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  1. This presentation only represents whats about to happen in the rest of FY22-23 which ends in July 2023. After that, all bets are off lol. As with everything that Codan does, there is a plan involved. Product Releases are always strategic so who knows what their plan is???? Wait n see.
  2. Jim, only 1 of the 5 pics is showing to me....rest are a fail 😞 Hope you get it sorted out.
  3. Nice! I miss my 24K.... thinking about upgrading my coin/relic machine to a Nox800 so I still have a VLF unit capable of detecting tiny gold in mild soils. But the 24K still is in my mind, the best VLF gold prospecting detector ever built.
  4. ....and you've even named it for them! There's a couple weeks effort saved already! LOL. As good a name as any other out there...and to the point as well. You're right too Steve, they already have a great 'chassis' to place the circuitry into. Now the waiting...........
  5. Yes, plus the exchange values around the world would make it a far more sensible option for the likes of Africa and Asia. As Carl said, the TDI-SL was envisaged as a fiscally viable option for the developing world. With the AQ Gold and NM's new PI project on the table now, the low cost options will begin to break Minelab's strangle-hold I hope.
  6. Outstanding! Pity we have to hear about it from a 3rd party.
  7. On more solid gold, 1 gram or bigger, a 20% increase would be huge! My spare Kidney would be on the market to buy that!
  8. People may be surprised to learn just how much 'noise' there is within a PI circuit, especially when dealing with mineralized ground. This 'noise' detracts a lot from the circuits ability to pluck a real target from the overall signal received from the coil. Couple this with the ability to increase the coil's power, pumping more energy into the soil and you have a very large window of electronic opportunity to improve upon. The improvements in circuitry and components which can function faster and more efficiently also add even more to the picture. Add a final couple of additions in coding (a-la Geo-sense) and coil type/s (CC and DOD etc) and.....you get the picture. Electronics boffins like Eric Foster (RIP), Bruce Candy, Don McCall and Dave Emery all had visions of just how incredible the apex of PI tech for gold prospecting could become, given further, incremental advances in technology. We all know that there is a lot of gold outside our reach, its always been the dream that a detector will come along one day that matches the huge 50% Advance that the SD2000 gave us back in 1995. Holding breath......
  9. They have a base circuit to build a quite capable gold prospecting PI, in the AQ.....but they simply don't give a sh*t about anything in the real, metal detector competition world. They're (apparently) quite comfy sitting on their hands letting the other 'real' company's slug it out. Very sad really, that icon brands like Fisher, Teknetics and Bounty Hunter are left to wither away. They all seriously need to be divested from FTP and allow them to become proper brands again. The only company actively creating a new prospecting PI aside from ML and Garrett is Nokta-Makro. We'll hear from them next year no doubt. So the answer you were looking for from Fisher is........
  10. Yeah me included....when ML announced a new gold detector back then, we thought it was the GPZ replacement. Now a couple years usually separates new prospecting detector releases and the 'word' is that the GPZ8 prototypes have been in and out of field-testers hands for a couple years now. We'll see after the next shareholder meeting.
  11. The GPZ8 is supposedly due in 2023 and we always hear about these things via the Codan Investor advice first. Next shareholder meeting is in Jan/Feb??? Probably something less joyous than the GPZ8 methinks....
  12. I hope this doesn't ruffle any feathers but my main concern is getting the Axiom in the hands of as many users outside the USA as possible. Now a few guesstimates* are included here, but my price reasoning for Australia is thus: Wholesale price: US$3,000* Exchange rate @ .65= AU$4615* GST Tax AU$ 460 Air freight (% of large consignment) AU$ 25 'Normal' wholesale markup (25%*) AU$1153 'Normal' retail markup (33%*) AU$1522 TOTAL AU$7775. Now, given that there will be % adjustments in the 2 markups and US wholesale price, we can now see where the AU$7300 RRP here in Oz comes from. Now I am not advising anyone to do this, BUT no doubt quite a few ppl will indeed do this... Get a 'Friend' to buy one in the USA @ US$3995 (Exchange AU$6150) then pay the GST tax and airfreight which will be around AU$6950 total. So, even though you're saving a few hundred $$, you have the issue of no local warranty support and all issues have to be dealt with by posting the unit back to the USA. IMHO, not worth the saving, especially thinking long term. If the exchange rate bounces back above US$-AU$ of .75, then we might have to rethink. I think the whole exchange rate issue is the main detraction. Sad but this detector deserves more exposure around the world. I sincerely hope it achieves this, despite the pricing.
  13. Same, did it all the time until I got a recurring ulceration on my gums. Thousands of nuggets got the 'treatment' until it got so bad that I got a pathology report saying it was a certain soil bacteria. Only occurred in WA, nowhere else. But, I wised up and stopped gobbing my gold. Now only need a bottle with some water, shake it up....same result and no infections.
  14. Minelab made everyone take note of the old 'Axiom' (pun intended): 'Innovate or perish'. Looks like Garrett listened.
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