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  1. I believe both were ringing in in the 60s. Pivoting on the targets they would bounce a bit, but still in that range. The simplex is very good at implying depth of target. They were not screamers, but solid and deep targets. I think the first one was near iron and sounded solid. I can't believe how cheap the Simplex is for what it can do. I want to say it is a fun machine to use and it is, but it is also a strong seeker. $250, a no brainer. I don't know the version I have, but I imagine it is the latest.
  2. So the first time I ever hunted my first find was an Indian Head penny. That was back when I first started detecting early this year on an old farm permission. The home owner insisted on keeping it even though it was crusty as heck. Since that hunt I had not found a single old coin. I found awesome relics, rare buttons, lots of cool finds but no coins older than Wheaties. All those hunts were with the Legend. Fast forward to today. And my new Simplex. Went to a spot I have hunted before, a open area near some baseball fields. I knew the land was old, but being public land didn't have high hopes. But I wanted to see if the Simplex could do any better than my Legend which I have used here a few times. Got a couple memorials before I hit the path that I wanted to scan like 10 feet from my car. Then bam, found an Indian head penny at 8 or more inches. Behold! The curse is lifted! Detected for an hour or more and decided to detect my way back to the car. Then, 10 feet from the first Indian Head I get another sweet signal, and bam! Another indian head! Deep one like the first 8 or 9 inches. I am over the moon. The simplex really knows how to snif out deep coins I must say. I look forward to using the Simplex more. For 250 this thing is an absolute monster bargain.
  3. I was expeiencing the same thing. I realized that if I put my cell phone in aitplane mode or turn it off the chattering would stop. Have you tried this?
  4. Trust goes a long way. I am very confident that Nokta will support their products. So much in fact I just got a Simplex today as backup! It is awesome. Thanks Nokta!
  5. I thought it would be cool to have one for backup or for tag alongs who want a good easy to use detector. Any tips for the simplex I should know?
  6. Lol, I couldn't believe it. Every Legend has an Achilles heal. I am going to miss my baby when it goes to the hospital....
  7. So I was talking to the owner of a little shop whose house is right next to the store. the House Seemed old so I asked for permission to detect. Came back the next day and the shop/homeowner was curious and he hung around quite a bit while I was hunting. Nice guy and we got talking. At one point he asked me if my detector was a "good" one. I said yeah, very good, and he asked how much it cost so I told him.... around 700... Five seconds later I hit on a alminum can and get a massive signal on the Legend......and the speaker just died. I knew as soon as it happened it was toast. I just told the guy, they are a good company, and that I wasn't bothered in the least. Stupid can killed the Legend. lol
  8. Looks legendary. Can't wait to hear more!
  9. What we have here is a FAILURE to DISCRIMINATE!! Buford D Pussbag 🤣
  10. I figured it out. It was my cell phone. If I shut it off the detector stops flipping out and its all good. Once I did shut the phone off it was smooth sailing all day. I have a S22 Ultra 5G.
  11. Nope. Its not emi. This is old land. No worries. I will see what NM has to say.
  12. Yep, thought of that and even in single freq it still chatters. No setting seems to matter, recovery, channel, mode, gain, nothing will stop it. It does seem to start overloading when I am focusing on trying to detect in lots of iron, but when it gets in this state I can't shake it. When it happens even holding the coil 4 feet off the ground doesn't stop the chattering. No power lines or anything around. In fact that is kind of what I would expect if I was directly under a high power line. but again, I detected these spots over and over and then one random time the chattering starts.
  13. Hey, thanks for the response. I am now at 1.08 and it still randomly does this. Oddly enough I have done whole days where I don't have this issue, like at my main permission, but then the next day I am out there and the detector goes mad for seemingly no reason and changing settings doesn't help. It chatters like crazy and maybe it just stops and goes away, sometimes it doesn't. I don't think it is the ground or the soil, or the mineralization because when I am going along and it is working fine the chattering starts and even where I was not having the chattering before, now it is chattering. It is like the detector goes into a feedback loop of some sort.
  14. Updated on a second machine. Haven't tested it yet. Thanks to those who reached out to help
  15. And again, the update wont install. Brand new laptop. It is a USB issue but who knows. I am going to try my main desktop. Surprised they didn't fix this. Hope the update is better than the updater.
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