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  1. https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/prison-carthage-jail-il-martyrs-1844-1781835711
  2. Starting at p.104 might be helpful. http://www.e-yearbook.com/sp/eybb?school=110020&year=1942 Nice ring!
  3. Looks like a decoration from a church. What does the back look like?
  4. Cool find 100 years after his death. His family likely has no recollection of him other than maybe pictures. Almost seems like it would be a neat item for a museum in his home town if they had one. Or, it would be an awesome story to tell others as they see it in your display case! Thanks for sharing all your finds with the forum members!
  5. https://www.ancestry.ca/genealogy/marriage-records/amy-power-and-richard-ough.html
  6. Sounds like you have just a shade more than this couple had, but it should be close!
  7. If you take them to a machine, make sure to wash them before dumping. The first time I used a machine, the poor woman had to open it up 4 times to clean the inside because of all the dust. The next time around I washed the coins and didn't have any issues. The Wells Fargo bank inside our grocery store I tried to take my rolled coins to the first time took a sample roll of each type of coin and opened them. They would not accept all my rolls because they said the company who get the coins from them would not take them. The bank would be left eating the cost. That is the reason I went to th
  8. I usually do that as well, Steve. The unfortunate part is that our children end up using the credit "accidentally," and before I know it, it is gone! If our banks get to offering 10% more around here, I will likely be moved to clean the coins as much as I can and cash them in. I tried the coin calculator and the average of my samples gave me an overall amount of $692 for 52 lbs. of coins.
  9. I have not tried this online coin value calculator yet, but it looks to be at least a way to get a good estimate. http://www.coincalc.com/
  10. I'm holding out hope here in FL as well. I bet I've got at least $400 stashed in these containers. (Edited: I split up the large container and filled 2 more of the smaller containers. Each contain a little over 13 lbs. of coins. So, I guess I have over 50 lbs. total.) This shortage might free up some good finds for people who search rolled coins for silvers once the supply returns. With so many people bringing in coins, there are bound to be good coins accidentally included by some people.
  11. Armadillo bank in Texas is paying 10% over what change you bring in between now and September 1. https://gvwire.com/2020/07/15/as-coin-shortage-persists-some-banks-pay-a-bounty-for-small-change/
  12. https://amp.jsonline.com/amp/5458324002 If you live close to Milwaukee, or maybe other places throughout the country, you may be able to make a 5% premium for cashing in your coins!
  13. Thanks for taking the time to share that info! Does it give a good solid hit, or is it a scratchy 4?
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