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  1. Well Fred, let it rain. I'll still be able to try it. This is not a magic coil. It is not going to make me hear any better and it will not make gold or meteorites reappear. If I already have them in my poke I won't find them again. I'm just going to use that as a clue to where there may still be some gold. It seems to work for JW but I don't know if it will work for me. You and everyone else will know. I've heard from some that find a bit of unseen gold and seen it happen with Chet. I'll just do the best I can and it's kinda like one of those days when you have a good pool stroke or a special pool stick. Things can happen just right but then there are those days when ...
  2. I'm still on jury duty so I can impatiently wait. haha I hope now to get it tomorrow and use it on Friday and Saturday when it warms up.
  3. The instructions are clear. My splicer just wanted me to know the female end he will put on the 19" coil will look a little funky near the curl in the coil. If you do the Chet method there is no funky look or need to take any curls out. I used my 19" coil once in the last year so I don't care if it looks funky or not. Hopefully we'll test everything today. He was busy with other projects before the Super Bowl and then he went out of town. He knows he can call Chet if he has any questions. I don't need him to 'engineer' anything. I just know he will be much more precise than I can be without any type of work bench and he has done hundreds of similar solders before. It is not that difficult a job as several yanks have done it (even a Kiwi or two not to mention those Aussies who started it all) on their own. It is just unique. Kinda like the coil.
  4. He will not be 'short' on the adapter end. It says cut it at 56 mm. He is going to do that. Relax. What he is telling me is that on MY 19" Cable the curl is very close to that cut. If he leaves the curl in the cable it will be difficult for him to put the female connector on the 19" cable so I can use it again (if I ever wanted to). Frankly I don't really care about using the 19" coil again but I do think if it is working it has value so I want him to put the connector on that end. Did you guys put a female connector on your donor coil cable?
  5. He had not cut when he called me. He was just telling me that the coil of the 19" cable was going to leave him a very short straight length to put the female end on the wire. I told him that was less important than cutting where it said. He said ok he would do it and then after he makes the adapter end he will then take a little of the curl coil out and put the female end on the 19" coil.
  6. The splicer has called and said he will need to take a bit of curl out of the donor coil wire when he puts the female end on the cable. I said that is fine. It is not a problem. I should be able to test it soon. I don't have jury duty tomorrow!
  7. Here's a link to a video about what it was like. https://www.britannica.com/video/72936/life-men-mining-camp-height-California-Gold
  8. I just looked at this thread again and I was 'struck' by the title. Nice 1 Ounce Nugget ... Is it possible to have a 1 ounce nugget that is not nice? haha It's like saying Ugly 1 ounce nugget ... is there such a thing? (I've seen threads that try to convince me that some gold is ugly but I keep looking at it as a beauty.) Mitchel
  9. And we complain about the weight of a detector!
  10. If it is not lighter like the Monster and 800 then it will receive limited sales. Will 'lighter' improve coil control? Will a coil wiggle help?
  11. Simon waited as long as he could to buy a Z and 'played' a long time with his back digging coins and other things. Now he just has to take it 'easy' and take advantage of going SLOW. Find yourself a spot and don't move your feet and take half swings. When you are done there take a step and repeat. It might seem that the world is giving you lemons right now but it's time for you to make lemonade.
  12. Simon, When you told me your back was feeling that good ... it was probably time to just enjoy it. Don't use it next time when it is feeling good. Jin said some good things there about the 'adjustment' that my chiropracter friend is able to do with me. There is another specialist you may want to see to get another opinion and that is a DO. My coil is scheduled to be spliced tomorrow. I went back by the shop on Friday and he was doing another coil for someone. I don't know the detector but I'm ok with the wait because of jury duty and the weather is going to be bad for the next couple of days also. It gives me a longer time to think of the first place to go. My choices are a really pounded hillside where many little nuggets have been found with GBs and Zeds, a relatively open desert area that has a lot of hotrocks where we picked hundreds of nuggets after GPX searches and pushes or a couple of more distant options that have gullies, deep washes and difficult coil swings. I'll get to them all eventually but which one first. One nugget will do. I'm not expecting JW results! haha Mitchel
  13. How did that new man thing work out for you Simon?
  14. Dan, We don't have beaches quite like that here in Southern California. Your wetness classification exists as you described but we have a significant amount of black sand that moves with the wave action, currents and the tides. I try to understand those factors and use them to my advantage. We have some very large dry area beaches as you describe. These areas can be hunted in Park, Field and Beach depending upon your personal preference. There are times when I stay in just dry sand but that is rare any more. When in the damp or 'tide zone' I'm in Beach 1 95% of the time at Sensitivity 23. I ground balance often. Mineralization increases toward the water most of the time and that affects the grid pattern of the detector. My most effective grid pattern is perpendicular to the surf line but I will overlap with a parallel grid if there are goodies! The Equinox and the 3030 both seem to handle the ground 'good enough' for me to hear iffy signals and dig them in all metal. I do have more confidence in the 3030 discrimination screen than the Nox. When it comes to the wet areas I am in calf boots so that limits my surf hunting. There are very few surf hunters around here but there are many more in San Diego. They go out to the goodies in some places because they rarely get enough wave energy to bring it up. I still use Beach 1 and have not noticed much difference with Beach 2. Swing speed and detector speed make more of a difference to me and I'm generally with Bias off. My 3030 still 'reminds me' of where the good beaches are because each time I find a ring I put a Find Point on the screen. Rings like certain beaches! haha Mitchel
  15. I'm not in that much of a hurry Simon because I want it done right. I've done and shown him everything you and Chet sent me and I've been doing some beach detecting while I wait. NOW I've been saddled with jury duty next week which means I have to check the jury duty website each night to know if I have to show up the next day in downtown Los Angeles. I won't be able to leave the area so I'll be watching your exploits once again!
