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  1. I think Fred meant this for here from the last episode ... also! Old Halls Creek....I was close to there... once again they dug a couple of nuggets and walked away....BS, again. and every thing they touch breaks.... hard to believe, fred
  2. I watched the end of Parker's Trail tonight and lo and behold there was a screen that said "New Show Aussie Gold Hunters 10PM Next Week" That is great news in my book.
  3. Simon Why do you need a spam box? haha Treat your email inbox like a nugget patch. You have to read EVERYTHING. You'll know it is trash as soon as you see it and you'll never wonder if you passed up on a nugget. Thanks for the follow up. Will the replacement be the same design? Mitchel
  4. Think about finding a rock with some rust on it. The outside of Lunk's meteorite is kinda rusty. Here is a link to one of Fred's hunts. As you can see none of the rocks are as dark as yours. My last Gold Basin trip I found one little meteorite in the 'gold area' but when I went to the 'meteorite area' I looked for a couple of hours and struck out. When we get past the restrictions I'll stop by and show you some that I've found or meet up with you in the basin. Mitchel
  5. Me too! The only problem would be that I grew up in Florida and I would have been learning about blue springs and limestone caves and all of that would be without any gold. That's a great little nuggie. I saw part of your take when I was there. What was the large one for the season? Did you finish filling your box? Mitchel
  6. Flak No telling how long that tortoise had been in the hole. The immediate eating indicates thirst. Good save no matter what because it was a goner in the pit. Mitchel
  7. JP, I can read what you say and believe what you say but I can also see that it would be a hard concept for me actually hear. Of course to the trained ear these concepts and descriptions have meaningful responses associated with concepts. I would liken it to bird watching. If your ears are good and you hear a sound or a bird you have never seen then you are without a clue until you see it or see a dead one or someone else shows you or teaches you. I'd have to take a chance on setting the Zed up in a certain way and just dig everything, not knowing what I am hearing. Any repeatable is a digger! Mitchel
  8. Where was the location of the first stop on the private claim? Where was that place near the road in the pasture? I drove by thousands and thousands of pastures where alluvial gold may have made its way. If the fields of Victoria have never been prospected or metal detected and only the forests and gullies were targeted there will be lots of gold still to be found. Maybe the maps would prove me wrong. What percentage of private land is virgin would you suspect?
  9. We've had many threads in the past that show auction sites for buying and selling natural gold and minerals. I know there are 'go to' places out there where you have bought and sold. The pictures they have of gold can be enlightening about where to look for gold. Now that the price of gold is up you may want to look into your collections and get some cash. I saw a recent post that said someone sold their gold in Quartzsite. Who is the buyer there? I've heard other people say they need to drive to Phoenix to see gold found in Quartzsite. Does anyone trust someone by mail? Here is a place that displays Northern Nevada gold. I don't know anything about them other than this link. https://northernnevadagold.com/en/ Here is a place that you can sell high end gold and not have to wait for an auction. I have been to their store in Laguna Beach, seen them at shows and know some prospectors here have sold to them. https://kristalle.com/product-category/gold-gallery/
  10. I'd say you'd be teaching us all a thing or two finding signals that deep. Well done. Having seen Chet work some areas in the past he uses your slow swing but maybe not your settings and he finds deep nuggets.
  11. I have a new 'ringer' for best reality show ... Art Linkletter 'Kids Say The Darndest Things' It's too bad Bill Cosby is now associated with all of the old episodes long before we knew about him.
  12. If it was reality then it would be shown without much post production but it is highly manipulated video shot on location. The best reality show I saw was Dirty Jobs. You could tell it was 'cut' but not put out of sequence.
  13. You are right about 2 and the rest of the episodes. I don't know which is which. I've only seen two of them but here is the list of episodes. https://www.discovery.com/shows/gold-rush-parkers-trail/episodes I need to go back to ON DEMAND and see all of them.
  14. Parker's Episode 2 was worth the watch last night. No huge nuggets and a lot of hard work. My first look at anything Queensland. Tyler's Trial In the legendary Palmer goldfields, Parker and his team encounter a lucrative family-run mining operation and discover dirt far richer than anything they've ever seen in the Yukon. But convincing the family to lease him virgin ground will come at a price.
  15. Simon will need a second plane for the coils!
  16. I just asked if it was going to play in the states. I think I know the answer. This season the hunt is bigger than ever with 20 episodes and seven teams of gold hunters - the largest number in the show’s history – embarking on the ultimate treasure quest across the country. These gold hungry crews are driven by the record-breaking price of Australian gold, the increasing number of nuggets being found lying very close to the surface and the unwavering belief that they too could strike it rich and land a monster nugget. https://tvblackbox.com.au/programs/2020/3/26/airdate-aussie-gold-hunters-returns-for-its-biggest-season-yet
  17. My Nox was in for repair and I used my 3030 for about a month with the standard coil without a bungee and hipstick and found it acceptable if I adjusted it to a straight arm length. If I keep the weight in my hand then I'm ok. I like the screen and the GPS which shows me where I found my rings on the beach. When I went back to my 17" coil I needed the help of a bungee and hipstick because of the turn on my elbow. If I was to go out to the beach with my wife she would use the Nox and I'd use the CTX.
  18. A couple of days ago I was using single frequency on some dry beach sand. I was using it in Park 1. It makes for an interesting comparison to the multi. I didn't mind it and thought a lot of the targets were clear and the depth worked well also. I tried 20 and 40. Thanks for posting and reminding me of the experiment.
  19. What is the difference in your whispers from then to now?
  20. Next time I get on gold maybe ... several weeks away in all likelihood! I've been out with Chet and he carries his Nox over his shoulder while swinging the Zed just for this purpose. I mean he uses the Nox as his pinpointer so he avoids digging everything. Maybe he can tell us already what he thinks of the speed question.
  21. Lunk, that is some information I was after. When you speed up the Nox the good and the bad targets disappear faster and give separation. I know the mellow sound of gold and would like it not to be 'masked' by a hot rock or other. What would you say the speed of the Zed is on the Nox scale? What would it be with Locate Patch On?
  22. Today I took a short beach swing and didn't find much but it was good to just get out in a sea breeze if you know what I mean. I used the Equinox 800. About midway through my 2+ hours I checked my settings and noticed I had recovery speed on 5. I changed it to 6 and then the thought came to my mind, "What would I do or could I do with the Zed to immulate changing the recovery speed?" I've used the 800 in many different settings so far but mostly the beach. I've seen the videos of nails next to good targets. How do YOU tease the good targets out of trash like the 800?
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