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Axiom Accessory Coils From Garrett Availability Update

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Not an update for the Detech coils, but for anyone looking to add an additional Garrett coil to their Axiom. It looks like accessory coils are becoming available through a few dealers, starting with the 11” x 7” DD. That worked for me, I wanted that coil originally but didn’t want to sacrifice the MS3 headphones to get it. Price was around $205 with free shipping.

Just received mine last Friday. Of note the Axiom package you purchase comes with coils that have pre-installed removable protective covers.

Accessory coils do not include these protective covers so you just need to swap with one from your set until Garrett gets those on the market. I assume the only exception might be for the 16” x 14” accessory coils. Those might ship with a cover installed since Garrett seems to want to set you up for success with at least one cover of each size. Just a guess.

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