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  1. Hi guys. Help the tear-ups of the U7 component. The device fell. What kind of thing is the name.
  2. Teknetics Patriot on eBay - Brand new models direct from First Texas
  3. Fisher have finally updated their website, no longer a 1990's website, perhaps one of the kids of the staff did it for them for a few bucks, regardless of how, it's finally there and is quite good, a great improvement. First Texas Products Metal Detectors Unfortunately, the fancy new website doesn't make their product line any newer. It's still a work in progress by the look of it, it has an online store although not populated with products. Many links don't work on it yet either, for example you can't click on More Info for the T2 to see it's description. They have also changed the wording on many of their marketing spiels for the detectors, no longer are they full of outdated statements, often they were either false advertising or just outright lies, these are now reworded to be more realistic yet still good marketing without the outlandish claims. No mention at all of the Impulse AQ/Gold products on the new website or even a link to the specific website for that product line, very telling that. It's a fizzer. Good work Fisher, I'm glad you've done this, now we just hope you can get some new decent product to market. They still have the old website online too here Fisher Research Laboratory - manufacturer of metal detectors for homeland security, industrial and hobbyists alike (fisherlab.com) Why they haven't pointed that domain name to the new site is a puzzle to me.
  4. Has anyone noticed First Texas has bumped up the price of the T2 Classic which was USD $499 to $639? Are they insane? This has to be the most cloned detector on planet earth being decades old and well and truly well duplicated by the Chinese and in all reality the clones appear to be so similar to the original for a small fraction of the price there really is no justification for raising the price, it's a kamikaze mission. It appears they're trying to kill the last ever sales they would ever get. They're so far behind the competition now they really are obsolete yet they put up the price? https://www.tekneticsdirect.com/products/detectors/teknetics-t2-classic It's so disappointing to see this happening, I really like my two T2's but I'm not stupid, they're now an entry level detector in today's market with some brands entry level detectors being far superior so having them priced like this is so unrealistic What are they thinking!!!! I made the image Sepiatone to suit the era the detector was released.
  5. A local Craigslist ad had this for $100. I contacted the seller and after some conversation he indicated that in fact he had no idea if it worked or not - it was him moms - had been sitting for decades. He lived 50 miles from me and I an wary of driving much in this pandemic. I asked about the batteries and he looked - they were a mess he said. He said that he would probably trash it and I asked if he had any reason to drive my direction anytime soon. We agreed on a spot halfway and I offered $25 “sight unseen”. The original recargable nicads were in there - a mess. The battery clips (a known issue with this machine) had a bit of surface corrosion which I filed away and some solder repairs which looked solid enough. 14 AA alkalines later and it works a bit squirrelly, but seems to be fine. Air tests at 9” or a bit on a quarter on the ground in discrim and 12” in AM. The tone ID works fine and the meter seems to under-read a bit but is consistent. These things weigh a ton and this one is an original factory hip mount - a strange shelf-like bracket to hang the thing lying flat on your belt. Sven sent me some files on it and among them was a nifty chest mount which will hook to the D rings at each corner of the Tek - I found it on Amazon and ordered one. I had a Compass X-100 once upon a time and this reminds me of it. Powerful but weird - the tones are great however - no digital processing - the meter gives interesting little twitches on marginal discrim signals. Should be fun and good exercise.
  6. I have never used the T2 Teknetics before. I have owned the original green T2 several years ago and other than turning it on and testing it out a little my buddy pretty much begged me to sell it to him and that was that. So I have one coming to me now which is the T2 SE. Now I have had the F75 SE LTD and from what I gather the difference between the T2 and F75 are this F75 has a back light, the ability to save your settings and the iron disc stops at 20 and the T2 iron disc stops at 40. Plus the layout if the screen is different but similar still. I think that is the difference between the 2. Anyways, I am looking forward to getting it. I liked how the F75 balanced and it was a good machine. So anyone else still swinging one of these??
  7. Went back to an old poured concrete foundation in the woods which is a popular Elk hunters campsite. This is a site where I found my first seated dime a few years ago. The area is loaded with modern trash and lot's of iron nails and old tin buried near the foundation walls. I brought my Teknetics G2 with both the 5" and 11"x7" coil as I also intended to try some nugget detecting near the creek. I didn't find any nuggets but managed to pull 2 nice V nickels, 1890 and 1883. I set the detector in disc mode after ground balancing at 83. The ground here is very mineralized. I then set the tone break at 40 to separate ferrous from nonferrous and started swinging . I dug everything that hit in the ferrous range and all one-way signals that sounded good one direction but like iron the other. I also managed a few relics and a small pile of trash.
  8. Getting ready to buy another Omega 8500. I love the feature set on this detector. I field tested prototypes of it and got a 1st production run model for compensation of my time, which I sold last year to fund some other detector purchases. Looking at the market there really isn't anything to compete with its feature set when you need something more than simple phase shift target id in its price range....when you get the chance take look at the operating manual. I especially like the Multiple Target Category System: This feature is available only in Discrimination Mode. For each target, the Omega 8500 calculates four independent numerical Target-ID’s on each pass of the coil; one primary and three secondary. Each one of the Target-ID’s will correlate to a target category on the LCD. There will be one solid primary category lighting up and up to three additional secondary target categories. All are different readings of the same target, with the primary category being the one with most reliable signal. If the Target-ID’s vary, they will show up as multiple illuminated categories, and this could indicate the detector is picking up noise, a faint/weak signal or that the target is irregularly shaped. It has its warts but I have found some good gold jewelry with it, attaching a little 18K eye candy... Now just to figure out where to buy it from. HH Mike
