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  1. Well, i agree with some critic words about Tekkna. I know about wonderful prog. 3 silenser and unmask coins in iron. But pitch square/high square will be always my โ„– 1 in thats places and conditions. Full tones in my opinion always lose in nails. But i love FT in modern trash sites and beach. Full tones great with high square and audio filter, but not with iron. So i can try Tekkna in iron with pitch. I know thats discrim 30-40 great for foil infested places, for old one i prefer low disc 6-7. The older the search location, the less discrim you need to use. I dont need disc 42 for good sound, coz all signals with t.id >7 sounds good with pitch ๐Ÿ™‚ Anyway all options are usable. I am always change settings and sound and try to get my best ๐Ÿ‘
  2. Frequency is the key. I hope that we will seะต real HF coils for Deus 2. Precise algorithms and freqs up to 100 kHz will make the device one of the best on the market. Despite the fact that it will remain the same easy and convenient in everyday hours-long search.
  3. I use most of time lvl. 3 of sensitivity. Working fine for me. For XP Deus users Mi6 loses in all parameters except for compatibility and sound transmission to headphones. But i mostly dig in public place. So i use silent mode with only WS6 and vibro in Sphinx02. No problem with gloves. I don't know about Magnetic in old place, but i am searching in modern trash. Mostly time coin shooting. Average dig rate per hour very high. Therefore, saving 5-10 seconds for each signal is very important
  4. I use Sphinx 02 + XP Deus II for 2 years. Magnetic is awesome. This is a very popular device in our country. Many have switched from XP Mi 4/6 to these pinpoints. Personally, I did it for the sake of speed of search. The number of signals and finds extracted from the ground has increased significantly. There are minor inaccuracies with the holster. Better working If had added more magnets or slightly changed its shape. So that the device automatically turns on/off in all possible positions.
  5. I use AR from 0 to 2 on all places with trash. It can be both modern and old places. In addition, I use the high overall volume in WS6 and the equalizer functions. This helps to hear even weak signals while maintaining sound modulation.
  6. This is true. Silencer at 0 helps to hear and dig out iron-hidden targets. I am sure that after silencer on 3 you will find many more useful targets. Unfortunately, XP has set silencer from 2 and above in almost all land programs. For novice users, this may be a good thing. Detector will be more friendly and leave quite a few targets for the more experienced and hardworking ๐Ÿ™‚
  7. I see in the description for firmware 1.1 that they changed silencer in values 0,1 and 2. So the value 0 was also different and it was returned to the original version from firmware 0.71. Link to update 1.1 info: https://www.xpmetaldetectors.com/en/ba/the-blog/deus-ii-v1-0-update-instructions.php upd: Now delete info about 1.1 ๐Ÿ™‚. May be some fix.
  8. I fully agree with the new audio features in firmware 1.0. Hi-square becomes my main sound in both poly and pitch. I also see a very serious breakthrough in modern places where there is no or little iron. Or in old places where there is not so much iron trash. If we take a dense carpet of nails, then with the new firmware it is not always successful there. And there is still a lot to be explored and studied in the work. In such places, only sound remains and it plays a decisive role. Looking at big numbers, XY, or and 90 degrees turn is pointless. Heavily masked coins will give you a visual signal not to dig. While the sound can always break through to a successful outcome in this difficult situation. And there is one more moment. In the new firmware, it has certainly become easier to work with the device for beginners. But I would also like the XP company not to forget about experienced users. And gave them more information to make the right decision in the sound from the device.
  9. What you mean for one way? I mostly have unstable signal for heavy masked target or probably iron falsing. Audio filter doesn't help in both situations. But overall it's a very good feature to use in the right conditions.
  10. Hi-Square 1.00 vs old Square 0.71 in pitch tone: - In hi-square more information is now heard in an iron tone. And how deep the nail is in the ground, size, shape, etc. - In hi-square there is less dynamics and amplitude in the pitch tone. It is more difficult to determine the depth of the target - for this only the speed of the sound response. When digging to the surface, the signal can be even quieter than in the ground, as strong sounds are muted by the algorithm. - Because of the differences in the first two points, it's a bit more difficult to distinguish between iron-mixed targets and iron-falsing. Now in hi-square we either trust the algorithm and dig everything. Or we listen to how stable the pitch sound is and decide to dig based on its behavior. - The new pitch hi-square is more comfortable for long time use. You can walk for many hours without feeling discomfort in your ears and brain.
  11. I have a rather conflicting relationship with the new firmware 1.0 I understand that its capabilities and new features open more than one door for us to successfully search in the fields. Meanwhile, those shortcomings that are talked about around (to a greater extent this applies to working in an iron trash) have a place to be. I would not blame all people for being wrong, fooled or not understanding the new version. In this situation, I am most surprised by the reaction of XP. More precisely, its absence. I think that they should draw certain conclusions in order to prevent this from happening in the future. The update itself is definitely great and gives us even more new useful targets in the old places to search. I just don't want negative things to happen at the same time.
  12. Agree. Also about new features in update. For example, WS6 v1.0 add frequency scan for long press "-" button. Very useful, but there is no information about it anywhere.
  13. I hope XP fix it. Why did they change the silencer and not leave smooth values? There is too much difference between 1 and 2. The old version with value 2 worked much more efficiently.
  14. I think need fix in v1.0 ๐Ÿ™‚ Iron Volume 0 to 5 Silencer 0 to 6
  15. Mostly very good after Simplex and XP Deus. Perfect in modern trash, iron, almost always good in EMI. Reach and great info from sound. Of course lightweight and speed. I dig average 50-80 target per hour, it is impossible with any another detector. I have about 700-800 hours experience with my favourite 4,5,6 programs. Sure, have some problem. Full tones not optimal in XP Deus 2. Not good working in my clay after plowing the land. I find some bugs in WS6, already wrote to XP. Hope for next update and new elliptical 9.5x5 coil. ะ small part of the finds from XP Deus 2 from last season are attached. But so far, both I and the detector are only at the beginning of the journey.
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