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  1. Even if i was looking at getting one of the detector,it would be a minimum of 12 months to see if any major reliability issues start appearing.....as we are all aware issues can and do appear.....alas i highly doubt that i will ever purchase a Garrett......of course as usual this is just my personal opinion and it could well become a massive seller for them.
  2. Its been mentioned a few times that the earlier version of the GPX 4500 was/is the deeper of the 2 models,but my question is how can one tell what version mine is please,its done by checking the serial number on the control box. But does anyone have a list or how can i find out please which version i have,some help on this one would be most welcome,as i understand it the earlier 4500 was the slightly deeper and more desirable one. Any information/advice would be most welcome. Many thanks.
  3. I am seriously interested in this conversion kit and is on my buying radar,they have them on sale in the UK's main dealer but will hang fire for a few weeks just to start hearing the feedback from the guinea pigs.
  4. Detecting silver here in the UK as such is not a easy specific task and the main reason is that our history goes back 1000s of years,our hammered coinage vary not only in size but also the silver content is not always the same ie depends on what state the economy was at the time of making the coins as sometime silver was not in abundance so the coinage would be of a lower purity than some other times. Of course different sizes and quality of silver can throw a spanner in the works TID wise,so one cannot give a specific number range,also our gold hammered coinage can be exactly the same and TID various as well,its not until milled coinage started that the weights and silver/gold content became standard due the manufacturing process rather than someone hammering a coin blank between 2 dies hence that is why its called hammered coins. Our silver hammered coins can come in the foil range as can gold hammered coins which can also come into the iron range as well,so basically the bottom line is you cannot rely on TID on any detector hence why we tend to rely more on audio and if you are still not sure you have to dig the find out,that is the only real way of finding out what the find is,it makes no odds if its coinage,jewellery or what ever alas no simple reply can be given about 'Tips for Targeting Silver Relics' Your spade is still the best method.
  5. @Tyler,have taken my 10x5 coil off and put my stock 11'' coil back on again,i think you right about it being a decent sensitive coil and also most surprising how good it is on iron invested sites.
  6. Thanks Steve,for trying so so hard to rectify this temporary glitch,you truly are the Oracle of this Invision forum. Have a fabulous weekend and dont get stressed out about it.
  7. If you had been in the UK i would have snapped your hand off regarding that 10x5" elliptical DD Commander coil $160,but what with postage etc would not make it viable,no one has them in stock here but the dealers can get one but will take 4 weeks.
  8. Still not 100% sure about the 10x5 coil on the Nox,before i purchased this coil i mainly used the 6'' coil especially on trashy roman/saxon sites and it does work exceptionally well but its the ground coverage that lets the 6'' coil down. Must admit although i like the Nox its the coils that i dont think are the best,a 8'' or 9'' option like the Manticore would be nice.
  9. Looks a fabulous piece of kit and just want i am looking for,when they are in production i will certainly be buying one to detect a heavy rig here in the UK.
  10. Luis,thanks very much that information,the Jam2 headphones have a 20hours + battery life which is plenty enough,will take a look at a bluetooth transmitter to use with the headphones....thanks again
  11. Good afternoon Folks,i am trying to reduce all the allied wires etc connected on my GPX4500,the specific project is using cordless headphones,have been looking at the Garrett setups but i am looking at getting possibly a full days use out of the headphones and the Garrett setup does seem to be the current way forward.Does anyone use these on the GPX or can anyone suggest possibly another setup. Looking at also doing away with the GPX bloody great car battery setup but Docs screamer would be ideal but they dont deliver here to the UK,i have the option of this setup but its complete but without the pouch for carrying the batteries and amp,so basically stuffed on the part of my GPX setup.So just currently working on the cordless headphones. Another thing i am currently working on is doing away with the GPX full harness and using the over the shoulder strap at the moment and that is also making headway as i hate wearing a full harness and battery and all the wires from the amp,the strap can certainly carry the weight of a GPX with my 18'' Coilek Mono Elite coil,so making headway with the full harness. Any suggestions/advice or help would be most welcome,if only getting Docs screamer battery setup would be alot easier but alas he wont post to the UK due to the batteries.
  12. Tyler,exactly and also i am not in theory after the very small items like bird shot etc and i totally agree that DD only in theory work upto a few inches and i want pure depth hence the larger Mono coils,i was lucky to get the brand new Coiltek 18'' Elite camo coil for well under half price,so that made the decision for me really the 'reward to investment' in that coil increased in my favour. The GPX was never going to be my main everyday deep hitter as i leave that to other VLF detectors like my Nexus machines which do have discrimination,if i start picking up vibes that a possible hoard is on a site then i will bring a few machine both Pulse and VLF with large coils for that specific job.Of course this is just my way of tackling said job and increasing the odd's in my favour. The GPX as mentioned before wont come out to play all that often during the year as in my mind its a highly specialised machine,but when i do think that a site has some serious potential then all it takes is just one decent hoard find to pay for the initial investment which was not a massive amount anyway as i done some selective and gained some amazing kit for not a big outlay.
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