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  1. Great to hear! Love the photos, the GPX is looking great with the handle, how do you find that 25" DDX coil? I haven't used it before but would be keen to give it a go one time, we've got one floating around out the back somewhere. The pick you have would be the longest in the Walco selection, right on about 28" in length. If you were after something a bit longer, check out the CC series, they're awesome picks and come in a few more sizes, the longest being about 35". https://luckystrikegold.com.au/?s=ezy+dig
  2. Hi mate, Justin here from Lucky Strike Gold! G'day from Geelong 😁, Fancy seeing this here. Sorry the reply is a bit late - I'm glad to see you like the pick and that it arrived safely with the handle in the end, I remember there was a bit of a delay at one stage. Don't hesitate to get back in touch if you're chasing anything else.
  3. Pretty happy with this little nug, it registered like an old button (13-15) and came out in the first shovel. Using gold mode 1, sens 22, 6" coil, tracking. We were originally looking for goldfield relics, just sat down for a break and decided to try for some little bits of gold and got this as my second ever piece.
  4. Would a SP01 Enhancer help with beach detecting on the 2200d? Down to our last couple in the store so wondering if I should grab one now or if it would be a waste if I'm not using it on gold. Cheers.
  5. Thanks everyone! Here it is assembled, it had a few stones in it which tested as diamonds.
  6. Scratch tested and stamped as 750, very happy with this! Bought a new detector with it 🙂 It's 3 rings in 1, land find. 2 together came up as a 17 on the Equinox and the loose one came up as a 15. The other finds in the area were just old .12ga shells lol
  7. Any good alternatives for an enhancer to run on my 2200? I don't really wanna fork out $250 on an SP01 (not that anywhere can stock them anyway), I'll do $150ish on a booty booster if I really need to but are there any DIY alternatives or Chinese enhancers I could use instead? Cheers.
  8. Took the plunge and sold a ring and bought a SD2200 with a few coils. Just for a bit of fun alongside my Equinox 800. Any ideas how I can go about salt-proofing the control box? I'd like to be able to access the buttons and knobs if I can. Thanks
  9. Awesome effort, what sort of depth are you getting on coins with the 14"? Also what do you do with these coins?
  10. I got that too, I just went to "learn more" and it let me view it anyway. Definitely the latter, more-so to stop the sand and salt from getting inside the machine and ruining it. I don't plan on taking it in any water, just the dry sand.
  11. https://detectorstuff.com/left-behind-nasa-tom/ Haha found it, what an entertaining read! I'm still really leaning towards this machine. Any ideas how I could waterproof it? I'm thinking a dremel and some pvc casings and a heap of silicone but would there be any companies making cases to waterproof them already? More-so to stop the salt getting in to the control box. I have a very steady supply of cables at the shop if I needed to extend or adapt anything.
  12. G'day, just new to this forum. Wondering everyones opinions on a 2200D for beach detecting on dry or eroded sand banks? I have a few spots in mind which a pulse induction machine would be handy on spots my mates CTX can't reach. Of course I'd have to waterproof the machine but as a general machine for depth would it handle alright on these areas? Anyone here use the machine for beaches regularly? It'll be my first pulse machine, I'm a long-time user of the Equinox 600 and 800. Cost isn't an issue, I'm just getting bored and limited in parks. I found one at a decent price with a few DD coils. Would I just be wasting my time and money? The spot I have in mind is a long strip of beach where I've found a bit of silver and military relics in the past, and I know of someone who's found a half sov and someone else who's found a cartwheel penny there . I've looked in to a Whites TDI machine but seems like no one here sells them 😞 Cheers!
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