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  1. There’s one on ebay right now at $227.50 with 34 bids and 3 days left. It’ll be interesting to see what it finally goes for.
  2. My guess for a name came from seeing the name Eclipse mentioned above. I think a good name would be Dark Side Of The Moon! Any Pink Floyd fans out there?😁 Then, when we buy one, we can say we’ve gone over to the dark side!
  3. Dan notice the difference between your coil stiffener and the one I have. Your slides over the ears but sits on top of the coil. The one I have slides over the ears and also straddles the coil. On yours all of the lateral force is directed to the ears themselves with some on the ziptie. On mine, the lateral force is shared with the ears and the coil body as my coil ear stiffener also slides down over the edge of the coil itself, not just the ears. Something to think about in the different designs of coil ear stiffeners.
  4. I wonder why no manufacturer never reversed the connection and put the ears on the shaft end and the inner solid part on the coil. If the ears then broke all you need is a new lower shaft.
  5. Here’s a pic of mine zip-tied over the coil skid plate. Zip ties are pretty cheap so when I want to clean the coil I’ll just cut the zip ties and use two new ones when I put the skid plate back on. If you use pliers those zip ties can be pulled tight enough to make the coil stiffener feel like it’s one with the coil. I couldn’t wiggle it once zip tied. BTW, my coil stiffener was made specifically for my Anderson shaft.
  6. I’d love to see that happen. I’ve been thinking of getting a deus to compliment my now 3+ year old equinox. I may have to wait and see what happens with XP and the new Nokta/Makro.
  7. I love my tesoros. You can’t beat the simplicity of a compadre or a mojave. Do you just set your disc low and dig it all (that’s what it looks like from the pic of your finds). Or do you disc out low conductors. Or do you “thumb” the disc knob when you get a hit?
  8. Those ones listed on the classifieds are not the same model headphones being asked about in the original post. They may work with the equinox, but they aren’t the same model as the ones for the equinox.
  9. Try lowering the sensitivity. You can even lower it to 14 or 15 and still get decent depth. I’ve noticed that high tones will come in clearer in iron infested areas with lower sense settings.
  10. Not mine. I doubt if the seller will get that, but I thought it was a crazy high price. Seller also states that there were rumors that there were only 150 mojaves made.
  11. How hard is it to make the hard-wired coil cable on the compadre to a removable, plug in type? I have two compadres; one with the 8” donut and the other with the 6”. If I made them removable I could use them on my mojave and vice versa. I’m pretty handy and can solder. Just need a source for the connectors and which ones to get.
  12. Wow! That HAD to weigh your pouch down😀. Any idea how much all that lead weighs?
  13. I really would like to try a predator raven shovel one of these days. The size of the blade is perfect, plus it looks very strong. If I ever get one I may modify the tip to an inverted V shape like the nomad has.
  14. I snapped my nomad blade after about a year of usage. I usually dig a four sided plug the width of the blade. Each time I push the blade in the ground I pull back on the handle to loosen the plug. After digging many, many plugs like that the flexing of the blade finally gave in and it cracked at the top serration. Since they are only $40 shipped I got another one.
  15. I’ve been using the root slayer nomad shovel. I really like the inverted V edge. Instead of glancing off small roots the V grabs onto them and cuts through. Plus I like the size of the blade. I would like to try a predator raven shovel some day.
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