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  1. Went to a local park yesterday and had a great time. This coil is awesome. Turn it down and get close to the large metal support rods and still find the small stuff. Some of these small items were of extreme difficulty locating since the pin pointer could find easily.
  2. Since Tesoro has been out of business for quite a while is it possible to acquire the pot settings on the Micro Max? Or for that fact any board information on some of the detectors.
  3. I'll need to try Colonial next time since I paid $209 At Big Boys.
  4. Well I just purchase one and so far I'm very pleased. One thing I noticed was it seems to be less prone to EMI than the stock 11" coil but more test will be needed to confirm that. After talking to Tinfoil I was advised this coil would be a good choice for the Equinox in trash. One interesting thought from him, "most of the good targets are in the trashy areas since no one wants to hunt the trash". Well actually he is right, I found a nice gold ring mixed with pull tabs and trash a few years ago with the F19. Another interesting tip he had to mention was, "always listen to the target carefully before digging and looking at the screen". Took it out hunting yesterday and I can say I was surprised when I started digging 10" beer pull tabs. I'm extremely pleased with this coil and in my opinion, at my sites it is preferred over the 6" coil.
  5. Do you backup your site information Steve?
  6. Found in the middle of a huge piece of property where there were 2 rock chimneys about 20 feet apart. I wanted to return but the owner sold the entire property. Lost chance, yet again. Thanks for the information.
  7. I had a good friend want to go metal detecting for his first time and he found this old button. Looks to be some sort of brass/copper metal. No markings on either the front or back. About 1" in diameter but was wondering if anyone knows the approximate time frame. Thought the shank would be the best judge of age. Thanks in advance.
  8. Nice recoveries. Been a while since I've been out. Lost my hunting buddy to Covid last month, it's been hard to believe he is gone.
  9. Wow, awesome, been years since I've found more than one silver in a hole
  10. If you can't figure it out do a factory reset.
  11. Nice haul, the salt water is very harsh on the silver coins. I found a mercury many years ago. It looked similar to your but was caked with something black that would never come off. Nice finds.
  12. Got word recently, that both Tim Mallory and Mike Scott have lost their jobs at 1st Texas. I think it was, maybe 2 years ago when Gene Scullion and others lost their jobs too. That makes me wonder about Lupe, who is one of the workers at the main plant. I guess Covid has affected more than just a few businesses.
  13. Found this one in my own yard. I'm guessing WW2 maybe.
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