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  1. Jen58

    A Little Speci With The 19

    Congrats Dave.. yes agree that dog coil gets darn heavy Now get back out there and find more.. lol
  2. Jen58

    Gold Monster Can Dance

    Nice! Good that you broke it up.. Fart particles oh you cracked me up.. so now you take Lassie as well as Lace for a walk.. thanks for the story and pictures..
  3. Jen58

    Gold Monster / Golden Mask Rod Adaptation

    Whoops.. nope! guess we should read the manual Thanks bro..
  4. Jen58

    Two From The One Hole

    Well done Dave.. next hole you dig, it should be a trio
  5. Jen58

    Bit More Zed & GM 1000 Gold

    Very nice gold gold is the scenery that is. Bloody beautiful country side.l i did have a closer look.. it worked fine.. saw that trail.. thought to myself... nah... not for me.. i would look down, fall .. thanks again for the great write up.. those pictures
  6. Thats ok bro.. if you cant take the piss out of family life would be boring we get one or two crappy days, then back to great detecting weather.. Hopefully there may be some sunbakers for everyone over here.. hey Northeast if they are camped out from a town or mine site, they wont have phone coverage.
  7. Sorry for not answering sooner.. i missed your post.. We are Down below Leinster Hopefully they are parked up somewhere, as travelling in this wind wouldn't be the best thing to do. its now 8:03 and the wind seems to have settled down.. ( fingers crossed ) tomorrow"s weather will be much better.. going to get down to 4 degrees tonight. top of 15 tomorrow .. and not as windy..
  8. Knowing me.. i wrote it down wrong. all I know... it was wiiinnndddyyyy had to tie everything down.. pack up whatever was loose. two mats did take off. Lucky they weren't blown away to far.. I will be looking for sunbakers Heres the weather page I go by
  9. Sitting in the eye!!!! Geez Dave maybe where i get my information is sooo wrong. as its sure is rocking us about. And it's getting worse
  10. Nice!!! Looks like this wind isnt bothering you any at all wind gusts up to 48 ks Yep the wind is a rocking the caravan, pushing us over, lucky we nailed everything down now its raining so what do we do?? easy.. sit on our dairy airs.. on the internet
  11. Thanks for the links bugger.. it wont work for me!!!!
  12. Jen58

    A Nice 2 Grammer

    Congrats Dave.. a very nice nuggy You braved the weather.. you were rewarded for your efforts