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  1. Are we sure that CF means carbon fiber? It doesn’t look like carbon fiber. It looks like the CF stamp is molded into the shaft. Can that even be done with carbon fiber? Also if those shafts are made in France, do the French word or words for carbon fiber start with c and f? Not trying to stir anything up, buy if it was carbon fiber I would think they would advertise the fact that it is and it would look like any other carbon fiber shaft. That CF might be some manufacturing code or such.
  2. Wow! Just saw this. Can you tell us what state or part of the country these are from?
  3. Thanks for making me spend more money on my addiction! Just ordered one of those shafts. If I’m remembering correctly isn’t there a spacer needed where the coil attaches?
  4. Yep. The D2 suffers from that compressed upper vdi range. I’d really love an update that could address that issue. When you’re pressed for time, it’d be nice to be able to distinguish silver from clad. I know that usually silver dimes and quarters come in ever so slightly higher (usually by 1 digit) but there’s been many times I was expecting clad and a silver popped out of the hole. oops! Forgot I was in the nox forum. Feel free to move this to the D2 forum.
  5. Reminds of the old Spinal tap movie: skip to 1:20
  6. I’m not a fan of big coils, but if XP doesn’t offer a smaller coil than the 9” then I may opt for the 13” just to try it.
  7. That’s a double “hell yeah”! Are you saying that those are new finds from a permission you’ve had for a long time or are those some finds from a while back? Either way you still get the double hell yeah. Lol
  8. Once again, great finds! That field is really producing. Oh, and that fifth pic down looks like a fertility ring! Lol
  9. 8 grams of 14k deserves a “Hell Yeah”! Congrats on the gold, silver ring and the merc, and on getting out, Jeff!
  10. Any gold makes for a great hunt, especially when it’s totally unexpected. Congrats Bob!
  11. Congrats!! A silver thimble is on my list.
  12. I just detected a new permission today that was nearly 5 acres with a large house and gardens. About half of it was really annoying as the neighbor had one of those invisible dog fences right on the property line. I tried different programs, lowering the sensitivity down to 80, and even single frequency (which seemed just slightly better), but nothing worked. Any ideas?
  13. Congrats on those nice finds Bob! I’m beginning to think the 9” coil is really the goldilocks size of coils. I’m surprised other companies like minelab don’t offer a 9” stock coil.
  14. Thanks and yes it has the stock 7” concentric coil. Just was wondering if the SSumax had something special going on inside. I know it’s 10khz verses 12 for the mojave, but I don’t see anything else that makes it all that much different or better.
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