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  1. I had read that getting a licence is both pretty hard and expensive and with alot of caveats attached as well,i can fully understand about them being protective of such sites like viking etc.You guys do have alot of interesting history very much like us here in the UK,although we do have some detecting guidelines that we need to adhere too at least we can detect. Well done and hope you find a decent detector and find that viking gold hoard.
  2. Welcome to the forum,is detecting actually allowed in Sweden ?? i am aware that you do require a special licence to detect and even then that does have some clauses attached on what you can or cannot do.
  3. Outstanding finds and well done to the finder,was that found with the 11'' or 6'' coil on the Equinox ??
  4. I cannot offer real advice about approaching home owners as its not really the done thing here in the UK,all my personal permissions which are farmland have been gained through the 'word of mouth' method.If you show that initial farmer/landowner that you are responsible and respect the land and fill those all important holes in,also one vital think is make the offer of showing them what you have found. Once you have gained the trust from the 1st land owner this could be just say a small field or parcel of land this could lead to large acreage that you had not been aware of that they owned.Land owners/Farmer are a very close knit family and once you have gained the trust this more than often leads to many more permissions as well.Of course this close knit network can also work the other way as well,you leave gates open and possibility of animals escaping and leave massive holes so that animals/livestock couls get injured you can also loose that trust and loose alot of permissions. Apart from one initial face to face meeting years and years ago,all my land that i can detect on which is a fair amount has always been gained from the 'word of mouth' method. Good luck and hope you find some places to detect on.
  5. Thats a nice setup that you have made,i carry all mine in the boot as us Brits call it lol,mine is always covered up in the rear of my 4x4 and out of sight of possible thieving scumbags looking for another fix.I have a substantial amount tied up in detectors and also all the equipment but if it was stolen then although covered by insurance i doubt that i would get the true value back. My reasoning is that if i am say on one of my permissions i park up and could walk prehaps15-20 minutes to the field/s that i am detecting on,it only takes some nosey person to look through the window and see some expensive equipment laying 'uncovered' in the back of the tuck and it would be gone in seconds.Hence the reason i keep everything covered,of course if someone want to break in and look around then they would of course find them.But always better to take some precations.
  6. Steve,thanks very much for that quote,it does mean alot for sure,as this was a Equinox thread/post i only basically mention how i use my Nox. But as it was also i guess covering small target/s like say small gold chains and other small gold items in general,i will also mention how i use my main everyday machine the Deus,how its setup with some of the settings and how i also use it.I use solely the HF elliptical coil running 80khz all the time on farmland,and as you have been over to the UK our main targets that we are after are the silver hammered coins both full and cut halves and quarters and you can relate to how small these are,celtic gold hammered coins are even more sort after.So this is why i run my HF elliptical coil in 80khz this is basically the territory of the ' It's a great coil as the old famous Gold Bug ran less than 80khz, and was revered for it's gold finding capabilities' and as most of our finds are in the top say 8'' of soil then i hardly miss much. My style of detecting over the last few years has become so slow and methodical that even snails have over taken my swing speed,i also go that slow that it looks like as if my shoe laces are tied together,but it works for me,methodical swing speeds and slow forward motion are the key as my finds rate has just exploded and just by doing a few simple changes in not only settings but also how i use the detector as aswell.In a previous post i mentioned that i basically run my sensitivity on my Nox down to say 14-15,i rarely mention how low i go with my Deus as folks often think i am joking but most folks run the Deus at 90+or- but on average mine is run down as low as 55-60 as the norm and even on bad ground down to 40-45,folks may disagree with me on this one but it works for me.
  7. Thats a very nice and unusual find,those types of coin memorabilia had been pretty popular back in the 70s as we have a couple of them,they had been given to workers of big corporations to commemorate major milestones in the companies history like say 100 years that type of thing. The couple that we have had been given by family and friends and stuck in draws or boxes,they also had US coinage i am assuming with the date that the company or institution key dates like say 100 years from 1875-1975 of course coins from the 1800s are hard to get in bulk,but you could buy rolls of these new coins and keep them nice an shiny by preserving them in that acrylic and it was the in thing at the time,did not cost alot too make and kept the coins like new,often made for paper weights that type of thing. Once again well done on a unusual to see find these days.
  8. No two identical settings will provide the same results,the main time and targets that i guess i would use this type of combination and also targets would be slightly more biased towards coins and gold artifacts rather than small or micro jewellery.Gold hammered coins like celtic gold staters which the 1/4 staters are relatively small but not as small as say a gold ear stud or that size item.Also as i detect mainly farmland or inland in general gold jewellery ie chains etc are certainly harder to find than say on a beach location or swim hole,so the bias is more towards gold coinage both hammered which are the most desirable of targets rather than say a gold milled coin but of course coins are going too be slightly easier than say gold chains especially 'fine' gold chains. It all depends on what you are aiming for target wise and anything that can slightly increase the odds in your favour must be better than say random chance,as we all hunt different targets the main denominator is of course 'gold' but hunting for gold nuggets in Aussie land or Arizona is vastly different to say other gold jewellery or gold coinage. Certainly a very interesting topic that we can all learn from.
