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  1. My new T2 arrived this week so I decided I'd take it out for a test run today, I haven't bothered detecting football fields before, it never really crossed my mind to do so especially small town football fields that barely ever get used. I think the last time I even saw people on this thing was about a year ago and they were riding a horse 🙂 I guess back in time it was probably a popular place and my results today show this. This is going to be more of a picture story as the pictures tell 1000 words! I started using the T2 with Mars Tiger coil and within two minutes of arriving I
  2. Lately many manufacturers are producing new models of detectors, real new models and not just retreads, and those that haven't, or haven't had any success with their models are dropping like flies, first Tesoro followed by Whites and I often wonder who's next. First Texas were once really up there as the brand to get, they had some of the best VLF's on the market in various categories from the F75/T2 to the Gold Bug 2. You hear very little of people using their detectors these days and I'm sure sales of the higher end detectors are very poor, sure there are probably many new first time
  3. I have never used the T2 Teknetics before. I have owned the original green T2 several years ago and other than turning it on and testing it out a little my buddy pretty much begged me to sell it to him and that was that. So I have one coming to me now which is the T2 SE. Now I have had the F75 SE LTD and from what I gather the difference between the T2 and F75 are this F75 has a back light, the ability to save your settings and the iron disc stops at 20 and the T2 iron disc stops at 40. Plus the layout if the screen is different but similar still. I think that is the diff
  4. Went back to an old poured concrete foundation in the woods which is a popular Elk hunters campsite. This is a site where I found my first seated dime a few years ago. The area is loaded with modern trash and lot's of iron nails and old tin buried near the foundation walls. I brought my Teknetics G2 with both the 5" and 11"x7" coil as I also intended to try some nugget detecting near the creek. I didn't find any nuggets but managed to pull 2 nice V nickels, 1890 and 1883. I set the detector in disc mode after ground balancing at 83. The ground here is very mineralized. I then set the tone brea
  5. Getting ready to buy another Omega 8500. I love the feature set on this detector. I field tested prototypes of it and got a 1st production run model for compensation of my time, which I sold last year to fund some other detector purchases. Looking at the market there really isn't anything to compete with its feature set when you need something more than simple phase shift target id in its price range....when you get the chance take look at the operating manual. I especially like the Multiple Target Category System: This feature is available only in Discrimination Mode.
  6. Some random notes, and if you don't know what I am talking about as regards some detail of this machine or that I apologize. Well, I finally updated my XP Deus with 11" coil to the version 4 update. Then I hauled it and the Nokta Impact with 11" and Teknetics G2 with 11" out for several hours of cross checking coin type targets. The G2 is a Gold Bug Pro variant running at 19 kHz and I put it up against the Deus at 18 kHz and Impact at 20 kHz. I acquired the G2 new recently to use specifically as a benchmark unit because I am very familiar with it and because in my opinion it does 19 kHz
  7. I have a lot of time for my T2, it's my most comfortable detector and was also one of my first. I've had a love hate relationship with it from day one, mostly because I struggled to use it. It has however found me a number of good finds especially old coins. One of the biggest issues I've had with it has been EMI and bad Target ID numbers and a lot of that has been my insistence on running it at 99 sensitivity like I do with my other detectors, I recently found I had a loose shielding wire inside my T2 by hearing a rattling noise when I was swinging it. I've glued the wire back down
  8. I received my new Teknetics T2 SE Thursday. I also ordered a Cors Shrew coil to go with it. Was using the Cors Shrew for everything in these pictures EXCEPT the bullet, which was found with the stock 11" coil. There will be another Cors coil in the future for me. They make an excellent product. I'm very pleased with the T2, it's an amazing detector and today it showed me what it can do with less than 4 hrs total time on this machine. It pulled nickels out like no other detector has ever done for me. Lots of power under the hood, and I didn't even run it past 65 on sens. Had really good re
  9. Does anyone know what other coils the Teknetics Minuteman is compatible with? Got one on the way for use as "Level 1 Investigator/Scout". This is going to be the little dude that I take to any new site first. It will be used to see how trashy an area is and remove any shallow items like clad coins or garbage before bringing in the XP ORX for deeper items. This little detector seems like it should fit the bill nicely for feeling out a place. It's simple enough to be fun, powerful enough to be useful, and cheap enough to be thrown into the vehicle as a workhorse. From all I've read on it an
  10. Adrian Harris Published on Feb 17, 2019 - On our 4th dig at K C Rallys up comes a William 3rd silver hoard 51 in total well done Garry next step reporting the find to the Worcester FLO.
  11. Version 050714 Rev 5


