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  1. The subject on how fast or slow a find sinks in the ground has been covered many many times over the years,so many things too take int account,folks have tried to answer the question scientifically,but in my mind with so many variables its basically impossibly to give a reliable answer. My perspective is that i dont try and get stressed out try to work out the impossible,but from my perspective and from years of detecting in the UK the older finds can be down deep,especially on real ancient roman/saxon and celtic sites pasture etc,of course the classic reason why you can/will find deep coins and artifacts is the fact that of course here in the UK and Europa as well,we did not have banks or other safe house institutions,as everything was basically hidden in the ground,this is the sole main reason we find hoards. Normal everyday detectors that have say a 10-11'' coil size on can only go down so far depth wise,but when hoards or other artifacts had been buried for safe keeping in time of turmoil,items had been buried usually at arms length of a person laying flat on the ground,this is usually from previous finds are about the 18-24'' depth range,which is of course just out of range of a normal VLF machine. Hence this is the main reason its advisable to have some form of a deep detector this could be either a VLF or Pulse machine and once again with a bigger than normal coil size,i use a few such as the TDI Pro with upto 20'' coils and also the mighty Nexus MP with large coils as well,of course by using such large coils you will gain extra depth and ground coverage,but the down side is that you start loosing the sensitivity on smaller finds,but you can get a coil size say 15'' that will not only go deep but still give you some sensitivity on single coins etc as well. Depth on 'man made items' and the sink rate on them in my mind is nearly impossibly to give a exact answer,this is why i dont try and figure out scientifically why.This is of course just my way of thinking on this subject from my experience here in the UK,of course gold nuggets in other countries are not man made and also can come up at any depth......interesting subject for sure.
  2. RickUK

    Maybe New White’s Gold Detector

    Tom,thanks for the information,its basically the same size from the looks of it as my Coiltek 14x9 and my Commander coil,thanks agin
  3. RickUK

    Maybe New White’s Gold Detector

    I am aware that this is old post,but what grabs my attention more than anything is what is the coil that is on the TDI sl ?? is that a new coil under development or a after market coil ?? i use a similar looking one the 15x12 Commander mono coil on my TDI Pro.But does anyone have any information about the TDI sl coil that is in the picture please ??
  4. RickUK

    Gold At Last!!!!!!!!!

    Regis,terrific find me old mate,must admit i also use the Snake coil on my UK Vaquero,really does a tremendous job pulling decent finds out of trashy sites,well done and detecting is becoming harder here every week because of all the fields have crops in at the moment,so doubt that i will get out again till the combines start cutting again.
  5. RickUK

    Light Detection And Ranging (LiDAR)

    I use Lidar alot here in the UK for when i do research on a new permission,its improving all the time,provides a fantastic amount of additional information on activity on older sites,another additional tool that i have also experimented with is a quad copter,anything that gives you some extra help on a site is always welcome.
  6. RickUK

    Emergency Jump Starter / Charging System

    I hear exactly what you are saying,of course a dedicated front winch mounted on a purpose built winch bumper is the proper tool for the job and of course its wired direct into the main harness,thats the way forward especially if you do alot of off roading or miles away from any form of help,so thats is your insurance that it will get you out of almost all difficult situations. But for the most part on my permissions or my detecting sites on farmland in general here in the UK as yet i have never got stuck that requires a real heavy hitter winch setup,in my mind it would be a massive amount of money sitting on the front end of the truck that would maybe used once or if at all,so this is the reason that i went down the route of a temp recovery winch with the snatch block,i do have a plug in lead plug like what the use on forklift truck chargers so i can use the winch direct from the vehicles power source.But if the truck battery goes flat and i am unable too start the engine,i could/can still if need be use the temporary power supply and temp winch with the snatch block. So if the occasion ever did occur,which as yet its never happened then at least i could have a 'very good chance' of getting out of a stuck situation.With the snatch block method that i use it doubles the pulling power of a winch but reduces the speed of the line retrieval,but line retrieval speed is not a issue as such its the pulling power,also the added beauty is that if/when i was too sell my 4x4 then i could transfer it over to another truck.So although its not the ideal 100% setup it does work and as long as one is aware of the limits of the setup then use it accordingly.
  7. RickUK

