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  1. I've had several trips to Northern Nevada. There are lots of places to go in Pershing and Humboldt Counties.
  2. I think of Fred often too. He shared his maps with me when I went on my trip. I'm sure he'll give you a few pointy fingers on your trip Paul. Have fun and stay longer than they want you to stay. Can't you retire there?
  3. I have a scoop made by this company and it is the same as I bought it 5 years later. https://www.borderlineengineering.com/
  4. If you want to buy Fenn's stuff or Fenn's Treasure look at this: https://news.artnet.com/market/the-estate-of-late-antiquities-dealer-forrest-fenn-who-hid-a-2-million-treasure-chest-in-the-mountains-is-heading-to-auction-2119769
  5. Guys, guys, guys ... push and pull with a little bit of self-interest and logic here when it comes to Minelab. Help rather than attack. What would happen if Minelab would just say 'to hell with it,' we can't satisfy those gold detectorists any more. We're out of that business next year. The users pushed too hard. It just isn't any 'fun' making these any more. Margins are scant. Production overruns and quality control problems in a time of Covid are just too difficult. We aren't going to make any more gold detectors because patches aren't giving it up like they once did. We're changing our business model. We are going to be like the dodo bird and White's electronics. I don't have a horse in the 6000 race because I just don't detect often enough to justify a multi thousand outlay now. Maybe in a few years when the boys get older but until then be a little bit nicer to Minelab and the dealers and we'll have them to kick around a bit longer. Bashing has gotten us to where we are now. Maybe some honest, constructive posting on the Minelab website will get us to where we think they should be.
  6. Here is some real research for your trip. Did you make it there? https://mb.com.ph/2022/05/23/trails-of-gold/
  7. Did the gold test out positive? I found one with a 'nice looking' stone but it wasn't gold either. You need bling at the beach not the real thing.
  8. Thanks Jeff. I use Field 2 on dry beach sand and feel like it is the nuts. Targets jump out at me and a very good depth also. I use it to and from the wet sand. I'll have to try it in the gold fields the next time I go. Mitchel
  9. The Southern California beaches have been very stingy lately. Yesterday I went out for an hour on a normally productive beach and I got nada! Not a single thing to dig. There were no coins, trash or jewelry. I've been close to that a few times in the last several weeks but not like this. I notice that my wet sand beaches have had little wave energy to bring things in from the deep. This has resulted in a sand build up rather than exposed hardpan and rock beds. Others have noticed it too as I rarely see a detectorist at the usual places. We could say it is the pandemic (fewer drops) or the gas prices (fewer trips to the beach) but I'm going to say it is because of the 3rd year of La Nina. It has caused our drought (climate change) which resulted in less snow pack and less rain. Here is an explanation of ENSO which affects world patterns. https://www.severe-weather.eu/long-range-2/la-nina-update-cooling-warm-cold-season-forecast-fa/#:~:text=It also shows the La,What is this%3F&text=Trends are currently in favor,the second half of 2022. Are your beaches still producing?
  10. Now you've gone and ruined the whole thing for me! haha Rotten facts. Rotten movie.
  11. Not good to hear about a back problem that would make you switch detectors. Maybe Doc would have something to trade you?
  12. How much do you think it costs now to just return a warranty/defective detector? Then there is an evaluation cost. Then there is a cost for repair or replacement. Then it has to be tested and returned to sender. When coming up with a price for the 6000 there must have been an 'assumed' percentage of problems/returns. We really don't have any way of knowing the actual percentage of faulty units but just from a public relations perspective the number of bad units reported is high. Total sales may be affected because some users don't want to deal with warranty returns. Someone in each of the ML divisions is keeping track of this stuff and is responsible for reporting it to management/shareholders. It would be one of the factors used in determining price increases. I'm sure all of the users want this info used to reduce problems. Dealers want the problems solved because they are in the middle and probably can't say what they really want to say because it would challenge their marketing relationship. We're supposed to be happy that we have anything to buy. Welcome to the new world.
  13. You are right. You can't just look at the price of gold or silver. It takes lots of energy and resources to mine these metals so if the costs of mining go up faster than the price then you could have shrinking margins which would make the price of the stock go down. Costs determine if you should even be mining a claim.
  14. You must like the machine? You try them all and find gold with all of them.
  15. How about something like this? https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/ancient-roman-sculpture-likely-looted-during-wwii-turns-up-at-texas-goodwill-180980045/?utm_source=smithsoniandaily&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=20220506-daily-responsive&spMailingID=46799444&spUserID=MTMxNjg2MzE5MzQ5NgS2&spJobID=2240685109&spReportId=MjI0MDY4NTEwOQS2
  16. Has the dealer experienced other problems with the 6000s?
  17. I did more to discourage prospecting in Victoria than all the crocs in Australia!
  18. How many 'known' meteorites are in your area? If you add one more then it would be good to know and it could also be of some significant value if it is of an unusual type.
  19. Probably good news but you still have a bit of 'research' to do. You need to find someone that will classify your meteorite and then give it a name and submit it to Met Bul to be included in the database. The best way to find someone to help you is look at that listing for the nearby meteorite and contact someone on there and they will help you. They have been there and done that as they say.
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