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  1. Thanks for taking the time to share that info! Does it give a good solid hit, or is it a scratchy 4?
  2. Thanks, Chuck! I agree, there is more silver than gold, usually. In Utah, it was probably 10 silver rings to 1 gold. Here in Florida, I am actually finding more gold rings. I know, it is hard to believe. For me too! That's why I'm thinking that if I have found 3 substantial silver chains on the field, there has to be a gold there. BTW, if you come here and want to dig all my junk for me, you will have troubles finding it. I believe I have dug most of it! Happy digging!
  3. I have found a few silver chains on the football field close to me, but a gold chain has eluded me. I'm sure there is one there, but I will need some guidance from others. Might anyone know what a thicker gold chain would come up as on an Equinox? Thanks for any help you can provide. Please see pic for about what I'm thinking.
  4. Very nice ring and high gold content! Do you remember your settings? The only over-14K ring I have ever found was in the yard of someone who was letting me detect their place in an old part of town. It was her ex-husband's ring that she thought he "lost" many years earlier. It was the first time out with my newly purchased E-TRAC. I was hooked after that!
  5. I was surprised myself. In fact, I thought it was a clad and only saw the date when I brought it home and washed it off with water. It had been there a while soaking in the sand.
  6. The "soil" I'm detecting in shows signs of having been taken from the salt water, or in the salt water, at some point. There are still large shells located in the sandy mix. That may be why the coin is so crusty looking.
  7. Back out to the football field this morning for 1 1/2 hours. It had rained yesterday, so the ground was great for depth today. There was a spot that had about 5 pennies that were down at about 9 inches. Each of them was caked with sandy dirt, so I didn't want to rub them to pieces. I thought they might be wheats, but was not sure (I think only one is a wheat). In the same 9 ft. square area I got a 36-37 ID on the Equinox using 50 tones. It also was as deep as the pennies. This find is my first ever silver half dollar! It is not really pretty, but it is silver! It cleaned up fairly well using baking soda and aluminum followed by aluminum polish that I had around for headlight restoration.
  8. I have found 8 pieces of gold in the turf since March 7. I have tried hunting the gulf beaches, but I find close to nothing. I have been concentrating on the 6-10 numbers, and it has worked out well for me in the locations I frequent. I turn down the sensitivity to 18 on the Equinox so I don't go too deep, and I keep the speed up to 7. The 15" covers the ground and all I have to do is dig quickly and move on to the next target. After 2 hours my legs are shot!
  9. It may be because of the tiger that it showed up at that number. The chain was in one clump and not spread out, so that would likely be different if it were oriented differently. After reading something on this forum about the lower numbers, 6-10, I have dug almost all the strong signals in that range. Back when I had my MXT, I was new to detecting and only dug the nice coin numbers. It is when I got the E-trac that things started to make sense and I started to find more jewelry. With the help of this forum and the Equinox, it makes the odds of finding the gold much better.
  10. The pinpointer told me it was not deep, so I just put the digger about 2 inches under it and pried up. The ground was wet enough that it was fairly easy to untangle the necklace from the grass and then stuff the sod back down.
  11. I think the track is used by others as well. I have done well on school grounds over the years in Utah, usually men's bands for some reason... probably because I was not digging the "junk" low numbers. Makes one wonder how many gold rings were passed over.🤔
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