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  1. Pretty happy with this little nug, it registered like an old button (13-15) and came out in the first shovel. Using gold mode 1, sens 22, 6" coil, tracking. We were originally looking for goldfield relics, just sat down for a break and decided to try for some little bits of gold and got this as my second ever piece.
  2. Would a SP01 Enhancer help with beach detecting on the 2200d? Down to our last couple in the store so wondering if I should grab one now or if it would be a waste if I'm not using it on gold. Cheers.
  3. Thanks everyone! Here it is assembled, it had a few stones in it which tested as diamonds.
  4. Scratch tested and stamped as 750, very happy with this! Bought a new detector with it 🙂 It's 3 rings in 1, land find. 2 together came up as a 17 on the Equinox and the loose one came up as a 15. The other finds in the area were just old .12ga shells lol
  5. Any good alternatives for an enhancer to run on my 2200? I don't really wanna fork out $250 on an SP01 (not that anywhere can stock them anyway), I'll do $150ish on a booty booster if I really need to but are there any DIY alternatives or Chinese enhancers I could use instead? Cheers.
  6. Took the plunge and sold a ring and bought a SD2200 with a few coils. Just for a bit of fun alongside my Equinox 800. Any ideas how I can go about salt-proofing the control box? I'd like to be able to access the buttons and knobs if I can. Thanks
  7. Awesome effort, what sort of depth are you getting on coins with the 14"? Also what do you do with these coins?
  8. I got that too, I just went to "learn more" and it let me view it anyway. Definitely the latter, more-so to stop the sand and salt from getting inside the machine and ruining it. I don't plan on taking it in any water, just the dry sand.
  9. https://detectorstuff.com/left-behind-nasa-tom/ Haha found it, what an entertaining read! I'm still really leaning towards this machine. Any ideas how I could waterproof it? I'm thinking a dremel and some pvc casings and a heap of silicone but would there be any companies making cases to waterproof them already? More-so to stop the salt getting in to the control box. I have a very steady supply of cables at the shop if I needed to extend or adapt anything.
  10. G'day, just new to this forum. Wondering everyones opinions on a 2200D for beach detecting on dry or eroded sand banks? I have a few spots in mind which a pulse induction machine would be handy on spots my mates CTX can't reach. Of course I'd have to waterproof the machine but as a general machine for depth would it handle alright on these areas? Anyone here use the machine for beaches regularly? It'll be my first pulse machine, I'm a long-time user of the Equinox 600 and 800. Cost isn't an issue, I'm just getting bored and limited in parks. I found one at a decent pri
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