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  1. Starting to think may be a cache of silver half’s in a general area, that’s three (1861-1862-1863) from same area. Two months ago, I dig an 1861 1/2 dollar, a week later a local buddy digs an 1863 1/2 dollar. Today, I dig the third an 1862 1/2 dollar from same general area. From previous hunts, Plenty of musket balls have surfaced, some 1850-1860 era finds as well. But no other coins have surfaced, just these three seated half’s. A town short lived, 1853 to late 1860’s based from history books. Based from one of the books, Late 1860’s a row of six wooden cabins facing the river still stood. Took me about 11 years to find these row of cabins, wasn’t until a few months ago finally found the town settlement. It’s located in an orchard, with permission from property owner, I’ve been searching for this settlement pass 11 years. It’s an area I use different top end detectors, enjoy switching things up a bit and happy as a lark what ever I swing. Today, it was the Blisstool V6 (Beast) that nailed the seated half. Running the V6 with Ore mode, but with a higher fine setting to bring back depth loss yet retain fast recovery speed. These settings work well in this area, the town area is laced with old iron. Square nails, large spike nails, etc. Ore mode turns the Blisstool V6 into a fast recovery unit, enhances separation in areas with iron. Hopefully, The owner plows here soon the area surely needs it. Maybe more will surface? Thanks for looking, Paul
  2. Out digging with the MK 9 inch coil and man did I get lucky. I decided to head to an old sight and hunt in the woods. I was hunting around an old spring about 300 yds from an 19th century house. Was finding my usual shotgun shell cases and wire, buckshot and a 32 cal. bullet. When I got a huge signal!! I new it would be iron so I dug it anyway. Found myself an awesome horseshoe. Thought to myself that's got to be good luck. I stumbled around for a little bit and found an old spoon and a weird piece of twisted copper wire, seem's hollow with solid wires inside (no clue). I got onto a bunch of aluminum, not even sure how it got to where I was hunting. I was ready to call it a day when I got a big aluminum hit but it was different, it was a much lower tone. Dug to about 8 inches and popped a big coin, It was a 1942 WL 1/2 dollar. Man did I get excited!!! I decided to stay a little longer. About three feet away I got the same big signal. Dug that and popped another 1942 WL 1/2 dollar. I spent the next three hours finding nothing. I guess the horseshoe thing has some merit. Shotgun shell cases, two peter's Large P circa. 1915 to 1927 one UMC co. circa. 1900 to 1910 one USC co. circa 1926
  3. Hit a new site with my buddy Chris and it was a blast. I tagged these with Deus and Equinox...https://youtu.be/gdCJ9jPw4vU
  4. Most of you do not know the history of metal detecting and my family. We go back to the early 1970's, my dad, uncle, 1 cousin and I all were pretty avid TH'ers back then. In the 80's and 90's we took it to a new level and started concentrating more on older sites and doing research. Our old coin finds were better with a few Barbers and Seated Liberty silvers. The gold coin had still eluded us for all those yrs. We knew it was just a matter of time. Anyway about 20 yrs ago, my little brother started getting serious with detectors and making some nice finds. It was about 20 years ago when the McMullen clan broke the gold coin barrier (it was me) with an 1852 $2.50 piece found in OR. Then about 10 years ago on 4th of July I was greedy and hit another (my 2nd) GC of the clan. My relatives and family started getting a little jealous and well deserving. Especially my little brother who happened to be on that trip with me when I hit #2, It was a 1902 $5 found here in Idaho. Well last week I was with my brother in OR and his Equinox put a smile on his face in more ways than 1. Not only did he find a gold coin, but also a Barber and Seated Liberty Half. Me, I managed to find a clad dime, which is the 1st modern coin that I know of to come from this site. He does not do much with forums, but did say I could mention them and share the pics. I wanted to let him have his glory and then after a few days I'd share. Here is his 1839 $5, 1907 Barber Half and 1877 Seated Half. And you know what? I honestly was a little jealous for about a minute and then I realize his tears were real. I then became the proud big brother of another gold coin find for the McMullen clan. I'm so proud of this guy for continuing to go and just keeps on swinging. Now that I think back, it was meant to be and I was able to be there and share the precious moment with him.
  5. Another trade token and what I think is a love token. It's the same size as a dime and the reeds match up. Here's a pic of the hotel.
  6. Found a 11 in almost seated liberty half dime and I'm Impressed!!!!! I was very impressed. In iron littered site. I'm starting to become one with my Detector and not messing with preset modes much. Besides recovery and iron bias at f2 2
  7. Finally got out to the beach, lot of wash but wanted to give my seahunter a run and try out the m2 headphones instead of the stock waterproof ones. M2's make a world of difference in the audio on that machine, can hear the target much better especially tiny targets with the discrim kicked up. Dug much less iron as I can tell better what I am hearing. Anyways not much there as the storms ripped the dunes down and the banks are 9-12' up where they used to be only a few feet. Besides the wash I got all excited and thought I found another trime but instead it was a 1951 netherlands 10 cent. Amazing how it held up next to the other coins I found in the area.
