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  1. Yes I remember when the expensive Minelab gold machines hit the market, a few months later used units could be bought with huge discounts. That being said, I'll wait until after the Terra version hits the market and see how quickly the used units hit the market.
  2. Very true Steve, you can't compare a PI with a VLF. Two totally different technologies, two totally different test results. The areas I hunt with my TDI will all but completely shutdown the very best VLF machines.
  3. Had the great pleasure to chat with Jerry *** aka tinfoil. For those who might not know this guy, back in the day, 20+ years ago he was one of the treasure hunters who wrote a lot on finding gold. He wanted me to mention that he and Pat are doing good. That he doesn't get to hunt anymore but remembers posting many years ago. He says hi to Steve too.
  4. Dug this hair barrette from a very old home site.
  5. Looking to trade my TDI Super Pulse 350 for a 12 OZ mono coil or possibly another true mono coil. Will consider paying a little boot too.
  6. By what I see it is quite obvious you were after GOLD....... Hey, I do the same thing.
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