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  1. I hear yah about the pinpoint on the ORX.---It's a pain in the butt!---I can't even get it to kick in half the time & seldom use it anymore---just go off the "toe" of the coil.----Why in the world did they ever tie it in with the g.b. (on that detector)!-----I still like the ORX better than the E800 though---with the exception of working a high trash area (mainly busted tin).----In that situation I prefer the E800 with 6" coil over the ORX.-----That's the ONLY reason I have them both.
  2. Couple of questions: (1) Does this BH Time Ranger Pro have adjustable "V" break?----(2) What price point do you guys think this detector should sell for?
  3. Go for it Daniel!----The wife loves yah, she probably won't beat you up too bad!-----Mine didn't---my wife does keep telling me though that "the beatings will continue till moral improves".-----Not just sure what that means---might mean I'm buyin too many tectors!-----I'm kiddin, I'm kiddin (of course).
  4. Thanks for the report Mike.----I have been wondering how the Equinox would do nugget hunting (with the 6" coil).
  5. Steve-----Let me re-phrase my question.----Barring the cost factor & considering hunting for small nuggets.----Which is the most effective (gives the best performance) in that regard with each of these detectors (GM 1000 & E800) being used in highly mineralized ground & with each operating with their small coil?----It would seem that both of these detectors/coil combos have been out long enough now to have comparison tests along these lines.---------Del
  6. I'm just glad the guys parachute opened!!!!-----And yes, I have an E800.
  7. NOW I understand what makes that thing tick!!!!
  8. Steve-------Minelab should have hired you in the first place to design the shaft for the Equinox!----We wouldn't have to be going through all this.------Hope you get it worked out (somehow).
  9. Gotta tell this one! A few yrs. ago my wife & I was detecting a park in NM.----She had gotten tired & was resting in the car for a few minutes.---Meanwhile, a small group of young boys (early teens, nice kids) gathered around me where I was detecting.----I thought I'd have some fun with 'em so I put on a big show finding pull tabs and showing them my "finds".---I told them I was doing pretty good on p.t.'s today but was looking for coins because I was REAL poor!----I said to them---see that woman setting in that car over there--she's my wife & she's really poor to.----We're lookin
  10. I don't know about idiot---but----he does need to charge his detector battery (before it goes dead in the middle of filming).
  11. That's not training the detector----it's training the detectorist.
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