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    Metal Detecting for anything hunting,fishing trying to figure out how to live off grid comfortably
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    Xterra 705 and GM 1000 (Gold Monster)

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  1. ok How do we get one of your books would love to read it
  2. Posted 9 minutes ago I am in need of help. I have tried and tried. I received my Legend last week. I have not used it yet. I am trying to do the update. I have tried this on two separate computers to no avail. I need some advice. I have followed the instructions to the T. I have reinstalled my usb drivers, the silab drivers, the Nokta updater... I have asked for help in a couple FB groups. The consensus is keep doing it? Like beating a dead horse and eventually it will get up and run. I have watched videos. I have turned off everything!!! I am frustrated. It is saying it is a communication problem.. When I plug the usb into my computers 1 and 2 it is the same result see picture. Waiting for connection. It then eventually times out to the second image below. It is my feeling the cord is bad. I have not used the machine yet for anything. I just got it. Please some one advise. I purchased it at KellyCo. I NEED REAL HELP!!!! Carolyn There are a couple of good videos on doing the update on you tube hope these help
  3. I am a little confused by your reply Sir LOL
  4. that will be starting next week Jeff as I said we just take it day by day and I just try to keep her mind working and keep her smiling that has become my goal we will be moving to a area that has a lot of detecting areas to hunt several ghost towns and other things the house we are moving into has a park that is very old from what I have been told and no one has detected it from what I was told also, which by the way I find hard to believe so we shall see thank you for your prayer I am always up for those thank you for your prayers also I can always use them because it has been a rough few years as of late but everything is starting to turn for my wife and I and all for the good finally moving into an area that I believe we are going to like a lot since I had to sell our off grid property and finally getting to start using our side by side again.
  5. it is what it is at least she is alive it could have turned out way different so I am just thankful she is still with me
  6. I have held off for a bit giving my opinion on the Legend other then my initial thoughts when I first received it so here they are here is my perspective on the Legend which I do own and have used quite a bit,the Legend was ok out of the box, once the 1.05 update was released to us it got a little better but not on beach according to what I seen and read I personally do not detect beaches and most likely never will unless Cali falls off into the pacific, what I seen in the 1.05 update was all good for me and the ground I detect, which ranges from low 80s to extremely mineralized mid 90s on Ground balance numbers, I have also hit some ground that ran 94-98 on GB numbers and was littered with hot rocks the Legend ran moderately stable on the conditions I detected with those GB numbers, but a littered field of hot rocks makes any detector run unstable and not pleasant to use those areas are what I have a Pulse detector for,but I wanted to see how the legend would handle those types of areas, then the 1.06 update was released which for me personally was not good at all, I had differentiating target IDs, just like Calabash showed in his video except had I not seen his video i most likely would not have seen those differentiating IDs simply because I stayed in Multi 1 or 15 KHz most of the time, the differentiating TIDs only occurred when you shut the Legend down in Multi 2 and re booted it back on it was strange to say the least, it also affected my tones simply because when it occurred it would literally throw a dime ID and a quarter ID into different bins and change the tones I had set up, I had a program set up just to detect IDs quarters and higher which means I had everything below 50 notched out when the differentiating IDs would occur a quarter would come in at 44 or 45 which is normally a dime TID, when it would occur you were literally walking past a quarter because of the way I had everything set up with my tone breaks and tone volumes and tone pitch I had it set up to make everything below TID of 50 to sound like garbage, I set it up the way I did because there are days I do not want to or feel like digging every dime and nickel and just want to get quarters or higher, I reported what I was seeing to Dilek and with in two days they came out with the 1.07 update to replace the flawed 1.06, so far with the 1.07 I am loving everything about it, the tones seem clearer, target IDs seem more stable and it seems to run even more quite to me, I also feel the 1.07 has a little more depth then the 1.04 and the 1.05. The Deus 2 I can not comment on and even if I had one I most definitely would never do a comparison between the Legend and the Deus 2, that's just me though. I do have friends that have the Equinox 800 and 600 the 800 to me is the only detector that the Legend should be compared to in my mind, because that was Nokta/Macros goal, I will say when my buddies and I detect together I do not and neither do they notice a huge advantage either way the Legend and the Equinox are vary similar in depth, and stability on the ground we detect, the one huge difference which is the one that swayed my decision to purchase the legend is the build quality difference and that one thing alone to me is the huge difference between the Legend and the Equinox 800 if I detected relic dumps I may have very well purchased a Deus 2 but I do not, so the Legend was the logical