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  1. yeah that would be great if everyone had the ability to build their own stuff like Picks and things like that, but some times the cost to build stuff is much more expensive than just purchasing already made items, a lot of times its just cheaper to purchase already made items.
  2. @Gold Dozer keep in mind Bunks hermit Pick you do not want to carry in a pick holder on your waist, that spike on the Hermit pick would do some serious damage if you were to fall on it, I always carry it so if I were to fall I could get rid of it quick, because of that spike that is on the Hermit pick
  3. Bunks hermit Pick, Just purchase the head only and then pick up a shovel handle and cut it to the length you want, I also have his Burro Pick with a 36 inch handle the Burro pick is not quite as heavy duty as his Hermit pick, I modified my Hermit pick to a 40 inch long handle which for me works great. @Doc also sells a nice looking pick, which I have been giving some thoughts to purchasing one from Doc also here is a link to Bunks site http://bunknteri.com/Pick.html here is a Link to @Doc site https://docsdetecting.com/product/docs-nugget-stalker-brand-gold-pick-the-only-pick-for-metal-detecting-youll-ever-need/ modified Hermit Pick below
  4. I will agree with what phrunt stated, I just put one of these Hip Sticks together, it took longer to get the parts needed due to how slow shipping is than it took me to put it all together finally yesterday I was able to complete my hip stick Below is a photo of the Hip Stick I put together yesterday, it took longer for the Gorilla Glue to set up than it took to put the whole thing together LOL
  5. here is a couple of photos of the Hip Stick I just completed
  6. Doc you are like me, when I purchase things I tend to purchase enough for future use, Like the hip stick I am building, I have enough stuff that I have ordered that I can make 7-8 of them, the good thing is if I do not like the way something comes out I can always build another one and not have to wait on parts to be delivered until I get it correct, when you told me you had some of the original ones I figured what the heck so I told you to send me one, there is no one in the U.S that sale's the Hip Sticks so I jumped on one from you, now at least I will have a pattern to go by of the original one that was produced.
  7. Doc just posted up where he found some in his warehouse, he is sending me one and his supply is limited so hurry and order one from him, I just completed mine that I made out of a carbon fiber 8mm tube, but figured I would get one from Doc also
  8. Picked up some new classifiers from a gentleman up in Cottonwood AZ, Dave Garner is the name of the person, and I will say these things are heavy duty and very well made stainless steel classifiers, they work well with 5 gallon buckets, four different sizes 1/2 inch,3/8 inch, 1/8 inch and 1/16 inch, the 1/16 inch also works great as a bowl to drain water off of spaghetti and salad because it is food grade, a food strainer is what I kept the 1/16 for as I cannot see classifying dirt down that small, I have the Gold Fox Mini Monster with the Mini Trommel that I run material down just for a fun project at home I carry 2 or 3, 5 gallon buckets out with me when I am able to go out and bring it back to my house for days I cannot get out and detect.
  9. Agree with everything @Doc and @Doc Bach stated on the Knee Pros, sure nice to be able to get down on your knees to dig a target and not have to worry about something going into your knees or when you are walking and your knee pads dropping down to your ankles all the time, I have the same ones @Doc Sales, best knee pads I have ever used for sure, one of the top selling features for me is the fact they are hinged which works great.
  10. I am waiting on @Steve Herschbach report on the 8 inch X Coil for the Axiom before I lay out that kind of $$$$ for a coil, or anyone's report on the 8 inch DOD X Coil for that matter for the Axiom
  11. This is an update I purchased Docs Saga Swing Arm Assist, Queegle Bungee system and the Ultra Swingy Thingy Harness, Doc has a fantastic deal going rite now where you get all three plus a couple other items I purchased these specifically for swinging the Axiom with the 16x14 Mono coil first installed the Saga swing arm on my Axiom, which was a bear to attach those two attachments for the Saga Swing Arm to the Axiom Shaft, after a couple of hours of Tug "O" war with those two heavy duty rubber straps and a couple beers later finally got them tight enough to where they are not going to move, took the Axiom outside in my yard and swung it for a bit just to get a feel for it, gives you great control over the swing of the Axiom and the Large coil, but added a bit of wait which was ok because I had yet to install the Queegle Bungee system, just wanted to get a feel with the Saga Swing Arm attached, went back in and installed the Queegle Bungee and adjusted the Ultra Swingy Thingy Harness then went back out in my yard and adjusted the Queegle, once everything was adjusted that 16x14 Mono coil was like swinging a feather over the ground, Man "O" Man what a huge difference once everything was adjusted up for the feel I wanted, I really cannot see swinging the Axiom without these accessories again even with the small 11x7 coils or the 13x11 DD I have been having issues with my Lower back the past few months and could only muster about an hour before my back issues would flare up, with Doc's Saga Swing Arm, Queegle and Ultra Swingy Thingy Harness, I do not see my back as an issue any longer (much) I am also in the process of building myself a hip stick to work in conjunction with Doc's Saga Swing Arm,Queegle Bungee and Ultra Swingy Thingy but waiting on slow shipping for everything to arrive, with the Hip Stick added in I should have no issues with my back flaring up again while swinging the Axiom or any other detector I have for that matter as I have ordered the parts from Doc to be able to use the Queegle with other detectors I have, one being the Garrett 24K with the 14x8 coil that 14x8 coil on the 24K adds a lot of weight to the 24K and the Queegle along with the hip stick should cure that, might even add the Saga swing arm to the 24K just because of the control it gives you anyone on the fence about purchasing the Queegle or the Saga Swing arm trust me they do exactly as Doc States, makes your detector feel like it is not even there pretty much, I personally will not be swinging any of my detectors without these accessories from Doc any more.
  12. @Doc do you sell the part that goes on the detector for the Queegle separately, if so can you PM me a price I would like to set up two more detectors so I can use the Queegle on them also, but I do not want to purchase a whole Queegle system for each detector
  13. Kind of the same situation over here, I was going to order the hip stick from one of the places in Australia and ran into the same thing N/A for U.S orders, then I found one place I could get one in Australia and the shipping was more than the hip stick kit, so decided to make one myself.
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