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  1. I really thought I was going to like these, but after a couple hunts with the Q12 set, I know they are not a good fit for me. The speed and sound is great--right there with the supplied Bluetooth headphones. The fit and ability to stay in my ear, not so great. I had to have them in front of me under my chin for them to even stay in my ears. Every time I would move my head to look up, I had to readjust one of the sides and reseat it in my ear. It seems the weight of the buds themselves is the issue. I assume that the batteries are in the buds and causes them to fall from position easily. I will go back to the wireless module and use my Skullcandy buds that never fall out unless the wire gets pulled while bending over or snagged on a branch.
  2. Thanks for sharing. In case you want more or want to know the approximate value: http://www.antiquegamblingchips.com/PutNTakesForSale.htm
  3. I ordered the Q12 Plus SoundPEATS Bluetooth Headphones that hawk recommended. $25 on Amazon and they paired up with APTx LL right away. They seem solid, but time will tell after a couple hunts. Thanks, hawk, for the advice.
  4. Looks like 9999, or 24K gold. See here for more info: https://www.quora.com/What-is-the-difference-between-a-24K-gold-and-a-9999-fine-gold
  5. FWIW, there is an ad for an Ultimate 13 for $65 over on Dankowski that says it will work on the G2. I have the coil and it blows me away what the thing will pick up. It detected a staple for my brother-in-law. It covers a good amount of ground while being extremely light. The G2 is a solid simple machine that can be swung for many hours due to its ergonomic grip and well-balanced weight. http://www.dankowskidetectors.com/discussions/read.php?2,160738
  6. Thanks, everyone. I really appreciate all the replies. After holding it again and taking a close look, the pewter replica seems like it fits. It does not have the normal "ting" that silver has when dropped on a table. It also has too much gold-like covering to be tarnish. It looks to have been hit by the shovel which exposed bright metal.
  7. I took my brother-in-law out detecting for his first time ever today. I had him set up with a Teknetics G2 with the ultimate coil. (That coil is a beast. It literally found a staple that he was looking for for a long time with the pinpointer.) Anyway, he found only a few coins However, he did have a unique find for a soccer field in FL. I am attaching some pics hoping someone can shed some light on the find. It looked like, from a quick glance, that there was a goldish color covering a base metal. On my Equinox, it was a solid 17. It seems strange that someone would reproduce a coin that is so heavily worn. Here are some pics he sent me. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. First dig of the day on a baseball field was a strong 34-35 on the screen of my Equinox 800. About one inch down was a pleasant surprise; I thought it was going to be a couple quarters together. It is silver and they are real diamonds. Not sure what the middle stone is, but it is a very dark blue. About an hour later I got a strong 9 on the screen and out popped a class ring (#3 for me and always a neat challenge to track down owner). If you know what the "K" in the inside stands for, please share (I assume it means that it is some sort of alloy and not precious.) I think I know the name of the person already, now some more detective work to come up with a good contact number. I was using Park 1, 23 sensitivity, speed 7, and ground balanced to 0. The soil is almost exclusively sand with grass on top.
  9. Looks like a coin dealer based on the many other coins that are for sale by the same person. These coins look to be too much work to clean vs the money that would be generated by them if cleaned.
  10. Worked well for me using Win 10. The only issue I saw was that the documentation said the detector must stay on during the update. When mine updated, I turned it on like it said to do, but then it shut itself off and did the update. I unplugged the cable when the software said that the update was complete.
  11. Amazingly, they make something specifically for the Nox already! Happened to see this on the link that phrunt shared.
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