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  1. Updated on a second machine. Haven't tested it yet. Thanks to those who reached out to help
  2. And again, the update wont install. Brand new laptop. It is a USB issue but who knows. I am going to try my main desktop. Surprised they didn't fix this. Hope the update is better than the updater.
  3. You know, you could restore that bad boy. Get some new wheels, paint job. Every guy should have a project car. Lol Get some tiny cinder blocks to jack it up.
  4. Awesome. Reminds me of the hotwheels I had as a yute. But I don’t think I ever saw this one. Super cool. I love the red ring on the tires.
  5. His tests seem very promising. Can't wait to recheck old permission with the new settings. Oh man and bring on the 10x5....
  6. Thanks, and thank you for your awesome posts in virtually any thread. I appreciate your experience and experiences.
  7. Awesome news Dilek! I can't wait to try it! If you want to slip me the update in the DMs, I would love to test it. 🙂 Im not a youtuber or anything but I would be glad to provide feedback. Either way the videos I have seen from HistoryRevisited look extremely positive. Glad I didn't listen to the critics. I love my Legend.
  8. Hi, SO I have been using the Legend and learning it. Finding cool stuff and overall the Legend is doing a great job. One thing I have noticed though is some odd behavior. Lets say I find an iffy signal in an Iron infested area. I will typically scan the iffy signal, change angle, scan again trying to see if the iffy signal tightens up at all. Sometimes, I will do this and the detector will start chattering. Sometimes when this happens I can just lift the coil off the ground and it will settle down sometimes it wont. When this happens and it doesn't settle down I will try changing the settings, ground balancing, channel scanning and nothing works. Even lowering gain doesn't help much.. Odder still I can leave the area where this is happening, wait until the chatter stops and go back to where I heard it and everything is fine. It is almost like it gets overloaded by all the iron and mixed signals and loses its mind. I can't seem to figure out a solid reason why this happens, Anybody have any thoughts? Thanks!
  9. Fantastic post. I agree with your view. Makes sense that the PBs that are found east were brought back. Dates line up.
  10. I did read one article, like a research journel and there was one guy who suggested that they might have been manufactured at least partially in Connecticut. But the prevailing school of thought is they spread widely as indian trade tokens. Many having been found in Indian burial sites. I imagine because they got them cheap and they looked cool. I mean, a Phoenix is pretty cool. Lol I love a bit of history mystery. Oh, I just remembered the home owner told me that one of the prior owners was a civil war Gettysburg vet who was a horder of sorts. Could be it was collected by this guy who liked to hang onto junk. Just a thought. Intriguing.....
  11. Thank you very much for that document, I had alread found and read it. I appreciate the work it took to compile that data. How it got to NH in my hole will remain a mystery. A fun one. Definitely my coolest find since starting detecting. And although I wouldn't sell it, my most valuable find.
  12. Yeah, it has a crazy mysterious history and finding one on the east coast seems even more bizarre. And on my permission it is even crazier. I have not found one single old coin here. One Wheatie. So I know it has been hunted or at least coin shooters had their day. Either way, a real fathers day treat I will treasure. Here is a better pic. Im afraid to clean it.
  13. Awesome fathers day hunt. Dug some ox shoes, horse shoes, then switched to my small coil and started fishing through the iron... Nice old thimble, sadly broken. Small musket ball. And the top find, a bizzare Haitian military button. I think this is incredibly rare for my area. The button dates to around 1800 to 1820 I think. Exact same button here with the history. Crazy. https://www.icollector.com/FRENCH-PHOENIX-INDIAN-TRADE-BUTTON_i20183505
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