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  1. I also emailed Garrett a few years ago...I bought an ATX as well. Only owned it for a month, found maybe 20 bits of gold with it, mostly with the 8" coil (bump sensitive as hell). The sh*tty ergonomics of it completely stuffed my shoulder to the point where I needed surgery 2 years later. I couldn't use a heavy detector for 3 years (hence my 'conversion' to the Gold Bug 2 and the 24K). In my email I asked exactly the same questions and suggestions as Steve did....make the ATX into a lightweight, aftermarket-coil friendly prospecting PI, instead of the collapsible military Mine detector afterth
  2. But, it is a key question which ML I fear, will never answer....if you are going to release only 1 coil for a detector....and then only one accessory coil a couple years later (as with the GPZ), then why not allow the aftermarket coil manufacturers to do the job for you? Especially within a short time-frame, as coil options sell more detectors. They did it with the SDC (finally) but not the GPZ until just recently. Coiltek is in the same city as ML's head office, where all the decisions are made. They would be the logical 1st option I'd suggest. But Nugget Finder also make sterling quality coi
  3. Pulse Induction tech in all of its forms, whether single channel, multi channel (MPS) or BiPolar (ZVT) has plenty of scope for incremental improvement. The keys are all to do with coil current-transmit gain, frequency, pulse-train timings, sampling speed (MPF) and various methods of extracting the ground signal. All of these offer potential answers to extract more gold from the ground, either singularly, or in combination. For instance, can you imagine a high frequency, fast sampling BiPolar PI with high transmit gain using a DDO coil? I suspect there wouldn't be a single speck of gold left wi
  4. The only REAL competition is with themselves and time. Once the market appears saturated for any particular niche, sales begin to wither and they then know, its time to release the next bit of technical improvement to bolster sales once again. ML are always 3-5 years ahead of themselves in either theory, bench-concept or field prototype. The massive profit margins they reap (always 70%+) allow big R&D expenditure to 'reach into the future' and slay any potential rival. Only Garrett and Nokta appear capable of building anything that would even come close to some of ML's product range. The
  5. There's obviously some 'grey area' in Africa/ME....they are allowed to get away with a lot more info disclosure whilst everyone else must keep 'Mum'. Almost all of the distributors for Africa are based in the Middle East, which is why all of them have zero field-use videos. 90% of them have zero field experience actually using ANY goldfields metal detectors anyway....but they have extensive contacts and a huge in-field network. This is why they sell sh*tloads of detectors for Minelab (more than Aus and USA combined) and seem to be impervious to gag orders. Australian dealers are notoriou
  6. JP, I'll never say 'mastered', but I switch between 3 different timings often. Tracking speed sometimes too. Its all a matter of knowing how 'bad' the soil conditions are and what size gold you expect to find in any given area...also what size coil is being used. But, switches and knobs can sometimes give you a false sense of knowing whats right and wrong....maybe the Geosense tech can do it better? Given that you have trialed the 6000 extensively prior to full-scale manufacture, we all would love to know your thoughts and results achieved....once you're allowed to of course πŸ˜‰
  7. Seems very logical that seeing this current video, it now suggests that almost ALL selective functionality we've come to expect and enjoy from using the previous GPX series is now automatically selected via a logic processor instead. Tracking speed, pulse-train timings, sweep speed (retune) and search mode are now all NOT user selective. This is obviously in response to customer demand from the Middle East/Africa to make a PI that is less 'confusable' to lesser experienced operators. Whether this will supply western detectorists with the required improved performance is yet to be seen.
  8. If it can beat my modded 4500, then I'm interested.....only finger-biting concern is the price! If I hold my breath and pray to the gold gods, it will be around $6K AU. Expect I'll be disappointed....πŸ˜’
  9. I got my 4500 fully modded by Detectronics last year. 250+ pieces of gold later (2.55oz) and I cant go wrong. Coupled with a 9" Elite coil and a Rodworthy EMI shield have made it the best detector Ive ever owned. Super quiet (almost zero EMI), fully adjustable frequencies and transmit gain make it a killer for small gold at depth and bigger gold with big coils. I get gold 99% of every day out. Loving it! πŸ˜ƒ Pic shows all my gold since Xmas (1.1oz).
  10. I was gonna say that too Karl....ever since Jack passed away, Tesoro had no Engineers....main reason why they went bust. No innovation= no sales.
  11. a pulse delay of under 5uS with ground tracking and the ability to use mono, DD and AI coils would be a huge bonus!
  12. I think it needs to be said.... INNOVATE OR PERISH. I would've thought that Tesoro going under was a perfect wake-up call to the whole industry (especially in the US). The 24K was the only Whites product Ive been excited about for over a decade. Lets face it, Minelab, Nokta/Makro and XP have the Lions share of the coin/treasure/beach/relic market sewn up worldwide with only a decent percentage of 'loyal' US users continuing with American made products. The rest of the world looks at US detectors and says....'meh'. Ask yourselves, when and what were the last US made detectors that
  13. Now we just gotta wait for the Impulse AU to be announced lol A gold prospecting version HAS to be on the cards....
  14. A guy here in Oz has a heap of spare parts etc leftover from the Tesoro dealership (ex Dave Bishop) in Wodonga. Ad here: https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/west-wodonga/miscellaneous-goods/metal-gold-detector-parts-coils-etc-tesoro-and-more/1238050515
  15. OK, well thats that cleared up...makes sense anyway at the price they sell for....many dealers couldn't afford to stock them in any other fashion I'd expect. No doubt that will continue when the new, more expensive replacement arrives on the scene too lol 😁
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