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Quest US Customer Support Experience

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Posting after the DB backup. I didn't see much info out on the web when I was researching for a purchase. Sharing my experience.

A few months ago my Quest xpointer max protective screen film fell off and the display was scratched by me using in muddy conditions. I could no longer read the display. The fix is below.
Quest homepage-support-blog-Restore Your Xpointer Display: DIY Scratch Repair Guide. It shows my actual pinpointer posted on Jan.09/23.

I then discovered the pointer had a faulty LED/flashlight. I never used that function and was going on a night hunt. LED would turn on but if you actually detected a target it would dim and stop working. I reached out providing the description of failure to include the video of flashlight not working. I received an email from Quest/Jason with apology and following "Therefore, we will be sending you a new pinpointer to replace the faulty one." In addition, we would like to investigate the issue with your current device. We hope the new pinpointer will serve you well in your future hunts. 
That set the expectation for a new pointer and quick resolution. 
What I experienced was the back and forth of me proving the pinpointer was defective, and asking Quest to honor their initial offer to send me a new pointer. They chose not to stand by their words and swapped a faulty LED module. Two weeks later the repaired pinpointer arrived.


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I'll add more context.  A couple of Posts yesterday were lost.   

These are two seperate events months apart. We can call it 50/50.

I realize the first fix was on me and was actually happy that they even attempted to resolve it. I could have paid better attention to keeping the LED window area clean before putting back in the holster. I was in muddy conditions and the in/out damaged it. Might be a good new subject starter for the new pinpointers coming out with display windows.

My second experience is nothing more than a unit with an issue. This is not my first repair so they get to be compared to Whites, Minelab, Nokta. I provided them with what they wanted. I sent the unit back and provided email with pictues&video of it faulting - I had no issue with that. I think being told I'd get a new one I just assumed issue was taken care of. To receive an email saying nothing was wrong with it after they looked at it and they were sending it back did not sit well with me at all. A nine back and forth email thread to get a repair resolution is not good Customer Service. The email contents/attitude ended up making me lose faith in the unit and Quest.
My past repairs with the other companies were not always a new unit being sent back they just communicated and handled it better.

Take Care

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On 6/7/2024 at 2:22 PM, GoldenboyCO said:

Take Care

Bad luck I ve never had any issue with Quest , either with the X5 , or Q30+ or Q60. Or with the Xpointer Max that I have been using during 2 years now . I rather have the feeling that their reliability is above average .

On the other hand a local MD dealer told me that their after service ( European after service ) is not the best and could be improved 

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