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  1. Wow, abenson, that's amazing, well done! Congrats on a beautiful gold coin in awesome condition!
  2. Congrats on your gold rings, well done! The class ring looks in pristine shape!
  3. I haven’t been in the goldfields yet, but I will say the updated Goldfield program is my new target checker because it punches deep and hard and has been very good at verifying some iffy targets in relic, park, and beach scenarios so far. 😎
  4. Congrats on your silver, gold, and old coins! That old dog tag is a great find too, well done! It looks like you’re back in the groove! 😎
  5. It looks like the Manitcore delivered the goods for you. Congrats on the silver ring, well done!
  6. D2-V2-Part Deux! I went back to the same spot today and took the same setup (D2-V2-11 Coil). I really should have taken the 9" coil because I went deeper into the brush, but the 11" did alright. I started out using my same Fast 24K program and dug more iron on purpose to clear some areas that may be hiding other goodies. I even dug out a couple of enamelware pots. I wasn't finding as many old non-ferrous targets today so after the first hour and a half, I dedcided to head back to the car. I figured I might as well try something different on the way back out, so I switch to the stock Goldfield program which has been beefed up in the V2 update. I changed the IAR to 5 and bumped the Reactivity to 3 and, man, things came alive! I did have to watch the screen alot more because the stock Goldfield uses Pitch audio, but it was definitely going deep so I didn't mind. And shortly after switching to Goldfield, I hit a solid 91 about a foot from where I found the Seated quarter before, but about 5-6 inches into the hill slope and on edge I popped out a nice 1942 silver Mercury dime! Then I found a nickel or chrome plated bell with some sort of mounting device in it which makes me think that maybe it was an early electric doorbell. It just crumbled in my hands when I took it out of the ground. 😯 I also found another round thingy that @Geologyhound was asking about right near where I found the first one. Then I dug the fly fishing reel about a foot down. I have no idea of the vintage on this one. The last good target was the large D-ring in a metal mounting. So another good day on the relic site. One bad thing did happen. I managed to lose my 12" Devils Tongue Park Probe that @kac made for me. It dropped out of my pouch somewhere and even after retracing my steps it was nowhere to be seen.😞 So I'll be ordering another one of those. But I will say I was quite impressed with the "new" Goldfield program on an iron filled relic site. That's just one more very useful tool in our bag of tricks, so big Thanks to @Gary XP for showing that in his latest video and Thanks again XP! 😎
  7. I'm sure he knows by now. Now all we have to do is wait. πŸ˜‰
  8. Another great hunt and great haul, F350, well done! You mentioned a Biker Weekend coming up, well make sure you're the first guy there when they leave! They may make a mess, but they also lose a lot of jewelry and money when they party!... or so I been told...😏
  9. That button's a beauty! It's odd that it was found out west.
  10. Great hunts, OG, well done and congrats on the silver and gold and also for finding both halves of the broken gold ring! There's an interesting donut looking sinker next to a tenet peg in one of your photos that looks like it has some age to it.
  11. I agree with everyone else, I'm pretty sure I can make out some Chinese characters on all four sides of the square hole. A little toothpicking and maybe a stiff toothbrush might bring those out more, but it looks very similar to Chinese cash coins that I've found on relic sites.
  12. Awsome finds, JCR, and that button is beautiful, well done!
  13. I was reading through the video comments on Youtube today and noticed that Gary asked, "Who was the mystery detectorist, Post below". Someone replied, "Monsieur Alain Loubet" and Gary replied, "Bingo!", so it was a friend of his. Very clever, Mr. B! 😎
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