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  1. Mark Gillespie

    What's All The Hoop LA?

    Awesome recoveries, you must have had a ball.
  2. Mark Gillespie

    Steve's 2018 UK Adventure

    For me that would be a once in a life time trip. I'm very happy for you. Over the years I got to go to one GNRS in 2013, sponsored by LC over at the treasure d site. . Met many of the forum guys I had corresponded with for over a decade. For me it was a wonderful 2 day hunt. I often wonder how much better, or rather what I'd found if I'd had my Equinox.
  3. Well I can say for sure the wireless headphones that come with the 800 model are the best I've found so far. I've been experimenting with different wireless brands of headphones and I've yet to find a single pair that comes close to the performance and minimal lag time compared to the stock phones. Amazing machine. Congrats Minelab. Minelab Bluetooth / Apt-X Low Latency Wireless Headphones for Equinox 3011-0370
  4. Mark Gillespie

    Amazing Finds

    Sharing the day with your son is by far the best. Even though the finds are great "I've only found one large cent in 20 years" the memories made for both you and your son are more precious. I tried many time to get my dad to go hunting with me, but he never did and now he's gone. Do it every chance you get.
  5. Mark Gillespie

    The Long-awaited Discovery

    Wow, what an awesome discovery. Amazing­čśé
  6. Mark Gillespie

    Nox And The 6" Coil... First Hunts

    Great report­čśä
  7. Mark Gillespie

    6 Inch Coil Hunts And Results

    Over the past 15 years a 6" coil doesn't give much depth in my ground. In fact, I've not found a single 6" coil that can hit my 6 1/2" dime (buried for over 8 years now) But 6" might be the max for all small coils. But depth is not the most important factor to me. I'm very tempted to start selling off a couple coils and fund myself a 6" Equinox coil.
  8. Mark Gillespie

    6 Inch Coil Hunts And Results

    Great information. For years I've wanted to take the time with a small coil, find and mark what I believe to be good targets, then switch to the stock coil and see what I get. That would be very interesting to say the least.
  9. Mark Gillespie

    (6 Inch Coil) Beginner's Luck?

    Wow, what an awesome story. I think I want the coil now. I might think about parting with my TDI coils to fund one.
  10. Mark Gillespie

    Pitting In Silver Coins

    awesome coin
  11. Mark Gillespie

    6" Coil On The Way!

    Looking forward to the added test information coming soon.
  12. Mark Gillespie

    Cemetery Coin Hunting

    I've have a standing offer to hunt a very old cemetery for over 10 years. I was asked to hunt for a class ring that was lost there many decades earlier by the person that takes care of the cemetery. I have told her many times I might, just didn't feel real good about it but I have hunted church grounds before and found some relics. But I may go ahead and hunt anyway.
  13. Mark Gillespie

    Equinox Nails $1 Gold Coin

    Awesome recovery, I'm still waiting on my first.
  14. Mark Gillespie

    Your Nox May Need Training

    Never heard such a story but it's funny
  15. ­čśéNever found one but I'm very happy for you.