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Deus One Settings

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Got a field with a lot of small iron, mostly nails and bottlecaps

Going to try some settings I saw on the old XP ambassador before merril I forget his name

He ran it in gold field mode, with high IAR, so I'm going to try that and see how it works, I never used goldfield mode before

If it works good I'm going to try it at a second park, that has lots of big iron under the grass, I don't even know how to explain it it's just like large iron chunks, I went there last year once, and every hole led to big iron so I gave up after a few

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Hello gopher,
the search with the gold field program only makes sense if the soil is heavily mineralized. For this you have to watch the right bar on the remote control. 

Otherwise, select program 1 "Basic" and possibly change the frequency DOWN!
Then the iron detection should be much better.
However, the sensitivity will then also decrease slightly if you want to detect thin jewelry (chains, small earrings), for example. However, this is a very good setting for finding coins and rings. 

Good luck

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Big chunks of steel still fool the Deus. No matter what prog you use

they appear as good silver target 

I have dug too many holes which turn out to be big chunks of steel from farm machinary

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The Deus1 program the most used in France is Deus FAST nr3 by far . It is faster than BASIC1 and will be much more performing on nails beds .  This on moderately or medium mineralized soils . 

When I had a D1 , I was using the Deus2 factory program with 5 tones instead of 3 tones (3 is the default setting )  , thats all .. 

On high mineralized soils I dont know we dont have such extreme conditions over here ...




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This test is very demanding...because this game involves more factors and parameters of the given detector..

The most important parameters are 1. coil size, 2. used frequency, 3. used detector discrimination, 4. used level of recovery sped, 5. silencer setting - iron bias, 6. use of audio profile type.

Another important factor is the quality of the detector's discrimination, because not every detector can eliminate the falsification of the signal due to such a dense occupation of the surface by old wrought iron, for example, as is the case with the detector Golden mask, ORX, Deus 1/if you use the audio profile 2,3,4 tones. .or a 5-tone audio profile..where falsification on iron is very evident - and where only the Fulltone or Pitch audio profile works well.

Of course, the good results in testing need to be verified with detections in the field... which I am doing...


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