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  1. some more progress on the infinity cube, started painting it and have the smokey glass ordered for the top of it.
  2. just filling in time waiting to go to WA again next year, so making the odd things in the back shed to keep busy till then. Veronica wanted me to try and make an "Infinity Cube" interesting I thought, so I made one big enough for a coffee table, still has to be painted yet and get a toughened dark 6mm piece of glass for the top but it's coming along.
  3. yep, Hand of Faith and the other one was originally called Faith of Colleen, found near Mt Monger WA, we have actually seen the original and have some photos of it somewhere, https://www.kalminer.com.au/news/goldfields/faith-of-colleen-on-loan-to-museum-ng-ya-263891 another picture of the same one cheers dave
  4. well it don't make me wanta rush out and buy the NF 17x13 coil for my Zed anyway
  5. your right Reg, sure a couple of ounce bit is nice, but it's not really life changing cheers dave
  6. very nice gold there Steve, well done, and well done Axiom as well cheers dave
  7. My mates got about 400 ozs in about the same time period, and 1/2 a kilometre further in, then the area was bulldozed for a bit more cheers dave
  8. I love that desert country around Tibooburra Steve, great picture of the Granite outcrop there, glad you having a great trip cheers dave
  9. well it shows it can find gold at Tibooburra as well, did you just try on the common or other spots as well around the surrounding area cheers dave
  10. yes mate I know what you mean, we don't wrap our detectors in cotton wool either, they are work tools not toys and have a job to do, I mean we don't bash them around either. we still have a 7000 each but sold the 4500 recently, and sometime before next WA trip we will quite likely get something to replace the 4500, I just can't imagine selling a 7000 at this stage though 😃 cheers dave
  11. just guessing here, but doubt that you would get that many scratches on top of the coil if it was all bought new, so my guess is he bought the unit 2nd hand, and it's still valid what he says it is his first impressions of using the 6000 well done anyway Steve and you'll be kept busy for a long time going back over you old 7000/x-coils patches 😊 cheers dave
  12. it was good to chat with you yesterday Steve, and nice nuggets the Axiom got at Hill End, and I hope you get a lot more on the trip out Broken Hill way Yes I like the look and feel of the Axiom, thanks for showing it to us cheers dave
  13. very nice gold Steve, well done, plus you had safe trip which is always a bonus cheers dave
  14. It was discovered at 2 a.m. on the 19th October 1872 in the ‘Star of Hope’ mine, on Hawkins Hill, Hill End, New South Wales, after a midnight firing of explosives revealed a ‘wall of gold’. Mine Manager Bernhardt Holtermann and syndicate member Louis Beyers were major shareholders in the Star of Hope Gold Mining company. The mining syndicate of eight comprised of Bernhardt Holtermann, Louis Beyers, Richard Kerr, H. Miller, John Klein, James Brown, Moses Bell, and Mark Hammond (who was loaned money by Bell to buy Kerr’s share of the syndicate then paid him back after the discovery). Holtermann and Beyers received the credit whenever the discovery or mine were mentioned but they did not make the actual gold discovery themselves and the full story is more interesting. Holtermann gave orders to continue the shaft down vertically and rejected Hammond’s advice that a westward extension would be best. However, on advice from experienced miners Moses Bell and William Hunt (Bell’s miner representative in the shaft), Hammond went against Holtermann’s orders, sealed off the vertical shaft at 150 feet and commenced the west drive – and the gold was found. The Gross Weight (gold + quartz + slate) was 285 Kg, and the weight of gold was 93.2 Kg (3,000 Troy ounces). It measured 144.8 cm high x 66 cm wide x 10.2 cm thick. The Approximate gold value today would be about 5.2 million dollars. Photo australian.museum
  15. very nice Steve, going well, and good luck at your next spot chees dave
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