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  1. Makes me sick hearing of this and really sorry you were violated this way, be confident many eyes are open and watching for you anyone trying to offload your property is in for a difficult time.
  2. Just fired to cone 10 with 6 1/4” residual pressure at the burners.
  3. Ferrite generated a flux magnetic hyper-tuned field polarized the rust into a tightly focused wave of pure energy, it’s a Jeep thing. Good you kept it under 80... not that you’d have a choice😀.
  4. thanks, 1.56 is much better than a sharp stick in the eye anytime in my book. not sure if I will be able to ship the plating solution, anyone ever try to send something like this in the mail, ups or fedx.
  5. The acid I’m not sure yet the container is still factory sealed with the dry acid waiting for the water to be added, the other cleaners go with this ionic cleaner. The blue bottle is a factory sealed one quart bottle of one step 14K plating solution dated from 1992 probably fair amount of gold in the suspension? the little spray bottle’s probably harmless cleaner of some sort in that little pump bottle and the silver foil sealed package is a mystery but feels a bit like the box could hold a respirator of some fashion and that might explain the packaging.
  6. This one was on Craig’s list guy in Concord had it listed for $700 at that time that was about 11 years ago and when I called up to buy it he just gave it to me. The other day there was one just like the big one the guys asking $1500 really going to piss him off when I list it for free.
  7. you’re right, I took the bottom cover off and wiggled the wires and returned function for switching modes PV/SV except PV (present value) is just displaying a negative number suggesting a poor connection to the thermocouple, the thermocouple could be bad as they burn out but this hasn't been fired enough for that so I think you hit it right on the money.
  8. OK, these if anyone ever said geez you know, there should be a kiln out there... might be just what you need. The big one really I’m probably going to have to pay to get rid of on short notice because it took renting a fork lift to bring it home, but it is in good shape fires up to cone 10 (2350f) bricks are k26 with 6” residual natural gas pressure at the burner and has a 16 cubic foot firing chamber. I suppose you could heat anything inside it that would fit (ore?) depending on how you supported the kiln floor. I need to get one more firing when I get time so I can ship the stuff inside. The other kiln is one I bought from another potter made from loose brick, I unstacked it bright all the bricks home and threw away the home made burners and bought 4 new high performance ventures and restocked everything. Because is all just loose fire brick about 50/50 hard and soft all good for cone 10 it could be restocked into any configuration you wanted to design from forged in fire, glass or one bad ass B-B-Q or back yard fire effect. The ventures are jetted for natural gas switching to lpg is easy. obviously local pickup but if you think you might need this be worth the trouble.
  9. See the prize update the kiln might need a part.
  10. Thanks Jason, after all the dust settles and I learn my way around id love the chance to reach out for a little help understanding the new ground that'd be great, but only when you can without causing any issues I'm really interested in the jade project, we are still doing the stuff with China that's more about my wife's friends and her network not the location in fact one of the good things about moving to Vegas is location for her projects and some of her friends live there, some a gonna move there even a new friend in the same neighborhood as the house I might make an offer on she found the place for us. Really amazing news on the jade prospect, was a lot of hard work you earned it congratulations wonderful story and makes me really happy to hear the new deal sounds even better funny how little opportunities and strokes of luck happen keeps life interesting. again really appreciate you reaching out to help, well be in touch and best of luck on everything, clark
  11. Chuck, hardly know what to say except thanks for the very kind words. Any time you are down there, well you know...
  12. Thanks Rick and good luck on your plans to and don’t wait any longer than you have to cause California’s loss is Nevada’s gain. Cooler an greener’s nice I’m gonna miss that so good thing Vegas is the land of illusion. I eye shopped the Reno area and there were a lot of beautiful places for sale that could feel just like home I really like northern Nevada, but the south has a lot to offer and we’re looking forward to it😀.
  13. Thank you everyone I’m relieved it’s game on😀 and thank you Steve for allowing it here. 👍
  14. I could use some advice here, these are somehow associated with what looks like a spot metal plating device but I don't really know anything about this stuff or the chemicals, the stuff sealed in the silver bag sounds ominous and is anybody here familiar with any of this stuff. the little brown plastic bottle where the label has disintegrated has about 3/8 of an inch of dark clear amber heavy liquid, i believe for plating gold???? Im not messing with any of it until im sure what it all is any ideas?
  15. Fred, believe me I am, she swears on a stack of errr.., something very important culturally I'm sadly unfamiliar with "the last house I ever want to live in." nice,, but smaller... less expensive😁, simpler is the one she likes👍
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