    Emergency Jump Starter / Charging System

    Must admit i have both a heavy duty battery pack as well as a portable electric winch as well and snatch block,which i carry in a box,although i have never used it but when you mentioned about using it as a temporary recovery winch and it has the power to drive the winch then its going back into the boot of my truck for that odd occasion that i may need it. On its own i think the pull is about 2000lbs but with the snatch block it doubles it,thanks for a terrific idea
  8. RickUK

    Inland Jewelry Hunting Tips

    Mike,a terrific article and and very apt at the moment,i have a very shallow river very near me and this has been a magnet for travellers for well over a 1000 years,this has not only a ford crossing which for the most part was the main way of crossing the river but 300 years ago a humpback bridge was built so this allowed more modern forms of transport ie horse and carts etc. What makes this specific site interesting is that because the water is shallow and has a sandy bank on both side of the river,its like a magnet for children with say fishing nets and building sand castles,of course when kids come down with mums too play in the river,the young mums usually have grannies old victorian gold rings on her finger which as a general rule have quality lumps of ice in the settings,and we are all aware what happens with fingers and rings when fingers get wet the rings fall off into the water and for the most part they will never find them again. Over recent years i have offered my services in recovering these types of jewellery usually suggesting if i find them they make a small donation to a local cancer charity.Have never taken any reward money although it is offered i dont get a buzz out of that,but i do get a buzz out of hunting for this type of jewellery.Detectors that i use can be both VLF and Pulse,as the water is very shallow ie only about 6-8'' maximum a older Tesoro with a small 4'' coil works wonders on gold ring size items and has of course superb discrimination into the bargain,but if its a small item like a small chain with a clasp or a charm on it then i use a Pulse with a very small coil,of late this has been a TDI Pro with a small folded mono coil on.One secret weapon which is also one i use is possibly the least expensive detector going and that is the Tesoro Compadre mine has the little 4'' coil on it and is deadly on small fine gold jewellery. Its a public holiday here in the UK on monday and as the weather is really good over the long weekend this inturn will bring the mums and kids again out playing in the river,so i am expecting a possible call mid week asking for some help recovering a ring or some other form of jewellery. Mike a terrific article and only just seen it,this is how i locate potential high value rings and jewellery,it gives me a big buzz when i find it again and hand it back too the owner who will hand it down the family line again.
  9. RickUK

    Least Expensive Pi

    You have missed out in my opinion the most important piece of information and that is your budget !! no point in asking for some suggestions if the machines are over your budget.Are you taking about ultra cheap Pulse machines or reasonable top brand one ??
  10. RickUK

    NEL Coils

    I have 3 of them and rate them alot,terrific build quality and all work well for the various detecting situations that i use them for.In my opinion possibly the best aftermarket coils going and in some cases perform better than the factory made one for the machines.
  11. RickUK

    All-around Vehicle For On/off Road

    It has actually,its a detachable one i dont use it much for towing but it does not take long too fit back on,it's designed that way so you only use it when required
  12. RickUK

    All-around Vehicle For On/off Road

    I use one of these as my detecting trucks,3.0ltr turbo diesel that has been remapped with power upto about 260-270bhp,pulls like a train.
  13. Stayed up and listened too the show,enjoyed it,must admit i also dont like most of the other forums these days due to politics etc,excuse the pun it was a down too earth interview.
  14. Must admit i am really looking forward too listening in on this one,will be in the early hours for us here in the UK,but if i do miss it you can listen in again.
  15. RickUK

    Long Range Detectors

    Interesting 1st post,i of course i hope i am totally wrong but rather than a request for information,this seems more biased towards a spam type 1st post.Seems very specific on the links and videos. Just my personal opinion of course