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  1. My minor interest in the Vortex is its new tech. The real-world usage is going to determine its practicality. Obvious potential benefits are the better ID ability to avoid target masking (esp in bad iron infested ground) and the touted recovery speed improvements. If this relates to more heard targets and less trash, plus equal to, or better depth than say the Manticore, Legend or the best Rutus/Tarsacci models, then it has massive potential for Garrett. They certainly need a win. We wait n see how the in-field and air test comparisons pan out....
  2. Algoforce use Cortex micro controllers and I was immediately thinking back in March that this could allow new timings to be added down the track. If enough energy could be dumped and a nice slow timing added, it could become a real deep-seeker for big gold and deep coins/relics. The Garrett 'Nothing Burger' seems like an odd choice for splitting the release into 3 units to start with. Going down the failed 'many models' route under a single banner. I do like the concept of the MD-MF tech. If it works fully in the real world with minimal glitches, it may well be a winner for those seeking 'goodies' in iron infested sites. But, I suspect that everyone interested in this tech will just buy the flagship unit with the other 2 being largely unsold......
  3. Coiltek have the manpower and dedicated R&D team to build new product much more quickly. Having the HQ of Minelab a few km down the road from their factory is probably a nice bonus too....
  4. Yep, spot on Simon, the dual layer spiral coils need height and width to make them work. the internal spiderweb former has to be about 1-2mm thick which adds to the dimensional problems. The 12x6-7-8 or 9 round designs are as far as the concept will allow dimensionally. A stacked mono is the only way to make a smaller mono coil with a flat wind. Even this adds height, much like the old school Co-planar coils we had in the day....
  5. Yeah, we also saw prototypes shown of the 16x10 for the 6000 back in 2022. Still not in production. A prototype is one thing, it being available to actually buy is another. Remember, the 12x8 EVO has been around for a long time and they are only a very minor difference apart from this 12x7 version. So very little is needed to create this prototype and we still havent seen it in the marketplace. Maurice posted that video 4 months ago and the video'ing was done quite some time before that. I love NF coils, I want to buy more....but the speed at which his factory can make available new product is very low.
  6. Same, both ones I tried were badly noisy and impossible to use in any practical sense. Ive heard that much later ones were typically better.
  7. Yeah they are tricky coils to produce and get right, like the DD's. Making them quiet enough to tolerate ground mineralisation and retaining their inherent sensitivity is not easy, it takes many prototypes to get it right.
  8. I think we can all imagine the time frame for this to occur if NF are doing it. Might see it sometime in 2026. Rohan has no capacity to even bring the promised 16x10 for the 6000 into being. Getting your 5000 modded will be an eye opener Simon. I wish I had the $$ to get another 5000 just to mod it myself.
  9. Ummm....NO. Minelab make decent $$ off the chip supply to Coiltek and NF and they aint gonna pass that off. @Chet has done the hard yards to pluck the chip and make an adapter, plus build his own coils to suit....no-one else has. Once your detector/coil is out of warranty, it dont matter what you do with your own gear. Just imagine what results you'd get with a decently constructed small-medium CC on a 6000?
  10. There is another option coming for the E1500, Legacy GPX etc very soon too. Litz bundle wound, fine tuned for the E1500 in a couple sizes initially. Spirals and CC's to come 'soon'. New business, with a lotta coil building experience behind it. They gonna be making coils for the Axiom too next year. Maybe even GPZ as well, but we'll see. Ive seen a couple already and some experimental all-terrain resin bonded ones, similar to the old Coiltek Platypus types. Interesting times....
  11. Goes to show just how close the 2 detectors actually are in a pure sensitivity test. Nenad doesnt explain what mode the E1500 is in though..... Fine or Ultra Fine? @PhaseTech???
  12. In my many years of Detecting around Laverton-Leonora etc, I have never had any such bites, nor seen any biting sandflies, even on soggy salt lakes. None. I am of the opinion that if you dont actually see any flies biting you, its likely fleas or a simple allergic reaction to the local flora. Lots of bug surface spray on your bedding and clothes plus some strong anti-histamine tablets are required methinks.
  13. Best single frequency VLF prospecting detector Ive ever owned. I miss it every day. But, I used it quite a lot in the goldfields whenever I saw a pile of stones (chimney rubble) or strewn broken glass and poked about, looking for coins or relics. It worked well for this, with a great iron reject and target ID. Not a great selection of coils for relic use though and Im sure no-one would regard this detector as a 1st choice relic machine. But, it will suffice for such a task if you had nothing better.
  14. Perfectly put.... Minelab may still have the tech advantage, with new ideas and designs multiple years in advance prior to release but Nokta has become the benchmark, thanks to Turkeye's poor Lira exchange rate and their horrendous inflation. Turkeye's exports are fantastic value along with excellent quality control and performance in many sectors, metal detectors among them. Minelab has lowered costs by using Plexus in Malaysia and methinks Garrett may be forced to do something similar in order to stay financially viable when dealing with a top notch world competitor like Nokta. Garrett seriously need a major 'win' to stay relevant. So many companies fail because their boards are filled with 'Yes men' who don't have a balanced, unbiased view on the marketplace. Garrett needs a 'Steve' on their advisory board who says it to them like it is.
  15. GPZ and ATX owners should get one of these when they buy new from the dealer! Expected RRP????
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