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  1. I have a Buddy that bought them for fishing videos! Problem with Prospecting is when looking around your giving away your area. Other than that they work fine and we’ve made some great videos with them.
  2. “When I get up there I'm going to put one of those trackers on Lundy and plot his movements by satellite to find all those secret patches.” Steve, where ever you live at give me a shout! I’m always out and need more coils on the ground to find them patches! Jason, ground is Good! High Yield/Normal is working fine with low sensitivity. As it dries out more, back to my regular setting of 9. Found a few dink’s on last trip, which I didn’t find any the week before. So ground is shaping up nice! But, chilly bring heavy fleece for morning chill. Rick
  3. Steve, i just got home from Rye Patch area! Yesterday, it was overcast and cold. Today it was Sunny and Windy! Wind won, went home...but, got some color Rick
  4. Yep, New Truck too! End of the day, he wasn’t even dirty! 😂
  5. We are getting one! Dink’s are good and fun to dig...it’s a great hobby! Rick & Robin
  6. Gerry, you had a big crowd attending your training! Glad a few got their coils over some nuggets. It’s always a thrill, even for guys like us. See ya on another trip. Rick
  7. Well they cleaned up nice! Big one is 4.91 grams.
  8. Paul, been following your slow trip! Yep, you were close to our new home just off Hwy 395 too! 395, is a great ride on the back side of the Sierras! Catch you on your trip back South. Rick
  9. Peg, I grew up in Florida and moved to Arizona after High School Graduation. Fell in love with big open spaces and required daily views of Mountains. Ground will be great next month.
  10. The weather may have turned for the better in Northern Nevada. It was time to get out and check how my GPZ 7000, would handle the moisture/salt from the Winter Storms. I pulled into the Burn Barrel to camp, but it was like pulling into a KOA. I unloaded my trusty RZR and hit the trail to find a nugget. I ran into several folks out trying their luck, all had smiles on their faces and enjoying our outdoor hobby. I was told that Gerry was having his training at the Burn Barrel which explained the crowd of RV’s. I did get time for a short visit with Gerry and Lunk, before heading out. The s
  11. Plenty! A few spots in Arizona with some hot Basalt and of course wet ground of Rye Patch area.
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