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  1. Last year was crazy busy, but how did I miss this thread? Late to the party I’m really trying to think of useful suggestions reading the beginning of this and then it starts to get weird and I begin to think “Music Man” as in 76 Trombones...right here in River city. Testers with a capital T, I want to be a tester With a capital T and that rhymes with... hmmm well it don’t really rhyme but be great to have first shot at putting a new technology over hidden nuggets and buried treasure except I can’t tell just what the game is, what’s the brass ring on this merry go round? Investors? Phishing/Data mining? Making an amazing detector that blows all current technology out of the water for the price of a new Bounty hunter, I really hope so and I want one. Really hope this is legit but I agree with the previous comment, sure don’t smell right, fun read... popcorn ready.
  2. So true, reading your words really points out the need to respect how quickly a wonderful day can go completely south, and to be prepared because on occasion it will. It’s about the adventure, the chance and the little rewards along the way...
  3. What Steve and flak said, there is no getting around the fact hot rocks make life tough ground balance and proper tuning your detector are great steps in the right direction. After a while you will as you mentioned begin to get the feel for the difference between the hot rock and other signals but that is still just a guess, if you are in a good area put fewer hot rocks under the coil by slowing down and cleaning them out allowing you to carefully scan the soil for those faint little goodies hiding there (you hope). It’s hard to get yourself to slow down and really search carefully when not finding a nugget but covering a lot of ground quickly will put a lot the loud/strong targets under your coil and make it easy to walk over the soft signal.
  4. Just a quick google search for copper nuggets
  5. I don’t know how they come to be (all smooth and polished) ive seen them by the boxes in gift shops selling nature and holistic Stuff too, shop down by the beach in Capitola sells them.
  6. Mitchel, looks like copper to me too, I got one exactly like it one time sans the green oxide from a bag of lynch paydirt. Cool find anyway will be a mystery as to it’s origins.
  7. Those are pretty cool, looking forward to seeing what you come up with. Off of gold lake highway at the turn off to the salmon lakes Past Bassett Station well above Sierra City, the road splits and the fork to the right takes you to a little group of cabins in the area called Lusk meadows. The first old log cabin you come to was owned by my grandparents and some other members of the family. they owned it from back in the 1930’s until the late 1960’s When heavy snow caved in the roof and one of the cousins bought everyone else out, the cousins still own the cabin and use it regularly I stopped in a few years ago when I saw some cars in the driveway and had a chat. Had a big old wood stove in the kitchen and a water tank we’d pump water into for dishes and no electricity at the time just oil lamps. I used to go up with them every summer for a month or so fishing and hiking in the woods, some of the best memories of my life. The feeling is special there like no place on earth.
  8. Dude that’s fly... give you the shirt off my back... finally realized the dream of running a big herd of livestock... on the count of three everyone hang on and lift... Jeff Goldblum, getting in character... When flys stage an organized protest and you know who forgets to bring the signs... got deet? The things we do only for the love of gold!
  9. Sounds like a pretty nice little old Jeep love to own one of those be a great toy if I had room to store one.
  10. Geez, the pant sh*tting would be lethal and what about the bear he’ll probably wind up with an eating disorder, that or develop a taste for spicy human, lol...seriously I’d need therapy after that.
  11. Chrysler has brought a lot of good improvements to the Jeep and they have made some unfortunate changes most of them plastic eventually making it something else and much more disposable, there will never be another Tj It’s definitely a Jeep thing. I had an M/L 500 Chrysler/Fiat same thing the most annoying part was the check engine Light/bell that came on every time the dealership needed money and you couldn’t turn the darn thing off, ding, ding, ding ding...endlessly.
  12. Thanks, they can be kind of a money pit If you aren’t careful, lol. I don’t feel too bad about it the engine had 200K and I was worried about reliability for good reason, I’ll have a new Jeep out of this basically a lot cheaper than if I’d bought something like the low mileage power wagons I was looking at and the Jeep should be good to go for a long time.
  13. Good it played well with the gpz the polymer frame Glock might help too, I’m carrying mid chest so It should be about the same. The dirt and harsh conditions good point it’s not going to be a beauty queen and going to need a good scrub pretty often😃.
  14. I have been stuck a window shopper since the lockdown 2 days from my appointment with dmv when they closed the doors, watching guns fly off the shelves and nothing I can do but watch. Finally got my drivers license walked into bass pro/outdoor world to see what they still had in stock... I was looking for the Glock 40, coming up the escalator my first view was empty display cases where 100’s of pistols had been on display now were but a dozen or so mostly odd revolvers, one ZevTec 9mm at $1600 a smaller Glock and my g40, there were a few shot guns and AR’s ammunition was sold out too with the exception of some shot shells and .32 auto my lucky day. Yesterday when I picked it up they only had the ZevTec And a couple revolvers, all the online dealers are sold out of the Glock and most everything else. I’m not sure why they had this one left in stock, it’s a hot gun so recoil, price? Liberty makes a 115 grain clocks in at 2400fps in the g20 pretty amazing watching it in ballistics gel. I’ve never shot one of these but my last big pistol was a S&W 44mag I sold over 20 years ago and the recoil never really bothered me and the 10mm especially in the Glock should seem pretty tame by comparison I think? 16 rounds was a big part of the attraction they throw in 2 extra clips and a speed loader, that and I can hunt with it if I ever wanted. It’s a big gun that’s the only down side hope I don’t hate carrying it while detecting?
  15. Ha, Simon Deet rules... REI sells the strong stuff Other places too I’m sure in little pocket sized orange spray bottles I’ve always got a couple on hand the stuff works, burns like hell mixed with sweat when it runs in the eyes and rotted the insulation off The wires on a pair of Bose ear buds in a year so careful with the overspray on your plastics, but nothing keeps the bugs at bay like deet. I got a can of bear spray in the Jeep and carried it around a few times I’ve read it works most of the time😵 but never used it now I’d just have to trust it would work if I needed it and there’s been a few times in the California high Sierra I’ve been concerned one time I followed the 7000 up a 20 foot deep dead end ground sluice littered with bear scat and piles of chewed up cobs and other organic debris from some bear that was living there luckily he was someplace else at the moment, I could have spooked him walking up the wash I guess that’s happened before to0 most of the time they only want to get away, these are all black bears up there.
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