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  1. Common now, we’ve all at one time or another forgot our nugget cup.
  2. That’s a pick worth going back for and nice gold well worth the sacrifice of a plastic scoop if it even shows sign of the battle. Wonder I still have mine, farthest I’ve gone back for my Apex was lovelock to the blue wing mountains when I got a ride back to my suv in a friends quad and I left it in the back. Panic next morning loading gear heading out to Rye Patch apron discovering I had no pick, lucky he was still there.
  3. Lots of great suggestions and helpful information and a few things I didn’t think of that could come in real handy. well, that would pretty much suck Having your vehicle stolen and find yourself stuck in the outback I hope he wasn’t alone. Anytime I’m off on foot following my coil wandering from left to right, having the Jeep stolen is always on the back of my mind and it’s a good feeling walking up over a hill and seeing it parked where I left it. I forgot about using a tracker and geofencing as far as actually getting my stuff back that probably gives the best chance for success.
  4. Good to know getting close to the hunting areas and staying somewhat comfortable we’re my main goals, I’m feeling like this might work like I wanted.
  5. When I bought this heavy duty padlock I also bought a heavy 15’ coated steel cable I am going to run through the wheels if I can find a chain same Hardness as the lock I’ll use both. I’ve also got a wedge diamond plate box for the tongue for the generator I picked up to run my a/c, microwave and charge batteries down the road a bit I may also pick up a couple flexible solar panels I’ll eternabond RV tape to the roof, the trail cameras a great idea at least I’ll see who I want to get my hands on or be ready for their return if they are scoping things out. thanks and I’ll see you somed
  6. Thanks Norm, I made friends with “peg leg John“ I’ll definitely need to look up “One Legged Dave,” kind of a little concerning so many legs gone missing gotta be careful with this mining stuff don’t want to add any more new AKA’s to my list, “One Off Art” or something like that, lol. I thought about buying Fred’s when he put it up for sale if I’d have Only known then what I know now, kicked myself after it was sold that was a nice lite weight trailer. New tires is a good idea not sure if I will switch them before the first trip, although I should they’ll be more flat resistant and I’ll ga
  7. I think sometimes I’ll do the drop off and take advantage of the security and hook ups, if I can it’d be nice to set-up right where I can run the dry washer and stay at it longer than the quick little runs I’ve been doing While detecting. I guess when I need to just drop it someplace so I can get back in where the trailer can’t go I’m at risk the most if in the unlikely chance the wrong person stumbles on to it, so I’ll lock everything best I can and a $50 cordless right angle grinder will cut through it all in a few minutes although I did pick up a super tough extra thick padlock at ace hardw
  8. Thanks, I think if I can get in where I want to it’ll be good, time will tell and I’ve got a lot of learning to do. I hope you can get back out soon challenging times for everyone except for the small and off grid camper sales, lol. Everything’s sold out prices are sky high, there’s been a rush on guns and rv’s here, lot of well armed Winnebagos running around gotta be careful who I piss off. little trailer isn’t much more than a hard side tent with a door lock an intruder can’t get in unless he was equipped with something similar to a screw driver or say a rock, hmm then different
  9. I am finally after 5 long months going to get to swing the GPZ again I think, crossing my fingers I’m not jinxing myself being optimistic. In the beginning of May I blew a head gasket that took out my radiator frying a cylinder and time for a new engine...that’s the short story. So far I’ve put in a new stroker engine, new transmission, new fuel system, new gears from 4.10 to 5.13, new radiator, new control arms, new control arm mounts, new toyo M/T’s and engine computer tuning. First shop I took the Jeep to was a disaster and in the end everything they did I threw away, fortunately my luck im
  10. I figured most of the time it would probably get in my way especially swinging a pick, although with the chest holster I bought it’s actually comfortable and pretty much out of the way but fills most all the empty space, adds a couple pounds and is a bit bulky. I bought a steel lockbox and bolted it in the Jeep with a couple grade 8 bolts so the box is hidden and the bolts are inaccessible, so I’ll have it locked up if I don’t want it handy. That’s a heck of a thing, what turned out with someone shooting at you? Hopefully just some jackass target shooting and not something more sinist
  11. The Wilson’s a beautiful handgun it shows the quality I’ve never had the opportunity to shoot one but it’s an impressive piece and I’d prefer carrying 9mm over the 10mm if it would have worked for me. Mines a Glock 40, with the long slide. It’s a lot of gun to handle and the 40’s heavy I can only imagine the 20 let alone the 29 must be a recoil beast being so small shooting the 10mm. Years ago I had a S&W 44mag other than the recoil of the Glock feeling soft compared to the sharper 44mag the 10mm is not that much less, just more comfortable. The one thing the Glock has over a hammer fire
  12. Last year was crazy busy, but how did I miss this thread? Late to the party I’m really trying to think of useful suggestions reading the beginning of this and then it starts to get weird and I begin to think “Music Man” as in 76 Trombones...right here in River city. Testers with a capital T, I want to be a tester With a capital T and that rhymes with... hmmm well it don’t really rhyme but be great to have first shot at putting a new technology over hidden nuggets and buried treasure except I can’t tell just what the game is, what’s the brass ring on this merry go round? Investors? Phishing/Dat
  13. So true, reading your words really points out the need to respect how quickly a wonderful day can go completely south, and to be prepared because on occasion it will. It’s about the adventure, the chance and the little rewards along the way...
  14. What Steve and flak said, there is no getting around the fact hot rocks make life tough ground balance and proper tuning your detector are great steps in the right direction. After a while you will as you mentioned begin to get the feel for the difference between the hot rock and other signals but that is still just a guess, if you are in a good area put fewer hot rocks under the coil by slowing down and cleaning them out allowing you to carefully scan the soil for those faint little goodies hiding there (you hope). It’s hard to get yourself to slow down and really search carefully when not fi
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