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  1. Joe and the rings are amazing. What do you think is the oldest swimming gold ring you found ... either by actual date or style. I just wonder how long these swimming holes were used before they became resort destinations. I guess that is in the history of the two books I bought about the area.
  2. I just looked at the weather map. I'm glad I'm not up there with the rain/snow but I sure miss finding nuggets anywhere in Rye Patch.
  3. I think that there is something legally about the idea of abandonment. If you fail to pay your real estate taxes then you have 'abandoned' the property as far a the county is concerned. They will find someone who will pay those taxes. If you lose something and collect insurance on it and don't post notice of loss so that you can recover the item if found then the loser is really a loser. The insurance company should file a lost property claim or something like that but if they don't then the finder is not able to trace the owner with a reasonable amount of diligence. States list financial assets that have not been claimed and have not been touched in a number of years. These funds are forfeited if not claimed. There are finders who will receive a fee if they lead the rightful owners to the asset but often times an owner is 'tipped off' and they search the State's database on their own. They screw the finder out of a deserved fee.
  4. The UK has a system that is mostly working for hunters with permission. It does not work for someone who finds treasure where they have no permission to be in the first place. A land owner shares with the finders ... fair. Nugget hunters on the Queen's land in the dead of night are not legal finders. If it is antiquities found the local museum curators give the illegals a chance to go clean but some have chosen to still lie and they are prosecuted.
  5. Someone who is searching needs to know who is laying claim to a particular 'loss' so they can make a deal. It is my understanding in Florida that as a beach detectorist I can't legally keep anything that is deeper than low tide. If I cross that line and find treasure then it legally is not mine. It is like a mining claim. That is the boundary. Now you are saying that even if a treasure is located on a Florida claim then there are others who have a superior claim? Let's jump to lost jewelry on the beach. I guess anyone who can prove that they owned something could 'claim' it if they know you have found it. It depends upon how the owner was parted from their valuable possession. If it was by way of theft then the owner of record could put a claim on it and get it without paying for it. I'm reminded of a few things I read recently. One was a story about Hobby Lobby which purchased items that had been looted or stolen. https://www.npr.org/2020/06/23/877581382/after-missteps-and-controversies-museum-of-the-bible-works-to-clean-up-its-act Another story I remember reading was about a guitar once owned by Randy Bachman. It was stolen. So what happened? https://www.npr.org/2021/10/22/1048289039/randy-bachman-fan-tracks-down-the-musicians-stolen-guitar-in-japan I had a car that was stolen from me back in the 80s. It was a Datsun B210. If I was ever able to locate that car I am still listed as the registered owner. I could claim it and not have to pay the present owner. I haven't looked online for it in a few years! haha You may know other stories. Anyway ... lost and stolen ... even a ring or jewelry on the beach can have strings. Some try to give the lost items back through ring finders and others ... it is just a lot of hard work finding some things so you deserve to keep it.
  6. These were the 'raw' hunt photos of the items I found just dumped into the pans. The last one was the 'good stuff' from an exceptional hunt where I found 10 rings!
  7. I do know the quincenera ring is popular. I think I've found two others in the last 10 years or so. The compression fitting 'bead' fits for me too. I've found some EMT fittings in the past. The footprint jug is solid which I believe to be stainless steel but it is a little heavy as a pendant. I wouldn't want to wear a gold nugget that weighed that much.
