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  1. A scoop like this perhaps? Scoop and Break-Down Handle Here's one with a larger scoop... Bigger Scoop version
  2. Mine is more of a honey-don't list... Don't you dare buy another detector! Don't you dare go detecting when the lawn needs mowed! Don't you dare build a test garden in my Azaleas! Don't you dare get on that metal detecting forum when we have company coming. Don't you dare go detecting on that nude beach! ๐Ÿ˜Ž ...
  3. I'd recommend trying 67GTA's settings he mentioned. We have highly mineralized ground where I am and I run all metal most of the time with the iron tone set low, but still audible. That way a good tone really pops and isn't drowned out by the iron tone and makes it a little easier to tell if there's an iron target close to a good target. With your iron volume set on maximum, its going to make it harder to hear the good tones from bad and give you ear fatigue making things even worse. There is so much microscopic iron in my soil that I do have to notch out -9 sometimes to tame it and I also run the sensitivity turned down a bit and have the iron bias on high when not in all metal mode. These settings work pretty well for me in my soil. Hope this helps a bit.
  4. I printed my own from this free Thingiverse file. Coil Ear Protector for Minelab Equinox I printed it with Polycarbonate filament using 100% infill (no internal gaps). I also changed printing orientation to print it from the side instead of the bottom. This aligns the filament layers perpendicular to the common break lines of the tabs instead of parallel to the break points. It is much stronger this way. I've had it on for a year with no problems.
  5. Which coil are you using and how high is your sensitivity set at? Also, is your ground considered to have high, medium, or low mineralization?
  6. Here's the Fisher take on this problem. AQ Impulse Coil Yoke Perhaps some AQ Impulse owners could chime in on this about their experiences with it.
  7. These are US Army brass buttons and insignia from a WWII era Infantry dress uniform coat. After WWII the US and Crossed Rifles were separate pieces from the backing disc instead of one-piece stamped insignia.
  8. Having both left and right facing swastikas, these bowls are most prabably Asian, Hindu, Buddhist, or even Native American. They resemble rice bowls I've seen from Southeast Asia. They could also be funerary containers for cremated remains. There maybe some markings on the bottoms of the bowls that could give some clues. The German Nazi party only used right-facing swastikas and anti-Nazi Germans sometimes wore left-facing swastikas in protest during the early days of the Reich, but as you can imagine, those disappeared fast. I actually have one of those in my WWII collection.
  9. Well now I'm really glad I held on to the WM-08 wireless audio modiule that came with my Nox 800. I never thought I'd need it, but perhaps I will at some point.
  10. Awesome and eye opening stuff! I'd like to see the Nox 6" and 15x12" if possible. Thanks for doing all that!
  11. Mine glows when I put it on... is it supposed to do that? ... and these guys kept following me around the park... ๐Ÿคจ
  12. Lol, I found one in a local park this week! I guess there's more than one "One Ring". ๐Ÿคฃ
  13. Thanks! Yeah, that vaper hit hard at 30. I thought I had a silver half dollar for sure. ๐Ÿคฃ
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