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  1. Enjoyed the video,i have used a GPX but i do own a TDI Pro,for my detecting needs which is mainly inland sites that have a very high mineral content then the only detector that will work on this and surrounding permissions is a Pulse machine and the machine that ticks my needs and requirements is the TDI,almost all the time i run it in low conductivity as most of my desired targets are silver hammered coins and celtic gold coins as well,and using low conductivity works a treat and very rarely do i dig iron,small iron is almost totally eliminated like nails etc,of course large iron objects like horseshoes then almost all machine including VLF will show these large items as decent ones. Great video,could not see after a very long period of research see any major advantage that the GPX would give me over the TDI especially for our finds here in the UK,for me it all boils down to the reward to cost ration on my sites and it just did not stack up in favour of the extra cost of buying a GPX.Of course just a personal opinion
  2. RickUK

    Roman Coins

    That about sums up what those coins are and what they are worth,i have bags of them that i have found over the years and i mean bag loads,they are worth almost zero money wise,chemicals that man has put on the ground over the decades has also not helped the condition,but they have basically just been attacked by various acids etc in the ground,animal urine and many other things just kill them and as been mentioned thy are just 'grotty' coins and usually end up in the junk area of your finds bag,folks still cannot grasp that something that is nearly 2000 years old is worth basically peanuts and the reason why is they are very common and the condition is abysmal and hence the cheap price. Silver roman dinari and the most desirable and scarcest of all roman coins are roman gold solidus,the solidus is the holy grail in my mind of our finds.,as of course no banks or other forms of security institutions had been around at that time and when the romans withdrew around 400AD they basically just left and of course many many hoards and also many other smaller single soldier wage finds are also found and almost all found with metal detectors. So they do look authentic but nothing mind blowing value wise,unless its a mint condition and very scares silver or the holy grail again gold solidus,i have been detecting with a club on a roman trading villa site for 10+ years and the finds still keep coming in vast amounts,almost all are 'grotty' finds as well,but of course over the years some desirable gold ones have also been found on this site.
  3. Thats exactly what i suggested,i use the Fisher TW-5 twin box,lucky that someone had bought it brand new and used for under 1 hour,could not grasp how to use it and i bought it basically brand new for under 1/4 of the price,his loss my gain and phenomenally deep on large targets especially trains 🙂
  4. Just the huge mass of metal would trigger a detector with just a stock coil i would have though ?? at only that depth,if it was a much smaller item like say a oil drum or something like that then a GPX with a large coil or even a twin box like the Whites TM808 or the Fisher TW-5 like i use.
  5. I use both methods in my detecting arsenal,in the case for the defense of wireless coil and headphones then Deus for me wins hands down as a everyday use detector and the reason being is the major problems that i have with my right swinging wrist after coming off a bike at high speed in the 70s,i cannot take hardly any weight on the right wrist at all these days,so folks could suggest why dont i change swinging arms over to my left arm,it makes no odds how hard i try the coordination with the left arm just aint going to happen. I can use bigger and heavier wired combinations for special site situations when say i suspect a hoard is in that location,then i use a full harness and a hipstick and can do maybe 2-3 hours and that is about the limit of using such a detector/coil combination.But i can swing a Deus coil on a Golden Mask shaft or even a Deus shaft but its limited to a 9'' coil and although i do have a controller i mainly just use the headphones as i see them predominately as a 'audio' machine,but by doing it this way i can swing for a whole day but even then i still need to use a harness,which although seems crazy with such a lightweight machine,as long as it allows me too get out detecting still for a full days session then that is what i will carry on using. Regarding wireless headphones and wired headphones,of course on the Deus you do have a superb system that works exceptionally well and reliable,also i use a set of deteknix wireless headphones on almost all my other detectors and they are superb as i guess the Garratt ones are,really do work well and a major advantage being wireless as the wires dont get caught on anything,but i always carry a spare set or even 2 wired headphones as backup or even if someone else forgets a set. Its swings and roundabout is guess,although my main machine is the Deus i never carry just one detector as i carry about 4 that cover about every scenario that i would possibly encounter on that permission on that day.So some would be wired and some wireless,if i am a great distance from home then having a few backup machines is vitally important as its so frustrating driving say 100 miles and finding out that you have a malfunction on a piece of detecting gear and you cannot detect that day because of the problem. Its all personal choice at the end of the day and of course wireless coils the same as wired coils can both develop problems and both have good and bad features,for me i use both methods because of injuries and i will use what ever is available too prolong my detecting hobby.
  6. RickUK

    Detector Storage

    Storing detectors and coils can be a massive problem,currently have 23 detectors and at last count 47 coils that i have accumulated over the years 😀 and all stored under lock and key at home,most of them get used as well.
  7. RickUK

