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  1. GPAA and GSSN both have claims out at gold basin with easy access as far as having to walk as most of the dirt roads can be navigated with 2 wheel drive there are plenty of areas to park near spots to detect. The gold however is going to require some work tiny pieces can be few and far between and will require some luck, there is the added benefit out there of the occasional meteorite.
  2. Mitchel, now that’s 24K gold...I nominate you for find of the year!!!
  3. After a little cleaning the quartz looking Juicy under a display light.
  4. I don’t know for sure, I guess it depends on how much fresh food I bring along and how many mouths. Originally the pantry was just to supplement the fresh food but it was nice this last trip out not worrying about ice and keeping things cold.
  5. Ready to feed a any stray miners, organizing my pantry and adding a few suggestions from this thread the sardines were a good addition this last trip There’s lots of good ideas and some fine looking fresh game being served up out there from the looks of things, happy eating all.
  6. I made it out to Gold Basin for a couple days of hunting until a high wind advisory chased me out on Saturday with a wind gust forecast of it hitting 50mph in the Arizona desert on high ground. The wind started to pick up around 7pm by morning it was buffeting the trailer pretty good. I picked up camp and found a spot protected enough from the wind I could unlatch and drop the top on my a-frame without a strong gust hitting at the wrong time ripping off the roof. Luckily all went without incident and the drive home was uneventful. the couple pieces I picked up were found on a low ben
  7. He’s a good guy just an honest mistake on his add, he will make good.
  8. I just want to say thanks to everyone for the comments, I had no doubt the seller would make good I just needed to accept it and move on, thanks for the opportunity to think clearly out loud. As was said “what’s done is done” it’s not bad just different and I wish every problem in life was this simple.
  9. Yep, now it’s a hard act to follow tough to beat what nature gives us.
  10. I agree silver and subdued the gold is so bright and shiny it needs contrast, we’ll see what she comes up with.
  11. I talked to the dealer this morning and found out what happened, apparently he had this up for sale in its natural state for a year with no buyer so he cleaned it and forgot to update the listing, the mount accidentally lost in the process. Replacing the mounts no big deal my wife’s got a 10g’er I found a couple years ago she eventually going to make into jewelry now she can make a matching set using this one for the pendant, the one I found in a ring. Hmmm, guess she’s gonna need earrings a few more out of my poke for each ear, lol... happy wife, happy life. Anyway I completely understan
  12. I’ll talk to him and see whats fair, can’t get to upset his prices are good and while it isn’t what I bought, I can only say good things about this dealer. I’m sure he figured he was doing me a favor and it’s still nice, my initial disappointment has subsided and sending gold back seems like bad mojo I only want it going one way...in my poke.
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