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  1. Great thread Going to add my 2 cents worth the first thing for me is when I first got into detecting I was a coin hunter and I found many coins including for me what most would consider a once in a life time find and I have stated this in a previous thread quite awhile back still have not figured out what would ever top that find for me but enough on that, the biggest challenge for me now that I hunt pretty much only for gold is hearing the faint target's as we all know coins are big booming sounds and the gold nugget's are not I have always hunted pretty much by sound as I run my XTERRA 705 in prospecting mode almost exclusively even while detecting for coins with my threshold and sensitivity set pretty low the threshold settings are always set where I can hear them just a slight buzz but barely audible like as people say an annoying mosquito buzzing in your ear but because of the tendonitis in both ears which for me at times is three different sounds in both ears all three going on at once , it makes it really hard to hear those faint sounds and distinguish between actual targets and tinnitus, is there any suggestions for that ??? I always felt while running the 705 with the sensitivity set to high or the threshold set to high or to many tones set i felt I lost depth with the 705 do not know if this is actually the case but it is what I believe Again great thread

    Geiger Counter Vs Metal Detector

    WELL a Geiger counter as far as i understand it measures radiation levels don't know how one of those would help with detection of gold or prospecting unless you are trying to detect gold in the areas they did nuclear testing and want to know if the levels are safe to enter

    Steve Herschbach

    Have been away for a few months due to some medical issues that I had to have taken care of but I agree with everything you said I was starting to have with drawls from laying in bed still cant detect but I gues this place is the next best thing to it

    Info On Diamonds Needed

    Thanks everyone for the replies sorry for not posting pics but I have had some medical issues come up that will probably stop me from detecting or anything for awhile I was able to take them into a rock shop found out they are just a really clear piece of quarts have to return to the valley of AZ in about a week for some surgery and will be down for few months kinda dis heartening but thats life

    Info On Diamonds Needed

    I can try but it will be a few days before I will be able to as tomorrow I have to drive to the phoenix area to see a heart Dr for chest pains I have been experiencing I will not be back until saturday or Sunday unless I take my laptop with me and try to post them up

    Goldmonster Question....?????

    oneguy I will tell you this when you are actually detecting if you raise your coil off the ground to high it will throw everything out of whack on the GM 1000 and you will have to do a re ground balance of it and I know it sounds strange but its a fact and what I mean by to high while actually detecting is 6-8 inches is to high what I do is turn the GM 1000 on and wait for the auto frequency to set and then I will do some figure eights on a piece of ground that I know does not have any targets you will here the ground balance and the tracking come together and it will quiet down and then hunt if you raise the coil at any time over 6-8 inches you need to do the re GB again as it gets out of whack and I know it sounds strange but it works

    Info On Diamonds Needed

    Thanks phrunt not anywhere near canyon Diablo but that diamond tester might be a good way to go I am really curious because on my miller table I am finding a bunch of them I ran about a quarter of a one pound coffee can down the table and found 12 of them they are not vary big but when you see them on the miller table they really stand out I collected them with tweezers as I would see them I would be really surprised if they are diamonds but you never know all of them were in material that I had screened through steel window screen mesh just to tell you how small they are I looked at them though a magnifying glass and then put them in a clear glas vial with water in it the look crystal clear when you look at them
  8. This is probably going to seem like a stupid question to some but the way I look at it and was always taught the only stupid question is the one you do not ask so here goes Has there ever been diamonds found in Arizona the reason I am asking is I have been running some material on a Miller table and have been finding some vary small clear crystals that look just like diamonds. like I said this is probably a stupid question but oh well

    Goldmonster Question....?????

