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  1. The large coin my wife says is Qainlong although she is unsure of the date or denomination.
  2. I’ve used the liquid tape to repair the wires on my Bose ear buds and the material lasts about a year under use before pealing from the ear bud wire leads. It also remains rubbery after it sets. Hot glue sticks are available in a variety of temperature and set times so you have a little control and it’s easy to use with a couple minutes practice. Ive also used heat guns and soldering irons to remelt move and shape hot glue as well as trim it away with a blade so you have wiggle room if you don’t apply it exactly like you wanted.
  3. It’s new construction just a month ago my son and I were driving back from the gym and as we drove by the complex I’d mentioned to him for no particular reason other than the obvious that it was ready to burn. I was running around alright, chicken little, not much to do but hope and get as much ready as possible and it was going to happen pretty fast or not at all so time and packing were pretty limited. We would have lost a lot of artwork and most of my ceramics years of work both my work and friends art. It’s exciting and satisfying when everything goes according to plan but I don’t miss the stress and responsibility It took a lot of years for me to be able to relax when an emergency like these happen every beep, bell or alarm would affect me now it just feels better to watch. and... I gave all my hats away probably could have gotten a couple hundred bucks for the leather helmet be a down payment on one of them Russian coils for z.
  4. You’d think there’d have it all covered by now it’s not like these things hardly ever happen the collar system sure sounds like a good idea and fiber is great stuff I use it with my kilns you just have to be careful with the dust.
  5. They happen too often this city has had at least 4 of these I can remember not counting mutual aid. Don’t know for sure yet what started it usually has something to do with a contractor of some sort, the SCPD had a guy in cuffs across the street from me sitting on the corner surrounded gang banger look complete with tats under his eye, he was seen running in and out of the fire looting and word out he might have had something to do with it, but I have no idea if that’s accurate or not.
  6. I had a front row seat standing on the roof of my garage and got to watch the fire department I used to run a long time ago do a fantastic job, I was just a spectator luckily the team did their job, nothing to do with me... probably more of a liability now😉.this is a cool pic my place is to the right just off picture.
  7. Thanks, We came out fine Just packed a few things in the car in case the wind changed then it would have been a problem with other similar new construction next door and a 150’ dry tall pine tree between us they are going to remove fairly soon, hope it’s really soon. The crews did everything right not one mistake that I could see this was one of those situations where you can only hope to contain the fire to the complex of origin and they did just a little better. It’s always sketchy in the beginning and so much happens in the first few minutes, I’ve been in these situations thousands of times (I really don’t know how many, a lot) and for me it always felt like the world around was in slow motion while doing size-up, directing resources and taking care of everything that has to happen. It’s stressful and physically draining, this was stressful and I sure don’t miss that.
  8. It was looking kind of sketchy for a while while the large complex behind my place burned like a Roman candle we packed up a bunch of stuff just in case it spread but the crews did a great job containing everything as much as possible. Buildings a total loss, but at least no news of any injuries and no damage other than smoke for us.
  9. Anything like a patient or or other protection preventing ml from reverse engineering the x coil and selling their own with chip?
  10. Norvic, ya i hear what you are saying and being on ml's turf and a lot closer to all that beautiful Aussie gold i certainly defer to your location, no doubt product liability is a quagmire (gigidy😊) best to avoid, although... i wonder just how much risk there is considering what ive experienced with our wonderful new/old best friend in the fields (M/L) they seem to take a very liberal approach to the warranty on the 7000 i got a brand new one without any fuss after dropping cracking the case and developing a screen line on the display ive really no idea how all that goes together in the replacement but heck they were great to me and i don't know of too many complaints although no doubt there are some. So, i think they are good on standing by the zed, the old out of warranty ones not a problem(?) and i have not much of an idea what the risks are using an iffy coil as far as damage but is the hardware cost that great in comparison to the overall price? to me the 7000 at 10K ok 8K now is more like a software license and they give you the phone (GPZ) at a small cost to cover manufacturing the way they toss replacements and i think that's smart. so risk vs gain sell a ton of high priced adaptors they pretty much already have that cost next to nothing like Simon said and give the old girl a new lease on life and sell a sh*t load more and make everybody happy vs handing out a few cell phones from time to time when one of us screws up just to give everybody confidence that expensive seat license is gonna be comfy for a long time, i know i get butt hurt easy😀. my point i guess i just like to see em do it and save me the trouble of hunting down a shop or doing it myself the task is within my wheel house, im just lazy.
  11. if Minelab is not interested in selling any other aftermarket coils for our zed's then they are missing the boat not selling us overpriced security chip enabled adaptors from technology already developed so we can buy from other vendors.
  12. I backed into a little short metal pipe sticking up out of the parking lot pavement one time in a metallic red rental car and put a big scratch in the right rear quarter panel. When returning it I stopped at cvs and bought a cheep tube of lipstick that matched the color pretty close. Between the dirt and lipstick it passed inspection and never got a bill although if thy had looked close they would have caught it.
  13. Australia would be the first on my list but I don’t think it’ll be my choice Africa’s not high on my list, but this situation might be unique depending on who the operation is run by, my friend couldn’t remember their company name, only the hotel they own in town so I think It’s a fairly big operation I just don’t know how open the access or if I could hunt for myself of if I could keep what I find. I told my wife if I couldn’t nugget hunt in Zambia she could go on her own but we’ll see.
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