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  1. Hello everyone , Just wanted to let you know, I had my replacement on both machines! Thank you again for your helpful advise!! HH to all
  2. Thank you a lot for the support!! I did the same(photograph recorded)!! also I noticed something more as well.... The serial number on the box and papers doesn't much with the one ON the unit!! (There are 2 labels though 1.for system box 2.all unit?? )Are these numbers supposed to be different??
  3. Mike, Now I can relate with your feelings Hi Chuck Yeah you 've got a point, but I think that was to much, did I mention that the pinpointer and it's parts where also thrown in the same box?!!! I think it looked suspicious and I am glad I shared it with the forum team!!
  4. Hi Mike I want to believe it will be sorted out soon!! You don't have to worry though, that dealer is in Northern Europe (where I am also located ,at the moment) I totally agree with you that it is wrong I m just gonna be a little bit more patient till tomorrow before I start blaming someone!! If there is anyone though who is located in Europe at the moment I ll gladly share my whole "experience" Beforehand!! HH Nik
  5. Hello everyone and thank you for your replies!! To be honest I was disappointed as well!! I just contacted the dealer, they told me they do open the box to check the unit etc.... I just e mailed some photos as well and waiting to see what they will tell me!! πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ 😀
  6. Just received my NEW metal detector "anfibio multi" Is that the usual appearance of a new machine πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ ? Also the pulse dive seems to make a small noise from the inside every time I rotate/shake it , like there is something small "floating" inside!! (+they were partially charged) πŸ™„ PS : it was bought from an official dealer!! Maybe I am overthinking about it πŸ˜…what do you think?! Thank you in advance
  7. To be honest I haven't!! Actually I haven't even got the chance to see the machines in person!! This whole Corona virus "chapter" Has kept me in lock down mode for a long time and the stores selling these detectors are in another city ,near by...but still out of reach!! So at the moment all I am doing is reading , research and watching videos πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ As for my hunting areas , I concluded it would Be something working for greater depths(for larger objects) as well... That's why I thought of impact and anfibio multi, with anfibio multi might be winning because it is waterproof and cheaper
  8. Sounds great!! HH with the new detector , let us know how it worked πŸ˜‰ (swallow and deep targets)
  9. That's interesting!! Nice videos , thanks 😁 Never had in mind the Teknetics 😬
  10. I If I knew for sure I would go for it hahaha ....but yes to be honest I am leaning towards the anfibio just a little bit.... The dive impulse is another thing that would go great with it πŸ€ͺ
  11. Hello Mike!! Thank you for the addition info!! Well I bet they do, but also sounds REALLY interesting don't you think?!?! To dig something out as deep as your hight.... It's crazy!!!
  12. Hello!! Well to be honest ,it s not like I am looking for something. I recently start engaging with this exciting hobby!! You could say that I just wanna know about the different capabilities of different detectors etc.... Something bigger could be an ammunition box or a just any box sized object !! I also came across with some of Garrett's detectors....like Gti 2500 or ATX deep seeker or ATmax!!They claim to go deeper for" larger" objects as well for smaller coin size!! Ps: thanks for mentioning the PI and IB detectors
  13. We all have seen many videos comparing metal detectors , changing the coils, frequencies and all kind of settings so they can maximize the capabilities of the "machines"! But what about the same machines abilities to detect larger targets like a 20x20 cm or 40x30cm on greater depths?? Am in the only one Qurious about it πŸ€ͺ Have someone seen something about it??
  14. As you said, the ergonomics is kind of the problem.... If you are going for an all around machine!! I wouldn't like to spend that money and still go through issues πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ Honestly it's the only thing at the moment keeping me from buying it!!
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