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  1. If you can't figure it out do a factory reset.
  2. Nice haul, the salt water is very harsh on the silver coins. I found a mercury many years ago. It looked similar to your but was caked with something black that would never come off. Nice finds.
  3. Got word recently, that both Tim Mallory and Mike Scott have lost their jobs at 1st Texas. I think it was, maybe 2 years ago when Gene Scullion and others lost their jobs too. That makes me wonder about Lupe, who is one of the workers at the main plant. I guess Covid has affected more than just a few businesses.
  4. Found this one in my own yard. I'm guessing WW2 maybe.
  5. Send it in to be checked. Minelab will take care of it.
  6. That is one of the exciting things about detecting. The surprise and amazement when something new comes from the ground.
  7. Well actually that is my daughters hand, she was very happy. The first ring that she wanted in years. Couldn't say no.
  8. 1 copper 2 sterling 3 ring day Until my wife saw them, then my daughter, then there were only 2 left. The one on the left bottom is actually my daughters birthstone. Quick as I can straighten the one on the right, I'll be down to only 1. Pretty good day.
  9. Very nice silver. I can say, I have never saw silver look like that out of the ground. Almost like it has toned. Nice though.
  10. At this point, it's the best I've ever used. You're right Steve, it has a little extra depth too.
  11. Fantastic news, the pinpointer has returned. I will say, 1st Texas has always done me right on warranty issues.
  12. Barbers are always a pleasant surprise. Looks like the ground is not good on copper coins.
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