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  1. Outstanding video and general observations regarding all 3 machines,i own and use a TDI Pro with a selection of coils but the main one that i use is the Coiltek 14x9 Mono which is similar to the Digger coil which i wish i had also added to my Jimmy Sierra closing down list of coils.I bought 3 rom him a about 2-3 years back including the monster 20'' Sierra Grande. Mine is totally stock from the factory and although i was tempted to get it tweaked it was still in warranty at the time. Missed your indepth coil comparison testing on FindsMall as that was possibly the best testing of any TDI Pr/sl of all time,meticulous and precise information was provided. Thanks again for providing some further information on the TDI range of detectors.
  2. This spoof video is even worst than that other one 'Oak Island' or what ever that cr@p is called.....it has Amazon affiliate links in the YouTube description to the rubbish detector and chinese copy Garrett pointer.....and they honestly believe that folks think by buying this cheap rubbish they will find the holy grail of gold nugget specimens that folks have spent decades chasing. I think i watched maybe 2 minutes of this video and then hit the exit button.
  3. The first 2 series was exceptionally good,not so the last series,watched the 1st programme then stopped recording it as i found it boring.Not sure if they plan on making any more but it certainly was a all time classic. Theme tune was pretty catchy as well.
  4. Outstanding adventure,the scenery in NZ is absolutely amazing,really like seeing your photos.
  5. I am aware that this is old post,have the opportunity of getting a mint condition GPX 4800 for a very very reasonable price,dont need the fine gold timings as it wont be used for nugget hunting,all ready have a selection of of GPX coils that i use on my TDI Pro.As the 4800 was not very popular i wondered if anything was wrong with this model but after reading the information on this thread i am seriously looking at adding this model to my detecting arsenal.
  6. I do own a fair few detectors and coils in my detecting arsenal,almost all of them are used for providing me with untold valuable enjoyment that i can put a price on,this is things like being out in the open fresh air,exercise and other untold priceless advantages. But 2 machines that have stood out and certainly covered not only the costs of those single machines but also i guess a fair amount of my whole collection and those machines are my original green T2 from 2006/7 and also my 17 year old DFX,both these have found me more gold coinage including both hammered and milled gold coins than all the other put together.The T2 being the main one and the DFX close behind. So yes some of my machines have and others have not,but my overall detecting enjoyment that all my machines have provided over the many years that i have been detecting is beyond what any form of monetary value can be placed upon them.Enjoyment has no monetary value and you cannot put a price on that.
  7. This is just my personal opinion,they had rested on the companies top selling laurels for many many years ie the Ace250 etc and this GTI250 which i have only see one being used in say just the last 10 years.In the detecting game you have to keep bringing out new models or certainly new ones that folks 'want' to buy.Alas this has not happened,sale must have taken a massive nose dive especially since the launch of the Equinox and bread and butter detectors like the Simplex. They bought out the ATX which although in theory looked good on paper had some down falls the biggest ones being the weight an also reliability issues with bad coil cables to name a few.I dont think they really have the engineers to produce new models,so they seem to be following the exact same path as what Tesoro ended up doing rehashing older models and i predict hat what was once one of the giants in the detecting arena going out of business. The exact time scale that they will become existence i would say 3-4 years and no longer,i also predict that Whites will probably go down the same extinction route as well but possibly sooner than Garrett. 2 former giants will be no more.
  8. Thanks for starting this post,just bought a brand new module for a crazy low price,i currently use BT headphones and must admit the last all day and the audio quality is superb,main reason for buying the module is that i can use my full cup headphones that totally shuts out all external sounds and also a backup just incase. I was looking for another charging cable so that i can have one at home and carry a spare for my battery bank in the truck,the price i paid for the WM08 was just a little more than a charge cable on its own,so that is another reason i bought it. Great also reading on how other members use them,so thanks for sharing folks.
  9. I would personally describe myself as a semi skilled 'Metal Recycling Operative' 🤣
  10. Looks very interesting,very expensive i would have thought.
  11. Really admire seeing some of these amazing nuggets,but alas i have never found one as they are as rare as 'rocking horse manure' here in the UK also would not really have a clue how to hunt for them.But i have found a fair few gold coins over the years so not totally blanked on finding gold !!
  12. In situations like you have described although i do own a TDI Pro with both small and large coils,the TDI would be in my mind the very last machine that i would use.If i wanted both supreme depth and also discrimination on high mineral content soil then my weapon of choice would be my Nexus MP with the small 6'' coil on it. With the conditions that you have described ie trash and iron for the most part using a PI would be a waste of time in my opinion,it would drive me mental lol.But the depth request that you are also looking at is also another major problem as even with a larger coil on 12''+ targets is pushing it on small targets,this is why i love using my Nexus with the small coil on,when on clear pasture sites then i use one of my larger coils for extreme depth. Its a tough request and finding a machine/coil combination that ticks all your needs will be greatly reduced,you can find a machine that can get the depth but then struggle with the iron etc,so perhaps try and clean the foundations out with a smaller coil or iron and non desirables first then possibly use a larger coil for the depth,no easy way around it unfortunately.
  13. Interesting map,never knew it was as big as that till you have all the other European countries combined inside the Aussie footprint......just shows us how lucky the UK being so small but steeped in history we are. That for posting that image.
  14. Not as yet me old mate,been doing some major work around the house etc,but not forgotten about it.
  15. Just ordered another full harness and will be using it with my Hipstick that will take the weight of almost any detector/coil combination how ever heavy they are.
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