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Cleaning It Up And Out


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3 hours ago, GotAU? said:

I really like the contrast of it- do you know what type of oxide that may be? I’ve read it can be magnesium or iron. The lower middle one is striking.

Some close to the source gold, reefs, can be coated in Black Jack. I found a fair bit near reefs in my time coated or partially coated in it. Some areas not so. Most maybe say near and in some areas of Castlemaine Victoria. Black Oxide coating. Some though I got in a deep lead area where very much of the gold from several grams down to say .2 looked as black as soot. I actually kept a half g bit from back in 1990 ish black as soot from 200 feep deep mine. I knew an old guy then, 1990s he was 95 then. I showed him some bits from the lead, and he as a young guy worked it for a mining company. Said, they never saw the black gold. Id say they missed a fortune in it there.

Try and dish out my black bit in the coming days. Ill find it. 

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8 hours ago, GotAU? said:

Why do you think the specimens look black, were they iron oxide covered or is that a photo issue? Cleaned up nicely though, good work.

I am not sure. It’s the only one like this I have ever found in that area. It appears to be in really iron stained quarts. No photo issue. When I first found it, I was thinking it was a chunk of lead, then I seen a little glint of gold, or so I thought. I took out my water bottle and washed it off a little, and it started to reveil more of the gold. 

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