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  1. "PS........AQ has to detect my own 18K wedding ring deeper than 18”.......this is the current benchmark with my TDIBH 🏖" 18"! Are you talking dry or wet sand?
  2. Jim, if you ever get your hands on the new TDI coil that has been advertised, let us know.
  3. To be very realistic, it might be next spring or summer before this machine might be available. And that might be very optimistic to say the least about the subject.
  4. It's nice to read what others have to say about a new detector but it all needs to be read and studied as information that may pertain to you. May is the word and in some case can't and will never apply to where you're hunting. I'll give a short story: When the Fisher F75 first came out it was marked as the best do all machine on the market. I bought one and immediately started finding good targets where I had already hunted. I was having a great time learning this new machine and finding good stuff too. Then I started reading what a particular person (not mentioning the name) in Florida had to say about the F75. He was well know and extremely knowledgeable when it comes to detecting. I took his words as absolutes, my first mistake. I stared mimicking his settings and almost immediately I became dissatisfied with my machine to the point I sent it back to see why it was so erratic in its operation. The machine returned with a clean bill of health (nothing was wrong). Sold the machine and bought another and the same thing happened. Over the next several years I've bought and sold many of the F75 before I realized (my fault) what was wrong. I was running the machine using the original setting posted by this person. Trying at best I started taming the machine down (had to reprogram my thinking to not include his settings) until the erratic behavior stopped and I started enjoying the machine again. Huge lesson. Went on and found a lot of good stuff over time. Now I said all this to explain something very true: This guy lives in Florida where the mineralization is zero or very close to zero. Where I live the mineralization is medium to high. He could run at extremely high sensitivity setting because there was nothing in the ground to cause a reaction to the detector. Where I live the ground prevents high sensitivity setting (actually causes a multitude of false signals) Now, how does this pertain to the Equinox: I have refused to read about other hunters settings because the sites dictate my settings and there is absolutely no one setting for all sites. I have really enjoyed and continue to enjoy the Equinox and can say for sure it is the very first detector in two decades I've kept more than a year. January will make 2 years, what a milestones for me.
  5. I think it's a very simplistic but fantastic video, I like it.
  6. Received my email this morning with the instructions and a RMA number for shipping the headphones back.
  7. Well its been one entire day, no return email yet. Guess I'll wait 2-3 days the maybe call. They're most likely very busy.
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