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  1. Florida's mild soil definitely makes this possible. The Equinox also does a great job at allowing the sensitivity to be cranked up with the 15" coil at this location. Once located, I just circle the signal. If the TID bumps up into the 30s with a slight iron sound while going around, it is likely to be a silver dime.
  2. I would buy it again without hesitation. Enjoy using it, and keep us posted on finds you make with it.
  3. Out to the ball field again after the rain and wind. Thankfully there was not much damage here. Using the 15" again with the Equinox gave great depth. The Mercury dime (only my 5th ever) sounded sweet using 50 tones. I have found quite a few silver coins where the sandy soil meets the layer underneath with just sand and shells. I'm guessing this layer was dredged from the gulf and put down many years ago. Either the coins came with the fill, or the coins stop their migration through the sandy soil when they hit that layer (second-to-last pic). Two wheats (1944 & 1955) and a Canadian penny (1955) also sounded nice. One of them was in the high 30's... thought for sure it was silver. Elizabeth looks much better than Abe! Anyone know what the cylinder-like item is? Maybe a percussion cap? Do those have holes in? Park 1, 4 recovery, 50 tones, all metal, 24 sensitivity
  4. So as not to be redundant and have the same people repeat their excellent insights, here is a very recent thread asking the same thing: https://www.detectorprospector.com/forums/topic/19828-equinox-trashy-parks-coiltek-10-x-5-or-minelab-6/
  5. Thanks. Looks like the major impact was off to the south and then traveling to the NE. We will still get rain, but the wind doesn't appear to be a concern at this point for our area.
  6. If there is wave action to go along with the surge. The gulf side is usually so sanded in that there isn't much to find other than recently dropped items. I'm not sure if I will be able to get out after the storm, as they are predicting 12-18" of rain in our area, south of Clearwater. Guessing it will be quite a mess to clean up.
  7. Prep work for the hurricane is finished, so what else to do? That's right, go detecting! I decided to go back to the 15" on the Equinox vs. the 10x5 today while detecting the local ball field. The sandy soil was already wet, so it was allowing me to reach down and touch some older coins. 2 silver dimes that were each 11" down and 2 wheaties that were not as deep. The silvers jumped down into the mid twenties and went as high as 33 and gave an iron tone a couple times. It felt good to swing the big coil again...so deep and awesome coverage! Now the wait is on to see what becomes of the storm. Praying all is okay for everyone. 15", Park 1, 50 tones, all metal, 4 recovery, up to 24 sensitivity
  8. It looks like St. Augustine grass, but it is mostly weeds. The ground is incredibly easy to dig in as the sandy soil is VERY wet right now and the digger goes in like butter.
  9. Out to a local ballfield with the Deus II today that I have been clearing with the Equinox 10x5 lately. Just before packing it up due to the melting taking place in my clothes thanks to the Florida humidity and heat, I got a strong signal that screamed surface. I was really hoping for a ring, expecting a pull tab, and would never have guessed it would be a 1942 nickel resting in the dirt hidden by the grass. It likely was deposited in the last 2 weeks as I have been over that spot recently. You just never know! Update: A member of the forum PMed me and gently informed me that my nickel was not technically a war nickel due to the fact that there was no mint mark above the dome. I love learning something new every day, so the info was greatly appreciated.
  10. Yes, I have experienced it as well. Solution? I'm not sure as it doesn't happen all the time. I'm thinking it has to do with interference, but shutting off my phone hasn't helped. Maybe environmental interference that is site-specific.
  11. Some silver linings: Every red light I get stuck at is bonus time I get to spend together with my wife. Every day a detectorist is unable to get out is an extra day for valuables to be deposited.
  12. Back to the same park yesterday with the Equinox and the 10x5". I was in the concession area where people put up canopies in a row next to a chain link fence. The bracelet was not found by the coil, but I was digging a target that allowed me to see the silver in situ. The cross was a slamming 4-5 TID. Equinox, 10x5, Park 1, 6 recovery, all metal
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