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  1. I like to hunt ball fields if possible or schools (location, location, location). Generally there are fewer pulltabs than at a park. Because of fewer targets, there is a greater chance that the 13-15 numbers will be a gold ring. I have noticed that most of the women's rings I found have been in the 9-12 range with unwaivering numbers. When I get a strong signal in that range I get excited! Men's bands have been between 15-19 for me. As far as the Nox goes, I almost exclusively use the 15" coil. Is it nose-heavy? Yes! Does it cover a ton of ground and find good stuff? Yes! I have found far
  2. The stones are a bit translucent and have some lines running across the face. All the onyx I've seen (which is not much) has been very opaque. Another possibility is obsidian.
  3. I'm visiting family and went to a middle school track today where I found a 14k tiger pendant last year. Within the first 10 minutes there was a strong 11 on the Equinox. I didn't really have to dig because the ring was only down about 1/2" due to not sinking into the ground because the blacktop track was under the grass right at the edge of the inside lane. Didn't find much else besides coins after that. Might anyone have an idea what the stones might be?
  4. Looks to be a top to a jar/bottle because of the fold of the metal in one direction and some crimping that appears to be there in the upper right on the first two pics. Or...maybe they are ancient examples of some confectioners wanting to make realistic looking coins with chocolate inside that would be taken to the new world by the Templars, baby!
  5. Tried that and came up with this. I was trying to get the date to appear to the camera because my eyes are just too old to get close enough. There is also just enough crud on the date to make it hard to read. The reversed binoculars do nothing for this specimen either.
  6. Yes, about 100 yards away. I really need to get an ultrasonic cleaner for items like this. I can make out some details, but capturing this on camera is not possible in it's current condition.
  7. Anyone know if this looks like a penny that was run over by a train? One of the few things I never did as a kid, so I'm not sure. Thanks for any help!
  8. Was detecting today around a pond that is used by many people. I had one hour, and the 15" on the Equinox was flying. I hit a strong 35-36 which caused my legs to lock up and reverse to make sure of the initial sound. Decided to dig it because it was not indicating it was big when I raised the coil. It was dark enough that I thought it was a silver ring until I got home. I've considered trying to make one of these, and this might be the impetus.
  9. This is a rare day for me...3 silver dimes (first time ever)! I went back out for another hour at sunset to see what else could be found in the area I found the Barber this morning. I would never have guessed it would be another Barber day, and the first year of issue at that! The settings stayed the same, and the tones were about the same. I have gone over this area in the past, but when it gets hot and humid in FL, digging a dime isn't worth the effort sometimes. Well, I won't be passing up jumpy dime signals in that area again! It has been very dry here, so I will be hitting this patch of g
  10. Went out detecting this morning before the FL weather fried my brain. I was out for about 1 hour, so that explains the heat. I went to a local baseball field and was getting deeper Memorial pennies in the shade. I got a scratchy signal mixed with enough high tones (50 tones) to investigate. It turned out to be my second-ever Barber dime! Thought I would share this mundane find (for most of the seasoned detectorists) because sometimes in summer there are not a ton of posts. Equinox 800, 15", Park 1, 7 recovery, 22 sensitivity
  11. Looks like one I would put outside. Looks to be satanic!
  12. You got it. This is what my image search came up with.
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