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  1. 21 wasn't a great year for me getting on the gold. I panned a few specs and finally tried some MDing in Nevada but got skunked. I hope I can find that nugget this year.
  2. I read an interesting article last year by someone from France with some impressive gold! https://www.xpmetaldetectors.com/en/ba/the-blog/gold-prospecting-in-africa-with-the-xp-deus-v3.php Incidentally, a man in Cameroon messaged me on FB not too long afterward trying to identify some crystals. They were nothing valuable but then he told me he wanted to get a gold detector there so he could join the rush but of course he doesn't have the resources and needs help. It made me wonder if some enterprising person there in Africa could make a business grubstaking local prospectors with detectors.
  3. I've seen that video a couple times. Fantastic finds. It looks to me like significant work was done to remove overburden though in order to get down to those guys. That wire gold is beautiful and I thought it'd be awesome to find some of that too.
  4. Thanks for pointing out the F19, I never looked at that one as an option but it looks like a good one. Yea I really wish the 10" came stock too with the gold bug too, oh well.
  5. I'm wanting to get a Gold Bug, with the 10" elliptical coil though. If I get one with the stock 5" coil how hard would it be to sell the coil and what do they go for?
  6. You're correct, the Liberty area is heavily claimed. I believe also that most of that big stuff was/is recovered from drifting and some pits that go pretty deep. There's some gold throughout the gravels but much of the good stuff is buried deeply and well out of reach for one guy with a detector.
  7. I want to get into detecting here and I know that there's a couple places where at least some nuggets have been found but in general WA isn't known for much big gold. Does anybody know anything about or have experience with detecting here?
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