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  1. I guess we'll never know, complete cleaning down to bedrock" w/ firehoses and total demolition of a hillside to fill a previous chasm" from the original disaster. Cheers, Ig
  2. idahogold

    7 Years In 42 Min. Massive Feat, Record Time!

    Sorry, just thought Alaska and Electricity, would be enough of a connection and the Big effort it takes to Do Prospecting or Mining up there! Figured the forum could/would appreciate the Effort it takes to be successful "back in them thar' hills. My Bad 😝 Ig
  3. Somebody must of got some "Amazing "Fines......blacksand at the least? Enjoy! There quite far along 1 year later! Canyon?...what canyon.....it continues....Cheers, Ig
  4. Super Cool! If it can handle the punishment of Hardcore Diggers? Enjoy! Cheers, Ig
  5. "Awesome Picture of Awesome Bedrock" just Gorgeous"Vince i Know Your in Heaven' ? Cheers, Ig
  6. idahogold

    Belt Pick Holder

    Vanurse paul I agree' It was the "Goldhounds Australia" that taught me what carries an Oz Size pick! It took some getting use too! But its the only way for "P.I." Sized. Thanks Dale, Tremain, "Dangerous" Dave Cheers, Ig
  7. idahogold

    Coglan's Creek Gold Hunt

    Thanks Jim, but it's Tony's trip I was posting.....I'm w/ You Frozen in the Winter Doldrums now just Sloppy rain, drizzle, sleet, hail, wind,cycling like that every 4 hrs. "All Day Nonstop" at 4,000 ft Idaho. Like You said..."Great relaxing informative Detect" I knew it was a Great View thats why I posted it! p.s. I'd Love to detect silver w/ you (on my bucket list) because every time I see or read about detecting Ag* I Think of you? Because the post You did a long while back was the first I had ever heard "about the subject ,and the first "Silver Ore" I ever saw was on Your post! Many Thanks Buddy" got me into learning about "Silver", That was the first time I'd ever heard about Metal Detecting for it! Cheers James D. - Ig
  8. First Class trip w/ my Mate' Tony! Enjoy! Ig
  9. idahogold

    Pin Pointers Which One???

    My vote is for XP Deus MI-6 - stout easy to operate recharchable , pouch fits on a shoulder down strap and holds perfectly!! and easy in and out of pointer also nicely balanced , 7 settings easypeasy! Subdued "Enzo Red is Ez on the eyes too! Should be a no-brainer if you own an XP? ig
  10. Ha!Ha! You row in it's 1900 you gotta row out!!
  11. idahogold

    Happy Easter - " No Tel " Perfect 4 You?

    Works Now! Thanks" Steve Ig
  12. idahogold

    Pack Your Bags For Scotland

    Gold Spraypaint April's Fool" Ig