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  1. Was researching the coin and came across a YouTube video about a similar coin style. In the description was an email address which I wrote to in hopes of finding out more. The response is below: Both coins have the same inscription.Obverse: Chien Lung Tung Bao (Qing Dynasty Emperor Chien Lung 1736-1795AD)Reverse: Boo Yuwan (Peking, Board of Public Works Mint).The smaller one cash coin which is usually the size of a US quarter coin is typical. The larger one is a modern charm based on that coin. Any coin larger than the one cash coin would have a different inscription or state a denomination on the reverse such as 10, 50, 100, 500, 1000. However, this emperor’s reign was not know for large or multiple cash denominations over 10 cash (Sinkiang Province issue) which wasn’t much larger than the 1 cash regular issues.
  2. kac, thanks for the reply. There is a link to a great resource on that site that helps ID Chinese coins. Now, how to ID the large coin/token..
  3. The large coin/token was found at a school. It is the same exact coin as the smaller one that is next to it in the picture, just bigger and a couple bundles of grain, maybe (see red arrows). The small coin is a real Chinese coin that I have at home. Question is, what is the larger one? Anyone have any ideas? A good luck charm came to mind, but I could not find any just like it. Thanks for any help.
  4. I recently had the opportunity to make it back to the home where I grew up. The property, a rural Wisconsin farmsite, dates back to 1845 when it was given to the first owners by the Unites States government. My parents lived there for 30 years and finally sold the home about 10 years ago. I had detected it before my parents sold it, but that was with a Garrett Treasure Ace 100, a true beep-and-dig machine which found me nothing but iron scrap the one time I used it on the property. Other than that one time, the land has never been detected. I was really wanting to try it with the 800 to see if it was up for the challenge. I called the current owner and asked if it was ok to come out and detect the property. I thought to myself that if I only found one silver coin that it would be a successful hunt. After graciously being given free reign to dig anywhere, I quickly found out just how much iron collects in 174 years. Added to the nails and other farm scrap metal bits were the zillions of BB's from my youth. Let's just say that the 11" coil was busy! I had to run at 7 recovery just to try to sort the barrage of signals. Sadly, the roofing nails were a strong signal that came in at 22-23 with no iron grunt using all-metal mode, and there were thousands of them. I did manage to find some modern coins and a broken silver serving spoon. The best find of the day, and at the top of my lifetime's worth of detecting finds, was a silver dime. It is the oldest dime I have ever found and the first silver for me that was not a Roosevelt dime. To many people it would not be special. For me, just the opportunity to detect at my old home among the large trees that we planted when they were but a foot high was utterly amazing. I know there are many more silver coins still waiting there. I may never get back, but I don't need to. It would be hard to top the experience and joy of sharing my stories of growing up there and the day's finds with the current owner. It was a bucket list experience.
  5. 1918 Idaho Laws https://books.google.com/books?id=qZNCAQAAMAAJ&pg=PA394&lpg=PA394&dq=Chauffeur+badges+idaho&source=bl&ots=nVD0MwKOlx&sig=ACfU3U0lwS03p_KXYmqDfMkKc38kcBm2kA&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwifmcDKpObiAhXwc98KHVreAiIQ6AEwF3oECAgQAQ#v=onepage&q=Badge&f=false
  6. I pulled the trigger on the 15" coil (and 6") and needed to make sure all was OK with it. So, out to the football field again for 2 hours. After hoovering about $3-$4 in change(one hole had 4 quarters and a large chunk of aluminum foil that was really jumpy in the numbers), I headed to the area where my silver chain was found. There was a strong and long signal which showed up as a 9. About 5 inches down came the start of this day's highlight. I had to dig more as it was stretched out underground. Not quite as heavy as the last one, but it was enjoyable seeing another silver chain come back to life. Again, I was using Park 1, ground balanced, 7 recovery, and 20 sensitivity. The coil sure covers ground, and it actually does a good job of picking through the clutter.
  7. Update: After trying to get them to fit, I finally figured out that the rubber piece that extends upward is actually meant to be rotated backward once the bud is at the ear cannal. Having not used buds like this before, I was rotating them forward, and they kept falling out. I'm either getting older, or I'm just not that bright. I will be keeping these, and they have been sticking in my ears just fine.
  8. Finally had some time to get out. I hit a local football field for two days, about 2 hours each day. I was using the stock coil on the Equinox 800. It was in Park 1, 7 recovery, 50 tone, and ground balanced. The chain, found on day 2, rang up a solid 17, much like many of the aluminum bits on the field. The clasp is iron, but the rest is .925. At first I thought it was junk because of some rusty looking areas on the chain, but when it was cleaned off at home, a smile came to my face. The first day I dug a hole with a solid 11. Out popped a junk earring. There was something else in the hole according to the pinpointer, so I kept at it. The second target was another earring with what appeared to be silver and maybe diamonds. I tested it at home, and my tester said they were diamonds. However, my local jeweler gave me the bad news that they were not. It was a silver earring though.
  9. I really thought I was going to like these, but after a couple hunts with the Q12 set, I know they are not a good fit for me. The speed and sound is great--right there with the supplied Bluetooth headphones. The fit and ability to stay in my ear, not so great. I had to have them in front of me under my chin for them to even stay in my ears. Every time I would move my head to look up, I had to readjust one of the sides and reseat it in my ear. It seems the weight of the buds themselves is the issue. I assume that the batteries are in the buds and causes them to fall from position easily. I will go back to the wireless module and use my Skullcandy buds that never fall out unless the wire gets pulled while bending over or snagged on a branch.
  10. Thanks for sharing. In case you want more or want to know the approximate value: http://www.antiquegamblingchips.com/PutNTakesForSale.htm
  11. I ordered the Q12 Plus SoundPEATS Bluetooth Headphones that hawk recommended. $25 on Amazon and they paired up with APTx LL right away. They seem solid, but time will tell after a couple hunts. Thanks, hawk, for the advice.
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