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  1. No, but I'll give that a try and mentally tally the results after a week or two....should be interesting!
  2. I'm sure if it had a solid piece internally that was over a gram or so, it would've triggered a Ch1 (dipping-inverted) response. All the pieces were hackly and spongy so Ch2 it was..... Amazing depth though! I'll pay more attention to these deeper signals with Ch2 response in future. Certainly different to a 4500 or 5000.
  3. I prospect to supplement my income so unless its an amazing looking specie, in the crusher it goes! Ive found thousands of species better looking than this one, so it wasn't an issue for me.
  4. Another milestone today...I finally broke the gram mark with the 6000. Got a nice specie today, 77gm total weight, crushed up only 8.8gm of gold though. Was a positive channel 2 signal though, not dipping and over 10" deep. Sounded like a big lead shot from the top lol. I'm at over 50 grams now, definitely 'in the black'
  5. Myself and a friend intend on doing a side by side comparison video with the 12x7 and 11 when available. Undug targets and EMi evaluation too.... end of the month I hope.
  6. Most serious detectorists who are 'pro' have a secondary income. A bad month could provide you with a 6 foot hole otherwise....
  7. Costs for me are low, even with the high price of fuel at the moment. I spend maybe $10 most days to get to my local Goldfields each time, thats all. Then, once a week or two, I'll travel an hour at most to get a change of scenery and reminisce about my old spots from decades ago. Ive gotten gold on every spot with the 6000. In fact, Ive never had a dud day with the 6K since Ive owned it.
  8. SUCCESS! Its done and dusted.... I'm already 'in the black'. Since May 10th, Ive found 255 bits of gold for 41.79 grams. 184 hours detecting. The 6000 now owes me nothing, its all cream from here lol. The extra 1.79gm has paid for the canvas protector and neoprene arm rest cover set. Suppose I'll still have to find another 8.1 grams to pay for the 12x7 NF mono coil but I will have that 'in the bank' easily by the time it becomes available. At some stage soon, I'll take a pic of all the junk Ive found....its considerable.
  9. Me too.... any time that 10% of a popular commodity is taken off the table, it tends to spike the price. The powers have decided that its not that big an issue just yet..... no deviation in $$ so far....
  10. All our outback welcoming committee is ready n waiting for ya Paul
  11. If anyone in the US can find a spot where you can actually weld the soil into pig-iron, you are getting into semi-Australia type conditions. I haven't seen or heard of anything remotely similar there?
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