedly. I couldn't use it in speaker mode. I had another pair of headphones and used them. I charged everything up after that and didn't have to problem occur since. I take it as just not completely charged headphones at that moment. Mitchel
  18. My first nugget (.3 g or something) was found on the BlackJack claim out there. It has since been reduced in size and the dry washers have hit it hard in the last 7 years since then. I found a specimen out there with the 800 last year on open ground. It is hard to figure out the claim status out there now because there are a lot of lode claims that are only paper messing up the system. There is still gold on the surface and other gold too.
  19. Where did you find a list of the AMRA claims?
  20. See the new coils thread but the end says: So in short we have thought long and hard about this set up and certainly spent a lot of effort creating the right shaft attachment. Of course no one is forcing anyone to buy the coils and if you think they are not for you then this is perfectly fine. Coiltek is all about providing more options for the Minelab Detectors as this is what we do and I for one am excited to see these coils get out into the market and start to provide the user with more coverage, more depth, more opportunity and hopefully more gold! Trevor.
  21. Phrunt: Have you forgotten, I'm older now with a wife and kid. I have some ASSets to protect even in my folly! haha Mitchel
  22. Is Hertz an Australian company? I'm settled on the car insurance stuff now. As you say, on to the gold part. So Paul, are you going to get a Coiltek for the SDC?
  23. haha You don't have a rental there! I think that article makes it easier for ME to sit and sip and even drive without fear of paying too much for insurance while I'm there. 😛 It shows me how to get a good rate and not to double it just to feel 'safe' by a tactic at the checkout counter.
  24. Ok, I think I just found the Holy Grail of rental car insurance information. I feel better knowing the liability is included with the car registration fee. The 'insurance' is basically against how much you would pay in the event of an accident but you are not going without insurance if you don't take the rental car company's excess policy. My Visa card should take care of this. They want me to use the card! haha https://www.choice.com.au/travel/on-holidays/car-hire/articles/car-hire-excess-and-hidden-fees
  25. I only seem to find the easy stuff. I think others find gold I miss. 😀 It's still out there!
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