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  1. I want to get this straight in my mind. You get a good repeatable signal and dig the target. Once the target is out of the hole you do a simple air test with the target and the machine is silent?
  2. The White's model is a good choice. It won't pick up the small bits and pieces of metal trash. Of course you looking for the large, deep targets. Keep us posted on your adventures.
  3. If this is true 10. Price. It will cost approximately 2100-2500 US dollars. New technologies cost money, yes, but they also bring an advantage over all other metal detectors. I won't bite, my TDI is more than sufficient at the moment. Water proof is good but my Equinox will do for water hunting. TDI for super bad ground Equinox everything else
  4. Fantastic hunt in my book. You did very good. It's nice to hear others state how solid the audio is with the Equinox on good targets. ๐Ÿคฉ
  5. You have a very good point. Back in the day, I had a Vaquero and a Tejon. Both had fantastic audio capabilities. In fact, I did find a lot more gold rings than I tend to find now. But now, with all the high tech visual ID screens I find myself relying more on what it indicates, rather than a pure audio response and for sure I've walked right over rings thinking they might be junk. The Compadre is another fine machine for hunting for lost gold items in playgrounds. Partly contributed by the small coil and the unique audio.
  6. Awesome, I love to see silver in the hole. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
  7. I sold the V3 to a guy to hunt his hunting arrows, of all things. Funny thing to want a detector for but he said the arrows were very expensive.
  8. I might try my hand and measuring the specific gravity of the metal too. \ https://www.mgsrefining.com/blog/2018/02/07/specific-gravity-testing-for-precious-metals-gems
  9. Small update: Hardness on the Rockwell C scale is 33. Not likely to be silver now. I'll check the ID again and post later today.
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