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  1. Excellent analogy and so true! That stuff is really soft clay. Your foot sinks in 6 or 8 inches and it requires a lot of effort to get it out!
  2. Got out to the lowered lake on Saturday which happened to be my birthday. Got this ring which wad missing the stone. It doesn’t have any markings anywhere, but it looks like it tests at 14k. I also got a small .925 heart bracelet and 925 stud earring which I forgot to get pics of but will add later. No silver coins this time but 9 wheats and a buffalo nickel. As a bonus got $6 something in clad. more pics of the ring. All shown are 14k Acid test. Left to right: 10k, 14k, 18k acid A muddy mess. Very, very hard to get around to detect in that slimy, sinky clay! Another ring pic Here’s a pic of the bracelet and earring after I attempted cleaning them.
  3. Wow, a flying eagle and a sitting eagle! Congrats on not only some great finds but a great site!
  4. You know it and I know it! I’m going to try again this weekend.
  5. Probably why I’m reluctant to part with my nox800 with the 6” round coil.
  6. I’ll be 61 in a few days. Thanks for the recommendation on the Braggs. I’ll give it a try.
  7. I’d think I was in detector heaven if I found any one of those coins. Way to go George!
  8. We have a 30 acre lake on the property where I work. This is the first time since I’ve been working there (4.5 years) that it’s been lowered. So I took off last friday and hit the small swimming area. I endured the mud for 5 straight hours and got two silver rings, $11.40 in clad and three silver coins; a GW, a merc and a rosie. I feel like I’m in pretty good shape. I lift weights (3) one and a half hour sessions each week and ride my bicycle to work each day. However, my back and hamstrings were so sore that night that I didn’t think I’d get out the next day. When I got up Saturday I was still sore but by late afternoon I had recovered enough to hit that area again for two hours. It paid off with $3.95 in clad, 5 more silver coins: a ‘45 war nickel, ‘42 quarter, no date SLQ, ‘17 merc and after tumbling the clad there was a ‘46 quarter in there! (Not shown, but it’s nice and clean! Lol) Here’s the rest of the stuff. And here’s a picture of the drained 117 year old lake.
  9. I say gold also. If that inscription from ‘93 is engraved you would have corrosion on those letters and numbers.
  10. I’m thinking of getting another D2 package. I’d like to keep the one I have now set up for water hunting. Then I’d like to get a new setup just for land hunting with 9” coil, shaft, remote and wsa2 headphones. I’m also thinking of getting the 13” coil to add to that package. I have never used the puck in place of the remote so I don’t need or want that…just want the remote. Anyone else have separate setups for land and water hunting? I’ll probably pull the trigger on this in late spring/early summer.
  11. No snow where I’m at, but getting down to 10 degrees tomorrow morning. Gonna warm up next week here too. Looking forward to your next hunt!
  12. That’s a Big piece of history! Congrats on all the great finds and letting me tag along vicariously.
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