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  1. Mark Gillespie

    Salt Water Beach Hunt

    Had a great time even though the finds have been very limited. Actually dug a dime at around 6" in the wet salt sand of low tide. Gave a solid ID and an audio that was surprisingly pleasant. My confidence has approached the inland hunting confidence. I know the machine will do well in the wet sand but since so much sand has been hauled in the old stuff is not accessible on this trip. But did land another earring. Not silver, but okay.
  2. Mark Gillespie

    Salt Water Beach Hunt

    Second day hunt. I must also confess something very important. You know how the human brain tends to fabricate information at times. Well, I'd been hunting an hour or so and not even hearing a target. Started to doubt if the machine could detect anything past 4-5" in the wet salt sand. So I decided to head back up to the edge of high tide and the towel line and got a really nice 9-10 ID, with a great sounding audio. I had to start sifting the sand with my hand to find this nice .925 earring. Amazing at the small targets the Equinox can find. At the end of the hunt I had found quite a few coins, swivels and the usual junk, but my confidence returned with the sight of silver. Moral of the story, machine confidence carries a lot of weight when it comes to hunting. Stay tuned for tomorrow.
  3. Mark Gillespie

    Salt Water Beach Hunt

    Getting a week at the beach for a little R & R and yes detecting. I must be honest my first day was not that grand (two zincs and a shell casing) with the Equinox 800. Hunted with the stock beach 1 program with no adjustments found very little in the way of nice finds. I had high hopes the beach was like it was a couple years ago, but sand had been hauled in and built up by maybe 5'. Even the wet slope didn't yield much in the way of finds. But decided to hunt the towel line the second day and found a matching set of earrings some 4" deep at the edge of where high tide and the towel line began. Talk about small, but the Equinox had no problem finding small targets.
  4. Very ornate ring. I can say I never pass up a nickel and will add most of the women's rings I've found register at or below a nickel.
  5. Mark Gillespie

    First Ever

    Thanks Steve. A couple days later at the same location I met a women who stated the military had practice maneuvers at a locations some 2-5 miles off shore from Holden Beach NC. She also stated her husband had all but ceased to find any good targets on the beach but had also found similar casings too. All this answered why I was not finding much in either the wet or dry sand. She also stated that the sand had been dredged and hauled from about two miles out in the ocean.
  6. Mark Gillespie

    It's All I Need

    That's a nice CW relic, never dug one before.
  7. Mark Gillespie

    First Charge, First Gold

    Interesting, I think I'll have to visit the soccer fields again. Great recovery.
  8. Mark Gillespie

    Colonial And Civil War Relics..

    Wow that is some fantastic finds
  9. Mark Gillespie

    Construction Site Finds

    Amazing what the road of life brings. Born in Texas (dad in Airforce), lived and travelled around. Went to the 1 grade at this site, move to Turkey for the 2nd grade, then moved back here for the 3rd grade (same school) twice, I guess I didn't learn anything in Turkey. And have stayed here my adult life. My dad was born and raised in this little town.
  10. Mark Gillespie

    Minelab Did 24 Hour Turnaround On My Nox 800!

    That being said, I would confidently say this is a first time incident and Minelab wants to know exactly went wrong. I agree, over the past 20 years I've never had a 24 hour turn around.
  11. Mark Gillespie

    Getting More Comfortable With The Nox

    Awesome how the Equinox will give an audio hint of good targets between the trash.
  12. Mark Gillespie

    Construction Site Finds

    Me and I hunting buddy watches this site very close. Each day they are moving and spreading out more dirt. At some point they'll spread gravel and it will all be gone.