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  1. We use to have a One Ounce Club…you had to have found a 1-Ouncer within our group. One of our members was gold smith and made us a ring with the gold we found to suit our fancy(s). There where many made but this one is mine and use as my Wedding Ring! Rick
  2. I’ve been more than blessed other than with Nuggets! The Friends, Adventure and lifetime of memories are my best finds. I was a pretty successful dredger in the Motherlode, but that gave way to full time metal detecting to satisfy my Gold Fever. I can’t remember every poke I’ve parted with, but if I remember right this one was over 5 ounces. It’s a mixture of California Foothills nuggets and the bottom one was just a hair shy of 1-ounce from the Sawtooth Knob area of Nevada. You bet I wonder, where all the big nuggets are at…until the next virgin patch of fatties, keep swinging that coil. LuckyLundy
  3. Gerry, Aways, good to spend time with you chatting about one of our favorite subjects, Gold! I tell you that 10” GoldHawk amazes me! That was my second trip to Rye Patch with it on the end of my 6000. 2-Trips for a total of 20 nuggets. I stopped a several of my old spots out there, it didn’t work on all of them in finding the leftovers! But, I was finding nuggets in old dig holes and that includes 6000 holes…can’t believe the sensitivity of it. Runs smooth with no issues and gets under and in between the brush like I hoped it would. It’s a must have to keep the skunk off at Rye Patch and other haunts I need to revisit! See ya on a future hunt and until the next! LuckyLundy
  4. Gerry, As you know Rye Patch will continue to pass out smiles for years to come! Enjoyed seeing your great smile…Until the next hunt! LuckyLundy
  5. Your working hard for that Gold, Rye Patch area will seem easy on your return!
  6. Condor, Great review, I know it’s warm out there and you earned your Dwt of Gold. For your effort. Cooler days for that Country is a couple pages away in my Calendar. See you then if not before! Rick
  7. Great outing with your Brother and your new Coil. Thanks for the report on the new coil.
  8. The perfect retirement Gold location! I’ve lived in a few, but even those areas had their seasonal drawbacks. I recently moved 120 miles from my last perfect retirement home in California to Nevada and can see my favorite California Sierra County everyday from my new home. Summer Months, became my nemesis and currently live at the 5100’ level to ease them hot days. There’s plenty to consider when one can afford to retire and then find a strategic place to retire at for our Hobby. Above many have mentioned some of their favorite areas and I’ve been to all of them over the years. Secret is, find a home base in your favorite area…not to hot or to cold and not far for a little rattle in your Poke Bottle! Happy Retirement, you’ll enjoy it! LuckyLundy
  9. Steve, your right! I never updated my old GPX 4000 and I was finding gold behind my Buddies 5000’s. Can’t see much improvement for the next Gen GPX either. Maybe the next GPZ will be light weight? Rick
  10. Rob, I heard he sold...you need a pointy finger on your sections, let me know. Rick
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