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  1. Thought I might update my last post. Finally got out yesterday for a little hunting. Went to the elementary school I attended in the 60's. I had been hunting about 20 minutes and suddenly the detector went crazy. Constant chatter, did a noise cancel, nothing changed. Dropped the sensitivity, still no good. All well knowing some was definitely up I put the Equinox in noise cancel mode, raised the coil about 4' above the ground and rotated the coil like you would a TV antenna to see if I could locate the direction of the EMI. Sure enough, when I pointed the coil in the direction of a 3 phase electrical line it started chattering and when I rotated away from the line it went quite. Something had definitely switched on the power line to cause such a sudden increase in line current. Well, I took my own advise, moved to the other side of the school and suddenly my stable detector returned. This was the worst EMI I can ever remember experience.
  2. I wasn't going to participate. It's more less a way for them to get free advertising on social media. As usual, great marketing strategy to say the least.
  3. One thing I would try, is get a PI, like the TDI and only look for lost gold items. I found the largest gold ring to date using my TDI in an iron, coal slack site. It might be worth a try. Set the TDI to low conductors, this will silence most of the iron, you may be surprised at what might come up. I will add, I had to increase the time delay to 17 but was shocked when I saw the gold. And that was at a site that had been hammered, for over a decade by the very best VLF machines in the world.
  4. How many have received their invitation "via email" to the newMinelab Competition? According to the email it will be based through Facebook and other social media sites.
  5. Try a completely different locations. All the above replies are possible answers. But try a different location away from houses.
  6. Beautiful place to say the least. Still, nice recoveries.😁
  7. In my opinion Jim is the most knowledgeable person when it comes to this type of TDI battery pack. Thanks for all your help Jim.
  8. Finally got to hunt a little at a 150 year old church, with permission. Spent an hour surveying the boundary around this old church, but didn't find the hot spot I was looking for. But all is not lost, I have permission to hunt anytime. Next trip, I hope to hunt closer to the actual church but need to ask and make sure it is okay. Now some might ask, what exactly is the hot spot you are looking for? An area where the church members (75-150 years ago) might have gathered for outdoor events and picnics. That being said, I've pondered on what the little shaft with gears might be. Maybe some kind of wind up device!
  9. Fantastic coin. I've never found one and wonder just how I would react. It's all about location. Don't be looking for a gold coin in a school yard.
  10. That would be a once in a life time for me too. Thanks for sharing.
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