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  1. Mark Gillespie

    6 Inch Coil Hunts And Results

    Great information. For years I've wanted to take the time with a small coil, find and mark what I believe to be good targets, then switch to the stock coil and see what I get. That would be very interesting to say the least.
  2. Mark Gillespie

    (6 Inch Coil) Beginner's Luck?

    Wow, what an awesome story. I think I want the coil now. I might think about parting with my TDI coils to fund one.
  3. Mark Gillespie

    Pitting In Silver Coins

    awesome coin
  4. Mark Gillespie

    6" Coil On The Way!

    Looking forward to the added test information coming soon.
  5. Mark Gillespie

    Cemetery Coin Hunting

    I've have a standing offer to hunt a very old cemetery for over 10 years. I was asked to hunt for a class ring that was lost there many decades earlier by the person that takes care of the cemetery. I have told her many times I might, just didn't feel real good about it but I have hunted church grounds before and found some relics. But I may go ahead and hunt anyway.
  6. Mark Gillespie

    Equinox Nails $1 Gold Coin

    Awesome recovery, I'm still waiting on my first.
  7. Mark Gillespie

    Your Nox May Need Training

    Never heard such a story but it's funny
  8. 😂Never found one but I'm very happy for you.
  9. Mark Gillespie

    Sept Finds With The 800

    Awesome relics and nice silvers. I love my EQ😊
  10. Mark Gillespie

    Cooler Weather Hunting

    Looks like you had fun.
  11. Mark Gillespie

    Rattlesnakes And Coil Bump Falsing - Nox 800

    I've not noticed false signals when bumping the coil.
  12. Mark Gillespie

    Broke My Toe, But Found My 2nd Hammered!

    Wow, that's an awesome coin.
  13. Mark Gillespie

    Old Chinese Coin?

    But an awesome find to say the least.
  14. I feel people are really jumping on the bandwagon before actually spending a little time with the new update. Is it different? absolutely Is it better than the original version? To early, all the facts are not in. I myself love the challenge of testing new stuff, so I'm good with either version. As I mentioned in an earlier post, the audio on my machine seems to be more enhanced, more detail, can't quite nail it down just yet.
  15. Mark Gillespie

    Took The Nox For A Walk

    I don't want anyone to think I'm making this up, but for me the audio seems to be more detailed and pronounced after the update. Case in point, last Saturday was the first time I hunted after the update and I'd say, for me the audio reminds me of the Tesoro machines. I don't remember the machine having that much audio clarity before the update.