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  1. Thats a very nice looking rig,that would work exceptionally well here in the UK when we are able to go back detecting again and weekend rallies. We have similar type of trailer over here but they are often called 'Teardrops' they are the same basic size but have a side profile of a teardrop,mainly used just for sleeping in more than anything else,would prefer to be off the ground and in one of these than say a bit of flimsy canvas like a tent lol
  2. Welcome Reggie,and was terrible news to hear that Reg has passed away,certainly a loss to the detecting community. Wow what a amazing collection of detectors and coils,i thought i was bad as i currently have 25 detectors and over 50 coils but that collection makes mine look small.
  3. @phrunt,Simon,it just aint going to happen,its back in its box in the mancave,the time and effort involved when all my other coils work just fine i just cannot be bothered if i am honest. Of course i am please that you are happy using yours,but for me its the end of the story.
  4. The original 15'' was possibly the worst coil that i have ever used,only used it for maybe a few hours and still in pristine condition,once again could not see any advantage depth wise but ground coverage was of course its biggest advantage in theory. But the killer and massive design flaw for this coil was its humongous weight and for no real advantage,cannot see the logic really about spending time and money redesigning this coil,i found that my NEL Storm and SEF 15x12 coil do exactly what i wanted originally both depth and ground coverage but in a much lighter package. I highly do
  5. Nothing wrong with it i guess,it worked fine,the only thing it would not do was 'auto GB' or Ground Grab which is the only coil that i have had problems with doing it,every other coil from different companies have always done the auto GB,of course i could/can manual GB the coil or just leave it at the factory default of 90.........but lost interest in it and its been in the cupboard for the last couple of years. Neither NEL,SEF coils or even my rare Coiltek 6'' coil these have always been able to auto GB but that Mars which i think is one of your favourites i could never get do do it.If i
  6. The Sharpshooter coil would get my vote,absolutely stunning combination on my T2 infact that combination has snagged me more gold coinage both hammered and milled than almost all my other machines put together.The NEL Snake is also another very good coil and about the best coils build quality going. The Mars Tiger coil albeit one of the toughest coils going and i have used one from brand new out the box for about 2 hours use,it back in the box and not been used in maybe 2-3 years,but both the NEL coils that i have mention are stellar performance wise,another 2 NEL coils that i also use on
  7. That is a absolutely cracking find,a lovely George111,the patination on it is about as good as it gets,of course its your find and very well done but my advice is 'Do Not Clean It' you will kill the desirability that coin collects look for in such a coin. Over the years have seen some stunning/valuable and rare coins rendered worthless because someone has used cleaning agents like chemicals,abrasive and even electrolysis they may make them look clean and shiny but because they have done that have also rendered the item worth absolutely zero because of that one mistake. Leave it as it
  8. Steve,i really do like reading these topics that you post,the images that you also add really complete the story so we can fully understand how these early classic detector and equipment was used.It all makes so much more sense when you can see the images as well. Bravo,another classic article.
  9. Mike,that sums up my detecting path 100% as well,have been detecting for 'just a few years'.
  10. I never ever rely on what a TID gives me,audio is king every time for me,gold coinage and gold items in general are never consistent this could be due to shape,size and one of the biggest reasons why its not wise too especially here in the UK is that the actual gold content and additives can vary by a massive amount particularly during times of turmoil. Fine gold items including 1/4 gold staters can go down near or into the iron range,exactly the same with our silver hammered coins as well,it was only when coinage started being minted into a uniform size and weight including silver coins
  11. A nice hoard of hammered silver coins,cannot make out any dates of the hoard but anything like that is very nice......well done to the finder/s. Not all that deep either from the look of it,the centre of the hoard was very shallow and looks to be have been started to be scattered around by the plough.
  12. I have 2 complete Deus units,one setup with the HF elliptical coil mainly running the Hot prog and the 2nd unit running the 9'' LF coil,the idea of having 2 was the LF would be a backup if i am away on say a long weekend detecting vacation.But alas after 7-8 years of using the Deus although the finds rate was stable it had a massive drop from my DFX and T2 days,so these 2 Deus setup have become mainly backup machines and also for use on some of my more trashier roman sites. The Nox that i have has also become a backup machine and pasture site which i feel it excels at and will earn its ke
  13. I am using Win7 but FireFox although i dont have issues running the forum with any major issues,the new update is 'ok' i guess but if i am honest i much prefer the older version.
  14. As i understand it and i cannot grasp why,but as we are all aware that Whites US is basically finished or may be reincarnated by another concern,but Whites UK up in Scotland as far as i can tell are still repairing all what was the current line up and i guess they still could carry some spares for older models but once they have exhausted what stock they have and for how long they can carry on no one has any idea.........so Scottish plant is still open.
  15. I have just resurrected my DFX and the 10x6 coil again are it went into retirement after nearly 15 years of use as when i started using my Deus 8 years ago and Nox 15 months ago my finds rate dropped like a brick,they still have found me some nice finds dont get me wrong but not as consistent as say my DFX and my other all time favourite the original T2. I have 3 other Whites machines including a TDI Pro which if i am honest dont get used as much,the TDI Pro i would class as brand new i highly doubt that anyone could tell the difference from one that had just come off the production.
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