  8. My trips to the beach (1/2 mile) have been sporadic lately and my postings even more so. I just thought I'd show some pictures and ask a 'What is it?' question. Here goes: This is an interesting 'A' that I found today marked 14k GF and a 925. Does that mean it is 33% gold with silver? It doesn't look like gold plating. This is men's wedding band that is the first one that I've found in over a year I would say. It is 5.5g/14k. Don't men wear them any more? I don't wear mine but this one fits. By the way, I found my wedding band on the beach (I used it) and I found a wedding ring that fit my wife (the same night) about two days before I proposed! We've been married over 7 years now. This is some sort of little 'weight?' If I had to guess I'd say brass but ... It weighs .391 ozt and doesn't match up with any other unit of measure on my scale. The rusty ring in it means it is probably not as old as I might think. Does someone have an idea? It is pretty rough and stretches my imagination that it would be jewelry quality. These are a couple of little beads. I have no idea of age. I met a guy with a story a few months back and he said he found local native American beads on the beach quite often. He also said he found other things which I know was a 'crock' so I'm left wondering about how old these pieces might be. This chain was all knotted when I found it. It is pretty well made but I don't know the material yet. A Chinese coin that I toasted in vinegar ... Silver faces This is a rutilated silver quartz ring. Just an interesting earring. A silver chain and HEART which is somewhat correct. A 15 year gold and diamond. Stainless footprint jug and chain. Australian 50 cents that was down about 14 inches in dry sand area of the beach. Gucci Silver Wrench earring Silver ring Silver crystal heart And finally a stainless cross
  9. Grip is probably an appropriate word for it considering the increasing costs of electricity but I think the short term idea is 'living off the grid!" haha
  10. Gerry, how are you going to change things when you get that Tesla truck? or other electric car/van/truck. They rent a parking lot here at the beach so that people can sit around before they drive home on weekends and get a charge from the giant batteries on trailers. That is supposed to be the quick charge and not the 110/220V slow method.
  11. It was a 1 in 100 billion chance but ... https://www.nytimes.com/2021/10/14/world/canada/meteorite-bed.html
  12. Adam, I have looked and looked and looked for the settings I was given. I can remember seeing them in one of my prospecting boxes but I can't find them now! There are multiple places I could have put them in order to be more 'organized' but alas ... I hope to find them one day. Mitchel
  13. Steve, We have an Explorer SE Pro that we bought used last year that is almost 'new.' Will this coil work on that? Mitchel
  14. When I got my email about this find I wondered the 'worth' of it. They do put you in touch with some buyers and/or cutters who can turn these into real faceted diamonds. There are some good YouTubes of professionals that work the park and have 'lockers' on the sides. We were trying to make a return trip back there this fall but it is not going to happen now.
  15. I will have to look for the copy I was given. Now it is time for a night beach hunt.
  16. Adam, Your cousin gave me a list of his settings he uses for his 5000 in the Bendigo area. Have Jim use those settings and he will be fine. Mitchel
  17. Well done on finding the pendant in an hour hunt. I don't hunt the parks much but I've found a couple of chains there. I found more chains The in the once wet sand using Beach 1. The ID numbers were similar to the numbers you are talking about ... 1-8. I use much higher sensitivity at 23 most of the time. If I am above the blanket line on the beach I use Park 1 and seem to get a better sound but the ID is similar. This past weekend I went on a planted coin hunt at a beach and the EMI was terrible. A cable or something was running under the planted area. I finally calmed my 800 down by using 17 Sensitivity but in Field 2. This was kind of an unknown use for me but I was really surprised by the SOUND improvement. I could read the dial and get a number but the truth of the matter for me is that I'm more of a sound detectorist than a digital detectorist. I have been out on two dry sand hunts since the coin hunt and my hearing and mind are ready for this Field 2 it seems. I'm finding coins (and a little silver ring) in dry sand that I've previously detected. The Equinox is really like several detectors with its presettings. Try Field 2 everyone. Mitchel
  18. Roman Gold Coins! https://www.livescience.com/divers-find-roman-empire-coin-hoard-spain?utm_source=notification
  19. I have a working 5000 that I bought in 2010. It was the best money could buy at the time and that is what I used to find my first nuggets. Before I used it nugget hunting I used it on beaches of Southern California. I've never sprayed it with anything and there is nothing frozen on it now but I might just want to give it a treatment, if I know the right kind. This is getting 'off-topic' and perhaps we should start a thread on how to keep your old machines in shape with the right spray?
  20. Will this do the same? I already have this can. https://smile.amazon.com/CRC-Heavy-Duty-Silicone-Lubricant/dp/B0042NWOLY/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=Heavy+Duty+Silicone&qid=1632414101&s=automotive&sr=1-2
  21. WTG Chris. I hope people notice that your hipstick is of the new design without the canvas/nylon strap. I wore out my strap and when I bought a replacement the 'kit' let me use the old rod and put on plastic parts that will not wear out after 6 years or so ... haha Now, I wonder if you were using a detector that needed the hipstick? I miss northern Nevada this time of year.
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