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  1. Does make me question going out there I may stay at the trailer park in Meadview if I’m going overnight just to not attract the attention of any dirtbags thinking there’s easy pickings, might be time to move on and check out Franconia and A few other places in Arizona... Damn I was getting to know my way around the Basin.
  2. I carry my Glock in a Kenai chest holster, despite the size of the long slide 10mm it is even out of the way if I have the compensator on and keeps it far enough away from the coil the 7000 doesn’t pick it up.
  3. One good reason I’m packing the 10mm... , but geez talk about the Wild West, problem is I don’t want to use the damn thing, puts the guy packing in self defense at a big disadvantage. Jason, thanks for posting, the fact that one of the perps and victim were mining partners makes it not exactly random be interesting to find out what the hell went wrong out there, you just can’t ever let your guard down and seems things are getting worse not better.
  4. I take my pinpointer to the shoe store when I’m looking for a pair of boots to use metal detecting and always come home with Keene boots.
  5. Well, I’m out of likes so for the record l likey. and Steve, sorry if this is difficult to categorize and as always I’m never offended if when all is done if it’s just easier to delete, for the short term it’s relevant as a discussion on dealing with hot ground and if multi IQ is an advantage over single frequency compared to the other options?
  6. Nothing here off topic, all great information for anyone in the market for a detector.
  7. Getting just about everything with all that’s going on is more difficult, or at least provides an excuse. I wonder how much all this had to do with Whites decision to retire? On that same note just read on another forum Garrett bought Whites?
  8. The QED would be fun to try, not sure I need one (Simon might disagree 😀) having both the 7000 and 2300 would the QED brung anything to the plate? I have a Deus with the 8”HF coil and it has great target separation but the target ID is probably one of the worst.
  9. Jeff, I changed it because I’d gotten the answer I needed everyone was a big help and the real question asked actually on glock talk side thread discussion on metal detecting was someone wanting to know if the vanquish would work for him or was he wasting his money, so I wanted to be a little more specific to his question. The previous answers are all relevant and when looking for something new I want to find out as much as possible and encouraged him to join up here and figured making this about his question was in the end more helpful, I hope he follows the link and this helps someone make a
  10. I provided him a link and encouraged him to sign up and said you guys were helpful and friendly...😋😀👍.
  11. Rob, thank you trying to help out someone new from Georgia looking to detect in heavy red earth, he was wondering if the vanquish would work for him in his soil?
  12. Tboykin, thanks for the clarification I was in a conversation where I’m being told the vanquish was not a VLF detector, we were talking about the ability to handle highly mineralized soil and I’d commented since it’s basically VLF it would have similar limitation as any VLF detector.
  13. I posted this in the vanquish thread but it’s buried fairly deep so I’m asking here too, about the vanquish, it’s multi iq technology rooted in VLF technology or is it something different all together? I was under the impression this is a multi frequency VLF detector that basically samples multiple VLF frequencies simultaneously to better I D targets and while the way it makes this possible is unique the signal would have the same limitation in heavily mineralized soil same as any VLF detector?
  14. It’s tough for the new guy for sure I dream of starting this years earlier, no reason not to have just wasn’t on my radar at the time nobody to blame for that except myself. I’ve never asked anyone to give up their hard earned knowledge I feel it’s the same as asking for their ATM card and pin for my own use, besides endless hours picking up only trash knowing exactly where the fruit of the apple tree is when you can’t eat it anyway is it’s own form of torture. luckily feeding myself is not reliant on finding gold and the little bits along the way and the pleasure of the outdoors and the hunt
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