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    Minelab GPX4500 (modded), Whites Goldmaster 24K, Teknetics T2.

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  1. Ask any ACTUAL scientist who has been given all the data and the actual method of the AGW theory and they all say 'This is complete BS'. My science background is in Phytology where Co2 is a very important factor....it took me less than 60 seconds of reading it to realize that this is a major con-job. The climate has been changing significantly ever since the end of the last Ice Age approx 11,000 years ago, both up and down. The infinitesimal increase we are currently experiencing is absolutely nothing compared to what Mother Earth has performed to our planet in the past. Nature has adapted and evolved perfectly well to all of that and will continue to do so I suspect lol
  2. Seems like FTP would be be kind to divest Fisher from their portfolio and sell the business so that such an Iconic brand name can be resurrected and new products actually realized on time. Its seriously getting embarrassing.... With such poor investment ideology, all of the FTP detector brands will soon fade away just like Compass, Tesoro and Whites ๐Ÿ˜’
  3. Fully agree with Peter. The Nox is a far more capable machine with a lot more variable uses. The GM1000 is a unit you will either love (especially if you're a beginner) or hate. Seeing how you have experience with a GB2, I expect you'll utterly hate the Monster like I did. Owned it for a month and traded it for a 24K. Best decision I ever made lol
  4. Not worth a second of viewing anymore.....ask anyone who's been on the show in the past. 90% fake or 're-enactments' of events that took place weeks before. Some notable people who were 'stars' of the show are now quite embarrassed to be associated with it. The Opal hunters series is a bit more realistic and a Sapphire mining show (by the same production company) is about to be aired this year too. Hopefully they will learn by previous mistakes.
  5. The Bridge has wings and a comfy seat.....but usually poor food. Lots of good prospecting tour operators here to point you in the right direction and get you started here in Oz. Book a flight and stay for at least 3 months....you'll have the time of your life!
  6. I can see both sides of this 'argument'. Like it or not, social media has become a huge marketing potential focus for detector companies. How these companies address this cheap/free/semi-free source of advertising is yet to be seen entirely. Mostly, the poor quality video content is due to people trying to gain attention to themselves or their channel without reference to the manufacturer or their product. The better quality YT and TT or even FB and Insta promoters with good video and editing skills are gaining ground for sure though. You can see from several UK based channels that they are supported by a couple of the 'big players' via Regton and Leisure Promotions. This sort of 'supported by' content is surely growing and the big detector companies would be crazy to ignore the low-cost advertising potential. If that means taking a few pointers from these quality promoters to create a slightly more video-friendly detector product, then why not? As long as it doesn't lower the performance of the unit, the potential sales expansion could be staggering. But on the other side, manufacturers need to stay focused on in-field performance ability, and poor quality social -media content creators need to look at the ones doing it well and learn from them. I have literally 2,000+ video clips of me digging up gold but I lack the time and drive to learn editing lol. So I don't upload much. Maybe one day.....
  7. The frequency select mod allows more energy to be 'pumped' into the soil for use with big coils. Anything over 20" becomes very minimal gain over the extra weight of the coil though. Ground noise saturation is always a problem, but Proper adjustment allows super quiet operation with all sized coils though. Play with the settings long enough and you'll find the 'sweet spot'.
  8. I've had plenty of 10oz+ years in the past and back in the 'good ole days', a 50oz season was 'acceptable'. Numbers wise, apart from 2020, every year since 2013 has been over a thousand pieces. Maybe the GPX6000 will get me back in the 'K' game again for 2022.
  9. Since Sept 2020, I've mainly used my 4500 since I got it modded. So my % of gold with the 24K these past 16 months is about 10%. Whenever my shoulder gets sore, I switch back to the Whites to give it a weeks rest! At 3.2kg, my custom 4500 weighs a lot! Of course the 24K is like waving air around!
  10. I got the transmit gain mod plus the multi-frequency select mod done. Included are heaps of upgraded other components also. In the high frequency setting, I can detect 0.05gm bits when using either a small bundle-wound mono (NF Sadie, CT Joey etc) or my Fave the 9" Elite flat-wound coil. The NF 12x8 flat-wound is also incredibly good. The more solid sub-grammers can be heard at up to 12" deep. The major 2 benefits are that you can alter BOTH the transmit AND receive gain to make the detector super quiet so that tiny or soft signals can be heard (without EMI induced warbly threshold) and the operation frequency can be adjusted to suit the coil size you're using. I use the high frequency predominantly unless I put on a big coil for deeper gold, if I already know its there. My 4500 was modded by Detectronics.
  11. Just curious as to how well (or not so well) your 2021 went gold-wise. Not a terribly good year for me, lots of delays, weather issues, Family issues and car breakdowns ๐Ÿ˜’ But still got 605 pieces for 2021 for almost 5oz. Biggest was 8.5 grams with a 3.5gm and 3gm being the next biggest. No interstate trips so no big tallies.....maybe next year if Covid allows. Attached pics show just the last 2 months worth of gold, including the 3.5 grammer in the last pic. How did all you guys go this year??....any 'Biggy's'??? Happy New Year to everyone!
  12. Looks a lot like Electrum, rather than JUST gold. If so, it would be worth a sh*tload more $$. But it could be just the type of acid process you used, that makes the gold look pale.... still an awesome result ๐Ÿ‘
  13. Minelab's business is NOT coils, its detectors. You'd be better off asking NEL, MARS or Coiltek.
  14. All my own fault Simon, I ignored something which should have seen surgery many years earlier than I did. ๐Ÿ˜’
  15. I got to 35 years of detecting when finally I got calcinitis/bursitis of the left shoulder tendon from an unacknowledged (ignored) RSI injury. I had to give up any form of heavy PI detector (thanks to Garrett in releasing the ATX, which was the 'straw that broke the camels back') and went onto using lightweight high frequency VLFs. Although the 5 years using Gold Bug2, GMT, GM1000 and the 24K provided me with an extra 6,000+ bits of gold, the constant pain and endless painkillers finally sent me to the hospital to get surgery. The pain hasn't quite gone but at least now I can use heavier detectors again. One key 'takeaway'... just because you're 50+, don't ignore pain just because you might 'expect it'. It aint always arthritis.
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