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  1. I think Fred’s right, I asked my wife and she didn’t recognize the design she’s been in the business for this stuff a long time and can usually spot the brands from a distance, she asked if their were any marks? She said 24K gold like that has been popular in China for a long time it not popular now with the younger generation as much. my only question and it’s not possible to tell from the picture, could it be very old??? That might be important. Taking a second look at the clasp I would not think it to be ancient.
  2. I wanted to test my little setup with some gold Paydirt prior to dragging everything up to the gold fields only to find out its missing gold, so after some research on a end of month sale bought a 5# bag of unsearched no guarantee vulture mine Paydirt for $17 plus $15 in shipping. I’m not a fan of paying for Paydirt but wanted to try it and it seemed like harmless winter fun and hopefully I learn something in the process. After setting everything up and running all the dirt I saved all the tailings for the most important question what am I missing. After cleaning my sluice concentrates I collected .3 gram of flakes and tiny bits and an 8.5 gram copper nugget that must have been tossed into the bag. Most of the gold was caught in the black Matt inside the hopper. I panned the tailings several times and found one tiny tiny fragment of a silver looking bit and possibly a couple of specks of flour gold to small to see without magnification, really I’m not sure they were even gold so I put the retention very high.
  3. Getting around to something more like I had in mind for a finished product I’ve added floats to my highbanker and can now just drop it in water if the conditions allow instead of recirculating water from tubs. One more item to fabricate is a lower header box in place of thr highbanker hopper without the classification screen, I’ll fabricate a short punch plate instead and the header box will lower the suctions discharge closer to the water surface maximizing the suction effect from the nozzle. video flowing water with the 12v 20 amp suction jet nozzle
  4. A new jet nozzle just a bit larger diameter than the last one to better accomidate the bigger Rule 20amp pump I used a 4 to 1 ratio for the jet, the abs is 2” x 1 1/2” fitted with a 1/2” jet made from a Home Depot fuel funnel that is set in 2” abs held in place with automotive auto body filler. The nozzle is 2” straight through the discharge hose with the pick-up nozzle diameter of 1 1/2”. While conducting the time test I held a large gold pan of rocks and gravel under the nozzle and was able to clear the pan in about 10 seconds. I also picked up from Amazon a little battery status meter for $15 just to see how the battery holds up during use and ran 2 tests one with the first smaller nozzle and 13 amp hr pump and a second similar test with the larger nozzle and Rule 20 amp utility pump. I was able to get an hour and 15 minutes out of the 13 amp pump, strangely I got an hour and 35 minutes out of the Rule 20 amp pump very contrary to what I would have thought it would turn out. Both these tests were done using the new JNC950 jump starter that I believe is rated at 35 amp hrs and taken from full charge at around 13v down to 12.06v at a 50% discharge capacity. time test 13 amp hr pump Time test 20 amp hr pump
  5. They make good yard art, if I can find the other parts I will retire my pick😀.
  6. If this is posted someplace else sorry for that, just saw this on Facebook. http://hobby-detecting.com/fisher-impulse-aq-a-new-pulse-metal-detector-with-metal-discrimination-2019-novelty-first-photos/?fbclid=IwAR15lD8fs71q2CPmCh8KDJsa_L2XbBs_xbB886Gy5ipRVe0Scgow5jctq54
  7. There a some very knowledgeable experts here on all kind of rocks so thought I’d ask if anyone here was familiar with this type of quartz crystal and what the host rock and inclusions might be? In the close up’s the gold color is a bit washed out and pale, but under a loop it’s at least interesting looking and crystalline in structure with a pleasant goldfish color. My wife bought them 10-15 years back although I’m not sure who she got them from she said the quartz came from Brazil, I don’t know anything else on their origin or value. They are cut and polished in a way to magnify the little bit of host rock matrix and little inclusions inside the quartz crystal.
  8. Bathtub test of the two pumps in clean water picking up small bits of lead solder and air rifle pellets using the same suction nozzle. Very little difference between the two tests probable the 1 1/14 discharge is at capacity with the smaller pump running at similar discharge pressure and this is a positive for my test given the smaller pump costs less than half the money and uses 13amps vs 20amps per hour to run. I think it should work even better with the nozzle tip directed into a bedrock crack, Next I’ll take it out to a local creek and see if it works as well sucking dirt and rocks. Test with the Rule 4000gph utility pump test with the superior 1700gph 13amp utility pumpTest with Rule 4000gph 20 amp utility pump https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=sBNFj17VqOs
  9. I have only one piece of advice, go buy a couple lottery tickets! 👍😀
  10. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. From the perspective of just a guy just swinging his detector the effect of obsolescence and general market depreciation is a far greater threat to me than risking the warranty on a well engineered adaptation that increases my use and enjoyment. Warranties expire and nothing short of some miracle will get all your money back selling a used machine and if anything we may have missed the boat picking up a good deal on a used 2300 if these coils prove out as it looks, certainly got to be good for the folks that own one now.
  12. I wasn’t really happy with how I setup the pvc and made a few changes that are much better changing how it attached to the box and connected the frame and box as a hinge using only one 1/2 “ repair fitting for the angle adjustment at the header end instead of two. In addition to being easier to use and adjust it all fits easily inside the tub now. It would have been better to use two 90* elbow at the header end of the pvc but I was trying to use stuff I had on hand.
  13. Yep, I think the magnets were a couple bucks more total.
  14. Haaa, good place to be in on the ground floor I won’t forget and will take good care of you’re early commitment as soon as the first royalty check arrives my accountant will be in touch with the documents for your review and signature. New videos for your viewing pleasure soon to be released... “cat with hair ball” and the timeless classic “Feline fains indifference.”
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