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  1. There IS a program out there to read the resultant code, Ive seen it done. The frequency variation is easy to discern though, part of the chip appears to be a simple frequency matcher. I would have to chat with the tech who showed me to get more info. He made 3 bench coils for the zed back in 2017. Just for fun I think...
  2. Big tip for anyone considering making GPZ coils: once the patch cable is made, a sensor probe can be attached and the chip info is easily seen being transmitted from coil to the motherboard....those with the right equipment can determine what kind of data needs to be flashed onto the coil chip....I expect thats what our Russian friend has already done if he's making chipped patch cables for general sale...
  3. The GB2 coil has a square windings connector. The 'fireworks' are 2x ground-shield sprays of light gauge wire to attempt deadening of ground noise. Always a difficult thing to attempt when utilizing concentric designs in the goldfield soil conditions. the rest of the loose wire is excess tuning wire to reach the correct induction and frequency match. Ive seen much cleaner versions of GB2 coils than that...musta been a bad day when that one was made lol
  4. Re coil patents, the DDO design is an old one, both Fisher and D-Tex had DDO designs for certain back in the 70's and 80's. And, the Russian dude isnt the only one who has made GPZ coils. At least 3 other technicians/companies have made prototypes within the last 2-3 years....
  5. For use on the 7000, the X coils are all DDO (or now re-named DOD)....3 sets of windings, One large transmit, two smaller receive. X coils also make a typical spiral wound mono for use with all GP and GPX detectors.
  6. The family in question was using nuthin but Fisher 440's. 1st trip got them about 20oz....2nd was maybe 200oz. Nuthin smaller than 2-3 grammers though.....them was the days....
  7. I had a chance to go with a semi successful gold prospecting family on a trip to Western Australia back in 1981 and had to decline because of school commitments. They went anyway, hit a huge patch and bought a car dealership with the proceeds (still running today) and made million$. If I went back, I'd drop out of school and stay in WA until I'd filled a bucket of gold lol
  8. Editors Note: Split from Vanquish Thread Very true Reg, very few 'young'uns' are having a go....but a certain TV show is helping to a small degree I suspect. But from what Ive seen, the current 'instant gratification' generation doesnt have the patience or fortitude to spend time in the bush for more than half an hour...
  9. Amazing find NHNZ!!! From what Ive heard, your big one holds the record for the biggest nugget found with a 24K thus far. Beats my biggest by 192X lol Don't count on Whites giving a sh*t about it though....I offered for them to use all my pics n videos in promo for the 24K and they just ignored me. Piss poor effort by them I thought.... Anyway, Im sure your NZ monster will be spruiked about for many a year to come!
  10. Quite right, knowing what I do about ML in the past, their R&D dept is normally 4+ years ahead in concept/design/prototype phases at any given time. The reason Minelab have 'wrung the necks' of all their competitors (except, amazingly the Turks) is their massive commitment to R&D. Believe me, they can toss out a new detector whenever needed to fill a void, shrinking niche sales or to squash potential competition. Because all the boards, tooling and CAD is already on file, the lead time is fairly short. The SDC 2300 was released in a hurry and wasnt on the yearly horizon due to perceived competition from Garretts ATX. So, thats one particular case in point. Because of the news 'leaked' to the dealers, this might be on the cards again. If nothing tangible was revealed, this extended thread wouldn't exist past the Vanquish release info. But the release date for the new gold prospecting detectors will as always, entirely depend on sales volume of current machines and perceived or actual competition. But....the 4 year cycle is well and truly up for both the 2300 and the 7000. That much IS fact. We wait....and see....
  11. Nukem, yes the 'vanquish being the GPZ replacement' horse bolted almost a week ago... no discussion there. But the 3 new types of detector due out in FY19/20 suggestions are still open to interpretation until official word is released.
  12. Shareholder/Investor advice is updated quarterly with most companies, perhaps we can expect a surprise in October.... but who knows? Its not the first time that actual ML product info was 'leaked' well before its actual release....all we can say for sure is that there are more than a few models already overdue for replacement
  13. So sad...they just never invested in new tech or new ideas. A company stagnated & fallen. RIP Tesoro. Jack Gifford will be rolling in his grave 😞 I was a huge Tesoro fanatic back in the 80's and 90's.... Mayan, Diablo, Diablo 2, Toltec 100, Bandido, Lobo, Dingo, Golden Sabre...many a dollar was spent by me and my Brother on Tesoro gear. Found my oldest coin ever with a Golden sabre, found over 100oz of gold with the Mayan and the Diablos, Lobo and Dingo. Found almost 1 tonne of meteorites with the Diablos..... If they'd have competed with the big 4 in terms of tech and innovation over the past decade, I'd still have their detectors in my arsenal.
  14. See my previous post re the timeline and overdue replacement practices of ML. As far as 'rumors' go, if the info didn't come from the dealers that were informed about it at the recent dealer conference, it would indeed just be rumors. FY 19/20 is still a 12 month wait time and who knows exactly when either of the PI replacements will 'pop up'??? Maybe a betting man would expect just before Xmas???? 😉
  15. All us Aussies keep a very close eye on Minelab and its practices.... 4 years is about right for all of their High end gold machines to be replaced. The GPX4500 is the biggest selling pulse machine for ML (and maybe the biggest selling ever) but still, the 4 years were up and the GPX5000 was released.....despite the 4500 still selling well. Both the 2300 and 7000 are well overdue..... FY 2019/20 is still 12 months of potential wait-time....but the new 'Uber gold detector' wouldnt have been mentioned to Aussie dealers if it wasnt going to happen.
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