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  1. It is amazing to see what you are able to find in a single hunt. I hunt 99% of the time in the turf, and my gold total for 3 years is what you find in a week. Right place and lots of hard work on your part.👍 Do you hang onto your rings, or do you sell them for scrap once you get a certain amount? If you don't sell them, do you have a pic with all of them in one place? I bought a couple detectors from a guy in Salt Lake City years back. While at his house, he took me to his detecting finds part of the basement. He had a substantial bunch of gold rings he had found all hanging on a large carabiner that astonished me, as I had never found anything gold up to that point. It was an inspiration to see. I emulate him a bit. I just use a much smaller carabiner so it looks like it is loaded with gold rings.😁
  2. I get my new 15" this week after the one with a broken ear was sent in last Saturday. I really like the 15" for coverage, but the 5x10 does a great job in getting the goods in the areas the large coil is out of its comfort zone.
  3. Detected for a little over an hour today at a local basketball court with the 5x10 Coiltek on the Equinox 800. There were 29 dimes pulled from the ground with more left there, as my legs were feeling the up-down blues. I was going for coins and ring signals in the 5-15 range. Found one wheat penny, but nothing else spectacular. The 5x10 is like using a laser in the trash-littered grass surrounding the court. Even around a trashcan, the coins were still findable among the pull tabs and foil that miss the can. The 5 yen coin was found yesterday at a park; it is worth a whole 4 cents! Takers? Park 1, all metal, 7 recovery, 50 tones, 20 sensitivity
  4. Thanks for all the pics! By the number of shiny items, it looks like you know what you're doing.😁
  5. Here is the ear that broke off. There is a groove worn in a circular pattern where there is contact, but obviously, that is not where it broke.
  6. Last weekend I pulled the Equinox 15" coil off with the rod to swap to the small Coiltek coil. It was then that I noticed one of the ears was cracked. I have had the coil for about 2 1/2 years; I wasn't sure of the date I purchased it, but I called the Minelab repair center and got the good news that all is under warranty. 🙏 It has seen it's share of junk targets, coins, and gold items. I really like the coil and think it covers the turf very effectively while still finding very small tidbits.
  7. On the first Garrett pouch I had (vinyl), the zipper also became unusable. I usually kept the internal pocket unzipped when I hunted. The second Garrett pouch, which I currently use (nylon webbing), has its zipper closed all the time. It still works great after years of using it. Keeping the zipper closed keeps the crud out of the teeth and prevents the little opening from getting snagged.
  8. Tripod leg holder seems like a good option. Only thing I could think of was brake calipers.
  9. I currently use the Minelab WM08 High Speed Wireless Module. I was using aptX LL earbuds for about 2 years, but there were many times the connection would cut out for a second and it would drop the LL portion and not be usable. I would have to either restart the earbuds or the detector to get back the LL speed. It seems to me that the Equinox antenna for Bluetooth is not that powerful; perhaps it is just my machine. I tried three different brands of earbuds, and each one did the same thing. The WM08 also drops connection when in my right chest pocket and I bend down to dig with my right knee up and left down on the ground. I appreciated using Bluetooth, but it was frustrating when I had to restart every 5 minutes.
  10. Thanks for the info! I know orientation and depth of the chain matters, but do you recall if the thick one gave a good, solid 8 or a softer hit? Remember about how deep it was?
  11. Yes. It definitely has the ability to sniff through the trash better than even the 6" Minelab, IMHO. I have a place in mind, with a good amount of trash, to put it through it's paces. Once I see it in action there, it should speak for itself. I thought I would use it more, but I really have a hard time taking the 15" off due to the fact that it covers so much ground and finds the goods.
  12. Maybe we could all chime in with numbers and pics of gold chains we have found without attached pendants. I know I am, like most of you, looking for numbers for the bigger gold link chains. There have to be some left on the field!
  13. It's been a while, but I was excited to share a couple silver dime finds from a while back. I found one of the Mercury dimes using the 10x5 Coiltek coil in a VERY iron littered park that has been stripped clean for decades. The other dime was found on a local baseball field in a small section of the outfield. The war nickel is fairly trashed. 2021 is the first year I found Mercury dimes. I do like the artistic nature of the coins. Equinox, Park 1, 4 recovery, all metal
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