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Fisher 2016 Metal Detector Catalog 072016 Rev. 2

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    • By Paystreak
      Been a big fan of BillandLinda prospecting site but it seems to be down.
      Anyone know what's happening?
    • By Steve Herschbach
      Family Treasure Hunting: A Beginner's Guide by Charles Garrett 2.39 MB
      Understanding Treasure Signs and Symbols by Charles Garrett 9.24 MB
      The Sport of Coin Hunting with a Metal Detector by Charles Garrett 7.21 MB
      How to Search Sand and Surf: Treasure Recovery at the Beach by Charles Garrett 5.44 MB
      Introduction To Metal Detecting In Europe by Charles Garrett 8.38 MB
      How to Find GOLD: Metal Detecting and Panning by Charles Garrett and Roy Lagal 6.2 MB
      More free books and articles here
    • By GB_Amateur
      I stumbled onto this well written (67 page current issue) online magazine.  I don't know if this was meant to take the place of the now defunct hardcopy Lost Treasure and Western and Eastern Treasures but I actually find it better written than some of the late issues of those.  It appears non-partisan (manufacturer-wise).  Included is an interview with a field tester of the Garrett Apex although it seems to be similar to the YouTube videos by other Garrett 'homers' (this interview is of Gypsy Jewels -- wonder if that's her birth name -- who has her own YouTube channel) so don't expect any new revelations.  I still think it's worth reading as is the rest of the magazine.  Articles are mostly coin and relic hunting although there is one (rather introductory) about Midwest gold prospecting as well as a typical lost 18th Century horde article.
      It appears they've been publishing monthly since April 2019.  Here is their explanation:
      About Us
      Here at Dirt Digest Magazine we have a simple mission: Bring the wonderful world of metal detecting, gold prospecting and artifact hunting to the masses.
      When Dirt Digest Magazine was in the concept stage we had some good long talks about how to separate ourselves from the competition. Priority #1 was to write for the readers, not for the advertisers. That is actually uncommon in the industry and in doing so we may have alienated ourselves from some potential sponsors. However, we wanted to bring the best of the best to all of our subscribers and let the advertising speak for itself.
      Then, of course, there was cost. Dirt Digest Magazine has a global message and reaching an audience of that size can be a daunting task. Sure, we could charge a premium for subscriptions to our content, but that would limit the audience greatly. That is why all subscriptions to Dirt Digest Magazine are free and always will be.
      Finally, we want to be able to showcase those that deserve a voice. Being a digital platform we are not bound by the constraints of printing costs and setup fees. We are able to bring our readers more content and reach a larger audience.
      So as you can see, we are doing things a little differently. We may be ruffling some feathers in the industry, but that’s okay. Times change and Dirt Digest Magazine is leading the charge.
    • By kac
      Recently had a run in from an miserable @#$% when I was detecting along some shoreline as he has water front access and is blocking people from passing by. Normally I would have made a stink and told him to pound sand but the area he has is garbage. Anyways here is a good read on water access for the public for those interested.
    • By Propjob
      Ok, have recently read an article in another forum about fine tuning the equinox  in the field.  It was basically listening while in different recovery and iron bias settings to hear the best sound and using that setting.  Many times , if you go on site, you end up changing between modes and then have to retune again, and that can be intense .  I believe that if you sense what your detector is telling you, and then you can make adjustments on the fly.  I am wondering if you do the same, and utilize one particular program as a basis to work with? With all of the horsepower and knowledge on this forum, what land and beach program do you use as a good basis for testing your settings.  The second subpart to the question is do you use a program that utilizes 50 tones or 5 and do you switch between the two?
      I have read and watched over the years many different thoughts  ( just like a you tube cure), however I find this forum is the one that addresses issues in a more technical and believable way.
      Look forward to your answers.                                                                   PROP
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