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  1. I remember reading about the sea wolf mod a while back. I thought I might send my nox off to them some day, but that was before the new deus got announced. My nox is almost four years old now and hasn’t given me any problems but you never know. To send it off for the sea wolf package and have something totally unrelated to the sea wolf mod go bad is not a chance I want to take. I’m all in for the deus II with it’s five year warranty and (what looks like), better performance than the nox. As an aside, I really like the way sea wolf puts all of the buttons including the user program button on the face of the unit so everything’s accessible with one hand.
  2. Yeah, even though I’ve never seen a face shot of tnss, this Paystreak guy is lacking on the TN accent. Lol
  3. I like over the ear headphones better than the ones that sit on top of your ear. It looks like the ws6 sit on top of your ears so I may end up getting a pair of these. Of course I’ll try the ws6 headphones first. It may be that I really like them. It’s nice to have options though.
  4. Thanks for the video! Your English is very good.
  5. So you’re not taking a trip to the beach? I am dissapoint!
  6. Did the third one from the left have anything in it? 😂
  7. When something like this is found in the UK isn’t the finder only entitled to half the value of the item found? Or is that for multiple coins found (a hoard)?
  8. HELL yeah!! Did you try taking the ring and pendant off the chain and seeing what just the chain rings up as?
  9. Hell yeah! Sounds like you’re killing the silver halves! I’ve only dig two halves in five years of detecting. Halves seem to elude me, but I always read of other detectorists having trouble finding standing liberty quarters. I got four of those last year. It’s weird what coins were dropped in different parts of the country.
  10. Yep. It’s in the user manual page 41.
  11. I think I remember reading that it was only a few centimeters. Maybe someone can correct me if I’m wrong.
  12. Top notch write up! Thank you! I also don’t I will like how the target ID display is constantly alternating with the program name. Maybe xp will have an update to change that.
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