  8. I just got back from a short 2 hour hunt on a 1830's property and found the usual clad, pull tabs, brass and a wheel weight. BUT I found an odd dime sized silver coin. It looks like its dated 1885 all inscriptions are unreadable except the date. It has a roman numeral three with a wreath around it and a woman with some kind of armor head plate. This is a coin I've never found before, Any clue???
  9. Today I finally had a chance to get out of the house for some much needed detecting. I decided to go to an old church just down the road that has been around since 1859. Seems that nobody has been there before as I found almost $3.78 in new coins. I had dug almost a pound of trash before finding anything before 1975. I then tried closer to the foundation where there was a ton of roofing nails and then I had a solid 34 tone that was down deep. I'm not talking 6 inches but it was almost 11 inches down when I found it. There at the bottom of the hole was a beautiful silver quarter, not just any quarter but a 1926 and it looks just fine to me even with the wear on it. After going a little further down the wall and another hundred nails, I found a very nice Indian Head penny in great condition. This IH is in better shape than the 1889 that I had found in my back yard several months ago and is the older brother of it as it is a 1877. For the 2 and a half hours I was out there I think that I had done enough for the day as I was getting to cold because of the wind. I hope you enjoy the picture of my new coins for my collection.
  10. Saying I had an epic weekend would be an understatement! I loaded the latest Equinox firmware update to try the new FE2/0 iron program, and it did not disappoint! I've posted about trip reports from this site several times over the years. It's always been a fun site IMO, you just never know what you'll dig, and it dates back to the early 1800's with history into the 20th century. It saw it's share of the Spanish, Mexicans, Emigrants, and Americans. It's getting difficult, lots of flat iron still left, but good finds have been thinning out, easy finds have been gone for years. TomCA won't even hunt there any more. This trip turned out to be absolutely EPIC! Unbelievable really, because there have been trips where neither Tom nor I have dug a single coin at this site, so to dig five period coins in one trip was astounding. Now if these were just five common 1800's coins, I would've left there an extremely happy camper, but two out of the five turned out to be astounding finds! An 1865-S Seated Liberty Dime AND a 1856-S INDIAN PRINCESS $1 GOLD PIECE!!! I am absolutely over the moon from this hunt! I got all the coins on video, if you have a chance, take a look: Without further ado: Right after she was dug and I just ran some bottled water over her in the field: Thanks for looking!! GL&HH, Cal <<<<<<<< THE ORIGINAL CAL
  11. The coin is badly burnt by NE acid soil, and the coin has gone may rounds in the ring with the ploughfound in southern CT with flat and dandy buttonsI can just make out what I think is “N N• R”. maybe the first N is something else, or the R is an E or an A, and the • dot is an acid blisterno other detail showingIts roughy the size of a george II hapenny, but letter are much smaller than on a HapennyVery heavy and thick 2mmbut egg shaped 26mm x 30mm
  12. Back from my MX Trip and wanting to get caught up with some readings and now posts. Approx 20 yrs ago I was detecting an old mining camp for coins/relics & found my 1st gold coin ever (only took 25 yrs of detecting). 1852 quarter eagle = $2.50 piece. Fast forward to last weekend, my customer Steve M is less than a mile from where my coin was found & he does this. What's even more thrilling, is he found it with a GPX-5000 while looking for gold nuggets. And...his is much better condition too. 1st two pics are his and the others of the worn out one, of course is mine. It is the exact same date and size of coin I found 20 yrs ago. I guess it is sometimes ok to find the wrong kind of gold. Anyone else have such unexpected digs when prospecting?
