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  1. Every yard can yield treasures. Years ago I found numerous Buffalo nickels, wheat pennies and even a silver quarter in my own yard. Oh, I almost forgot, even a gold ring but it was on top of the ground. Ask everyone who might have been in my yard and no one had lost the ring. It has always been a puzzle for me.
  2. I believe you're correct Chuck, silly human pride is one our weakest links. It prevents growth.
  3. Congrats Mike, you always get me fired up when it comes to jewelry hunting. I will add, I had an Etrac several years ago, loved it and found a lot of neat stuff but when my neck problems appeared I had to give it up. But still miss it often. Fantastic.
  4. Yes, you're correct, not every person is truthful in their dealings.
  5. The 7 1/2" dual field coin is my go to coil on the SL. I purchased the coil on one of the forum sites. The coil was advertised as a mono coil but it turned out to be the dual field. The reason I was wanting the dual field coil is because of the areas I was to hunt. I knew right from the start there was something different about the coil. I ask Carl Morland how to test and sure enough the coil was a dual field. I contacted the seller and he basically shut me off (he knew what he had but I was asking for a mono and he thought he could fool me). But I decided to give the coil a try and found the heaviest gold ring ever in a completely hunted out site (with VLF machines). The following is a success story and you will understand my need for a true mono coil. More than 10 years ago I started inquiring about some old locations I hunt. Most of the locations are old shut down schools where coal was used as a heating source for decades. Before the EPA was birthed most people did whatever pleased them when it came to disposing of waste, regardless of what it was and these old school sites are no exception. The burnt coal waste was spread over many acres of school property which created some extremely harsh ground conditions. Grass and weeds find it hard to get a start and most areas are void of any vegetation. Most of the school grounds look like Martian landscapes with small BB size or smaller pieces of coal waste everywhere. This material attracts to a magnet with little effort and can reduce depth of all VLF detectors by well over half. In fact until recently maximum detection depth was actually 2-3”, any target deeper would give a solid iron audio report if any sound at all. After many years of hunting these areas all but completely unsuccessfully I finally purchase a White’s TDI SL. It turned out the SL opened up these old sites and many nice coins and relics were unearthed, but not without many trials and numerous adjustments. Case in point: one particular area had been, in my opinion hunted out with many different VLF machines over a 10 year period and I was certain there were no good targets left. I had been hunting about 15 minutes and all the SL was giving were very short audio reports, which sounded more like chatter or EMI and not targets. This prompted me to increase the time delay to about 15 “which increases the time before a transmitted signal is analyzed” thinking the small pieces of coal waste were the short reports I was hearing. Continued hunting another 5 minutes and noticed the short audio chatter continued but not to the same magnitude. Stopping and increased the delay to around 17 and off I went hunting again. Suddenly I noticed the machine was running very quiet, to quiet. A minute or two later and a very loud low tone, which on the SL means a high conductor, I stopped and reduced the delay to 10 and found my definite answer. The coal waste was causing all the ground chatter and false reports. Increased the delay to 17 and recovered a wheat penny around 4” deep. Now to be honest I had to stop for a moment and think about what just happened. Decided to start over I returned to where I began hunting and discovered I had passed right over many good targets. After digging a few more wheat’s I decided to start checking these targets before digging and discovered if I decreased the delay most of these targets became the short sounding audio reports I had heard earlier. The PI was just the trick to discovering some nice coins deeper than 4” in these barren areas. I must add the SL is not the best choice to make if there is an over abundance of nails because of the very limited discrimination capabilities (using the ground balance adjustment). Just one of many successful hunts.
  6. Awesome looking site. Beautiful. Thanks for the information.
  7. Maybe I need to rethink the pull tab digging option. The majority of my gold rings read either at or below a US nickel. I've found one large wedding band that read as a zinc penny. Man I was luck to dig that one, almost passed by.
  8. I'm quite pitiful. First ever for me. I dreamed I had the AQ. Craziest dream, I could see the controls and all the features. The whole time (in my dream) I was wondering why I had one. When I woke up I was even more puzzled. In the 20+ years of using metal detectors I've not one time dreamed about any of them. Strange. Must be a SUBCONCIOUS thing I guess. Even though I'm very interested in the machine, I don't think I would ever purchase one just to use one week out of a year but you never know. I'm more interested in the land version to replace my TDI but what goes on behind the scenes "subconscious" is an unknown thing. Still has be puzzled and at times confused as to WHY I would have a dream like that.
  9. Switch the conductivity from all, to high or low and see if the noise level improves or stays the same. Have you did an air test with the GB off verses on? I know this might sound stupid but is the battery fully charged?
  10. I will honestly say I had a Vaquero for over a year and could actually hear and know pencils eraser ends before digging. I've always thought Tesoro's had one of the best if not the very best audio in the detector industry.
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