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  1. I tend to save all my finds and put them on a tray until I have time to sort them. Last year it seemed like I had too little time to sort because the two trays hold a whole year's worth of junk, jewelry, and coins. I did have additional plastic bags partially filled so the trays wouldn't overflow too much. The box holds the change that came out of all that junk on the trays. There are no picks of the jewelry because I remove that as I come home after detecting. Just wanted to share with others new to the hobby so they know that there will be junk as well as awesome finds. I used to keep track of how much change I found on each hunt, but now I just take it in and cash it out for Amazon credit. So, I'm not sure how much the change is worth yet because I have yet to take it in.
  2. I ordered this (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01B4W40VC/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_HyqhEbFYDR1FS ) back in December, and it works as a receiver and transmitter. My son used it on a Teknetics G2 with the Minelab headphones that came with the 800. Paired up well with no noticable lag. In fact, he found his first gold ring ever using it. He never liked having wires in the way and found the Bluetooth connection to be far better. FWIW, he was digging the lower signals in the pulltab and nickel range as instructed; he got paid for listening well. I was so happy that he found it and not me. Nothing like finding that first gold ring!
  3. I just sent two of my orange Pro-Pointers in because they were falsing badly. I had taken one apart and was unable to make it work. In fact, I really messed it up to the point it was a hopeless cause. The capacitor was bad on that one, and I assume it was the same thing for the other one as well. Garrett took care of me and gave me a new outside and inside (they both look new, so I'm not sure if the guts are new or fixed. Anyway, for the repair and shipping back to me, it was $80 total. Great customer service!
  4. I'll be in the Dickinson area for a few days (Dec. 24-28) and am looking for a place to detect (coins, relics, jewelry). Anyone have any ideas or connections to older places? I did not take my beach scoop, so inland areas would be best. Thanks!
  5. Yes, they are silver. The crucifix chain is fairly heavy. They both say 925 on the clasp.
  6. The big coil covers more area in a shorter time. I don't stay and grid an area, I just keep making passes in an area that has given up the goods consistently. Last year, I methodically covered about 3/4 of the football field with overlapping swings going the short direction. I am now trying to go the long way. Last night's finds came from the area that I went over last year. I was using the 11" coil at the time, however. The 15", IMHO, gives up very little on sensitivity. It consistently finds very small bits and pieces off jeans, aluminum cans, etc. It could be run at 24 sensitivity on that field, but 18 makes it so that it does not cause me to go chasing super deep junk. The field and surrounding area were settled in the 70's, so I'm not going for deep silver. I guess it could be called cherry picking, but when I get 2 hours or so a weekend, it doesn't pay to chase everything. As far as the cold, it does help being in FL. It was kind of breezy last night and the windchill was about 68. I even had to put on a long sleeve shirt last night with my shorts. Before moving to FL, I also had to deal with the dreaded winter waiting game. I can't count the number of times I detected while I couldn't feel my fingers. It is nice to not detect in chopper mittens! My 800 sits in timeout during the week, too. At least it is not a pet and doesn't feel neglected.
  7. I had about an hour and a half tonight to get out and detect. I went to the same football field that has been productive in the past. They have the lights on very late even if there are no games. So, what better time to detect than at night with no headlamp needed! As for the bucket list, I have never found a diamond solitaire with a real stone. I dug a strong 10 on the Equinox (park 1, 7 recovery, 18 sensitivity), normally the cover over the opening of an aluminum can, and I thought my bucket list had another item checked off. When I got it home and washed it off, it was indeed 10K, just not real diamonds--the hole in the bucket. I found a total of 4 pieces of jewelry tonight--mostly digging signals from 5-18--but going all the way up in the 30s if it was a good signal. I would have dug quarters, but the large coil did not go over any in the time I was out. The friendship necklace part and the crucifix are junk. The silver heart rang up a solid 23, a strange number that said, "Dig me!" It is doubtful the stones are diamonds, and my tester is hard to use on stones that small. I have included a pic of my pile of junk, pennies, nickels, and dimes from tonight. So far this field, and adjoining baseball field, have given up some goodies that are in another pic.
  8. Was out to a baseball field today for a couple hours. I have found another silver ring and a class ring on the same field in the past. I wanted to be on the football field, but there was a group already occupying it. I was mostly focusing on signals in the 5-19 range, but if a strong signal came in above or below those numbers, I would dig it. I can't remember the pendant's ID, but the ring was a very solid 30, almost the sound of a couple quarters that are stacked. The ring was fairly shallow as you can see from the pic with the Pro-Pointer. Park 1, recovery 7, 18 sensitivity, all metal mode on, ground balanced, and using the 15" coil.
  9. Same football field as the tape player today. This came in a faint 28 on the Nox with the 15" in park 1. I was using 17 sensitivity and it caught it as deep as the Garrett Carrot is long. First one of these I've found, too.
  10. Plastic is supposed to last 100's of years. I'm guessing someone will come out with a plastic detector some day after it has been banned. I can just imagine someone 200 years from now cursing all the idiots who threw their plastic bottle caps on the ground.
  11. Was on a football field today using the 15" in park 1 and hit a jumpy signal. I decided to dig it because it was loud and chaotic sounding... probably like was said about it by the parents of the teen who owned it originally. When I got it home, I checked to see if there was a tape in it. The tape cover popped off and emptied a full load of wet sand onto the floor...still being obnoxious. This is the first one of these that I have ever dug. Bucket list: cassette player...check.
  12. Looks like a great place to spend time outdoors. You may have one, but if not, a pinpointer would speed your recovery times allowing you to dig more signals. I put off purchasing one for years. In hindsight, it was a mistake. I would not hunt without one any longer. Thanks for making the video!
  13. Hands down, school's have produced the most for me. In fact, most of my silver and gold rings have been found at schools. High schools are the best. The e-trac was very good at sniffing out rings if there was not too much trash. I now live in a location where schools are all fenced and gated off.
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