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  1. Been detecting since 1970 not all the time but did have a few small breaks,cannot recall how many i have used but currently own 25 detectors and 51 coils as i got my 15'' Nox coil last week to add to the collection,biggest problem is storing them all.
  2. $teve,as usual some interesting input on the state of the most popular detecting machines around at the moment,the main 2 that you have mentioned that i use are of course the Deus and the Equinox as these machines basically cover all my everyday use.The 2 other that i am dusting off and plan on using more are the Nexus MP and the TDI Pro both the latter detectors are for real deep artefact hunters and best suited for pasture sites,both are deep especially with the larger coils that can be used on them but not used them much this year due to the Covid lockdown. Thanks again for your though
  3. If in doubt dont,i have kept fish for over 50+ years and if i have had any doubts and it may harm any of the fish then its not used how ever pretty the rocks are.
  4. Some amazing finds and very well on finding them,sounds like alot of CW activity was in that location.
  5. Absolutely outstanding find,cannot beat finding full and quarter gold staters,found a similar hoard about 6 years ago but only 20 full staters which was Whadam Chase variations of the coins.These 20 coins had been been found in a very tight 75ft radius which indicates a scattered pot hoard rather than say a purse drop,alas we never did locate the pot/container or what ever the coins had been in and alas we never will as the farmer sold the land and the new owner wont allow anyone to detect. he heading in the Daily Mail story mentions it was found by bird watchers which of course still req
  6. Must admit i have never used a GPX DD coil on my TDI Pro,only ever used the Mono coil and as you have mentioned they work a treat,one big advantage with using the GPX Mono coils is that you can pick them all up relatively dirt cheap brand new as most of mine cost me peanuts and i mean peanuts. The TDI Pro is plenty deep enough for my needs and that is mainly on specific sites mainly my roman trading villa site,if i want the same depth or deeper then my one of my Nexus machines come out to play as that then offers me the same depth as a Pulse but with full discrimination its a no brainer r
  7. I personally would never ever use just one VDI reading when hunting for gold,as the shape and gold content can vary by a massive amount,also the same thing goes for any form of jewellery and even gold hammered coinage once again all down to the gold content and additives that are used.Also gold can come down into the iron range as well. I never ever make a dig/no dig decision on what the TDI tells me,audio is king all the time if it gives a decent audio signal it has to come out,relying on what a TDI tels you is mainly i think a US pastime i guess its because almost all your coinage etc a
  8. I only have ever used the TDI Pro with the big battery,never really liked the 'S' shaped shaft of the 'sl' version,mainly use mine also in straight PI mode for the extra depth but when i am on my roman trading villa site which is basically like a 40 acre black beach but 70 miles inland then i will use it in target conductivity mode and must admit although i loose a small amount of depth it does work very well at discriminating out the non desirables. Regarding coils for the TDI Pro,although i do have the Whites stock coil and the 7.5DF ones the main ones i use are Minelab Mono coils and a
  9. Interesting topic,for the most part after doing tests on various size gold jewellery and small gold coins the Deus with the HF elliptical coil for gold coins like full staters the 30khz is ample for these size coins and also at reasonable depth as well.The settings that i personally use are the Hot programme XY screen and and either 30khz or 80khz for when i am after really small gold either coins or jewellery,small coins like 1/4 gold staters they will get smacked but of course the smaller the gold item and the worse case scenario gold chains then unless they have say a clasp or something els
  10. The GPZ7k would probably be the very last machine to use for single coin hunting,of course they do give phenomenal depth but also would pick up about ever other non desirable target going unless you are into detecting sadism and i doubt that many are ๐Ÿ˜€. They would be fine going in for the kill as i call it when you have been detecting a scattered coin hoard and you have think you have located the centre of the hoard site and its deep. But i personally would use a VLF machine and on the very odd occasion that a Pulse was required due to the soil conditions then a GPX or TDI Pro would be my
  11. The field right behind my garden before it was built on last year was one of the finest saxon villages in the area,provided many silver hammered and roman coins over the last 10 years,i can also see the main A1 roman road from London up North from my bedroom window.So yes i do totally agree of having a back garden treasure hunt. Infact about 10ft from my boundry we found part of a Bronze Age axe,alas its all concrete and tar in the last 12 months but we probably have saved the best bits.
  12. It sounds interesting but must admit i cannot see the logic behind it or would want to give it a try on my DFX,had mine for 17 years and never had the urge to play a stupid tune on it ๐Ÿ™‚
  13. Obviously it must be a design fault as so many folks have reported this problem,but must admit i have never had any issues with any coil lugs snapping in all the decades that i have been detecting.Currently still own and use 50 coils in my collection and non have ever cracked but i will admit that after hearing about this Equinox coil lug issue i did invest in a coil lug strengthener from Ebay. The only coil i thought i would have issues with but never did was the stock coil on my original T2,rather than tightening the coil bolts up really tight and possibly bending the lugs in and stress
  14. Alas its not as easy as picking other folks brains on what settings to use,what settings works for someone will not necessary work for anyone one else.How a machine is setup across the pond for the local coinage and conditions in your specific location can be totally different to how we setup a machine here in the UK. Things like ground conditions,metal used in the coins and coins size ie for the most part in the US the coinage is milled and to a certain extent a consistent standard in the metal/s used so you can be pretty certain of the consistency but here in the UK for many 100s of yea
  15. Very well done,the 6'' coil on the Nox on trashy sites make a deadly combination,not all shabby on depth either although you do loose out on ground coverage.
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