decision for me, I may sometime in the future have a Deus 2 but that is up in the air rite now as I feel the Legend is all I need to detect in the areas I detect, I will also tell you that I have purchased a second Legend Pro Pack because I like the legend that much, I wanted a second one also so if my wife wanted to attempt to detect i wanted her to have one to use when we go out, with her ailment for me it would be easier to teach her if she had the same machine in her hands as I am using and it will help her mind to keep working, and anyone that knows me will understand what I am saying about my wife. sorry for the long rant My wife and I got married towards the end of 2018 early 2019 April 1st 2019 was a day I will never forget her and I lived together off and on for several years before we decided we would tie the knot but April 1st 2019 my wife was struck by a hit and run driver while she was walking, which completely changed everything, it pretty much killed her memories so we take it day to day and just try to make the best of it she was also diagnosed with dementia which happened due to being hit by the hit and run driver so for anyone that was wandering about my last statement in my post about my wife there you go
  7. i will put it this way I am liking the Legend so much that I purchased a second one, so I can mount the six inch coil on one and the 11 inch coil on the other, that way when I do get to go out I will just be able to grab which ever legend I want and not have to mess with changing coils, which that is coming next month my short walks that my wife and I have been taking has started to pay off and I am finally able to go for more then an hour with out feeling like I am going to pass out from lack of oxygen my wife and I are going to be moving into a town in Arizona that has had a lot of mining at one time going on, and the house we will be moving into is rite across the street from a park that from my understanding has been in existence since the mid 1800s, also from what I was told no one has ever been in it with a metal detector, which I actually find hard to believe but it is what I was told by the original owner of the house, we are also preparing our side x side for some excursions or rather I am preparing our side x side LOL
  8. it reminds me a lot of the gold chance meter on the GM 1000 the downside of the ferro check on the Legend is it is only good to around 5 inches max more closer to 4.5 inches and that is if you are not on highly mineralized ground which seems to affect its depth, I will say it has served me well once I learn to use it and finally remember it is there (you would think since I have a GM 1000 it would come naturally but it did not) the times I do look at it when I get over a target it has been very accurate, in recognizing ferrous and non ferrous targets, even when it shows a couple of bars on the ferrous side it seems to be ferrous bottle caps I am another legend user that does not understand the negative comments, I look at the ferro check as another tool to use in identification as to what a target is under your coil
  9. the volumes of each tone break is the very first thing I changed in my Legend and the pitches i did not set them quite as high as you did because I do not want a bad target to scream dig me but I do want to hear what I am going over I run in 4 tone so I set it up 2 in the first break 4 in the second 6 or 7 in the third and 10 in the fourth, you can also adjust these further in another setting it is all in the manual the threshold for instance is off in park, field and beach gold mod is the only mode that the threshold is on when you first boot it up in gold mode the threshold is set at 12 and the threshold pitch is set to 13 when I adjusted those two setting in park and field to be the same as the gold mode it was much better the threshold pitch to me acts as a sort of volume for the threshold even though I do not think it is a volume adjustment of sorts it just acts as one
  10. I have not tried the 60 tones yet I learned my lesson learning the Xterra 705 in 99 tones for me it was like a symphony in my ears with the 705 so I have not ventured into the 60 tones on the Legend yet, I always felt like it was information over load on the Xterra 705 LOL I may have to try it just to see
  11. I will say there are a lot of people using the Nokta/Macro sand scoop on beaches I personally know 4 people that detect salt water beaches and have that particular scoop and the four people I know love them, I would not use mine in a area with a lot of rocks but wet sand I would not be afraid of it breaking, just my opinion as I do not detect wet salt water beaches, it is well made is all I will say and serves me well for what I purchased it for which is tot lot sand boxes
  12. There are no instructions included in the box when you receive it either and does take a little bit to figure out how it goes together but once you do it works pretty good, I purchased one to use in tot lots and its pretty heavy duty in my opinion, I had to get something to do tot lots after catching covid I have a heck of a time getting back up off the ground can not say how it would work in wet sand but I will say it works great for what I purchased it for
  13. that is one beautiful piece of fly poop congrats on the find
  14. people are complaining that it makes it hard to level the 6 inch coil to the ground when you are detecting because of how far back the shaft sits on the 6 inch coil personally I think those complain g need to learn to set the coil against the ground and tilt the shaft back to the angle they like but that's just me i am not going to add some conglomeration to the 6 inch coil to make it easier, those conglomerations make it look ugly as all get out
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