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  1. Nice to see still getting the gold ! Congrats Squizz
  2. Still 32 at the moment and raining in CQ , unreal 😏 Reguards Squizz
  3. Awesome detectin JW some nice little peaces again , l recon you would have found some good peaces there earlier hey πŸ‘Any way keep it up ! Regards Squizz
  4. Proof is in the the post I posted yesterday, JP's advice helped me . By the way if you's read the link JW put on I was in the same area as JP's test ground ! Didn't know that 😏 But have had so luck . Reguards Squizz
  5. How do I edit title ? Anyone? Squizz
  6. Apologies Mitchel should have put first day at the end! Squizz
  7. Thanks, I like to share and inspire ! Regards, Squizz
  8. Thought I would share my first hunt for the alluvious , with a break in the weather, I headed out early Sunday to an old patch , confidence high for the new year. Was looking for to trying out some different settings ( JP's advice ?) . Well I had found some bits there before but after about a ten hour session had been SKUNKED ?. JP's settings had worked though I managed to find a pocket full of old shot gun pellets. Set up camp , as I pondered on the day's events under a awesome bright three quarter moon, couldn't help thinking need a change of plan . The next morning up early coffee and of to another patch, well I was confident as still had settings close to those advised by Master JP ?Ten minutes and then I got my first mellow signal a nugget I thought, was excited ? Scraped about 2" off and checked target moved , after sorting out found a JW special .12 of gram ? First gold of 17 yeah . Had a break, back to it , about 20mins later had a faint repeatable signal , was fairly broad, might be GN , I took a scrape and signal improved , then started to dig , down 1foot still in the hole ?Sweet I was on to something ? 10mins later and a large hole approx between 1.5 to 2feet deep signal was out,so was I of breath and hot as ! Was a nice 14.8gramer?. I then got my breath back and backfilled the huge hole ? Continued to proceed toward some more open ground about 300 meters away where a mate had found a couple of peaces . Blow me down was there for 3 minutes and was on a target, different signal mellow but broken , like wire . Turned out to be a little specie .By this time I was out of water in me camel back and it was starting to hot and clouds building , making detectin a bit difficult due to noise. Called it a day and made tracks for home , happy for the first outing of the year ?. I would just like thanks to all that have been posting settings and GB control as has been interesting to read and apply. To those who doubt it makes much difference, the only thing I regret was not having a camera to take a picture of the depth of the hole in hot ground where I got the 14.8 grammar ,with just about JP's settings ?Thanks mate! Best luck to all for coming year, Squizz
  9. Nice collection luckylundy? Squizz
  10. Nice work, I'm hoping to get out today or tomorrow been raining here for a while, ground will be noisy but I need a detectin fix ?Has been to long! regards Squizz
  11. Thanks JP , very good info ? Regards Squizz
  12. Nice work JW , I will have to come over and visit one day,, I have a good mate over here that was born and brought up in the gold bearing country in the Sth island ?
  13. Steve, Is that US dolars, I have been waiting for this one to eventuate ? When will it be available in OZ ? Reguards Squizz
  14. Nice work JP , makes me want to get out , unable due to work? , will be raining by Tuesday so I will hav to wait another week ? You should make the most of the rest of this week, until Saturday anyway ? Happy hunting , Squizz