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  1. Hands down, school's have produced the most for me. In fact, most of my silver and gold rings have been found at schools. High schools are the best. The e-trac was very good at sniffing out rings if there was not too much trash. I now live in a location where schools are all fenced and gated off.
  2. On the advice of others on this forum, I called Minelab today to inquire about the play I've had in the shaft on my Equinox since day one. When I called back in 2018, they wanted me to send the whole detector in to get looked at. This time they said they would send the three pieces my way, and I just need to send the originals back to them. Has that been your experience for those in the same situation?
  3. With the kids away at school once again, I had the itch to go out. I went to the ball diamond where I have found a silver ring and a class ring. My Garrett carrot was sounding off when I turned it in, so I decided to go back home and get my backup. (Turns out the battery was toast even though I just changed it the last time I was out.) I had sensitivity turned down to about 15 and was running in Park 1 using 50 tones. Recovery speed was at 7 and the horseshoe was engaged. After 5 digs, I got a very consistent 15. It sounded different from the countless other 15's I have dug that were pulltabs. Perhaps fuller in sound would be a way to explain it. Anyway, about 2 inches down was my ticket for the excuse train to be done sweating for the night. I left 10 minutes after starting knowing that this was going to be hard to top before dark. The side stones are diamonds according to my tester. The middle stones have a more purple hue to them when light is passed through. Any ideas on the stones would be appreciated. It looks like it would be very heavy ring, but the portion that holds the stones is hollowed out quite well. I invited my brother-in-law, but he was busy. I made sure to send a few picks so he will want to go out next time.
  4. Yes, when I inquired about my unit's wobbly shaft a little over a year ago, I was told that I needed to send my unit in. I never did. I will try another call to see if they can just send the parts. Thanks
  5. Did you have to send your machine in, or did they just ship new parts out after explaining the issue?
  6. This thread might be helpful as it contains a scan of the owner's manual for the 9000.
  7. Thanks, Noah! I would never have thought that, being it was in a rural setting. Must have been cultured people living there at one time!
  8. Good thoughts, everybody! Because it was found in a farm, I thought maybe it was from a crop planter of some sort. It looks like it would have slid into something and the groove at the flat end would allow it to be pulled back out. The reed would meter the seed somehow, and the slanted surface on the one side would funnel the seed to the reed. Only my guess, however. Anyone know a really old farmer who might know?
  9. I found this at the same place the 1899 Barber Dime came from, the old farm where I grew up in Wisconsin. It appears to be brass, and the thin strip of metal makes a "bwonggg" sound when plucked. Any guesses?
  10. Was researching the coin and came across a YouTube video about a similar coin style. In the description was an email address which I wrote to in hopes of finding out more. The response is below: Both coins have the same inscription.Obverse: Chien Lung Tung Bao (Qing Dynasty Emperor Chien Lung 1736-1795AD)Reverse: Boo Yuwan (Peking, Board of Public Works Mint).The smaller one cash coin which is usually the size of a US quarter coin is typical. The larger one is a modern charm based on that coin. Any coin larger than the one cash coin would have a different inscription or state a denomination on the reverse such as 10, 50, 100, 500, 1000. However, this emperor’s reign was not know for large or multiple cash denominations over 10 cash (Sinkiang Province issue) which wasn’t much larger than the 1 cash regular issues.
  11. kac, thanks for the reply. There is a link to a great resource on that site that helps ID Chinese coins. Now, how to ID the large coin/token..
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