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  1. I like the looks of those! With that strap above the knee it looks like they’ll stay put and not slip down.
  2. Congrats on a very productive hunt CPT! A Hell Yeah! for the seated quarter too!
  3. CPT, I revel in the fact that you used affect and effect correctly. Kudos to you!😉. Too many out there don’t use the English language responsibly. (I hope that last sentence is grammatically correct.) Lol
  4. My scuff cover on my deus II was never really very tight even when new and as time passed it became looser. It eventually got loose enough that one evening after a hunt in the nearby woods, I noticed it was missing. The next day I retraced my steps and lo and behold I found it. From that point on I taped it with electrical tape on opposing sides which worked really well for keeping it on even during fresh water hunts. However during those fresh water hunts I was getting a lot of sand between the cover and coil and to clean it I had to cut and remove the tape, clean the coil replace the cover and re-tape it so I wouldn’t lose it. I was getting ready to order a new scuff cover when I thought maybe I could heat up the one I have and bend it to make it tighter on the coil. So I got my heat gun out and gently (this is important) heated the cover in multiple places and bent it so it would grip the coil tighter. So far, so good as I haven’t had it fall off and I don’t have to tape it on anymore.
  5. Steve, I admire your willingness and courage. Yes, courage because that’s what it takes to fight that fear of losing something that gives you joy and entertainment. It’s good to purge. It simplifies your life. Good luck with those three, I think you have all your bases covered.
  6. Wow! How awesome it must be to be able to hunt in the back yard (or is it the front yard), of a medieval castle! Congratulations on all those great finds!
  7. Nice bunch of finds Mark! Looks like that 900 is working well for you!
  8. V1.1 for me. I made a program similar to Rattlehead’s silver slayer except I used sensitive full tones and instead of notching I set the volume to zero where I wanted notches.
  9. Awesome find! I’m still looking for a crotal bell.
  10. Yep, lowering audio response really helps to quiet emi. In most of the factory programs it’s set at 4. I usually run it at 3 or 2. The modulation really helps with telling how deep something is. It’s an audio depth meter for me.
  11. Took the kids to a local swimming hole on a creek and while they swam, I detected. I detected this exact same spot about a year ago but forgot to take my bone conducting headphones so I couldn’t dunk the RC. This time I remembered, but really didn’t need them as I found this nice sterling ring in about 18” of water. Some of the coins however were found with the remote under water. Used sensitive full tones with sensitivity at 95 and reactivity at 2. All other settings were stock.
  12. Haha! Believe me, I’ve hit quite few 1965s!
  13. I just watched that video on youtube….the comments were brutal. Lol!
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