  9. Some random notes, and if you don't know what I am talking about as regards some detail of this machine or that I apologize. Well, I finally updated my XP Deus with 11" coil to the version 4 update. Then I hauled it and the Nokta Impact with 11" and Teknetics G2 with 11" out for several hours of cross checking coin type targets. The G2 is a Gold Bug Pro variant running at 19 kHz and I put it up against the Deus at 18 kHz and Impact at 20 kHz. I acquired the G2 new recently to use specifically as a benchmark unit because I am very familiar with it and because in my opinion it does 19 kHz as well as it can be done. I spent hours swapping machines as the hunt machine, then cross checking the undug targets with the other two. Lots of settings tried, with the main goal to try and find some deep fringe type target or target in trash where any machine can get a clear and definable edge. Well good luck with that. All I mainly did was impress myself again with what a little powerhouse the Gold Bug Pro/G2 is for the price. It is fairly mineralized ground but not the worst, 5 bars out of 7 on the G2 Fe3O4 meter, ground balance about 86. The only real "aha" moment was in learning the Impact really likes to upscale shallow small foil when in 5 kHz mode, but shoves the id back down to where it should be at 14 kHz or 20 kHz. All the machines like to upscale deeper aluminum in this ground. All three seemed to get tricked in much the same way on certain targets, like a deep pull tab reading like a dime. For gold hunting purposes I do not mind machines upscaling low conductive targets, and in fact the Impact 5khz mode may have a benefit in nugget detecting because it does want to push light foil (and therefore small gold) higher. But for coin detecting upscaling aluminum is annoying. Pretty much par for the course however for mid to higher single frequency machines. I found running the Impact in VLX1 was nice as I could flip over just one click to the Gen(D) mixed mode program for a dramatically different read and better target definition. Target id numbers in my ground are slightly higher in the "expanded ferrous" modes like VLX1 and VLX2 compared to DI3 and DI4. The Deus V4 Gold Field program does seem to pack some extra punch now, be fun to get it out nugget hunting once the elliptical coil hits the streets. The new Deep mode really seems great while the new Hot mode is, shall I say it, interesting. First time I have used the X-Y screens also. The G2 is what it is, almost no controls but it gets the job done with what it has, and good solid id. Deus and Impact in the other hand have countless options and programs to try, but by and large there is no magic bullet. Three great machines, I can hunt with any of them. It will take a lot more hours to sort it all out. I find when running machines that are all hitting the VLF Wall that it is the "other things" that get my notice. The Impact is obviously the heavier of the three (4 lbs 4.7 oz / 1946 grams), although very well balanced, so I give the feel on my arm award to the G2 (3 lbs 1.5 oz / 1404 grams) and the Deus (2 lbs 4.0 oz / 1020 grams with 11" coil and control box). The G2 and Deus are neck and neck in the comfort department FOR ME* but the G2 feels ever so slightly better to me, I am guessing because the coil is lighter on the G2. The G2 slays both the Impact and Deus for speaker volume if run without headphones, but on the other hand it has no volume control so would be too loud for some situations. Been awhile since I ran a Gold Bug Pro / G2 unit and caught myself when switching from disc mode to all metal when cross checking at one point and forgetting that the "big number" changes from target id in disc mode to ground phase in all metal mode, so I was looking at the ground phase instead of the little speedometer thinking it was target id for a couple goes. That one quirk always had me liking the F75 versus the Bug in all metal. I wish Fisher made a 19 kHz F75! *On arm comfort is a very subjective subject. In particular it has a great deal to do with the size of a persons hands plus length and thickness of their forearm, and their height. You really can't take any one persons word on this subject as it is like buying hiking boots. What fits one person does not fit another. It is not all about detector weight by a long shot. Balance is very important as is the all important hand grip. I am 5' 11" with forearms on the thinner side and smallish hands. For instance, my forearm really bounces around in the large Impact armrest area. The Deus armrest which may be too small for some fits me better. For me personally, the 3.5 lb Teknetics T2 / Fisher F75 is the most comfortable detector I have ever used. It is superbly balanced and something about the hand grip that narrows to the top as it cants forward really makes my hand happy. I can squeeze the armrest shut to fit my arm. So if you find the F75 to be a great fit for you, my comments apply to you. If you hate the T2/F75 setup then what I have to say is less important.
  10. I received my new Teknetics T2 SE Thursday. I also ordered a Cors Shrew coil to go with it. Was using the Cors Shrew for everything in these pictures EXCEPT the bullet, which was found with the stock 11" coil. There will be another Cors coil in the future for me. They make an excellent product. I'm very pleased with the T2, it's an amazing detector and today it showed me what it can do with less than 4 hrs total time on this machine. It pulled nickels out like no other detector has ever done for me. Lots of power under the hood, and I didn't even run it past 65 on sens. Had really good results cranking disc up to 40, ran 2 tone and 3 tone. I've finally found what I was looking for in a detector. All the coins and junk are from roughly 3 hrs metal detecting today, bullet is from another site visited today less than an hour. Nothing but clad here, and loads of nickels that are very discolored.I've hit this area earlier this year with the Equinox 600(now gone), and XP ORX. The bullet I found at another place today, but was not even there an hour due to rain. I'm looking for some identification on that lead bullet so if any of you can help with it I'd be glad to hear it. Any idea on age of the bullet?
  11. Does anyone know what other coils the Teknetics Minuteman is compatible with? Got one on the way for use as "Level 1 Investigator/Scout". This is going to be the little dude that I take to any new site first. It will be used to see how trashy an area is and remove any shallow items like clad coins or garbage before bringing in the XP ORX for deeper items. This little detector seems like it should fit the bill nicely for feeling out a place. It's simple enough to be fun, powerful enough to be useful, and cheap enough to be thrown into the vehicle as a workhorse. From all I've read on it and seen the detector appears to be fairly decent at getting things done without a lot of guesswork. Anyone here have one or have used this model before?
  12. Adrian Harris Published on Feb 17, 2019 - On our 4th dig at K C Rallys up comes a William 3rd silver hoard 51 in total well done Garry next step reporting the find to the Worcester FLO.
  13. Version 050714 Rev 5


