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Doc's Qwipple Vs Minelab Pro Harness Bungee

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I managed to break the connect clip of the Minelab Pro Harness bungee and acquired Doc's Qwipple as a replacement for it.

The complete kit comes with the velcro strap attachment for the detector shaft, the bungee, and a metal O ring for your harness.

I've seen some questions/comments on this and want to toss in my 2 cents.

The Minelab solution is fine.  I don't really have any issues with it.  I just wanted to get a new clip and continue on but that didn't seem an option.

Well, it really isn't fine - I had to make a modification.  Both the Minelab and Doc's kit have a plastic and velcro strap piece that you are supposed to attach to your detector shaft.

The designs of each are similar.  Both don't attach well to my detectors' shafts.  They slide up and down.  I could probably solve that by adding some double-sided tape.  But there is another "feature" of them I don't like - the quick disconnect.  It is intended for when you want to get free of your detector quickly - you just pull the bungee from the clip in the thing.

But it is too easy for the bungee to come free of the thing.  If you keep the bungee with the detector you'll probably eventually lose it because it is so easy to come free of the clip.


EDIT: the photo below and commentary above relate most to the Minelab version.  Doc's version has a synch connection for the bungee, Minelab's has the quick disconnect as shown.  Also Doc's comes with a velcro square that adheres to the shaft - so it should stay in place.


So what I did was I use a bungie thing that has a plastic ball on it to attach to the shaft, then the ball is pressed into the loop at the end of the kit's bungee.  If the ball is fully round you can probably pull it free from the bungee.  I prefer a ball with a flat surface though.  I am attaching photos of both.

The kits bungie length needs to be adjusted for your location - whether you are on flat land or a hill for example.  Doc's video shows setting the attach on the shaft so it is at the center of gravity - but I don't like that, I like it coil heavy because I kneel down to find targets with my pinpointer often and just want the coil down and control unit off the sand.  This and the weight off my shoulders are the two big plusses of the harness/bungee combination.  My right arm is pretty trashed from swinging for several years without this aid.  (mainly CTX)

The one issue I have with Doc's bungee is that it has metal bands at the loops to hold the loop in place.  The bungee gets in the hole when I'm trying to pinpoint the target and the pinpointer senses it and sounds off.

I really like the O ring that comes with Doc's kit.  I also think his clip for this is an improvement over the Minelab's.  I could still see it breaking like Minelab's if you do what I did (didn't pay attention and got frustrated it wasn't coming off).






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