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  1. Quick Trip! Enjoy! 😏 Ig
  2. Long but Interesting... "Go Big" or Go Home! πŸ€‘Enjoy! Ig
  3. idahogold

    Help Im Green

    Cb - 1 word for ya? Dream Vortex Mat....ck,it.out!.Cheers, Ig
  4. idahogold

    Hi From The Uk

    Cheers to both of You! and Welcome from Snowy Idaho. Xlnt Forum here...Enjoy 😜Ig
  5. idahogold

    Crazy Gold Hoard Lore

    Spanish Gold found w/ a detector by blm employee.....
  6. idahogold

    Hello From Socal

    Oscar " Cheers from 10f Central Idaho....Welcome and You'll learn Alot here! 😎Ig
  7. Nice Story" Nice Gold! I've never seen this "Beast" before? Passing it on to the Forum! Goals 4 the New Year? Find a Nugget/Specie Like this? OK! πŸ˜„Ig
  8. HNY from the Gem State" Enjoy! πŸ€— Cheers to All! Ig
  9. Here ya go! Merry Christmas! πŸŽ… Ig https://whatscookingamerica.net/History/HangtownFryHistory.htm
  10. just found this tonite...Banjo pan...ha ha ! Add it to the list? 🀣 Ig
  11. Victoria" Nice Dig! πŸ™ƒIg
  12. idahogold

    West Oz Raw

    Fred Neverbeen" Ig