    I also dig every signal and have been doing that since 09 or 2010 I wish I was in an area I could run in manual 10 I always try to but the ground where I detect is really mineralized and the GM 1000 is really noisy at manual 10 I usually am running at a manual sensitivity of 6 to 8 to start and I have been down as low as manual 3, before I got the GM 1000 I was running my X TERRA 705 with the tracking activated in prospecting mode and I would occasionally check the GB numbers on the 705 I have seen GB numbers in the mid to high 40s on the 705 and as low as single digit numbers and I have seen the GB numbers change drastically with in a 10 to 20 foot area they would go from high 40s to a single digit number with in that area with the 705 the lower the GB numbers the hotter the ground is,or more mineralized thats one reason I have never been able to run the GM 1000 at manual 10 I have never ran the GM 1000 lower than 3 in manual sens though, if the ground gets noisy at manual 3 then I usually switch over to auto plus the auto sens setting for me is just to quiet the auto plus gives a little ground feed back which I like
  10. DSMITH

    Goldmonster Question....?????

    I have been using the GM 1000 since they came out and your question does make sense I run mine in manual sens all the time accept when the ground gets to noisy then I will switch over to auto sens or auto plus the auto plus you will here a little ground noise and in auto none what I have found that in manual sense it does not seem to track out anything but in auto and auto plus I have noticed that if you swing over your target to long it will track the target out or cancel the target out, the manual that came with the GM 1000 is kind of vague and useless I do not believe in manual sens that the GM 1000 is auto balancing or tracking because when I am running mine in manual sens I will adjust the sensitivity by what the ground is saying in other words if the ground gets really quite I will increase the sensitivity and if it starts to get really noisy I will decrease the sensitivity I hope this make sense to you as to what I am saying
  11. DSMITH

    Contest For Small Power Inverter

    i am going to say 57 years between the two marriages
  12. WELL it was confusing me even though I have been detecting since 2009 I did not even realize that modern day coins would register on the non ferrous side probably would have never realized it had I not had the GM 1000 and was running some testing of what different coins and other metal items sounded like on the GM 1000 was just trying to get accustomed to what different items sounded like on it and I still would have never known had I not been watching the iron and gold chance meter on the GM 1000 while running coins in my plastic scoop past the coil learned something new for me anyways guess it just goes to show you are never to old or to smart to learn something new I knew lead,brass,aluminum.and gold would read on the non ferrous side just not clad coins
  13. Was doing some testing on targets with my GM 1000 the targets were clad coins,lead bits,aluminum foil and a couple of gold rings I was trying to get a feel for how each sounds different on the GM 1000 what I need an explanation on is this when I would pass a clad coin pennies,nickels,dimes and quarters under the coil they would all give pretty much the same sound but where I need the explanation is on the iron and gold chance meter on the GM 1000 they all also read on the non ferrous side of the meter why is this nails and things like that would read on the iron side but all clad coins hit on the gold chance side should the meter be reading clad coins like that I understand the nails and things like that but why the pennies,nickels,dimes and quarters the clad coins also would give of a sound on the speaker and hit on the gold chance side of the meter while in deep all metal or discrimination modes it did not matter.
  14. DSMITH

    Question On Whites TDI

    I agree with you Ridge Runner I have to live with myself and for me if I were to take advantage of someone that I consider my friend I could not look at myself in the mirror every morning I do not know the full story yet on why he is actually selling the detector yet but I will come Monday thats why i am trying to find out what others think the value would be but myself I would only be interested if its a working detector because I have always wanted a PI machine I want to give my friend an honest answer as to the worth of it either way whether its a case he has to sell or just has no interest in detecting no longer him and I have always been the types though that when we give each other a price on something no matter what the other offers we stick to the price that was given as far as each other is concerned Honestly I am surprised he didn't say you can have it because thats the way we have always been with each other if one of us had something we were not using any longer we would just give it thats really whats concerning me and I hope its not a desperation case for him
  15. DSMITH

    Question On Whites TDI

    if he was a total stranger I would do that but like I stated he is a old friend which I could never take advantage of someone I consider a friend even though we lost touch with each other for a bit I still consider him to be a vary good friend guess I just look at it differently from most people these days