    Teknetics Alpha 2000 Owner's Manual, 1.81 MB pdf file, 20 pages Teknetics Alpha 2000 Data & Reviews First Texas (Teknetics) Metal Detector Forum
  14. Version 021115 Rev 6


    Teknetics Delta 4000 Owner's Manual, 3.6 MB pdf file, 20 pages Teknetics Delta 4000 Data & Reviews First Texas (Teknetics) Metal Detector Forum
  15. Version 040615

    1 download

    Teknetics Digitek Owner's Manual, 4.87 MB pdf file, 24 pages Teknetics Digitek Data & Reviews First Texas (Teknetics) Metal Detector Forum
  16. Version 020915 Rev 3


    Teknetics Eurotek Owner's Manual, 3.6 MB pdf file, 20 pages Teknetics Eurotek Data & Reviews First Texas (Teknetics) Metal Detector Forum
  17. Version 020915 Rev 4

    1 download

    Teknetics Eurotek Pro Owner's Manual, 3.25 MB pdf file, 24 pages Teknetics Eurotek Pro Data & Reviews First Texas (Teknetics) Metal Detector Forum
  18. Version 092013 Rev 4


    Teknetics T2 Operating Manual, 3.48 MB pdf file, 40 pages Teknetics T2 Data & Reviews First Texas (Teknetics) Metal Detector Forum
  19. Version 042717 Rev 0


    Teknetics Liberator Owner's Manual, 2.04 MB pdf file, 24 pages Teknetics Liberator Data & Reviews First Texas (Teknetics) Metal Detector Forum
  20. Version 041514 Rev 7


    Teknetics G2 Owner's Manual, 2.15 MB pdf file, 40 pages Teknetics G2 Data & Reviews First Texas (Teknetics) Metal Detector Forum
  21. Version 041514 Rev 6


    Teknetics Gamma 6000 Owner's Manual, 2.96 MB pdf file, 24 pages Teknetics Gamma 6000 Data & Reviews First Texas (Teknetics) Metal Detector Forum
  22. Version 042717 Rev 0


    Teknetics Minuteman Owner's Manual, 2.09 MB pdf file, 24 pages Teknetics Minuteman Data & Reviews First Texas (Teknetics) Metal Detector Forum
  23. Version 120414 Rev 4


    Teknetics T2 Special Edition DST | T2+ Operating Manual, 4.05 MB pdf file, 40 pages Note there is some confusion regarding the Special Edition (Black) as generally being referred to as Limited or Ltd models in most advertising. The Limited Edition (Ltd) and Special Edition (SE) label are used for the same model. The Teknetics T2+ is also another version of this same detector, sold with different accessories. Teknetics T2 Ltd (Special Edition) Data & Reviews Teknetics T2+ Data & Reviews White's Metal Detector Forum
  24. Version 052517 Rev 1


    Teknetics Patriot Owner's Manual, 1.82 MB pdf file, 40 pages Teknetics Patriot Data & Reviews First Texas (Teknetics) Metal Detector Forum
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