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    We love the hunt of gold! You can find us swing'n a coil about anytime anywhere. We offer training to help you understand your detector! This may take more than one day and we understand a continued training in proven goldfields into your future with Rim Rock Detector Sales.

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  1. Art, We aren’t that far behind you! But, looking at Northern Nevada...over all cooler in the Summer and plenty of Prospecting and close enough to head over the hill to my old haunts. Rick
  2. Now, I no longer own a GPX, but I swung the GP/GPX series for many years. That 12 x 15 Commander is a work horse and will find very small nuggets as well as large. Sounds like you know your ground, so swing slow and low over your favorite spots. The 8” Commander is another great coil for clean up of the small nuggets, but it will punch down deep for a large one too. The “Little Saddie” works good too, for cleaning up a patch. The GPX, is not the best on course type nuggets. What really surprised us was the SDC 2300. This machine will clean up the small Nuggets your GPX or any coil on it will not hear. Good Luck LuckyLundy
  3. Steve, Your Forum is no doubt the best! New Product reviews both Pro and Con are necessary in the consumer world. Corporations are well aware of their product reviews! Just like Kentucky Fried Chicken putting Cheetos on a sandwich or Burger King now making Tacos, to test the market. The GPZ, is in need of some extra coils or other gadgets...Customers, want it...but, I’ll wait to see some faces eating them new chicken sandwich or those tacos before my decision is made! LuckyLundy
  4. Peg, Yep, a lot of slow trips when hunting new ground for patches! Glad you found a few and seen some nice Country! LuckyLundy
  5. Scott, is that a Coffin, them kids are panning in? ?. WTG Rick
  6. Should be clearing that tomorrow for the rest of the week...finally! Rick
  7. WTG! Yep, that Rye Patch dirt is a tuff gig when damp. Glad you powered thru it and found a few nuggets. October, is a good month historically for great soil conditions. But, this year who knows, lol. LuckyLundy
  8. Wes, I’m right there with you! That little Blue Coil, is awesome...and we’ve dug up some crazy deep nuggets. Now if Coiltek, would come out with and ergo friendly detector fram and box to swap out the computer board and stuff it in theirs, I’d be all over it! Rick
  9. You did the right thing! Dig them all and let the scoop sort them out! It’s all about learning them tones, WTG Rick
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