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  1. I would not have guessed that. I thought it might have been off of a key holder. Thanks for mentioning it.
  2. I have not had the 15" off for a long time. It just covers so much ground and is able to pick through a remarkable amount of trash for me with the recovery set to 7.
  3. Hit the football field close to home today for a few hours. About 20 minutes in, a strong 7/8 blared out. Down about 1-2 inches was the 14K ring. Only change after that, but it was great to find gold again. 15" Equinox coil covering ground again today; love that coil.
  4. Took my advice...said by no one else, ever! 😁 Glad you scored a ring! Was your digging faster so you could recover more targets?
  5. If I go deeper, I may find some rings. The problem with pulling up really deep rings is that by the time you investigate the target and dig down deep, someone who is searching for more recent drops (those in the last year or two) will have been able to recover 5 targets. If I find a gold ring for every 1,000 digs, that would likely hold true if I dug deeper. However, the time it took to do so would be 5 times longer. To me, it's all about covering the most ground on the fields. If I were searching for silver coins or relics, I would completely change my style to match.
  6. I pray you heal quickly. Were your injuries related to metal detecting?
  7. Nothing special that I do that you don't. I guess it's just like real estate... location, location, location. Funny, I would love to pick a field clean of silver coins. Because you detected gold before, you have not been detecting coins for very long I believe. You have mastered that very quickly. When I started detecting years ago with a Whites MXT, I never found rings. I mistakenly only listened for the coins. Another detectorist told me that he found many rings with the MXT. When I switched to an AT Pro, I was able to gel with that machine and found my first gold ring. Then, my G2 was next with some rings. The e-trac turned up a few after that. The Equinox just seems to have a special ability to cover the ground while just nailing the rings. I guess I tend to cover more ground with the 15" coil so there is more chance of swinging over a ring. Try covering more ground by reducing the depth you are going. Turn the sensitivity down so you are hitting only the top 3-4 inches and then go to a ball field and swing, swing, swing.
  8. So, went back out with the Equinox today to the park that had a lot of change. I hit a spot this time that was busier the last time I was at the park. There were many pieces of flat metal littered all over the place which gave very nice sounding 23's on the display. Almost $4 in change in 1 1/2 hours today. There was also a screaming 11/12 that was so sweet. Imagine my smile when I flipped the plug up and saw the yellow edge gleaming in the sun. As in most things, don't count your chickens before they're hatched. The ring is a golden specimen of electroplated stainless steel. 🙁 Almost at the vehicle I had a 27/28 on the display. I dug down about an inch in the grass and came up with a 1964 dime. Still more grass to cover and jewelry to find!
  9. Went to a new park today to dirt fish while my son went fish fishing. He was happy catching 3 fish in 3 hours, and I was happy finding a park that has not been hit too hard. I can't remember the last time I found over $12 in change in 3 hours of detecting, except for after when a carnival packed up and left. There were 36 quarters, 23 dimes, 11 nickels, and about 25 pennies. The 15" coil on the Equinox is no slouch at finding coins. Next time I will have to slow down and dig lots of trash to start pulling the gold rings out. If there are that many coins, it stands to reason there will be rings. Park 1, 7 recovery speed, 0 iron bias, 18 sensitivity, ground balanced, and all metal.
  10. Thanks for taking the time to look for the ring and then test it on the detector. Very kind of you.
  11. I'm guessing it wasn't in the ground too long--only 1" deep. In that time, it had some tarnish on it. I soaked in ketchup, but that did nothing. Once I put it in jewelry cleaner, the tarnish came off quickly. Some buffing brought back the shine.
  12. It rang up between a #28-32. No markings, but it has a high "ting" sound when dropped on the counter.
  13. No, I think it was made to look like a diver's flag.
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