    Teknetics Alpha 2000 Owner's Manual, 1.81 MB pdf file, 20 pages Teknetics Alpha 2000 Data & Reviews First Texas (Teknetics) Metal Detector Forum
  12. Version 021115 Rev 6


    Teknetics Delta 4000 Owner's Manual, 3.6 MB pdf file, 20 pages Teknetics Delta 4000 Data & Reviews First Texas (Teknetics) Metal Detector Forum
  13. Version 040615


    Teknetics Digitek Owner's Manual, 4.87 MB pdf file, 24 pages Teknetics Digitek Data & Reviews First Texas (Teknetics) Metal Detector Forum
  14. Version 020915 Rev 3


    Teknetics Eurotek Owner's Manual, 3.6 MB pdf file, 20 pages Teknetics Eurotek Data & Reviews First Texas (Teknetics) Metal Detector Forum
  15. Version 020915 Rev 4


    Teknetics Eurotek Pro Owner's Manual, 3.25 MB pdf file, 24 pages Teknetics Eurotek Pro Data & Reviews First Texas (Teknetics) Metal Detector Forum
  16. Version 092013 Rev 4


    Teknetics T2 Operating Manual, 3.48 MB pdf file, 40 pages Teknetics T2 Data & Reviews First Texas (Teknetics) Metal Detector Forum
  17. Version 042717 Rev 0

    1 download

    Teknetics Liberator Owner's Manual, 2.04 MB pdf file, 24 pages Teknetics Liberator Data & Reviews First Texas (Teknetics) Metal Detector Forum
  18. Version 041514 Rev 7


    Teknetics G2 Owner's Manual, 2.15 MB pdf file, 40 pages Teknetics G2 Data & Reviews First Texas (Teknetics) Metal Detector Forum
  19. Version 041514 Rev 6


    Teknetics Gamma 6000 Owner's Manual, 2.96 MB pdf file, 24 pages Teknetics Gamma 6000 Data & Reviews First Texas (Teknetics) Metal Detector Forum
  20. Version 042717 Rev 0


    Teknetics Minuteman Owner's Manual, 2.09 MB pdf file, 24 pages Teknetics Minuteman Data & Reviews First Texas (Teknetics) Metal Detector Forum
  21. Version 120414 Rev 4


    Teknetics T2 Special Edition DST | T2+ Operating Manual, 4.05 MB pdf file, 40 pages Note there is some confusion regarding the Special Edition (Black) as generally being referred to as Limited or Ltd models in most advertising. The Limited Edition (Ltd) and Special Edition (SE) label are used for the same model. The Teknetics T2+ is also another version of this same detector, sold with different accessories. Teknetics T2 Ltd (Special Edition) Data & Reviews Teknetics T2+ Data & Reviews White's Metal Detector Forum
  22. Version 052517 Rev 1


    Teknetics Patriot Owner's Manual, 1.82 MB pdf file, 40 pages Teknetics Patriot Data & Reviews First Texas (Teknetics) Metal Detector Forum
  23. Version 111615 Rev 6


    Teknetics Omega 8500 Owner's Manual, 2.3 MB pdf file, 28 pages Teknetics Omega 8500 Data & Reviews First Texas (Teknetics) Metal Detector Forum
  24. Version 030415


    Teknetics G2+ Owner's Manual, 5.13 MB pdf file, 40 pages Teknetics G2+ Data & Reviews First Texas (Teknetics) Metal Detector Forum
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