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  1. Well , my fix worked and there appears to be no internal damage to the coil. I got to try the 10x5 in a coal mining ghost town that only lasted from 1880 to 1920. The ground in the entire area was saturated with large to microscopic iron and tons of old aluminum as well. I used the 11" coil for a while but the deluge of tones was deafening. So I swapped to the 10x5 and I immediately got a clear and stable 20 on the TID. The tone cut right through the noise floor and it was a 200 year old ladies copper ring. Unfortunately the two stones were gone. The results convinced me that the 10x5 is a kee
  2. As far as I can tell, Coiltek packages them in clear plastic display bags. Some sellers ship them boxed and others ship them in mailing bags. Mine was in a mailing bag that had damage on the outside and when I opened it, the coil was damaged too. I can't understand why a vendor wouldn't spend an extra $1 to box such an expensive coil to guarantee it arrives to the buyer in good condition. I won't be shopping there again.
  3. Every sellers sells them at full price. They are sold out everywhere and trickling in from Coiltek. Mine came with a broken cable strain relief at the coil end, but I fixed it myself because no replacements are available.
  4. I did contact the seller and sent photos. They responded quickly and basically I have 30 days to return it in the original Coiltek packaging in pristine condition for a refund. Given the continuing lack of stock in the US, I think I'll just put a garbage bag on it and do some testing at a local park to see if it's fully functional. If it is, I'll probably just keep it and fix it myself. I would have thought such a huge detecting seller would have packed such an expensive coil more carefully for shipping. I ordered a much cheaper Nel coil for my old White's Prizm earlier in the month (from
  5. The reason I asked whether others received their 10x5 coil in a bag or a box is because this how I received mine in a plain mailer bag with no padding or protection.
  6. Question for those that have received their 10x5 coils... Was your coil shipped in a mailing bag or a box?
  7. That is an absolutely amazing site! It seems like there should be volunteer organizations that could monitor and protect historic sites like that and work with the land owners to help provide security while increasing the property values at the same time. I know that's a lot to ask of people these days.
  8. I snagged one off of Kellyco last night and now they're out of stock too. For what it's worth, I've had one on preorder from another vendor for quite a while. When and if it comes in, I'll sell it here (on the Classifieds) unopened for the regular price it cost me if anyone is interested.
  9. For anybody looking for the 10x15 coil, Serious Detecting is showing them in stock, as of the time of this posting. Serious Detecting
  10. Just touching base on this topic. I have aquired the necessary hardware and software to test this idea and discovered that it can work, and while my limited initial testing does not yet show if it will be accurate enough to aide in target identification or discrimination, I am hopeful that it will benefit hearing impaired detectorists, which is my main goal in this study. I will try to post more information with some photos and video of the equipment and testing in a few days (as time permits). I also believe this will work with other detector types and brands as well and be very inexpensive t
  11. I usually hit a local park on a weekday at about 8 or 9 AM. Since it's been warming up that's usually warm enough for me by then and mostly just a few dog walkers and joggers around. Since we can't dig plugs where I live, I do the "screwdriver" method and nobody has ever complained about holes or marks (because there are none that they can see). Most people just wave and some are curious and ask questions. Many of those are interested in how to get started in metal detecting. Many of my area parks are not entirely safe at night, so I opt out of night hunting.
  12. Even though there are obvious limitations with anayzing audio signals from detectors, there are definitely implications that could benefit the hearing impared in this hobby. I'm about chest deep into this now and working on some possible useable solutions. As I make initial builds and testing, I will post my observations. I will also post all of the instructions and list of parts and where to find them so that anyone can make it or help in the progression of this idea. I'm also trying to keep the builds as simple and cost effective as possible so everyone can to do this if they want to.
  13. Thanks Chase, I thought that was a long shot. Long shot #2... Can you use Bluetooth headphones and wired headphones at the same time on the Nox?
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