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    We love the hunt of gold! You can find us swing'n a coil about anytime anywhere. We offer training to help you understand your detector! This may take more than one day and we understand a continued training in proven goldfields into your future with Rim Rock Detector Sales.

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  1. Wow! Great find! I know a place out there I call Stove Ridge! Must of been a 49 er Restaurant, lol. WTG Rick
  2. I’ve taken home a few rocks like that! At one time I thought about saving them to pave my sidewalk around my house, but can’t find enough for a couple hundred feet, lol
  3. 👍 Yes, I cant wait to read up on these new coil reviews and video! Seeing is believing, so impress me!
  4. WTG! That’s one of my favor places out there! Just wish it was closer! Rick
  5. Mitch, I’m so happy, your learning what rocks are associated to a gold region! Your spot on! Brian, Always a small World to run into Folks you know out in a vast desert! There’s gold out there, just have to spend the time 👀ing and swinging! Come hunt with us next time! Rick
  6. Patience in life is a virtue! But, even I was running low. Nice Spring days run into hot Summer day’s fast to be sitting around tinkering. Truck was all maintenance up before the lock down, RZR with new oil and filters, it was eager to roll. My detectors had a little dust on them, but batteries charged. I touched base with the Crew and 6 of us loaded up and stormed the desert of Northern Nevada. Heading to our camp spot, I noticed the desert was full of other Freedom Seekers mending their Soul for the need of the outdoors, a normal calling shared by all on this Forum. We set up camp and hit the nearest patch to Camp, with the skunk off our backs and with the setting Sun and cold breeze we headed back for some conversation, food and libations! 🥃. We strategized the following morning Gold Mission over the flickering flames 🔥 of our campfire. We decided to leave Gold to find more gold, not always the smartest move but, it was the first full day of the hunt. We hit the dirt roads to a spot I had in mind, leaving a dust trail seen for miles. Even the Antelope and Wild Horses wondered what the rush was about in the mornings cold temperatures. We finally arrived to a spot, I eyeballed years ago. We geared up and spread out amongst the hip high sage brush. 15 minutes or so, someone breaks on our Walkie Talkies, I got one as I seen a waving coil in the distance! The hunt was on, as our seasoned crew swung our coils to the first location of color. Another, call on the radio was from someone behind me and below in the dry wash scored a nugget! Well long story short, we all had a great time and I found the perfect rock to name the new patch “The X Patch”. The Crew slowly departed back to their Critical Jobs and the Weather changed on me, rain and wind I tossed the towel in. I did manage to flatten the curve of the lock down with 5 pounds lighter on the scale. Always, good to be back home, yet can’t wait to get out for the next hunt! LuckyLundy
  7. I’ve know Fred for several years! Back when I first met him was down in the Deserts of the Dale District. Back in them days, he’d head out in the morning and you wouldn’t see him till near dark. We finally found a nice patch down there where he could camp on the patch, lol. Hunted many times with him in the Rye Patch area and in the tall Pine Trees of Plumas County, CA. Great Conversations, always good food and a cold beverage! I’ll miss his smiling face and will be thought of during my Prospecting trips where we’ve stomped the same grounds at! RIP
  8. Mitch, I’ve known you for several years and have swung a coil or two within shouting range and have had you on hot nugget dirt. Coil speed is the most important and then having your coil height either on the ground or no more than a inch above the ground constantly. From Yuma to Rye Patch, slow and low on them old patches. But, when I’m on new ground I’m at in fast past if the trash will let me. But, my coil will remain low on these searches for that one Duck Nugget. That one nugget, will change my gear back into Low and Slow. You know where the old patches are at Rye Patch and many other patches throughout the Western States. Sometimes you have to think outside the box of what others may not have done or detected to find gold. Your in the right places and have the right equipment, the rest is all Mental. Constantly, changing your settings doesn’t help you learn that 7000. Stick with one or two settings and learn their sounds. Them old patch nuggets won’t sound like a Duck nugget, it maybe just the smallest change in your Threshold. If your out with other hunters, let them have you run your coil over their targets. Finding your best settings for your ears is most important on undisturbed targets! I think I have a couple marked on my 7000 GPS, I’ll send coordinates to you. Don’t dig them, just tune your machine and remember the sounds...never know when I might need some gas money! Good Luck LuckyLundy
  9. Lunk, Great Shooting! I’m sure I seen a few of them and may have even swung a coil close by a few more 😂. You have a Great Time with Family for Thanksgiving and then hit the Goldfields! Rick
  10. Bill, Good going! The big deep ones will sound just like them little guys. Toss a shovel in the bed of your rig, it will save sometime digging. Rick
  11. Norm, Yep, you can’t pass up a Prospect Hole. Them Old Timers could follow a Pay-streak and some times to the source, but couldn’t find it all. WTG Rick
  12. Jim, Steve, is more than right! You’ll fall in Love with the openness of that high desert! Much easier swinging in the desert regions than these steep hills out here in California too! Don’t think for a minute that I’ve never been skunked out there looking for new patches of gold. You keep swinging, they’ll end up under your coil one day soon! Rick
  13. Chet, Hey, I forgot to Thank You! You seen me way out in the Desert looking for something and not swinging my Coil. Thanks for giving me your extra Ferrite Ring! They are a must item in my book! Somewhere out there, is mine by 3 dug Holes, 2 had nuggets and one had (which was my first hole) heavy Black Sands which I hunt for too! That’s why, I like to hear my working Threshold you can hear the minerals change. One I heard that and dug that false signal with a magnet heavy with black sands, I Retuned my machine. I swung next to that first hole to see if it mild the Minerals down and got a tone. I was about, to try another retuning trick, but swung a couple feet over and it was perfect! Slowly swung back to the tone, dug it nugget and the next one was too! Of course, I started my grid of the area and walked off and left my Ferrite. Thanks again Rick
  14. Lunk, Best thing about them patches is “They can hide, But can’t run and I’ll track them Down”. Just to much good looking dirt...It’s all about the Hunt and enjoying yourself with our Hobby! Rick
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