  16. Here is the same ring design in stainless steel: https://www.fantasyforgejewelry.com/knights-templar-cross-shield-ring-p/FFJ-SSR-517.htm?gclid=Cj0KCQiAmsrxBRDaARIsANyiD1pJ0BKBuD64XwJncRcCnWwtqE2Ttq5MgoFlSiX25FdjzQjmRUwMn5AaAtOjEALw_wcB
  17. I also right clicked on the picture of the ring and selected 'search Google for Image' and that didn't help. You can do this on many images and get an exact location or similar item or face. Try it ... it will scare you.
  18. I did similar links and searches before I posted. I read about the red there.
  19. I forced myself to watch 30 minutes of that show one time and I can't do it again! Did they find a biker ring too?
  20. Today I had a chance to go out to the beach for a 2 hour afternoon hunt using the 3030 while I wait on my bracket piece from Minelab. Thank you Minelab. Lately I've been working the same beaches which have not been producing much in the way of coin or jewelry finds this month. We've had a bit of energy in some waves but the intervals have been so great that there is no grouping of objects so the beaches are hard to read. When I started I was finding nothing for a few hundred yards and then I got a hit. It was some larger steel trash that I didn't save but I started circling around that and found some of the pieces below. I still had not found a coin. Just because there was something and it was deep I decided to grid mostly because there were no other clues. I doubled my lines up and down across the black sand line and I managed a couple of quarters and the button below the ring. Then I got the key which sounded like a penny. Then the deeper steel parts because they were sounding scratchy. The flattened bottle caps were in there too but at least they were something. During this time an older white guy who looked like a tourist tried to stop me and ask me what the best thing I ever found was. I kinda looked and pointed at my headphones and kept gridding my beach. I didn't want to be bothered. He was not very pleased with me but what could I do? Then I got the high pitch you always love with a 3030 and thought it was another quarter until I looked down into the scoop. Silver I hoped and a honker at that. It felt heavy but not solid ... maybe a biker's ring? I didn't know. It does say .925 but I can't make out the other mark and this picture I have of the backside doesn't capture it either. It weighs just over a half ounce! It fits although I could size it easily because it has a crack. Most of the red is gone. I've looked on the internet and found the same shield design on a stainless steel costume ring but this one is silver. I continued to grid this section of beach for another 30 minutes and picked up the piece of pipe and another couple of quarters before a group of 5 guys came walking by. These are normally the type you don't want to tell anything to when you are on the beach alone. I would have ignored them if it was at night but this one black guy (I use these descriptions just so you know the total story) about 30 asked me what the best thing I ever found was. I lowered my headphones and I said "Since you asked, I'll show you something." I reached into my Minelab pouch and pulled out this ring and his eyes went BIG. Ah ... it was great. His buddies who were local Mexican and black guys too came over and said 'Hey dude, you got a Templar, way to go!' I've got this ring in my hand and the guy who asked me about it reaches down to take it from me to look at it but I'm not letting it go. haha He gave it a tug and then understood I was showing it, I wasn't letting him handle it. He and his buddies went walking down the beach with a nice laugh. I don't think these guys will ever pick up a metal detector. Before I left the beach the first guy who asked me about my finds came walking back and I thought ... I'll show him the ring too. Well, once burned, twice shy, he didn't look at me. I wanted to run after him and tell him I was detecting my pattern when I saw him before and couldn't talk but he was gone down the beach. It was a good afternoon. Can someone give me their ideas about this ring? Mitchel
  21. Fred, Where do you come up with the Oz a day? haha If I find an extra Oz over the next 2 years because of this coil I will be satisfied! I can certainly see where JW has his giving him great joy in his old patches again. Results will vary because I found gold with the Z that I know GPXs missed and didn't see. I just don't know how much gold will still be in those spots that Gold Monsters, 800s, 14s and 19s didn't miss or see. There will certainly be fewer misses but most of the trash is gone also. I can't find gold that is not there or previously been found. The best gold I've seen come from my locations lately was found by a modded 3000! That means the operator has been finding more missed big nuggets (2 or 3 were over an ounce) because he camps out on the gold and he can spend days expanding the patches and finding nuggets missed by others. I can't find that kind of gold on overly flogged patches and I don't have that kind of time for the next few years so I'll need to think more outside of the box until Curtis and I start camping out. Mitchel
  22. Ok, here is the 'bottom line' of how I describe what I am doing. I am taking my 19" coil and placing a connector in the wire 56mm from the end of the connector that is on the end of the coil now. The coil works before the connector and the coil should work EXACTLY the same way after the connector. When this happens I can then connect the X-coil. It is a simple job really. That is why the guy is only charging me $50 and knows that is probably at $100/hr rate. I just needed to find the right guy. We'll see how he does.
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