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  1. The MXT with 5.3CC is a killer in mild ground, had some success around Castlemaine with that combo πŸ‘Œ
  2. The last 523 bits on the slideshow were with the 24K, but not including 20 more with 7 found yesterday (see pic)...the bottom 5 on the scales are bits off the Welcome Stranger 😁
  3. I've heard some doubts as to the veracity of me finding over 6,000 bits of gold with high frequency VLF detectors in the past few years, so I put up a slideshow on the channel too:
  4. One of my favorite places to test new detectors is at the Welcome Stranger site....one of the most hard-hit places in the world. Tens of thousands of detectors have been over this site in the past 40 years,. It should be goldless, but today I proved it isn't.
  5. Nice pics.....think the reminiscence of Moliagul has given me a place to go hunting on the weekend now. I need to get away from 'home' goldfields and try a few old spots in the Triangle (y)
  6. Yes, you're quite right...it was one of my concerns also. Hence I tell viewers in the video description to ignore the date stamp lol
  7. Not blowing my own horn but this area, within 9km of home has netted me over 6,000 bits of gold since 2014 and probably another 1,000 back in the 'good old days'. All off old digging heaps....
  8. Yeah I know, the damned thing is stuck there and cant be turned off.....huge annoyance. But I love my cap cam and it works so easy with a click of a button. 😊
  9. Funny how a lotta people are interested in concentric coils now apparently.... another manufacturer made a few prototype 18" ones back in 2013, it flogged the NF superlite mono and 18 Commander mono (I saw it in action doing just that) and no-one was particularly interested. They wanted 10 pre-orders to make up the shells and couldn't get any more than 4 on the books. Go figure....
  10. PM Coils, they closed their factory back in 2014 I think but still make custom coils. You can contact them via Facebook. Their AI and dual field coils were awesome. Wish I still had the 12x4 AI. πŸ˜’
  11. I have a PM coils 18x14 AI coil and it runs perfect on my 4500..... zero EMI whatsoever. Also used to have a 12x4 AI but I stupidly swapped it for a Platypus mono... 😞
  12. I sent you an email Gil, thanks ☺️
  13. Sorry to butt-in, but am i to assume that a 16V+ power pack can run a TDI-SL perfectly WITHOUT any form of regulator?.....AND provide a sensitivity boost? My Brother uses a 2013 build SL without any mods at all and is his 'go-to' prospecting machine due to the extreme mineralization he has in his area. He's gonna do all of the mods shortly and wants to be sure there's no error. Thanks 😊
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