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  1. We should not forget Mrs. JW and her photography so on your way somewhere or as a destination by itself you should go to: https://antelopecanyon.az/
  2. and ... Gold Basin is about 30 minutes by car from this: https://grandcanyonwest.com/grand-canyon-west.htm
  3. I'm in Los Angeles area. We go to Vegas all the time. If you have a half morning that time of year we can get there at daylight, hunt for 4-5 hours and have you back in Vegas by noon! But ... There is a marina on the Colorado River you'd like to see, the Hoover Dam, a ghost town (Oatman) a bit farther on and more gold and meteorite patches ... haha
  4. I have extra detectors and Mrs JW will enjoy a spa day without you. haha You can't come over here without detecting some.
  5. One of the benefits of taking the 2 hour drive to Gold Basin is that you can also find some meteorites! I stayed in Vegas my first 3-4 trips to Gold Basin in 2010-11.
  6. I'd be willing to meet you in Vegas and then on to some patches if you need guidance. I'm sure you would be able to show me some gold that we yanks have missed. Mitchel
  7. I'm not quite ready to swing for gold yet but I'm getting there! haha It will fade into good memories ... sooooooon. haha You've been there and done that so thanks for the memories Norvic. Your spirit shines brightly. Mitchel
  8. Simon, Maybe they will be making an X Coil for the 2300! Then you and Wes could talk about it on MY thread. haha (Did we just start a rumor or a business model to compete with Coiltek?) Anyway, I have a 2300 and if I wanted to hunt mulluck piles in Australia and find gold like Elusive did then I should have taken it to Victoria. Norvic has done more with the 2300 so maybe he will be asking the Russians to make a SDC coil. Actually, I think you would quite like the 2300 Simon. Mitchel
  9. I think if someone were to go back through all of the posts on Steve's or any other website about detecting you would see a progression of detectorists to the latest and greatest technology. Some old technology still works fine such as the GPXs. With proper research there is still a bit of virgin ground or unhammered patches even in WA! Many detectors and coils have had their day in the sun before another product or innovation came along and surpassed it. (Every dog has its day so to say!) The X Coils now have a bit of a shine when it comes to hammered patches and it is reflecting on the 7000. Maybe someone will find some virgin ground with these X Coils but for now they are mostly being used to find missed or unseen gold on old patches. That is a normal pattern of use by detectorist too. Go back to where gold has been found before. Now you do it with an X Coil. Mitchel
  10. JW, Were you hearing pellets and ignoring them? Do you use any smoothing? Mitchel
  11. Several people have them. What is your favorite X Coil and why?
  12. C'mon guys ... it's only money and gold. What's the big deal?
  13. Minelab has a 'problem' on its hands which is not all bad for them. They promised to give us a smaller coil and should or could have done more than that with the 7000 platform after all these years. We could have had more software upgrades and/or hardware modifications over time to feel current. Now an upstart coil manufacturer has released a coil that turbocharges the 7000. I think all aftermarket turbochargers void an engine's warranty no matter what. People still buy them because they are fun and win races. These coils require a splicing of the coil cable wire so that you can use both coils afterwards. If done properly reports are that enough gold is being found for it to be more fun and potentially find enough gold to pay for any mistake one makes in buying it in the first place. The XCoils could potentially be better and tested longer but they will still help Minelab sell more 7000s the way they are. I am a 7000 owner considering the purchase of one of these coils unless Minelab is on the verge of releasing more coils on their own soon. I believe my fellow prospectors when they say they are finding more gold with them than without them. It can't be that big of a mistake to buy one or more. Mitchel
  14. I didn't go deep enough when I was there! https://www.smh.com.au/business/companies/when-you-see-it-you-can-t-mistake-it-the-comeback-of-victorian-gold-20190620-p51zne.html
  15. Let's just say that the XCoils are modifying Minelab's business model already. They work from all reports here. Until now there has been no alternative.
  16. Here is a bit more detail on the vandalism. https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/crime/113636218/vandalism-spree-causes-tens-of-millions-worth-of-damage-at-west-coast-gold-mines
  17. I knew everyone was going to get into the act of innovation. My grandfather was a homesteader in North Dakota. They were 'Sod Busters' and it was a long way to a one room school and a store. He forged many replacement parts for his horse pulled equipment. He went on to shipbuilding on the west coast for WWII because he was too old for the service that 3 of his children were fighting in. A proper shop is a must if you wanted to make some extra money and keep your own equipment working.
  18. David, I took this from another thread where I posted it but here are some ideas about someone who could cut a coil cord, make the patch and attach a new connector: We've had several people inquire about who could make the patch lead here in the states if someone wonders about their abilities and I've thought of a solution. Most automotive electrical shops deal with patch leads of a similar nature so they could act like they are just making another harness. We also have offroad shops that install lights and things on tricked out trucks. I even stopped by one of those in Maryborough looking for a car wash/detailer. A final thought on the matter is to go to a speedometer shop. I did that recently to get the lights updated on my 2003 Escalade. I noticed that they put it on a bench and re-soldered all the connections ... not just the ones that were dim. Those are the places I'd go with it if I bought an XCoil. Mitchel
  19. Does your Z work with Dennis' coil or any other Z coil in the camp?
  20. Trent: We are about 6hrs away from the nearest McDonalds here Mitchel, no electronic stores out this way. When I said people had asked about things 'here' I didn't mean about on the forum but HERE in the United States. Many of us can't solder or have the soldering equipment although we could go to Harbor Freight and get that stuff for under $20! Steve probably did it right. So ... there is still a problem I hope you have fixed already. Mitchel
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