  9. That 6'' coil on the Nox is a deadly coil on small gold,my main setup items that i use when trying different settings are a small celtic gold 1/4 stater,a smallish chain with a broken clasp and a small gold earing. These are my prime target size items that i would be after,we dont have gold nuggets,jewellery size items would be found down near a very old river ford crossing that has been used possibly going back 2000 years,during the hot summer months the local mums take the kids down and that is the small location that always provides fold rings,not other gold jewellery items as such not like a general beach just rings that have fallen off whilst in the cold water. The highly desirable celtic gold staters and also hammered gold coins are also the main targets,the Nox with that small coil is my main machine for that,usually would run it in multi freq with slow and methodically swings of the small coil,have also been trying different sensitivity settings as well and even reducing the settings right down detuning the detector down to even 14-15 and if i am honest i think by doing this it slightly improves signal response as you are reducing the ground matrix.Of course this is just my personal opinion as most folks tend to crank up the sensitivity much higher and in some instances i find that by increasing or running hotter settings it can be counter productive.Many folks will probably disagree with me on this one but i use the settings that work best for me and my sites.
  10. I still own a original Silver Sabre11 with the plastic control box although the original alloy 'coffin box' was 'possibly' the best version,outstanding machines but alas very antiquated and although renown for really trashy site performance they are not used by many folks these days and this is the main reason that Tesoro died last year. Cannot recall the last time i have seen anyone using a Tesoro dete3ctor that is in the UK that is,but wind the clock back 25-30 ie late 80s -early 90s these machines could be seen being used by many folks.Alas they ended up becoming doorstops or occasional use for trips down good old memory lane,hence mine possibly comes out once a year for that trip.
  11. Interesting observation,small chains are notoriously hard to find with a detector,since we have been in lockdown mode for many months i have been testing various detector/coil and freq combinations on small gold items basically trying to increase the odds in my favour.The winning combination thus far that hits not only on small gold items and small gold coins like celtic 1/4 staters has been the Deus running hot with the elliptical coil running top of the shop 80khz,of course you wont get the depth of say running it in lower freq's but as most of my everyday finds are mainly in the top 6-8'' the elliptical coil is still my preferred coil of choice and can also run the sensitivity up high as well. For pasture use or backup detector then the Equinox still wins hands down,but still this combination although pretty deep still as yet has not take my everyday use crown off the Deus with that HF elliptical coil. Of course not everyone would/will agree on using such a high freq but i use what suits me best and it also ticks the lightness box as well for me,on one of the roman sites that i have detected with a club for years this site is phenomenally high in mineral content and possibly the hardest site that i have detected that is when the TDI Pro with the 9x5 folded mono coil earns its keep.
  12. A few years ago one of the cheapest VLF machines at the time that became one of the hottest desirable and you name a price detector was the T2 especially with the 5'' coil on,the T2 was so desirable for nugget hunting out in Africa and Sudan it was a case that the factory could not produce them quick enough,it eventually became a 'you name the price' gold detector of choice. Although other more specific gold detectors have been produced,most i would think are slightly out of your budget,but i was just using the example of the T2 as what can be achieved with a low price machine.I could of sold mine for 4-5 times the price i paid for mine,it was that crazy,but one observation i have seen that is although i dont personally nugget hunt my T2 has found me more gold items and i mean alot more than all my other machine put together.
  13. I have for the most part always used the 6'' coil on the Nox,main reason being the weght of the stock coil kills my accident damaged right wrist,but the 6'' works a treat but just this morning the stock 11'' coil has gone back on the detector.Although i found it not a real pleasure to use for long periods of time,i have started 'having' to use a full harness again even when using a small 5-6'' coil my wrist is that bad,but a harness makes it possible. Also had the 15'' coil,great ground coverage but totally unusable for me due to the weight,so i exchanged it for a brand new Deus HF elliptical coil,the deal was certainly advantageous in my favour. When we finally can get out again on club digs and certainly after harvest time then will give the stock coil another try,with the hot weather we are having at the moment the spade just bounces off the concrete soil conditions. This is just my personal opinion that the Equinox is a terrific machine my Deus with the HF elliptical coil still is the one that i grab as i go out the door and currently Nox is my backup machine or when i am detecting on pasture sites.
  14. I have never had any problems with my pinpointer in all the years that i have owned my DFX which is certainly over 16 years of crosstalking with the detector,but thats the big plus of using the DX-1 inline probe.Without doubt that best pinpointer that i have ever used.Only down side is that its tethered to just that one machine or a MXT or M6.
  15. That is a massive blessing for folks here in the UK unless you are looking for spendables off the beach but as most folks are after jewellery more than anything then that is still not really a issue as such.Modern coinage here especially our very low denomination coins ie micky mouse money as i call it has other non desirable metals added so they either corrode very quickly or just basically confuse the detectors discrimination setup. But as we have coinage going back 1000s of years in then although a possible short or even a long term shortage of modern coinage could happen it does not really worry us,we are moving towards a cashless society anyway and has been for a fair amount of time,all online transaction are cashless and this extends from Amazon/Ebay and every day groceries and almost everyday home/business use as well.As a result of the current pandemic most shops only have been taking cashless transactions,this is a trend that will continue and will in years to come will be the everyday norm. So although its a current day coin shortage it will become almost zero in the the future and quicker than most folks think it will. Times are changing,a interesting fact about one of our older coins ie a 1797 Georgian Cartwheel penny these coins are absolutely massive size wise and the weight of them was exactly 1oz the 2penny coin was even larger and weighed 2oz can you imagion the weight that must have been have some of those in your pockets,i would rather take the cashless card option like we are currently doing and will become the new norm.
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