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2nd Gold Fty Found In The Woods

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I live on the property of a 1400 acre conference center that also has two summer camps for kids.  Up on the mountain behind my house is a former camping area.  There’s also an old spring up there where I’ve found old relics and two silver dimes. The camping area probably hasn’t been used in at least 20 years so there’s older stuff mixed in with newer stuff.  I hiked up there Saturday afternoon determined to find something good.  I’ve hit this area quite a few times, but I never really scoured the camping area that hard.  I immediately stared hitting some modern clad and then I got a solid 57 using the Tekkna program.  About two inches down was a 1.43 gram 10k ring!   Soon after that I hit a shiny silvery looking ring (not silver😧), and then not long after that what looks like an old copper wedding band.  Here’s some pics.  The pic of the spring was taken back in 2022 when I discovered it.  





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Wow NC, 

I hunt a new campground near the Outer Banks that was an old hunting lodge among other things, and have pulled hundreds of coins out of there as well as some silver jewelry. Even dug a large cent there, it's that old. 

With all the activity a camping area would have, there have to be a lot of great finds. Of course in my case there is also a lot of live ammo, some near the fire pits so they let me hunt the tent spots. 😬

Congrats on the gold! Looks like you're doing great with Tekkna. 👍

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Nice pictures! Shows the serenity of the area. Those rings are all nice finds!

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