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  1. The Director of sales of Minelab when the 4000 was released said 'Coils sell Detectors'. The more variable the detector IS for different environments and tasks, the more attractive that detector becomes. Something very obvious to us end users, but that which is completely oblivious to Codan's board.
  2. Yes, all of the above options are absolutely worthy of prototyping and evaluation. Smaller DD coils are sorely missed options for the 6000 also at the moment.
  3. This is an indication that the manufacturer hasn't deconstructed a Garrett coil to inspect the shielding values nor the position of the screen wire. Both crucial in allowing the cpu to set ground balance values. Just testing the inductance & resistance values via the coil plug won't cut it.....
  4. Nel is another Ukrainian coil manufacturer like Mars and Cors. I understand that Nel and Cors have suspended manufacture due to the war but Mars are still going on a limited scale.
  5. Yeah, absolutely correct....and big mineralization! The 5" is quieter. Even with my 24K, the 6" CC coil was my go-to coil. I wanted a 6x4 DD but couldn't get one for a sensible price anywhere 😞
  6. This whole subject has been covered in another thread/post but you've nailed it completely Simon. Minelab/Codan have the ability to weather any/all costs-of-production with their low cost production regime and 500-800% markup. This completely discounts any variance in the US$ exchange rates being a crucial issue...but of course does add a small percentage of fiscal stress. But the big issue is the large drop in revenue and profit this last financial year, which has panicked them into a rash and impractical decision to ramp up prices, instead of stimulating sales with new product/s. Simon, your last sentence sums up ML's problem perfectly. If they want to stay at 'the top of the heap', someone needs to shake the sh*t out of the board and place a product specialist (who knows the products, industry and community) next to them, advising constantly. I fear all they have done is allow Nokta to trample all over them in the future.
  7. Yeah I saw a couple web pages showing 3D Printer CAD files for prototype CC coil shells of the 'right' sizes....well worth thinking about. 👍
  8. Yeah, good idea, air tends to not weigh much lol... I tried that many years ago and I added too much....the epoxy cracked. Steered away from it after that, but I'll give it another try when I play with the CC idea next year.
  9. Thanks Carl, I saw Dons original website was non existent and thought he was retired? I thought about expoxy'ing the coil but was worried about the weight...but seeing how I currently can only find small'ish shells (Ive got a couple of Bill Hayes 12" ones lying around), its probably not worth worrying about....I'll give that a try I think 🤔
  10. Anyone know of any person or company, worldwide that sells coil shells? Thinking about building a smallish CC coil for the Legacy Minelab PI's. I only know of a Bulgarian and Ukrainian seller but neither has coil covers to accompany their shells. The Ukrainian one (Pictured) is only a 9", so the receive coil will be C.5" at best.....so should be sensitive but not great overall depth for larger targets. Any ideas????
  11. Its a very exciting development, pity its through X coils though.....great product but crazy pricing. If I had a decent ABS coil shell to work with, I could build a CC coil for about $150, costs only. Plenty of old ML DD coils floating around to deconstruct & obtain the transmit and receive coil specs from. When I had my 4500 (and earlier models) I built maybe 9 coils for it. Using old Hayes USA and Bulgarian shells. Also a pity that Detech only ever made big CC coils for the legacy ML machines....the size that X coils are developing (or slightly smaller) would be killer....
  12. Something insane....probably 4x what any other coil from Eastern Europe would cost. Sell a kidney and you might be able to afford it 😁
  13. If you're on FB, it might be worth joining a group called 'modded detectors and gadgets Australia'. Lots of advice direct from dozens of users. They mostly seem to suggest that Mick from Detectronics has the edge with new mods these days. 👍
  14. Wow NK, quite a bargain! Lotsa goodies there for the $$. The PMC Scarab coils are a bit weighty but punch deep and very robust. The skid plates never wear out lol. The whole kit would benefit from a good suspension system with a hip stick and swing arm. Might be worth sending the 2200 back to Woody or Mick to get the latest mods done if it was done more than 2 years ago. Quite a lot has changed I hear...
  15. The 12x7 is super quiet and stable, better than any other mono coil out there. The edge gap until a signal is heard is maybe 1cm.... so its not much. The 10x5 is pretty much the same and on some targets, its worse. The 10x5 is sharper and slightly more sensitive. Plus of course, its smaller and less prone to mineralization noise due to its size. Both coils are great and best to have both in your arsenal I reckon.
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