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  1. Nice job Chris, you have the gift I remember a previous post a while back on another nice find…poundage it was I think, or something like that. Anyway another very nice find and beautiful gold.
  2. Mine twists a little with the 11” coil if I don’t tighten it enough, if I really crank on it it stays pretty well unless like others have mentioned I’m aggressively shoving it into bushes and then the more noticeable effect is a little false signal when the branches catch on the cable. The 14” coil is about the same, the 17” coil is the biggest offender and then I’m not really sure that it bothers me again as other 6000 users have mentioned the coil twisting a little actually comes in handy shifting the swing angle to suit my wrist on uneven terrain and when I want to align the shaft with the coil just turning my wrist a little with the coil on the ground does the trick. It’s not like the 17” coil flops around it stays pretty well aligned most of the time. The ergonomics actually add to the light feel unlike the 2300 that felt like a brick. If I have any concern it will be how the locking mechanism reacts over time? If it continues to function as it is now then I don’t think there is really a problem, however if time and repeated use result in the shaft connection becoming looser over then it probably is an issue to improve.
  3. Interesting video, obviously he’s experienced and much of what he says is as important as any detector you could own.. if you can mentally meet the challenges and frustrations of nugget hunting and enjoy the hunt for what it is your way ahead of the game. He qualifies his opinion on the new technology with saying he’s never held one the problem with that approach is the generic assessment of technology in general it sells the differences in new technology a little short. Those differences can be and are rather profound, this new technology is much improved by circumstance... kind of gold, physical endurance of course locations you have access to as well. I much appreciate the information and time he took to make and post, seems like a really cool and qualified detector’ist interested in sharing his considerable knowledge and experience, I’d love to read or hear his opinions even more after he has had time to use one.
  4. I’ve had mine out a couple times for 4 or five hours the first time on an old club claim I’ve never found gold on with my 7000 and 14” coil, switching to the 22” X coil didn’t change my luck but as mentioned it runs very stable and quiet air testing against the NF12” on the 7000 with a sub gram nugget the depth difference was impressive at a rough guess I’d say 1/3 to 1/2 again more running as hot as the GPZ allows with both coils the soil not overly hot or salty. it found plenty of small and large trash, but for me this is a big gold clean-up coil on proven ground as opposed to patch hunting at 68 my back can only take so much of it before the pain in my upper back begins to wear me down it’s a heavy beast out on the far end of the 7000. I’ve not put mine over a nugget yet although no fault of the coil, I’m signed up for Gerry’s training on the 6000 In November I’m bringing the 7000 with the 12”NF and 22” X coil they are there if anyone here is around and wants to play with them or do any comparisons.
  5. I can attest to how well x-coils making the adaptor was for me, had that been an available early on I’d have jumped on board right away, the one they made is built bomb proof tough I can’t see having any issues. If the same is available for the 6000 I’m a buyer ASAP just to have the options.
  6. This one https://www.amazon.com/Bluetooth-Transmitter-Receiver-SONRU-Headphone/dp/B08B3P7GH1?pd_rd_w=lAznU&pf_rd_p=f8048a1b-0abf-4d1a-a91b-cb558d45ad96&pf_rd_r=YT77C9CPKQYCE292ZTE4&pd_rd_r=6cb92448-c735-4873-8dc2-cb533b1933cf&pd_rd_wg=8vLb6&pd_rd_i=B08B3P7GH1&psc=1&ref_=pd_bap_m_rp_12_sc
  7. I had my 6000 out for a few times and I’d be hard pressed to find much of anything to disagree with on anything the early reporters have said. it’s crazy sensitive to all targets including the tiniest gold and stuff, fast to setup and I can swing it from sun up to sun down (in the heat) and quit because I can’t see where I’m digging, it is as it was described exactly, lol and the trash to gold ratio isn’t screen size dependent. waiting for the larger coil and to get the second battery a minor annoyance although I think Minelab would better serve its customers adjusting the price and include the second battery from the factory with the 6000 you need it, after finally getting one it was nice not quitting hours before sun down. I have not used the supplied headphones or the external speaker the little Bluetooth device from Amazon and my eBay Bose ear buds are working perfect for me.
  8. Good thing you caught the frame damage there are a lot of things that can go wrong out there you post a good reminder about checking your prospecting rig from time to time Mitchel, we dote on our detectors to find the gold but there’re kind of useless if we can’t get to and from the gold fields safely. 60-70 What do you mean you could, lol… ha, I’ve crept up above 50 in the Jeep when I’ve got the road all to my self but much above that and you start to feel the short wide wheel base. The washboard is pretty bad right now and the faster I can maintain the smoother it rides, downside my exhaust flange bolts keep vibrating loose, no parts falling off yet. It’s going in for a transmission service next week when I get back in town but my guy says no problem if the fluid remained clear and I’ll do the diffs myself before I take it to him but I just had everything redone so I know all the seals and breathers are good, same with the hubs I just replaced everything so some new grease just to be safe. now about that engine.
  9. klunker, Damn, the one time I could have used one and it didn’t cross my mind, for those that have seen the shoe horn I use to load my Jeep with junk, lol. Chuck, I just saw pfd, my dislexia I saw pdl, ha now I wonder if my old guy lumber support would keep me afloat in a pinch always good to kill two birds with one stone when you can.
  10. My AAA is 200 miles on road only, but the SpotX comes with 100 miles optional off road coverage I bought although I’ve never used it or talked to anyone who has I’m pretty sure the coverage will be there I’m just not sure it’s a quick turn around being specialized I’ll bet the wait could be long. The new exclusions were more about life flight helicopter restrictions, like if you went out after receiving heart treatment or had diagnosis of severe sleep apnea within the last year and went out and had a heart attack you will not be covered for the extraction cost while taking the chance knowing the risk.
  11. I could write a book, if only I could write.
  12. thanks for the tips although I hope to not need them, but it’s good to know in a pinch. My skills behind the wheel are honed from a youth of pushing the limits and getting away with it unscathed and 30 years of emergency service I tend not to panic the key to coming out OK in most situations is to keep you head. When I put the tires on fortunately the tire shop lied to me about the Toyo’s being quiet on the road (they suck, but off road they work)…and now I’ve got something more than “Matt’s off-road recovery” videos to add to my tool box if there ever is a next time, lol “not” (probably).
  13. Chuck, I have a SpotX I bought a few years ago with all the coverages, helicopter and off road recovery, earlier that day I’d been scouting for new ground exploring washes in the early afternoon when the weather turned and I made a point of getting out of them just because I know it can get tricky. my insurance should cover some if not all of it..I hope although they just adopted some new rules from Garmin with more restrictions than before. I’m planning too, when I got to the chevron dealer at pierce ferry rd I checked my transmission and the fluid was clean, I didn’t see any impurities or I’d have had it towed home. I’m going to have the fluids changed and service what I can just to be safe.
  14. My plan is to never do that again, lol.
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