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  1. Any dirt here in Victoria.... the hoe-picks are a must have, along with a good bar and a pinpointer (which they neglected to use).
  2. The early Whites CC coils are extremely 'crap' here in Oz, even in ground we consider quiet or mild. The amount of groaning noise masked most targets to the point where it was a 'throw away' coil. USA soils might be a far better match than here.... Minelab even tried to copy the Whites CC coil for their XT17000 as an accessory coil (internals were identical & same specs) and that was also a waste of time here. The DD coils totally transform the early high frequency Goldmasters though, a totally different beast!
  3. I got a used one from the USA (Ebay) a few years ago for only $150 and used it a lot for a few months until I managed to find another GB2 for a reasonable price...BUT I also had to replace the crap Conc coil (red label one) with a later-built GMT DD coil. Fabulous detector and a joy to use especially when you've got a bung shoulder lol. Some pics here of some of the gold I got with it:
  4. Ive only been waiting for one for a year...... patience is pretty thin lol 😭
  5. yes thats a multi IQ machine with a narrow band GPR...Called the MDS10 nowadays. Still not for gold prospecting unfortunately....
  6. Chase, can we see more of your Aptx wireless headphone setup??? I am having difficulty in getting a decent LL transmitter to plug into my GPX4500.... I'd be most appreciative seeing your full setup (transmitter, receiver & preferred headphones). Thanks ☺️☺️
  7. GPR for use on the goldfields and versions thereof were trialed, developed, altered, modified and re-trialed many times over the years and all failed to live up to expectations due to the mineralized ground conditions. 1st one I saw was back in the 90's. Various European and US companies attempted it.
  8. Ive used every high frequency VLF gold prospecting detector from the original Whites Goldmasters, the Fisher Gold Bug 2, GMT, Kruzer and the GM1000. The 24K is superior in most areas but especially performance. For small gold in mild ground conditions, the 24K is hard to beat.
  9. Haha, Minelab have the reputation of building detectors that perform and improve technology. A 5000 without coil options will sell like a dinner plate wired to a cardboard box....on a stick of course... 😉
  10. Perhaps Its just Minelab attempting to recreate the wheel.... you'll notice that 'time constants' are mentioned as well as the sampling (measuring) period which are all PI references. The only constant wave part is during the receive- sampling section of the code....which shows its more of a hybrid system with perhaps PI as its core....remember it still has the same audio as the GPX's and the dual channel MPS (which isnt acknowledged but easily heard by any operator) reverse tone audio responses. Maybe someone can correct me, but I seem to recall the very few references of the operating frequency being in the PI ballpark also..... Minelab technicians also referred to GPZ as a PI type when it was released initially. I 'feel' that going by user experience and the tech-speak, the 7000 is a hybrid PI with a fancy name. But of course the tech works......and works damn well. Hopefully ML expand on the tech and bring us all something even more amazing
  11. The GPZ IS an evolution of a Pulse Induction detector, just with extra bells and whistles. Just coz Minelab prefer to use another acronym, (ZVT) don't mean it aint a PI.
  12. All those coils shown are field test prototypes using Bill Hayes shells. The Tarantula coil was a big red/orange colored 18" round in both mono and dual loop types. Those guys did a heap of experimentation with various designs incl the spiral mono, concentric, stacked-cone mono and co-planar ideas years before anyone else, from a garage in Mt Gambier. Their AI designs are killer on the salt lakes in SA/WA and the Scarab AI punched deeper than any Coiltek AI I ever owned & used on my 2000 or 4500. The 12x4 AI is incredibly sensitive to tiny gold on a 5000 too.
  13. Given what was said to dealers at the conference last year regarding this new PI, they expect an even more insane price tag to be accepted because the performance of the prototypes has been outstanding. Expect a 'rush' akin to the release of the SD2000 they reckon. Maybe they'll see sense and rely on volume of sales and not even higher profit margins???....not holding my breath. MT, the only 'true' verification will be in May. Until then, we'll hear more of the same well-sourced rumors and nothing more....
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