    Equinox Scores Gold Quarter Noble

    The holy grail of UK finds a yellow hammy and in outstanding condition,alot rarer than celtic gold staters and guaranteed to make your heart skip a few beats when you do find one.
  8. Steve,1st time that i have seen this old post of yours and makes alot of sense,in the last 12 months or so instead of running sensitivity as high as i use too i have reduced this setting down by massive amount,also either reduced discrimination down to zero or in most cases All Metal mode.My Deus and a original green T2 have all been running at reduced sensitivity on all my roman and saxon sites,but my finds rate has increased pro rata. For some reason everyone want too crank the sensitivity right up and use the biggest coils that we can buy and expect to find the holy grail of finds,alas it does not work like that,all my detectors had big coils on predominately for clear pasture sites,but the only real advantage gained was ground coverage,but detecting became a nightmare and in the last 2 years i have done a total reverse and not only running all my detectors at reduced power but also reduced the coil sizes below stock coil size and my finds rate and doubled. A tremendous article and have 'bookmarked' it for future reference......many thanks
  9. That be Craig Denney from the west country,they speak funny and have a weird sense of Humour,but he is a very good detectorist,but he has been experiment in a big way with 'Geophyising' and combining this also with detecting,the Geophyising machine is a cheap setup compared with what is on the market,but it does add another dimension too his hobby. A few weeks back he was a on a old pasture site and found what is probably a DMV 'desert medieval village' and that would not have normally been found without him doing his 'Geophyising' so although is equipment is very basic but his interpretation of the basic graphs do make sense and you can see features that other wise you would not see,so this does give him some advantage of just using a metal detector. This is his Geophyising channel Must admit i am finding this additional subject interesting as its a bolt on piece of equipment that can aid 'relic/artifact/hoard' hunting especially here in the UK.
  10. RickUK

    Steve's 2018 UK Adventure

    John,what large coil do you use on the MXT ??? is that the 14'' Detech one.
  11. Terrific story,you cannot beat a bit of the old yellow stuff can you 🙂 if you are finding cut quarters then your machine is setup spot on,pleased that you found a wide selection of finds.
  12. Very interesting subject,i use a original T2 that i have had for many years and never really had trouble as such with EMI as i mainly detect farmland well away from EMI sources,but we do have problems occasionally with over head power cables. So although i dont have trouble with EMI i do prefer my T2 to run smoothly rather than on the 'edge' as they say,you may get some slight depth advantage but at the expense of giving your ears a real hard time with all the falsing and other non desirable audio signals,for a very long time i always used discrimination mode only and 80 sensitivity was the baseline figure and of course adjust up or down accordingly on the ground condition,but this last year or so i have been mainly using AM mode and with smaller coils,i do have a slection of large coils for deep clean pasture sites and for the most part that has worked well,i do occasionally reduce sens down too around 75. But i mainly use smaller than stock size coils these days mainly due on a wrist injury i received back in the 70s when i came off a bike,so these days i usually run any detecting unit with smaller coils on,also i have found that i am happier reducing the sensitivity down to 70 even in AM mode,always loved the 5'' factory coil as it gives great depth for its size and deadly on trashy sites,but always wanted a slightly larger coil but still gives alot of the characteristics of the 5'' coil for more ground coverage,i finally found the ideal coil recently when i located and bought a 6'' DD coil made by Coiltek,it was a prototype coil from them but it finally has given me everything that i want from the T2,no more EMI issues and runs as smooth as silk and just with 70 on the sensitivity in AM mode. Always fancied trying a F75 but while my T2 still finds me the holy grail of finds the celtic gold staters then i wont change this winning combination,1/4 staters are are not the biggest of finds,and even cut 1/4 and halves are found with ease. A great topic on EMI and some great information reply wise.
  13. RickUK

    Steve's 2018 UK Adventure

    Spring,can be nice weather wise,but the biggest problem could be that crops ie wheat and barley could well be in full growth,some farmers dont mind and will allow you to detect even upto 3-4'' or more,other landowner/farmers as soon as the seed hits the ground then that is out of bounds till harvest time,which is of course autumn or fall for you guys,August,September and October are the prime month when the window for detecting and rallies is basically at its peak. This is why Detectival is usually in September/October as the weather is usually pretty good,i the spring we could have April showers.so if i was to choose it would be the later option.
  14. RickUK

    Steve's 2018 UK Adventure

    Although i live and detecting here in the UK,it was exceptionally interesting reading your indepth report on your visit....must admit i rather enjoyed reading that and also the images that you posted....quality review Steve. Have found a few gold staters over the years including full and quarter ones,the main ones being the Whaddon chase version from 55bc,when these are dug out it really gets your heart pumping with all the excitment that it brings,must admit i did find that small piece of gold interesting and wondering if it was something that has come of a larger item caused by plough damage,i would have spent hours methodically doing that area as something could have been nice found in that location. A great read and really enjoyed your vacation adventure.
  15. RickUK

    Nugget Finder 12" Round Vs 12x8" Elliptical

    Steve,some tremendous information,think i will stay with my Coiltek,its the only coil that really suits my sites,as the coil is foam filled it really is ultra lightweight,as i dont use it everyday i even use it without the coil cover on like all my coils and suprising how heavy a cover can be especially on a very large coil.....cannot exactly quote the weight as i have never weighed one but my large 20'' Jimmy Sierra coil coil cover weighs alot and i can only swing that setup using a GPX full harness and the amazing hipstick,but i can swing the Coiltek 14x9 mono coil all day. Thanks again for your input,will be using the 14x9 coil this coming weekend on a very old pasture site.