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  1. Againstmywill

    Roman Coins

    Looks like a coin dealer based on the many other coins that are for sale by the same person. These coins look to be too much work to clean vs the money that would be generated by them if cleaned.
  2. Againstmywill

    Minelab Equinox Update Released

    Worked well for me using Win 10. The only issue I saw was that the documentation said the detector must stay on during the update. When mine updated, I turned it on like it said to do, but then it shut itself off and did the update. I unplugged the cable when the software said that the update was complete.
  3. Againstmywill

    Pictures Of Battery Removed From Equinox

    Amazingly, they make something specifically for the Nox already! Happened to see this on the link that phrunt shared.
  4. Againstmywill

    Anyone Else's 800 (or 600) Do This?

    Ok, thanks for the help. I tried a factory reset on it and it seems to have solved the issue for now.
  5. When I shut off the machine in any mode, the next time I turn the machine back on it starts up in Park 2. If I hunted in Park 2 (I hunt 99% in Park 1), it would be very convenient. I know that cycling through back to Park 1 is a first world problem, but I'm just curious if anyone else has had this experience.
  6. Againstmywill

    Minelab Equinox Vs Silver Hoard

    Recently, I moved out of state. Before leaving, a friend buried 5 roles of quarters in a grass playground area for me to find. He thought I would enjoy because I metal detect. I chose my 800 vs. ET due to the weight. He drew a rough treasure map and I started to search. I was unable to find anything that resembled a quarter signal. He then pointed out the areas, and I detected the rolls only after being shown the exact area. They came in exactly as the video shows. I would never have dug them by the tone or id numbers. It's not that there are rolls of quarters buried all around, but if there were, I would never dig them. I have not tested using my ET or G2, so I'm not sure if other detectors react the same way.
  7. Againstmywill

    Pistol Dig & Help ID

    Here is the link for more info: https://www.gunsamerica.com/962546477/Otis-A-Smith-NEW-MODEL-Pocket-Pistol-32-RF-Nickel-w-Gambler-SHADOW-BOX.htm
  8. Againstmywill

    Equinox Waterproof Headphone Cord Adapter

    Thanks for the info; the link you provided does a great job of laying things out in a clear way.
  9. Againstmywill

    Equinox Waterproof Headphone Cord Adapter

    Thanks, this is just what I have been searching for. I have a pair of waterproof headphones that I used on my AT Pro when I still had it. I was unable to find an end that would fit the Equinox. Could you include a link to the one that will work?
  10. Stopped at a friend's house for a night's stay, and his wife saw that I had brought a metal detector along on our way to move to FL. She mentioned that her husband had lost his wedding ring about 6 years ago while spreading mulch in the front yard. He had his son look one time, but he was using a cheap detector I guess. I tried swinging for about 15 minutes in the flower bed, but there was an iron border that was not playing nicely with detecting. I even got down on my hands and knees and just used my pinpointer to no avail. So, why not try the well-manicured lawn! I had the sensitivity lowered to about 12, and there were no signals when in the grass. I guess that's why the consistent ID of 15 stood out so much. After digging a small plug, the ring popped out on the first hole. I wish I was videoing his reaction... priceless. He had just gotten done saying to my wife that he would give me $200 if I found it. He actually cut me a check for $200, but I left it with him when we left. I told him to keep it as a token of thanks for letting me detect along the way to FL on our move. That's 2 gold rings that have ID'd at 15 for me, the usual number for pull tabs.
  11. Againstmywill

    Class Ring Goes Home

    And now it's back on the hand of the owner...
  12. Try a dot of hot glue on the buttons to make them easier to "see" with your fingers.
  13. Againstmywill

    Class Ring Goes Home

    I pass many signals in that number range because they are not very robust and lack the "full" sound of a quality target. I'm sure I have passed up gold rings, but I have been listening for strong sounds down in that number range just for that reason. This ring gave a "dig me" sound vs. the other junk that lives in the lower numbers. I have found close to a dozen men's gold rings, but not a women's ring with stone. Hence, I've really been focusing on those lower numbers to check that off the bucket list.
  14. Againstmywill

    Class Ring Goes Home

    Got to give the ring to the mother of the person, today. She will send it off shortly. She said her son was not expecting to ever see it again and the fact that it was found completely blew him away. Fun to return it and see his mom's face.