  13. It had been a year since I had a chance to hunt with my friend Strick. We finally were able to get together for 4 days of relic/coin/ring detecting. On day 1 we went to an old standby location (ghost town) we had visited many times in the past. Strick found 2 silver coins, an 1876 and 1877 Seated Liberty dimes in the space of 1 hour. I found a few buttons. Day 2 we took his boat up the Delta to a party beach where I hunted in the water for the first time ever. I had a blast using my CTX 3030 just wading up to my waist. I found 2 silver rings which beat the costume jewelry Strick got so I was the king that day. On day 3 of my visit with him, we were off to a private property in the low Sierra foothills of California to meet up with Strick's friend, the ranch owner, and detect an early gold camp. We have been hunting this area for a few years when our schedules will allow. The last time I was here with Strick he had found a Quarter Eagle and some seated coins while I had only found buttons. On this day things were not looking so great for me as I had only found one nice button and the usual assortment of period trash while Strick had scored a nice cast buckle wreath. We had just taken a break and had compared finds with the ranch owner, discussing the "whatizits" we had found. It was getting later in the day so we went back to detecting. I had earlier got into an area with quite a bit of scattered iron which developed into a nail bed which was obviously the remains of an old structure. So I returned to the heaviest area of nails which was about 250' away from the location of Strick's gold coin, and was carefully searching through the machine gun iron signals when I hear a definite signal but scratchy signal on my Deus. It was jumping around depending on which direction I swung but was repeatable. Just another bullet or cartridge I think as I pop the plug. Then I see about a quarter of a gold coin sticking out of the plug as it crumbles. I didn't stop to savor the moment or reflect on my find like you hear so many times. I started screaming like a 14 year old Valley Girl, " I found a gold coin" and waving my arms at my friends who were a short distance away. The coin was an 1849 Half Eagle. It has been my fondest detecting desire to find a gold coin and now I had realized it. On the journey back to Stricks I looked up the value of the coin as people always ask. I didn't much care as I did not plan to sell it but that is usually the first question from family and friends. I had not cleaned it well or looked at it too closely but I knew it had some wear so I figured a ball park figure of $500? It wasn't until we returned to Strick's place that he was looking at it through a low power microscope and he says" Her headband doesn't say liberty it says Moffat". I had never in a million years ever dreamed I may find a Territorial coin but I knew in an instant that I had just scored the find of my life. On Day 4 we went to a location of an old military base. Strick has taken buckets of military paraphernalia from there and he scored again. I found 2 pieces but they were severely corroded. I would say this has been the best detecting trip I have ever been on due to finding the Territorial Half Eagle. All the thanks go to my buddy, Strick and the ranch owner for getting me on that location. I will ask Strick to post his pics of his finds.
  14. I had an amazing hunt yesterday with two friends, at a farm field (most recently planted in corn) near an old house site. Normally, when I get a signal in the 38-39 range it ends up being a large trash object, so often that I sometimes pass them by without digging. In fact I have never in my two years of EQX800 ownership dug any "keepers" in that range, But this one had a nice tight pinpoint so I went ahead and dug, and at about 9 inches out came an 1884 Morgan silver dollar! I was absolutely stunned, truly a dream find for me. Not five minutes later, and just five feet away, the Equinox registered a nice 35 and this turned out to be a lovely 1902-O Barber half. Of course, I started gridding the immediate area closely but couldn't find a single additional coin. My buddy did the same with his CTX and also found nothing. So it apparently wasn't a buried cache, just a freak drop of two coins that somehow managed to survive plowing without significant damage. Of course, having gotten used to bypassing many of those high 38-40 signals, now I'll have to pay closer attention in the future! Having a solid non-jumpy VDI and tight pinpoint are key. (I was hunting in Park 1, modified 5 tones, recovery 3, Iron Bias F2=4)
  15. We hit the camp again and a water hunt ...killer coins showed up. My buddy found the side plate and I found the trigger...I gave it to him so it would be complete.
  16. I went back to my swimming home and got 3 unexpected surprises. I didn't think this place was old enough for what came out, but, I'm not complaining 😉 No jewelry today, but the coins more than made up for it. Running the 800 in: Park 1 Recovery 5 M Manual GB 3 Iron bias F2 0 Modified 5 tones Digging signals from 0-9 and 18-40 Sens 22 Quarter hit at 32 Half at 34 Dime 26
  17. Here's a nice little self-contained set of finds, these came out of a 1x1m area on a small pushed up pile of dirt and rubble in a local forest reserve. I've wandered over this area plenty of times before, but only now did I snag a good target. I had a hunch there had to be something of interest here but I just couldn't make it work... There was a smattering of aluminium pull tabs dumped on top of the pile to cause distraction as well. Can't work up any more targets even with the nox set at F2-0, tempted to get the pick out there and turn it all over a bit. 1873 and 1877 pennies, an 1842 groat and a silver cufflink made in 1911.
