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  1. So I sent my 17’ coil in to have it checked and after it was connected to the coil test in a few minutes the coil became very unstable and extremely touch sensitive the coil was declared defective and a new 17” replacement coil is shipped and on its way.
  2. Yep, nothing to be afraid of I’ve seen them eating their natural food on an air boat tour in Florida, marshmallows… cuz, well they live in the marsh, lol.
  3. I hesitate posting this because sound quality is so poor I only recorded two short clips both with the 1g nugget. The dirt was too loose to allow slipping the tube all the way in this test adjusted for that is around 8” to 9” deep, I couldn’t pick up the audio from this on my phone even holding the ear buds next to the microphone. the sp01 is clipped to the back of the 6000 connected with a 3” cable and plugging/unplugging the cable toggled between it being just 6000 on speaker or 6000 with sp01 and ear buds, I have a speaker on order for a better test. The 6000 settings are auto+, normal, full volume, 11”mono. Sp01 settings in this clip mode 1, filter1 volume 50%, mode 2 filter 3 produces the loudest targets response. 6000 on speaker 6000 sp01
  4. I did try and take some video the wind was a big problem and I couldn’t really pick up the sound off the ear buds on my phone I’ll order a cheep speaker on Amazon.
  5. I gave this a try just a little way outside Las Vegas south of the city and the EMI was just about impossible using the speaker I could hear both nuggets the 1g and .3g at the same depth, the SP01 ran a little smoother and edged out the speaker alone by a 1/2” roughly on the .3,. the differences under these conditions were small but noticeable I could still hear both targets knowing that they were there but to me this was inconclusive due to the conditions. I’ll try this again one day next week taking a ride out to the Johnnie district where the results are more meaningful, but I think the SP01 will have an edge. I did hang the filter off the back of the 6000, it didn’t make any difference on or off so OK, but again just the background EMI would mask any differences.
  6. I was stuck waiting for the UPS truck all day so no chance to test the 6000 with the SP01, but I have everything ready for tomorrow and sinking this section of pvc at a 45* will allow me to go as deep as 14” and I have a .3 and 1 gram nugget unless there is some other size you want me to test?
  7. Northeast, I’ve never done any comparative testing with the 6000 and the filter, I already had one and after a couple days with it I think target signals were a little tighter. I’d hang the SP01 on my belt and run my ear bud cord (wired Bose sport) inside my shirt and use the 6000’s headphone cord with an adaptor to connect the SP01. The 6000 cord for the headphones is long enough I didn’t have a problem and direct connected signal seemed clean without lag? When I get a chance I’ll drive a little way out in the desert and test a nugget, I’ve got a long masonry bit I think will work to drill a diagonal hole for some 1/2” pvc deep enough to see a difference. Not promising any great video, but I’ll give it a shot with and without on a couple small nuggets. I got out of the habit of using it though, couple times I’d accidentally left it on packing and found a dead battery starting my day… no big deal I just didn’t have it. The 6000 is so light and easy I’ve gotten lazy I’ll probably start using it again, my last couple hunts have been fruitless.
  8. I’ve hung the SP01 connected with a 3” cable to the side of the aftermarket fabric cover and directly connected the 6000’s headphones hardwired into the SP01 that actually worked with no lag or interference from the SP01.
  9. I’ve run the sp1 a couple different ways, first with a ll blue tooth feeding the SP1 and the ll Bluetooth I was using I think made the 6000 a little more noisy. The setup I like the best except I’m tethered to a cord is using the supplied 6000’s headphone cord into the SP1 hooked to my belt and Bose sport ear buds. The hardwire Bose earbuds are out of production and last time I checked going for a couple hundred used the apple version works but the android jack configuration I think is better? This cord arrangement really isn’t that bad, plenty of room to set the detector down and recover targets and the cords don’t hang up hunting in the desert anyway, forested areas might be different. Charging devices is a even trade off SP1 instead of the 6000’s headphones, but more control of the audio output with the signal enhancer.
  10. The polished window has more the look from a fairly high amount of iron rather than iron nickel flakes (veins/threads) like found in meteorites, I don’t see any chondrites or evidence of fusion crust. I don’t think they hit the ground hot enough to fuse sand to the outside atmospheric action called ram pressure briefly melts the crust the interior remains cool the meteorites terminal velocity reduces the approach speed to a period of dark flight prior to impacting earth.
  11. It looks like a rock as has been said, it is difficult to see metal as you point out if it is there in the pictures in order to have a good chance of accurately seeing what is inside you really need to polish the window you broke out with the hammer. The simplest method use sandpaper starting at around 100grit up to 2500grit will give a mirror finish but the metal flakes will be clear to the eye going up to around 400grit and stand out in the pictures. High amounts of iron will also high polish and reflect back but is harder to see in pictures and doesn’t really resemble iron nickel specks. im a novice at this and there is great variety, but don’t want to suggest my opinion is anything other than that just it lacks the qualities that have been shared with me, but you will learn a lot testing you find and who knows? here’s a window into gold basin meteorites the metal flakes photograph easily.
  12. Chuck, ha ha I was going to put the keys in but didn’t want to give up your spot so, cats out of the bag now… luckily my Ah’em artwork looks about as much as any one stream as a persons imagination will allow, but generosity’s appreciated. Plus, I misspelled Haskell I only used 1 (L) so your spot is probably still a secret. I’m doing pretty good, the dogs not limping, lol I hope that’s not slang for something sorry don’t want to offend anyone here. I decided not to give her aspirin although it would have saved me $150, we took her to the vet got some pain and anti inflammatory in a couple days she was fine. God forbid anything should happen to that dog my vet has the keys to my bank account.
  13. The FBI, lol… telling a lie to make a profit, that’s never happened.
  14. My 17” 6000 coil is touch sensitive, it was amazing at first running very stable then one day it was touchy. I tried different ways of wrapping the coil wire and it seemed to help at first but now it’s worse and last time out I couldn’t use it every time the coil even gently touched the ground it would sound off, no problem with the other two.
  15. Thanks, it has been in the trash bin a couple times all of them have, lol.
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