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  1. This morning I wanted to charge my XP MI-4 pinpointer but couldn't open the knob covering the charging plug. After many fruitless attempts, I contacted XP service at metaldetector.com. In an on-line chat, they suggested soaking the tip in warm water for 15 minutes, then to try twisting to open and even reversing directions a few times. After a few tries, this worked. Hope this helps anyone else who might have this problem.
  2. Just want to say "hi" to another member from CT. I'm in Fairfield County. Been out with my snowshoes more than my metal detector these past few days.
  3. Those are the same reasons why I bought my ORX about 5 months ago. A few items that I found helpful: -XP posted a very helpful video on installing the battery for the XP HF coils. -I found the small type and images in the ORX printed manual very hard to read. Download the manual from the XP site and view on your computer. -You'll probably want to purchase one of the XP pinpointers. Have fun!
  4. The XP-MI 4 is about $20 more than the Nokta Pointer; battery is rechargeable, includes holster and lanyard. I purchased the MI-4 about a few months ago and am very happy with it.
  5. You might be able to obtain more info by contacting an AZ BLM office listed on the BLM web site: https://www.blm.gov/office/arizona-state-office
  6. Thanks! I've been reading posts on this forum for several weeks--and am impressed with the knowledge, comments and courtesy of forum members.
  7. Hi Joining from Southern Connecticut, with a just purchased XP ORX. I live near several beaches, but hoping to use the ORX primarilly on camping and hiking trips in in CT and California. I grew up in California, and have camped throughout the United States, including Alaska. This is my second metal detector. In high school I bought a very inexpensive Fisher but left it for my younger brother when I went to college. He made one unusual find: When searching in a field in the California foothills he found a portable Sony Color TV sitting in the grass. Believing it was stolen, he turned
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