  18. After last weekend's miserable trip and very few finds today I was off from work and simply had to try out a couple places. The first place was a new permission. All I found was a clad dime, 1 wheat penny, and a copper lincoln. Lotsa junk targets though at that place. Frustrated I left there and hit another place on the way back home I've been to numerous times. It's the same place other silver has been found. The T2 and ORX both had ran over this place and not found anything else worth digging. What a perfect place to test the new Equinox 800 at, huh! First couple targets were assorted junk items like thin wires and can slaw. I then decided to cherry pick and only dig high tones. Horseshoe mode engaged could hear all kinds of iron garbage in the ground. Turned that off and went to disc. Got a sweet high tone and it was repeatable. Dug it and down 9 inches popped out a 1934 Mercury Dime. Also found a crusty wheat penny but unable to determine date yet due to crud on it.Although the face is scratched up (I did not do that) the sides still have very pronounced ridges. The back edge is worn down a bit. Very happy to see this coin with the Equinox. The other detectors never seen this dime and I ran over that same spot multiple hunts with both the T2 and the ORX. This one place has been good to me but really think there is no more silver left now. Today was another one of those days where working hard was necessary to pull finds. One thing I am learning is that the Equinox 800 will punch deep down into the dirt to get the goodies.
  19. Hey Guys! Remember this thing that I found on Florida’s Treasure Coast a couple weeks ago and posted about? I was so disappointed there were no visible markings to link it to the1715 Spanish Fleet that sunk during a hurricane. Well, I decided to carefully try to separate the silver sandwich with a paring knife, and was successful with minimal damage. The inside surfaces were dark and thick with corrosion but I kept working on them(rubbing on wet aluminum foil did the best...very time consuming. I don’t have an electrolysis setup yet). So glad I did it! I’ve definitely found my 1st Pieces of Eight finally (1/2 Reales likely)! Minted in Mexico between 1700-1715 during Philip V’s reign in Spain, if my research is correct. They may be little, but I’m tickled pink with them! 🙂
  20. I went to this school yesterday but that detector went south as in not working correctly. So here I am again but with the ORX. I don’t think the kids that go to this school has ever seen a coin large than a penny. That ORX was hot on their trail . It did detect a dime of a total of three but not one quarter. So remember I’m not RR anymore but just call me Penny Digger . Chuck
  21. Last year I moved down to Costa Rica and brought with me 2 Tesoros, the Compadre and the Mojave, and an Equinox 800. I've been dying to get to the beaches but we live inland from the north west coast beaches and we've recently opened a little restaurant in our town so there's not much time for me to get to the beach. I decided if I can't get to the beach I'm going to detect the soccer field in the center and try to get permissions from the people with old houses in town. The other night after I closed up shop I tossed some stuff in the car and pulled out the detector and walked across the street and started going at it. I found a bunch of coins,a button and some nice sounding aluminum and then I got a signal that hit right where all the coins hit, about 19/20. I thought it was another button because it had what looked like a shank on one side but I was seeing a wreath and thought it could be something good. Then when I cleaned some more dirt off and saw the 900 I knew I had something great! I think it was used as some sort of jewelry, maybe hanging off a bracelet because there's a dot of solder right in the middle on the reverse and what I thought was a shank turned out to be silver wire. It's smaller than a dime, maybe the size of a half dime but I've never seen one. It's 1 gram of 90% silver. In the year I've been here it's the best find I've made
  22. Been hitting the dried up river and haven’t found anymore gold other than the one I found in November. So I decided to go for the silver. Dug up 2 silver coins in a littered gravel area. Not bad for a New Year’s Day hunt. The MDT is good for park hunting also. Dug a deep 1888 V nickel close to 10 inches. My CTX couldn’t do that. Settings: At the dry river. Sens 9 max, threshold 0, mixed mode, blacksand on, 9khz or 18khz. park: sens 8, threshold -1, mixed mode, blacksand on, 18khz.
  23. We take pride in our finds and many of us display them in a man caves, on our work desks or even give some away as gifts. But we also enjoy sharing the fruits of our labor and the photos bring back so many memories. Now that the 2019 detecting season is over, I'd like to share my 3 favorite finds from the year. But what is even more cool is seeing your hard work and efforts show up for everyone to see. Yes I realize a few folks think it has all been found, but we can show them recent finds from the 2019 year. 1st favorite find of 2019 is a really rare Barber Quarter. In fact IT IS THE RAREST of Barber Quarters minted. I have not had it professionally clean and right now it looks like crap, but of all the coins I have dug up in 40+ years of metal detecting, this is by far the rarest (40,000 minted). It is a 1913-S. it was found with a Minelab EQ-800. 2nd is a gold nugget Specimen that weights over 7 ounces and has 3.55ozt of gold in it. Found with Equinox 800. 3rd favorite find has to do with skill and it was given back to the owner. After 2 different people tried to find a small diamond stud earring with no success, I was called in as a last result. Actually I had been out of town. Anyway, this small 1/4 carat diamond stud was lost in her backyard and she had the spot narrowed down to a 5' area. The EQ-800 with small 6" coil in the Prospecting Mode recovered it. Lets see 3 of your favorite finds of 2019. May 2020 be golden in so many ways with many golden grins & glory.
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