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  1. Outstanding images,really find these types of stories interesting.........would you do it all over again ??
  2. I have detecting a local river crossing/ford near me,the shallow river has 2 main attractions that it was one of the main routes into the village from one of the main Roman road going north,and often visited by romans and drover going back 2000 years. The river is shallow as rivers go about 12'' deep during the summer and maybe 18-20'' during the wet winter months,but by your average river depth its very shallow,but the length of time that humans have used this crossing items would have not only been casual drops but also votive offering by the Romans too the water gods,so the possibility of finding some roman coinage is a possibility,as the water level is reasonably low during the summer months as that is the only time i detect this river,then one does not really need any high end submersible detectors,infact when i put my chest waders on all i use is a old Compadre which has had a coil plug added so that i can use a variety of coils,but surprisingly enough i always use the small 4'' coil for possibly pickling out the coins from between the rocks and it does work rather well,2nd machine i also use but not as much is a very old Musketeer and hang the control box from my neck and just use the small 7.5'' coil or what ever size it is once again from my neck. The 2nd and most desirable type of detecting that i do from this small crossing and that is the fact that during the hot summer months the local mums take the kids down to the river for a paddle as its shallow,the kids go fishing with nets and buckets after tadpoles etc and mum shows some interest,but this is when the problems start,as mums fingers get wet and cold from playing with the kids and before long the fine gold ring that once belonged too granny and often has a high class lump of ice set into the ring has gone,panic sets in and they think they will never see the ring again,but over the years folks have approached me in helping find these lost items of jewellery and i do this as a totally free service to the local community,albeit a few times i have found a few rings and some other items of jewellery that had been lost possibly decades ago and the original owner have either died or left the area and no contact details so those i have claimed for myself,but for the most part these items are handed back to the original owner. Another interesting method that i also do is that as this mainly was a ford/river crossing for nearly 2000 years a small 'hump back' bridge was built between 250-300 years ago,dont have a exact date but thats not far out date wise,this small bridge runs right next door to the original ford crossing,so this has been a main exit route from the village after say a burglaries and late at night folks have been known to throw/dump interesting items into the river from the bridge,i wont expand on that but not only detecting is good but also 'magnet fishing' has produced some interesting finds over the years. So these have been my detecting ventures over the years mainly when the crops are in full growth so like a junky i need my detecting fix i usually venture into my local river,not as exciting a some of these top YouTube players,but it gives me some excitement and i enjoy doing it,and as long as it makes 'me' happy then that is all that counts.
  3. Outstanding finds,not connected with any gold coins with the Nox as yet,but on a few of the sites that i have detected before have found Celtic gold staters,so just hoping it will be a matter of time and find something decent.
  4. You sound like you are a electronics whizzkid
  5. Absolutely bloody brilliant,really one of the top posts !!
  6. Ordered a copy from a UK dealer and it arrived yesterday,certainly dont regret buying it,provides some very useful information.
  7. Regis me old mate,thats a tremendous size trench for the Thames foreshore and its because you are one of the few 'Larkers' that has that rare licence to dig that deep,love the finds thats one of the beauties that the Thames is very kind and keep them in usually great condition. Just hope your good lady wife is still around and not in that hole that you dug 🤣 🤣 will you be using the new Tesoro elliptical coil on the 'Old Father Thames' foreshore ??
  8. Just bought a 15'' Nox coil so should be here by the weekend,will mainly be used more for ground coverage rather than just solely for the extra depth,from what i can understand they are superb detector/coil combination on our silver hammered coins,which of course is a big bonus as well. My tiny 6'' coil has all ready arrived,so that will be used mainly for getting in between the stubble rows come harvest time and also on trashy roman/saxon sites,the large coil is also pretty good on trashy sites as well.
  9. Some nice find me old mate,your licence allows upto 3ft digging on the Thames foreshore,never knew you had a motorbike !!
  10. Steve,a terrific article that you have written,albeit as you are aware that in theory we dont have gold nuggets as such,but we do have of course celtic gold staters and other gold coins as well,i have the 11'' stock coil and also just purchased a 6'' coil as well,from your experience of detecting here in the UK would/could this gold nugget method using the 6'' coil be used for hunting for gold coins here in certain locations that other celtic gold staters have also been found.Try too improve the odds in my favour. The Equinox and small coil are a deadly combination for silver hammered coins but was wondering what your thoughts are on celtic gold staters and gold hammered coins ??
  11. Still reckon it could well be the power cable as i mentioned on FB,wow £42 for a cable thats crazy.
  12. Will be ordering this book in the morning,looking forward too reading it.
  13. Some nice finds,just bought myself a Equinox and 1st time out should be this weekend,was interested in them when they initially came out but my major buying criteria is that held me back is that a product need to be out for a minimum of 12 months so that any major defects or other issues appear and we are out of the 12 month period and the detector has proved too be pretty reliable and also finding items on a consistent basis as well. Well done on the finds it gives me some encouragement for the new detector.
  14. Thats the site that 'Sven Stau' from Canada owns,terrific source of early detector information and some of his modifications and 'Mirage' pulse interests,i own and use one of the Mirage detector and red hot on small gold jewellery.
  15. For a all round general purpose use detector,very light and possibly one of the easiest machines for setting up my vote would be the T2,had mine since 2006/7 and found me the most gold coins for sure.From the time of starting the machine up and then detecting is just seconds its that easy in terms of setting up.
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