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  1. Nice find! I've gone over areas I've pounded with the 11" coil and that little 6 incher will still make a good find. If one can be patient and slow down and not worry about the coverage the 6" will find the goods.
  2. Awesome find! Nothing like finding gold....especially 18k and heavy!
  3. Mine worked!! Looking forward to trying F2 in some old home sites.
  4. and he needed to confirm my address to ship my repaired compadre back to me. I sent in my compadre, I think it was last October, for warranty work. Then, two days later I read that they had laid off all their employees. Hadn't heard a thing since and wasn't overly distraught since I hardly ever use the compadre and I had a new equinox. But, out of the blue yesterday Vince calls and says he put a new disc pot and a new coil on my compadre and is sending it home. So if anyone else here had shipped one for warranty work and thought they might never get it back because the company went under there's still hope. It seems he's still working on making good on all the warranty claims as long as they were made before they decided to call it quits. I'm actually now looking forward to getting that little compadre back! I never did use it a whole lot, but it has found me two gold rings.
  5. Got to use my new ls pelso phones for the first time today at a creek swimming hole. Didn't find much of anything, but I do like the headphones. Plenty of volume, the tones are good enough...the low tones don't have bass like they do with the wm08's, but it's a non issue for me. As far as build quality, they're very nice and stout with a nice long cord. I didn't dunk them, but did dunk my nox for the first time!
  6. Thanks guys! I like the price and had seen the LS Pelso phones on Kellyco's site, but wasn't sure if these were the same or someone just copying them. Looks like they're $95 shipped with 3 day shipping from Hungary. I won't be diving, but only creek wading and submersing my nox control pod in the deeper areas.
  7. I really don't want to spend $150+ on a set of waterproof phones since I don't do a ton of water hunting. Anyone tried these: https://www.ebay.com/itm/LS-PELSO-WATERPROOF-HEADPHONES-FOR-USE-WITH-MINELAB-EQUINOX600-800METAL-DETECTOR/273858263213?hash=item3fc33978ad:g:CIQAAOSwIbtb6pHb
  8. There's a small stream not too far from where I live that has a smooth rock bed that you can slide down. So, the other day I took my kids there and I also took my nox. In fairly shallow (18"), but swift water my third target rang up a solid 12. I was in park 1. Got a 2.2 gram 14k ring. I don't have a scoop yet but I did just order one.
  9. This. The nox just seems to home in with the wiggle if you catch that good tone on your regular swing. I don't how many times I hear just a bit of a high tone and then go back to investigate while wiggling the coil and after a few seconds that signal gets clearer and clearer and I just know to dig.
  10. I would guess $200-$250 with tesoro going out of business. I have a vaquero also, but I'm going to keep it as a backup to my nox. I hardly ever get it out since I got the nox, but when I do use it, the fun factor is pretty high.
  11. There may be a difference in the audio of a gold ring verses a pulltab, but let's face it, to get that tonal difference etched into our memories, we have to dig a lot of gold. But that just doesn't happen. If gold rings were as plentiful as pulltabs I'm sure I could note a difference in the signal....if there is a difference. I don't believe air tests cut it on how it sounds in the wild. I've done air tests on gold rings and pulltabs side by side and just can't tell a difference in the audio.
  12. No? Seriously though, I've found three gold items with my nox. The first was a 14.6 gram 10k class ring that was the third target when I first got my nox. It rang up 20/21 and sounded really nice, but zinc cents come in at those numbers and sound the same to me. The second item was a solid 14k, 2.9 gram pin of a hand holding a baseball. It wasn't round, but oblong and it rang up a solid 10. The third was a 14k, 5.65 gram wide women's wedding band. It rang up a solid 17.
  13. Congrats on your first gold ring! It's a nice one too being 14k instead of the lowly 10k stuff?
  14. Another advantage to lowering the sense is that you'll get some nice modulation on the deeper stuff. Just going from 20 to 17 will do that and it still goes very deep.
  15. Wow, that barber's in great shape. I just found my first one about week ago and it's not nearly as nice as yours. Congrats!
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