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    We love the hunt of gold! You can find us swing'n a coil about anytime anywhere. We offer training to help you understand your detector! This may take more than one day and we understand a continued training in proven goldfields into your future with Rim Rock Detector Sales.

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  1. Oh, another thing about the RZR 570! Seems funny being the smallest of the models that it has the largest back storage of them! Motor is in rear and not under you so you can have a regular conversation without being drowned out with engine noise! Cover all open spaces under the seats with good duct tape to block dust (at least I think it helps 😂)
  2. I left yesterday mid day! I did pass a Jeep closely following another vehicle on the main dirt road as I was heading to the Damn Dam! Good luck Rick
  3. The 570, is small two large guys fit nicely or Wife and two small Dogs. I have mine with and aftermarket Rack on the rear for added storage! I have my gun rack on the Racks Bars with hold my 7000 with a death grip. I can set another detector between the Rack and the top roll cage...of course must have cooler. Tusk Storage bags inside keeps dust off things that don’t need to get dusty (TP). One of the most important things on any Side by Side is maintenance and service. One thing Polaris has is easy access to change your Drive Belt. I have other Buddies with different brands and to chang
  4. Brian, Just let me know! Empty patches with no Prospectors. I could have used and extra coil putting a pattern together out there! Rick
  5. I know there is a premium price for Side by Sides down in your parts! To me they are just as important as your vehicle you use to get to the Gold Fields. I use my truck now as base camp, saving the fuel and wear and tear on it sitting. I got a 50” wide model so it fits right between the fender wells of my truck. Being so small, it will get you thru the trees of Northern California and wiggle in between the Sage Brush of the High desert. The engine in my RZR is a 570 goes plenty fast and gets crazy good gas mileage. Carries a ton of gear and hasn’t let me down. Rick
  6. It’s Called the UVbeast 2. It did a good job, I think they make a #3? But, not sure it’s in a Flashlight form? Must be a reason I didn’t get that one.
  7. Yes, I have the next size up one! And yes! Has more depth than the small one! But, My Wife likes the small one and when she isn’t Prospecting with me, I use it as my PinPointer instead of fishing around with the GPZ 7000...if the 2300 is in easy walking distance from the RZR. Rick
  8. As a few of you may know October in the High Desert is the time to be there! This October, I hardly seen another prospector! Seen, more folks scouting for hunting season than anything. I gave a few Chuckar & Antelope Hunters a pointy finger. But, the Goldfields pretty much empty and to myself. Well, with the Sun setting earlier and 7 pm, just a little early to rack out. I bought a big Black Light Flashlight, to hunt some glow in the dark rocks for our new rock garden area of our backyard. It was fun, riding the RZR around the desert at night shining that light off to the side. Seen
  9. Leave it on! It’s more sensitive and makes the 2300 nearly a pleasure to swing!
  10. Phrunt, That Little Coiltek is the McDaddy! I’m the type of person, that has to see equipment preform in the gold fields. One of our group members went ahead and purchased it and he was finding nuggets on a Patch that we pounded with the stock round. Plus, believe, it or not! Makes the awkward 2300 nicer to swing with a straight coil, verses it being kicked off to the side. But, it’s just My Humble Opinion. I will tell you I like Ribeye 🥩 Steaks, lol. Rick
  11. Not that I wanted to see if it could be done, it’s only 130 miles! My Wife Robin, needed to dig a nugget...she hasn’t been out since our move to Reno. Now, you always have a mental note of stuff to pack. We loaded her Grand Cherokee, for this adventure off we go! Arrived to a location, I figured she’d have some luck at with her SDC 2300. Gearing up, I’m looking for both of our new Doc’s Scoops...What the Heck! Left them both at home! Well, I know I’ve used my hand as a scoop a few times! But, onetime I forgot my scoop and as I was recovering a nugget I opened my hand to see the target
  12. Great story & Hunt! 👍🇺🇸 Rick
  13. Peg, It was great hunting with you all, there’s a million spots to find gold out in the High Desert! Very happy, that your hard work paid off with a nice handful of nuggets. I’m restocked and my truck is loaded up, until the next hunt! Rick
  14. Peg, your very good detectorist! You got the big one and earned all the nuggets in your poke! Good hunting with you and the Boyz! Marley, enjoyed your company too! Rick
  15. Phrunt, anyone, can find gold right behind me! No one gets them all and I’m at the top of that list! Makes me go back to old patches and rework the good ones...always something left to keep you smiling 😁
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