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  1. They could but i highly doubt it send one to me for testing for Relics here in the UK,ideal situation for Relic and Hoard hunting 🙂
  2. I am more than happy with my current range of detectors as i feel i fully understand them after many years of use,of course the common denominator with detecting is they all find metal,but we use machines that best suit our sites,locations and the typical finds that are dropped/lost over time....for me as a result of only doing inland detecting here in the UK coinage and artefacts are my main targets so i use what suits me best.....favourite weapons of choice are my original T2 which is still the best detector that suits my requirements and back up with the Deus1 and Nox......i do have many other machines and coils for more specific uses. Dont plan on upgrading anytime soon,i have never been a detectorist who chases the latest must have machine.....what works for me of course may not work for other folks.
  3. I have a Golden Retriever paid a lot of money for it,brought it while intoxicated in a Pub,has never found anything Gold so i feel some how i got duped 🙂
  4. Steve,i think you will find alot of detecting forums are identical to this one with Lurkers,Spammers can also be another big problem as well but as luck would have it this forum does not get many of those.
  5. One word that come to me when i hear of these types of super duper detecting items and that is 'Bargepole' the longer the pole the better.
  6. Its a pretty amazing find for sure,it does have alot of history and provenance and a find of a lifetime,but in my personal opinion its not of national historic importance and i think it could struggle at the higher end of the price....if it was allied with a monarch and could be proved then yes it would certainly go over that price.Of course just my personal opinion
  7. For me when i am on a roman site i would tend to use the Nox with the stock coil,but saying that alot of roman sites do/can have alot of habitable non desirable junk that normal goes hand in hand with such a site,sites that have habitation on them be it roman,saxon,celtic or what ever those are the one that will have the coinage and artefacts,these are the really desirable sites that need to be done very methodically......time factor that you have access to these sites are in my mind can be a dictating factor and what i mean by this is if you are on say your own permission that you can detect at your OWN leisure then you have not got the clock ticking against you,but if you are on say a club dig or rally for a limit amount of time like say just one day then that means you can not hunt the ground as thorough as you should be able to and different tactics are required. For me when i go on my own permission and i dont have the clock ticking away then i would use a VLF with say the stock coil or possibly a smaller one,you cannot decide in my mind till you actually start detecting and if the site is full of junk then i would change to a smaller coil to get in between the junk,target masking etc are the biggest issues with such sites and also high mineral content sites but of course with multi freq machines ground minerals should not be a issue......if i locate a hotspot then i will slow down and do that area very methodically with the stock coil and then put on a larger coil after the signals have dried up with the stock coil,once the signals and finds have dried up after doing that location with the larger coil on the VLF machine,then i will bring out the TDI Pro with the stock coil or a bigger one,you can generally get a idea on what the finds are like and pick your detecting weapon of choice accordingly to what the finds are like coming up. On a roman villa site that our club has been doing for over 15 years we have pulled up nearly 10,000 roman coins,the majority are bronze roman corroded coins,but also silver and gold roman,but what makes this site so unusual and unique and hard is the soil is highly black mineralised soil and about 70 miles inland,so a multi freq VLF like the Nox or Deus 2 and especially Pulse machines are the best weapons of choice on this site,in the last 2 years the rate of finds has diminished but still coming up. For me personally i would choose a VLF to do a initial detecting Reccie on a site and when i find a hot spot in this case roman then i would slow down anD use a gradually larger coil and finally a Pulse....of course this is only how i work my roman sites or infact any era,other may and will do it differently.
  8. When i purchased my TDI Pro some years ago i also had the option to buy another brand new battery for it and after Whites closed i am so glad that i did,have followed the increase battery power posts for sometime but never had the guts to do the modifications to the battery or infact any other mods....i have just left it as it came out the factory,maybe at one time i was looking at doing a few upgraded but as Whites factory in Scotland has closed then i decided against doing the mods....i just run it as standard and possibly the nicest TDI Pro that you will ever find,infact it rarely comes out to play.
