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  1. Very true, I've dug many women's gold rings that rang up from 8 to 13.
  2. Yes, I'm waiting too. Now, whether I can afford a dedicated water PI to use one week out of a year, might be another matter. But would like to see
  3. I believe the SL has a lot of hidden improvements if a person only knew where they were. The increased battery pack voltage was the first major performance improvement that was made in my machine.
  4. If it was real mushy sand, a lot of water mixed in with the sand, example (where my feet would sink quickly) the ring did the same. It didn't move very far from where I dropped it. Almost straight down and I'd imagine it would sink until it hit something hard, example the layer of crushed shells etc. Never stood for long periods of time to see where or how much of the fishing line disappeared. Now on the other hand, if the sand was hard packed it's movement depended on the frequency and speed of the incoming wave action. It was very common for the ring to stay within a 3 foot square for a long period of time. Well as long as I stood there. Now here is the kicker to the issue, if the waves were heavy laden with sand I would lose sight of the ring almost immediately regardless of hard or mushy sand. Hopes this helps. I don't know everything about the subject but it is very interesting to say the least.
  5. I've taken a gold wedding band and tied a length of good fishing line to it and purposely dropped it in the surf just to see what happens. What I've noticed, if my feet sink into the sand the ring will vanish under the surface quickly but if the sand is packed, (my feet don't sink), the ring will stay on the surface and be move around somewhat as the surf moves in and out. I know that sound risky but I use high quality, test line, not junk. It can be an eye opener at times.
  6. Wow, that's a once in a lifetime hunt. Your homework really paid off.
  7. Nice, I've been hoping for a sealed jar of coins. But not yet
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