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  1. Mitchel, that would be great when all this craziness ends, I think one... the smallest now even tinier from all the grinding I think is good a start anyway, the others hot rocks on closer inspection your eye is well trained. Fred, lunk slightly better pictures but my eye phone camera’s not working like it should last year I dropped it and broke the camera, apple replaced it but before the macro was amazing now for some reason the macro won’t work, thanks for the help.
  2. Thanks Lunk, the tiny one for sure and I’ll try and take better pictures of the others and make the Windows I cut a little better.
  3. OK experts what ye say, I think a couple of these might be good, detecting out at gold basin no gold this trip but these got a pocket ride home they all hit on the 7000 and are magnetic I cut rough Windows with a right angle grinder no polishing or chemical treatment to the surface.
  4. like I suspected plenty of idle hands in need of of mystery to pass some time, not that this new information will do anything but add to the confusion as it points in a slightly different direction. The unanimous consensus was not Chinese the snake and boats looked more Egyptian inspired everyone thought for what that’s worth and I guess the boat construction does resemble bundled reeds, the snake in that form, fan shape objects, infinity... it’s easy to see a lot of different connections to a lot of different styles so who knows? Most everybody though you’d find a dragon form represented for luck someplace if it was Chinese?
  5. It paints an interesting picture the connection to the early history and the Chinese minors with the symbols of luck you have to be on to something there. I copied images of all three different buttons and painted a romantic picture of different hunters finding these in gold fields across the country dating from the late 1800’s and the connection with the early history of the Chinese. All my wife’s friends here and abroad are bored stuck at home and hopefully want to help solve a mystery so maybe something will pop up from one of her groups?
  6. Something to the effect of “Tangshan Grocery store, shop always have”
  7. This is in no way definitive, but growing up in China my wife is pretty familiar with most Chinese symbolism and the images on the button didn’t speak to her in a way that said Chinese? But I agree the gold camp connection is intriguing.
  8. I found this older flat button with a similar style in the design layout searching commemorative buttons, the ships do kind of resemble Chinese junk, but for some reason the building kind of reminds me of rough representation of a Philadelphia type building (independence hall)?
  9. I tried a couple different google searches and google image searches with different key words too and not much useful, at one time in the early days the first hits would have given you a direct link to an identification page for free and you could have narrowed it down a number of ways, all you could learn right there I’m hooked, The information high intoxicating. I kept coming back for more like everyone else searching for answers, google was waiting on the corner with a sly inviting smile as though they expected my return. I was having to search harder now clicking more links it’s frustrating but I could still satisfy that restless need to know, it just took longer to get there and I’d find the information less rewarding the need to return becoming more frequent the empty feeling from conflicting advertisements making me feel anxious, sleepless and strung out unable to decide my own breakfast... I fear the street knowledge all that’s left, I need the answer to the mystery of the button, really nice button and great find best of luck finding about it sorry for the google rant🤪.
  10. This morning I plugged the charger into the deus and my WS4 headphones were dead, they would come on for a split second when first plugging them in but that was it and the battery indicator was completely nonexistent, I’d run them down last time out and forgot to charge them and they sat uncharged for probably a couple months my bad I know better. Couple years ago the lithium battery in my Cordless drill stopped taking a charge and after researching I found with my drill anyway the batteries had a habit of doing that and someone had found a fix that sometimes worked, trick was to rapidly plug and unplug the battery from the charger and or with the battery in the charger base do the same action at the wall plug in, the intent to introduce little power spikes into the lithium battery controller circuit tricking the battery controller into thinking there was a charge in the battery and beyond my understanding this somehow resets the battery with enough juice so it will accept charging. with my only option sending them in to have the battery replaced and with things kind of iffy right now in the world I opted to try the bush fix, took me a couple tries with 3 or 4 rapid connect disconnects and the battery indicator started responding flashing from empty to full in succession. After about 8 hours time (the first 4 hours the battery didn’t fill past the initial indication) the meter shows a full charge and the headphones seem to be working fine. someone here will I’m sure have a better understanding about this and why it worked and probably several reasons why this is taking a chance zapping the firmware, but it worked and I don’t have to send it in😀.
  11. Hey Jim, thanks and projects can sure get in the way of our fun the deck was a few years ago but seems like only yesterday and I only thought I was busy back then, geez it’s a long list of one thing after another that I won’t make you suffer through. At least the deck was fun, what you been remodeling, moving walls around or adding elegance with designer accent walls? I’ve been watching to much HGTV I think but yep, sounds like you’ve had a productive winter and bet the wife is pretty pleased big deposit in the honey-do-bank. Sounds like you plan is on a better schedule than mine, weather and everything should line up perfect, I’ll be done with my stuff about the time temps start hitting the 100’s guess I’ll try a little night time hunting if I have to. Good luck out there and hope you find a nice pocket. clark
  12. There’s some talented carpenters active on the forum, I really couldn’t tell you for sure what’s best. I choose redwood because I like the look and I think it makes a comfortable surface to walk on, but I really don’t have any experience with the manufactured stuff I’m sure someone on here has used both and can offer some advice.
  13. id Be doing a lot of swearing and cursing trying to bundle and tie it that ol horse hair must be some pretty tough stuff. I got a bag full of long strands used for decorating pottery makes an interesting look when you slowly lay the strands on while the clay is just below red heat and has a burnished clay finish, Raku with horse hair on terrasigulata. not my work but a nice example where the form and decoration complement,
  14. Some of the videos on YouTube are pretty fun to watch you get to cherry pick the finds, pulling out a gun would be a little rush kinda like finding a little nugget, might even help solve a crime, one of the videos over in Eastern Europe guy pulled an old ww2 machine gun out of a river. Find a place going through the old records and maps where you think a long abandoned river crossing might have been and bring your detector too, once you pull out all the old iron you can cherry pick the high tones. Might even find A safe full of gold, but that might take more than one magnet😀.
  15. My son sent me a magnet fishing setup last year for my birthday, I’ve only tried it once for a few minutes I didn’t find much but carry it in the Jeep just in case I find myself someplace I want to look. Depending where you live I’d imagine water crossings in historically rich area would A good place? They’ed probably kick me out of the Bellagio if I try it there, lol. 880# magnet should hang on pretty good, happy hunting show us what you find.
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