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  1. I ordered & received two of the new style digital voltage coil charging clips for the Deus.----Took a little longer than I expected to receive them but they are great.
  2. What's wrong with it running on 0.71?
  3. Was you asleep when you heard this?😉
  4. Has FT now discontinued/stopped production on the F-19?
  5. GOD BLESS AMERICA----and thank you for your service to this great country Gerry.-----My wife & I are both vets---we may contact you regarding the purchase of detectors at some point.-----Del & Patsy
  6. Thanks phrunt----That's about the same thoughts I had regarding this.----My wife & I both detect and I was able to just now purchase two Super Fly coils ($175 each) for us for our F-19s.----We already have two of those coils.-----They are just amazing the performance they give on the F-19s.-----I'm toying with the idea of picking up two Sharpshooters (for the 19s) also if I can find any reasonably priced.---Who knows if the NEL plant in the Ukraine will ever re-open --When Whites folded I was able to purchase 6 TRX pinpointers at that time before the price went up on them.----This should last us the rest of our detecting career.----I do something right once in awhile (I think)! :)-----Del
  7. Questions regarding NEL coils for those that might know.----I understand that production of NEL coils has ceased at the NEL plant & service center (because of the war in Ukraine).-----Is the supply of these coils drying up that are in the "pipeline" (at distributors)?----Is the prices on NEL coils expected to increase because of this?-----Any info regarding this would be much appreciated.
  8. Now you do have me curious!--This report is Sept. 4th.----Whatever it is it's going to happen soon.
  9. I think they (I hope they) leave out of there with Sarge & Ben.-----At least then they would be able to get out of there safely with their gold.
  10. Yes---I was referring to besides the large # update.-----I just now had my question answered though from my dealer---he said forthcoming updates are coming for both the Deus 2 & Legend.
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