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  1. When I moved from Salt Lake to Florida four years ago, my CTR ring finds became non-existent. Before that, silver CTR rings were almost a given at school playgrounds. I only found one gold men's CTR ring, but it is in French. I found it on a hunt with my wife--a rare treat indeed--on a soccer field. Before getting out of the car, I said that we are going to find gold today. I gave her the G2 and I told her to dig all the aluminum signals she got. I was using the E-trac, and about 50 ft from where she was digging, I got a nice signal. Out popped my one and only gold CTR. As I recall, she did have a nice pile of pull tabs.😁
  2. If in doubt, dig it out! Many on this forum have a ton of time on their various machines. Most of them, if not tired and worn out, will dig the iffy signals if there is even a chance that the target may be good. Take the time to learn what your machine is telling you, and you will be rewarded in due time.
  3. Sometimes deep coins come up with this crust on it as the soil here in this area of FL is so sandy. If it hit the ground red hot, it might fuse some sand to it. I'm just speculating. Thanks for your thoughts!
  4. One of my finds with my new Deus II this weekend while detecting at a local baseball field was what I thought a chunk of iron. Upon looking at it tonight, I was expecting it to be highly magnetic; it was not. A strong magnet will attract to it, but it struggles to stick to it. I hit it a couple times with a hammer to see if I could break off any crud from the outside. A chunk came off, and it exposed a bright, metallic looking substrate. It is very heavy for its size. I tried scratching the metallic area, thinking it may be lead, but it would not scratch with an aluminum chain link fencing piece. Any help would be appreciated as to whether this could really be a meteorite. If I need to cut it to find out, help with what direction to cut would also be super! Update--I used a file on it, and it barely took anything off. The metal is very hard. Update 4-28-22--The close-up pics were taken using a USB microscope.
  5. I received the 11" Deus II on Tuesday, and I have used it about 6 hours so far. We are slowly becoming friends. Still trying to figure out the sounds and TID of targets. I have not done any update yet. At the local ball field again today with high hopes of gold. I dug a good amount of aluminum, so there is less for next time. The silver ring was likely passed over by the 15x12" Equinox coil in the past, but the bracelet was a recent drop. Ring was about an 88 and bracelet was a 52.
  6. Since March 5, that makes 4 gold and 2 silver jewelry pieces while using the 10x5 coil in the turf. I know it has a lot to do with location, but the coil has been very helpful at picking through the clutter and getting close to larger metal items.
  7. Went out for another two hours this morning with the Equinox and the 10x5 coil. I went to another BB court that has some grass in the inside of the fence enclosure. While there were some coins close up to the chain link fence, the 10K football helmet (which I though was junk at the time) and the daughter pendant were in the small dried oak leaves behind one of the hoops and the shallow dirt under the front of a bench, respectively. Park 1, 7 recovery speed, 17 sensitivity, all metal, 50 tones
  8. Time to move! When we relocated to FL, my wife based the location of our house on a few things: ease of getting out into the morning commute with right turns vs waiting for traffic by having to make a left turn, how far away from employment we were, and how many grassy parks were within easy driving distance for me. Now, if you do move, don't come my way because then I'll have to move again.😁
  9. So many places, so little time! I had almost been exclusively using the 15x12" coil as it covers so much area in an impressive way. However, the targets are becoming sparse after 4 years of being pounded without a lot of depositing being done due to COVID. Had to try a different tactic. It is slow going, but it has its rewards!
  10. I agree with that. And the speed at which it goes to the next target is phenomenal, making the high recovery numbers on the Equinox act like they are like pro wrestlers...on muscle enhancing substances.💪
  11. Out for two hours this morning with the Equinox and the 10x5 coil trying to uncover what is missed by others who use lesser machines and bigger coils. I concentrated around a BB court right up close to the fence. The cobra was found away from the fence in a grassy area in the shade. If you want to get close to fences, get this coil. I took a pic of one target that was about 2 inches from the fence with the chain link fence bowed out over the target. The coil had less issues getting that close to the fence than the Garrett pinpointer. The bracelet was found in the mulch on the playground area. Most of the change was found up tight to the court. Park 1, 7 recovery speed, 15 sensitivity, all metal, 50 tones
  12. I have an Equinox 800 with 4 coils. I am able to pull a silver dime from 16" with the 15" coil when the soil is moist. The 5x10 is excellent at separation, but it obviously is not as deep as the 15". Having never had a Deus I, I'm looking for advice from others whether or not to pull the trigger on a Deus II with our extremely mild soil in FL (0 ground balance on the Equinox).
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