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  1. Hi Gerry thank you for responding My GM 1000 is one of the first ones that arrived in the US when they were first produced, I am missing the rechargeable battery pack which some how got misplaced in a move we had to make but I do have two AA battery holders, I also still have all the charging cables for the GM 1000 my GM 1000 is in very good condition and still works as it should, just looking for something with a little more adjust ability then the GM 1000, I would be interested in working a trade deal if you are interested I have no extras that have been added other then a Universal Nokta/Macro metal detector stand that I added I also do not have the box it came in, I purchase new from one of the Chris Allison the dealer in Prescott AZ when they first came to the US Again Thank you for replying
  2. I have a GM 1000 (Gold Monster) would like to trade for a Garret Gold Master 24K would like to trade locally Tucson area or the valley of Arizona, Phoenix, Mesa,Gilbert, Chandler, Tempe Anyone interested PM me
  3. checked in tracking mode it actually went up a little in M1 park and field to 91 but in M2 there was a huge raise in M2 park and field wen to 90 so it is much closer GB values in tracking mineral meter was still the same left side 10 bars and right side 1-3
  4. there is a lot to try to remember, just like the Mineral meter I completely over looked they had even added a mineral meter painting the buttons really helps to allow you to see them
  5. this is for kac and Jeff McClendon when I do my ground balance I always scan prior to performing a ground balance i will scan like a 4-5 foot area and then I will do the ground balance only when I know there is no targets in that area I have not checked it in tracking mode but I intend on checking that question if there was a big piece of metal beyond the legends depth capabilities that the legend was not giving a tone or TID on could this or would this cause the variance in M1 and M2 I am also wandering because the mineral meter on the Left side is pegged if there is not a high possibility of heavy magnetite which i do see a lot of in areas I detect, could a heavy concentration of magnetite cause that big of variance in GB number between M1 and M2
  6. I think you are now getting my concern, both mine and my wife's legend are giving the same GB values and the same on the Mineral meter 10 bars on the left side of the meter and 0-3 on the right side most times the right side settles down on 1 or 2 unless there is something beyond the detection depth of the legends capabilities when I scan the ground I am ground balancing over the legend is not seeing any target in the area i ground balance over
  7. I have not checked it with tracking activated but will the other thing is both mine and my wife's legends are giving the same readings
  8. Finally checked the Mineral meter out LOL results in one of the areas I have been detecting checked it out in park and field modes in M1 and M2 both multi mode showed a pretty big variance in GB values Park multi 1 GB value was 89 same in field mode multi 1 Park multi 2 GB value was 55 same in field mode I did the ground balance over the same piece of ground checked before ground balancing for any metal objects there were none Mineral meter in both park and field left side of meter was pegged 10 bars right side of meter which is salt content was bouncing 1-3 bars I know different frequency ranges can skew the GB numbers which I know M1 and M2 are weighted differently as far a frequencies but should there be that much variance in ground balance numbers between M1 and M2 the mineral meter just proved to me that my ground is highly mineralized which I already knew
  9. I had the 11 inch coil on the Legend and the Simplex plus the AT PRO was the stock coil which is a little smaller then the Legend and the simplex
  10. No it does not, once it starts dropping it continues doing that until I have done the re install of the 1.09 But now with Jeff McClendon reply I am almost thinking it is doing what it is supposed to do
  11. That's crazy Jeff, here I was thinking because i was seeing the GB numbers on the Legend it was supposed to be up there close to the Simplex and AT Pro, now with what you said I am wandering if when it drops down to the 0-3 if that is not correct,I will say when it would drop to the 0-3 it still was running stable
  12. Dang I forgot they even added a mineralization meter I have not even activated it LOL guess I better go back and read the new manual and figure out how to change the Ferro Check to mineral meter thanks for reminding me JCR about the new ground indicator meter on the Legend, it is a lot to take in and remember, I have been so focused on learning all the settings I forgot about that one
  13. forget that I used the Simplex Plus or the AT PRO all I was doing with those two detectors to get a baseline reading of where the GB numbers should kind of be on the Legend or a range of where the ground I detect runs in GB value. what I seen in the Legend when I ground balance is this, after the initial install of the 1.09 update the legend would ground balance at mid 80s to mid 90s in auto ground balance without tracking activated, after 3-5 days of running with ground balance values reading in the mid 80s to mid 90s all of a sudden the ground balance values would literally start dropping off to values of 1-10, when I would check with the Simplex plus to see if its GB values had dropped the simplex plus would still be giving values in the ranges it originally started with, plus or minus maybe a few digits one way or the other, so I would re ground balance the Legend which would ground balance numbers now were in the 1-10 values, so again I am going to ask how can the legends GB values be this low and two other detectors as high as they are showing when originally the GB numbers were very close, not exactly the same but close within 5-10 points close to two other detectors
  14. what I do not think you are understanding is I am not running with tracking activated it is not on tracking, every time this has happened that is the first thing I check to make sure I have not activated tracking, which is by the way very simple to do on the legend by mistake, but no I do not have the tracing GB on it is off
  15. JCR maybe you can explain to me this I re watched Dilek's video again twice she kept referring to if the ground you are detecting does not have something for the legend to ground balance to like the sky for instance as she refer ed to it will make the Legend do what we are seeing does it work the same when the ground is highly mineralized like the ground I detect 80s-90s if that is the case what is the purpose of having a ground balance feature, I think I am even more confused now I am to old for someone to start confusing me like I am now LOL
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