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  1. Thanks - maybe DD coils one day, you never know We see no issues with the coils we have got running for these videos. They are working perfectly. Thanks for the support! Trevor
  2. HI All - cant help myself here. Prototype and pre-production coils dont always get the exact same parts as the production and there are reasons as to why the cable is shorter for a couple coils in this circumstance. This shortening of the cable has no affect on inductance values, resistance maybe 0.01%. Essentially no performance change whatsoever and not a 'stuff up' as you have commented. Gerry and GRGuy received our coils for field tests and have been doing a great job in feedback for us and finding the gold with all three sizes. the best test I have found over the years is just getting the coils on the ground running for as much time as possible to get that feedback. We are very confident the coils will do what they are supposed to do and provide another option when detecting. Not one size coil will 'see' all the gold as each coil type, configuration and size has a different 'window' of gold it will respond to. this is why there are more coils being made for the GPX6000 and has been done for all previous detectors, not just Minelabs. If a user chooses to, they could (not should) buy another coil type to fit their prospecting needs. This does not mean that the Minelab coils are not great performers at all, it means that they are now more options to find more gold. Those that wish to stay with the 11" round coil for the 6000 will still have a great coil and if it finds lots of gold for them that is just brilliant. If they wish to get another coil size and run over the same gold bearing ground they may find more gold which the 11" didnt see. I think that there are many that know this but there are also many that have yet to experience this first hand so may be questioning why another coil. We will be releasing videos on this topic in the coming months specifically on the GOLDHAWK coils. Big thanks to Gerry and GRGuy for their efforts and there are more great videos and images to come from them which will help plus also more release information from Coiltek coming soon! BTW- that 9" round is a great coil too Gerry... but don't tell anyone ๐Ÿ™‚ Trev @ Coiltek.
  3. Hi Aureous... I am not sure what you mean by the 'original ML parameters' and what information you have on this. The GOLDHAWK coils are bunch wound like the ML coils. I hope this clears up your concern. Trev.
  4. Thanks for the replies - and some good questions. Phrunt - answers are weights of the coils are on the website now: https://coiltek.com.au/coils/goldhawk-series/ 9" = 700gms inc skid plate 10x5" = 575gm inc skid plate 14x9" = 900gm inc skid plate Plastics are UV rated ABS There isnt many plastics that wont scratch in the field with dirt being scrapped over the coils. the labels are a polycarb so are very durable and will look great even if rubbed over with the scoop. coils are quite robust to handle many conditions yes waterproof to 1 mtr. All coils are bunched windings. Hope this helps answer your initial queries and I am sure more will be answered once the coils are out in the field after July 14th Thanks, Trevor
  5. So I had the chance to get out myself and test the new GOLDHAWK coils... Super impressed. The 10x5" size is a superb little coil - ๐Ÿ™‚ The 9" round is a great well balance coil - I like this one The 14x9" is a great searcher with some excellent performance characteristics... More news coming out this week!! Excited to get these out there! Stay well peeps. Trev
  6. Thanks SH and JP and all for the support. the 10x5 NOX certainly hit the mark for the detector and users of it. We are very pleased to see it so warmly received. Most of the weight for the coils comes from the winding wire then the plastics next, nothing we can do about the wire really as you need this of course. Plastics, we are investing in new mounding and are very excited about it - canโ€™t say too much more at this stage If the coil is potted with epoxy then this is extra again Ron about your query can the small elliptical size DD be as sensitive as the 11โ€ round? I am guessing mono? for me I always see the smaller ellipticals like 10x5โ€ have an edge on sensitivity to larger round coils but inherently mono coils are more sensitive than DD coils of the same size Iโ€™m looking forward to 2022! Trev
  7. Well this topic for GPX6000 coils by Coiltek has gone off the rails a bit with other brands and detectors. anyway if youโ€™re keen to find out more join our mailing list and keep an ear out. We do appreciate all the relevant coil comments and I for one am looking forward to getting these things out there! take care all Trev.
  8. Hi Rob - Appreciate your comment and we will certainly doing the best we can - the NOX coil demand definitely caught us off guard and has been our biggest release ever - this makes us very happy and in a spin all at once! Plans are being set in place to be more prepared this time but we are not expecting the same level of demand as its a more Gold Specific coil type. Once we release more info we can start better planning from orders. At this stage we are not taking any pre-orders as we want to release more about the coils first. Thanks, Trevor.
  9. thanks for all the positive comments and wishes everyone - very much appreciate and we are excited too. Sizes and shapes will be released later but I am sure it will make most of you happy ๐Ÿ™‚ I can appreciate your comment Ridge Runner but i can assure you we are not the only ones with delays for products and we are catching up very nicely. As a consumer myself I can relate - my Whiskey delivery is taking ages to come and I cant wait to try it out. My favorite for the older units is always the 14x9" Elliptical. Just such a nice sized coil Trev
  10. Hey All - I can confirm we will definitely be making coils and release will be in first half of 2022. Coiltek Quality - Fully Minelab Approved and no need to break a coil to make a coil. We will be releasing more info on this in the coming months. Stay safe everyone. Trevor.
  11. Gerry was great to interview and get feedback as he is so passionate about this industry and knows what works well in many cases. Definitely one of the greats! Thanks for posting this up as I forget to share and post a lot due to me being tied to the desk and workshop! It sounds like many people are enjoying the NOX coils performance characteristics and that they now have a different coil to go over the same ground! All the best to you all! Trevor
  12. Hi all. Just reading the comments and I can assure you that the coils are out and performing well. On sale date was 3rd March. We are working hard to get orders supplied from around the globe. itโ€™s very popular indeed and of course there are rumors everywhere so if you would like to get any direct info you are welcome to email us for clarification. hope everyone enjoys their performance as these coils provide different options and opportunities to the three standard ones. Regards, Trevor @ Coiltek.
  13. These are great photos indeed! At least it didnt show all the 'black magic' dust that is put in to make the coils work too - you have to get that in the right spots too!! ? Nice one, Trev.
  14. No problems at all Wardo! Shoot me a message either through here or via ctmenquiry@coiltek.com.au. If I was to make a suggestion it would be the 14x9" size, great coverage, good depth and good sensitivity so if you have the terrain to suit this type of coil then it will be a great option - so far our best seller! All the best, Trevor
  15. Hi all - just letting you know that our new Master class video is now on YouTube. check it out here = Wardo - The uptake in the US has been slower than we expected mainly due to release at the end of the season there and some uncertainty around warranty and performance. I can assure you the warranty is not void when installing our coil and parts and the performance of the coils is going well. Any teething issues have been pulled out and the new teeth are sparkly and ready to chew through any ground you want to run them on. The Shaft design now allows for further extension and the coil doesn't kick up anymore so problems solved there. The 10x5" has great sensitivity and can maneuver around very well across the terrain. I know you probably don't want to hear from me regarding this as you wish to hear from other users but I couldn't help myself ? Let me know if you have any other questions you would like me to answer!?!?! Trevor.
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