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  1. Think I found the oiler: https://www.ebay.ca/itm/NEVER-FAIL-No-3-ROD-OILER-for-STEAM-or-GAS-ENGINE-Old-Brass-Antique-Motor/333866243590?hash=item4dbbfa9606:g:pxQAAOSwqrNgC27S
  2. Was out for two hours today to a local football field after a rain. I have detected the field and surrounding area many, many times in the past. However, today there were many more interesting finds than normal! The only problem is, I have no idea what some of them are. The coin, which had an ID of 21, looks like it could be a colonial copper of some sort. I have circled what I think is the word "et"... assuming the meaning is "and." The brass item has glass windows, and was easy to take apart. Maybe a drip feed oiler? It was down about a foot. If you could lend your insight, that would be awe
  3. Out to a local park today. About the 3rd dig along a walking path there was a 26-27 I'd on the Equinox. Maybe a couple dimes, a quarter and nickel together, or...a silver pendant! Anyone have an idea what the stone might be, assuming it is a stone and not plastic? Park 1, all metal, 7 recovery, 15" coil
  4. Had a first today...not a bucket list item, however. As I was grabbing the Equinox handle after being on the ground for a dig, I felt something like oatmeal between my glove and handle. Hmm, strange. A quick glance reassured me that it was indeed poo. Thankfully, it was not the worst I have ever smelt and there was plenty of Spanish moss to wipe with.🤪 After that park was enjoyed, I hit another park that has a small pond and tennis courts. Wasn't sure there was going to be anything there, but nothing ventured... Besides many quarters at that place (24 for the day), there was a good s
  5. Thanks for all the pictures that help tell the story. Nice looking ring!
  6. Very nice ring! Maybe this maker... https://trademarks.justia.com/772/82/gcic-77282785.html
  7. When light shines through the stones(because the underside of the stones are visible from inside the ring), there are definitely rainbow-like flashes going on.
  8. Out for two hours today to a local park around a fishing pond. I have fished there before, but caught nothing. I have also dirt-fished there and caught nothing but coins. There were a good number of dimes and nickels, so it has not been pounded too badly. I was detecting around the pond trying to hang where people would picnic and lounge. I got a strong 18, and I actually dug it! Usually it takes a lot to dig an 18 after digging so many crusty pennies at 18! This was definitely a stronger signal than a penny, so it was dug. The ring was only about 1-2" down, so either it has been passed
  9. Figured it out after watching The Curse of Oak Island tonight. Those must be the box drains that have been buried for centuries. You have Templar gold, Baby! Did you find it in a swamp or next to large stones with carvings on them?
  10. Wonder if it's the layout of the school the ring's wearer attended. You may just do a satellite Google Map search of the local high school(s) in your area and see if it matches the general shape on the ring.
  11. Awesome find; thanks for sharing! Do you remember what number the id was?
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