  9. A really great question,have seen many changes in the detecting world and have had a detector of some sort since 1970 and even a few years before that made a breadboard detector with my brother,it worked but only just and had abysmal depth and had one of those single in the ear transistor radio earphones.Progressed as we have done and have used a fair amount of classics over here in the UK mainly Laser the UK Tesoro version,Arado 120b,Whites and many modern machines including Deus and Nox and Nexus and Pulse machines etc. Still own about 25 detectors and at last count 50+ coils but still my all time favourite detector is my old faithful green T2 with the Sharpshooter coil on that i have owned since 2006/7,this machine has probably found me more gold/silver hammered and milled coins and artefacts as all my other machines put together,its about as simple as it gets to setup,very light and just a joy to use and it just works for me on my UK sites.
  10. These stories can often get exaggerated by depth etc and the amount of treasure that has/is buried,when the guy passed away how did he get the hidden story out ?? was it mentioned in say a will or just hearsay or word of mouth,because unless its actually in a written format rather than hearsay then the story could be just that a story and it sounds good.....also one has to ask the question obviously the story about the treasure must have been mentioned after the house was sold,then the new owners are technically i would have thought legally entitled to it and also they are the ones that can give you the permission to detect the property to try and locate this so called treasure. I own and use a Fisher TW-5 twin box and that would find it no problems what so ever,from say a golf ball/orange size target and the bigger the target like a box the deeper it goes,size does matter when using a twin box,i was lucky i purchased one that had never been used about 5-6 years ago for roughly just over £200 and rarely use it but it certainly would find such a treasure as what you are looking for,also a Pulse like my TDI Po with a large coil on would also pick such a target up. A few things need to be taken on board when hunting for this so called treasure ie how reliable is it and not just hearsay,access to the property after it has new owners and will they allow someone to detect or use some other way to try and locate it like using divining rods/detector or what ever.....i wish you very good luck and hope you find it and just hope its not just hearsay.
  11. I use a Deus 1 9'' coil on a Golden Mask shaft,absolutely brilliant bit of kit,have the control box in a pocket with either the XP full headphones or during the hot summer months the wired back phones.....does make a very nice lightweight and compact use.
  12. My vote would also go for the T2 in AM mode,if i want extreme depth on larger artefacts then i use either my SEF 15x12 or 17x15 BIG Nel coil on the T2,that is of course when i want some decent depth on larger target,but for everyday use the T2 with the Sharpshooter coil also in AM mode as well.
  13. The T2 may be well long in the tooth,mine is a original green one that i got new here in the UK back in 2006/7 but after using it for 10 years as my everyday machine for 10 years i change to a Deus and also a Nox but still kept my T2 as a back,my finds rate dropped like a lead balloon over night......so went back to my T2 and the finds went up straight away.....this machine especially when using my Sharpshooter coil has found me more silver and gold hammered and milled coinage than all my other machines put together. Its deadly on both roman and saxon sites,with out doubt my all time favourite detector and cannot see any machine taking that crown and i have lots of detectors and coils,my biggest mistake was falling for all these latest machine hype like the Deus and Nox which i will highlight both have had 100s and 100s of hours of use so pretty experienced with them,but the T2 still keeps up and excels these more modern machines.
  14. I never ever use a detector without headphones,i do agree sometime its not convenient to use full cup headphones like in woods or on hot sticky days etc but when i cannot use full cups i use the XP wired back phones running inside my jacket so the cable does not flop around.....i rely alot on audio threshold for those deep whisper signals especially on pasture or deep ploughed and rolled sites as those often have the desirable deep target,but if i did not have headphones and just listened to the internal speaker i doubt i would be able to hear the audio threshold......of course what works for me may not necessary for other in other situations.
  15. Must admit i totally agree with you,unless your objects are say WW2 military items like helmets and the such like then these big coils are basically pointless with these extra large coils,of course its great for when you do need the amazing extra depth but as a everyday setup then i would say they have limited appeal.....would be great with say with a much smaller coil setup in the 15'' dia range,but then you might as well just use the 13'' coil......the 11.5'' Concentric coil is a very good coil running at 24khz and deadly on really trashy sites especially when gold and silver hammered coins are around,that would be interesting,my main use coils are the 8''x6'' and the 11.5'' Concentric,i dont tend to use the 10'' and 13'' coil well very rarely i do keep them for more specific detecting like hoard hunting or relic detecting......these are just my personal observations and not aimed at belittling anyone or brand etc.
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