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  1. Southern Relic Adventures posted a phone video of a part of one of TS's V0.8 videos. TS also "leaked" some Manticore videos before he was supposed to but pulled them down as well. It must be a trick to up views on the Youtube channel.
  2. So it could have been from small steel scissors with sterling finger grips that possibly broke off when the steel rusted away.
  3. That's odd. I checked mine with the detector off and nothing set off my pinpointer except near the aluminum upper shaft and down near the coil. It does go off when the detector is on because the it picks up the field generated above the coil which goes pretty high when the sensitivity is high. The chattering you are experiencing may be due to running the sensitivity too high.
  4. Way to persevere, Seeker, it paid off big time! Well done!
  5. Great hunt, Sirius, with gold, silver, brass, & lead, and a silver Rosie, well done!
  6. Well done, kac! That buckle, pot handle, and broken metal plate with the hole look like they have some age to them. Good Hunt!
  7. Awesome find, Stering! Is that wood or rusty metal protruding from the bottom. Because the angle of the oval part is offset a bit and looks rounded inside, I was thinking it could be from a pair of very fine sewing scissors.
  8. Very interesting finds, JCR, and they all look very old. well done! The hand auger, spike, and decorative piece are awesome. Is the larger object an axe head? The long item kind of reminds me of a scraping tool of some sort.
  9. Another great find, Steve, and incredible cleaning job as usual, well done!
  10. Congrats on your first hunt, Geologyhound, great finds, well done! The Silver Slayer program is great for coins, but as F350 noted, it will miss a lot of gold and even silver rings, depending on size and shape. You can change the notches on that, or any program to allow more of the gold range in. F350 also mentioned ways to determine some trash signal from good one. Big objects will usually ring in high and iron will false high on the Pitch audio. Raise the coil up to 6 inches on a loud high ringing suspect target. If it is something like a large can, it will sound the same as you raise the coil. If it is a high conducting coin or jewelry, the sound will fade fast as you lift. Also turn 90° on suspect targets as you sweep. Bad targets will usually change sound and ID drastically, but good targets usually sound good and ID the same as you turn. You should dig everything at first to learn how the D2 responds to each type of target. I still dig suspected trash targets from time to time just to verify them. A lot of what you know from your XLT will carry over into the Deus 2, it just has different ways of responding. As you get use to the sounds of the D2, you'll learn to hear slight differences in different types of targets which will help tremendously. There is so much to learn, but you are well on your way. 😎
  11. Thank you for that review, Colonel! I got my 280 long before I got my D2 and it accomodated my other detector well, but haven't flown with either yet. I actually never considered using the 280 to fly with and usually pack my detectors (all except the control pods) in a checked suitcase. I have to fly next month with the D2 and was wondering if I could put the coil in a checked bag or would have to carry it on with the control pod because of the internal batteries. I was considering getting the hard plastic case to carry on the whole D2, but your review convinced me I can use the 280 instead. Thank you again!
  12. Well great finds again to you GB, and it was a fun test! Cheers! 😎
  13. Very nice find! That looks like an old stamped religious medallion or button face. I found a very similar looking artifact that turned out to be the front of a two-piece button from a priest's coat. Here's the button for reference.
  14. I would suspect that a well known beach hunter has the update test beta version too, I don't know, but if the video leaks have started, then the roll out can't be too far behind. I'm looking forward to seeing what we get and hoping for the best. 😉
  15. Well that was a hard fought and hard won button! Congrats, it's a beauty, well done! It's nice to see the D2 can handle the infamous red clay of Culpepper.
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