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  1. These are great photos indeed! At least it didnt show all the 'black magic' dust that is put in to make the coils work too - you have to get that in the right spots too!! ? Nice one, Trev.
  2. No problems at all Wardo! Shoot me a message either through here or via ctmenquiry@coiltek.com.au. If I was to make a suggestion it would be the 14x9" size, great coverage, good depth and good sensitivity so if you have the terrain to suit this type of coil then it will be a great option - so far our best seller! All the best, Trevor
  3. Hi all - just letting you know that our new Master class video is now on YouTube. check it out here = Wardo - The uptake in the US has been slower than we expected mainly due to release at the end of the season there and some uncertainty around warranty and performance. I can assure you the warranty is not void when installing our coil and parts and the performance of the coils is going well. Any teething issues have been pulled out and the new teeth are sparkly and ready to chew through any ground you want to run them on. The Shaft design now allows for further extension and the coil doesn't kick up anymore so problems solved there. The 10x5" has great sensitivity and can maneuver around very well across the terrain. I know you probably don't want to hear from me regarding this as you wish to hear from other users but I couldn't help myself ? Let me know if you have any other questions you would like me to answer!?!?! Trevor.
  4. Hi All, We will be releasing our new Master Class videos on our youtube page over the coming weeks/months and just thought I would share the link to the first one if anyone is interested to watch it. The first 5 or so will be on the new Gold Extreme coils for the SDC and what to expect when using the coils. They are a panel discussion type video and aimed to help educate more on what coils do and where to use them. We will also be recording more on topics like coin and treasure hunting coils and the gold coil range. We aim to talk to prospectors from around the globe and ask for their experiences using the Coiltek coils and hints and comments on coils in general. The more we can help people understand about coils and their performance characteristics the better. Thanks and if you do watch the video I hope you enjoy it and happy hunting whatever you swing! Trevor @ Coiltek.
  5. Hello all and there are some good points and discussion in this thread and I thought I'd jump in for a chat... Feel free to ask questions as the more you know the better you can make your own decision whether you think the new GOLD EXTREME coils are for you. from this thread the main queries are: Why aren't the new coils water-proof? We thought long and hard about this and decided to not epoxy fill the 10x5" coil due to extra time and weight from this and essentially if you wish to keep the unit water-proof then keep the 8" coil on or revert back to this. (time and more materials mean more $$$) For those that hunt the water this (8") is all you need. But you never know what the future holds... Warranty - is it voided? the short answer is no but as Gerry stated in a previous reply as long as there is no misuse or damage made during the conversion. Like any product under warranty - if it is deemed a fault of the user then it will not be covered. our coils come with a 2 year warranty - if you have an issue with our product we deal with that separately - if you have a warranty issue with the SDC unit itself revert the unit back to standard and send it back to Minelab - simple. Does the conversion require any hard modification to the unit? NO. there is no cutting, slicing, cracking or any type of firm modification required. Just undo two hex screws, undo two flat head screws, help the plug around the corner in the shaft and drop the coil away - then attach our shaft piece using the clamp and screws we supply, wrap the cable around the shaft like a GPX unit or any other treasure detector, plug in and screw up the plug collar, install the Coiltek cover over this area and use the hex screws you took out before to tighten up the cover over the plug area. turn on and go! Why does the cable wrap around the shaft and not go in the middle? We didn't want to complicate the install. I am sure even Minelab would say that getting the cable up the shaft and around the elbow of the unit is tricky and requires a cap and ball chain to pull it around. We supply a cap and ball chain in our attachment kit so you can get the unit back to standard whenever you want. Essentially we didn't want to have a user make the cable go up the shaft every time they want to change a coil, its far easier to interchange coils like we have made it. How does the shaft work? It has been designed to fit straight in to the carbon shaft once the standard coil is removed. the holes line up and the clamp we supply fits to help keep it in place. one of the main benefits of this shaft attachment is it now makes the unit around 4-5 inches longer so if you are 6'2" or there abouts the unit is now extended and when I hunt with it I no longer feel like i am stooping or at risk of stepping on the coil (figure of speech!) We will have a full attachment video coming out soon which will help guide you through the fitment process. So in short we have thought long and hard about this set up and certainly spent a lot of effort creating the right shaft attachment. Of course no one is forcing anyone to buy the coils and if you think they are not for you then this is perfectly fine. Coiltek is all about providing more options for the Minelab Detectors as this is what we do and I for one am excited to see these coils get out into the market and start to provide the user with more coverage, more depth, more opportunity and hopefully more gold! Trevor.
  6. Thanks for posting this Steve... Its always a nervous time for me when we release a new coil and I am eager to hear some results from the field. we have had this one in the field for a few months and it has been proven to find some deep treasure in Pakistan and the Middle East. My gut feeling is that it will be great for open fields in the US and UK for treasure too but of course the bigger the coil the more noise it can bring in too! In regards to the TDI, not sure if they run as well with our DD coils as the MONO coils and our new range of TDI coils have slightly different specs now to match even better plus they are a flat wound mono so even better! Here is a few pictures of the guys in Pakistan searching for their ancient treasure! Its great to see what they find as it is from any part of the globe!
  7. Live feed hey... i wonder if they will take questions from the viewers???
  8. Have fun at Detectival for those there! Looking forward to hearing more about this machine indeed.... Thats a classic Steve!!!
  9. Great images there JW! you've got some good ground there in NZ... The 10x5" MONO coils has always been a great coil for all the PI machines. Been around since the SD2100 days and still going strong. keep up the great work! Good invention of the centre mount for the UFO Dave - some liked the single off centre mount and some didnt but the coil worked and was the first of its kind being open web. There was a limited run of black two wing UFO coils that were released first and i dont know why as I wasnt involved with the coil design back in the early 2000's, but the black versions seemed to have the edge on the terracotta! Rick - good news about your TDI with one of our coils... we have a new range now made for the TDI machine - slightly different specs which suit the machine better... its quite a good machine indeed. we now make a 6" and 10x5" fully submersible coil - still foam filled but more epoxy in it to prevent water ingress and add weight to help it try to sink a bit.... any pictures of your finds? Hmmmm long VLF coil hey Steve!!! interesting...
  10. Those UFO coils worked a treat for the GP series! What a great haul of nuggets - absolutely! And i bet that week you had no voice left from all the hollering! I wonder how many of the UFO coils are still out there!? JW - those ELITEs are doing the job for sure.
  11. Thanks Steve... good to hear your pants got heavier for the right reason! Finding gold! :) Hope your doing well!
  12. Hi JW - good to have the back up option indeed! Dunno about the GPZ - just have to wait and see i guess... Thanks Jen and John! Hi to you both!
  13. Hello to all at Detector Prospector! Just started on this forum so wanted to say hi and say I have enjoyed reading the topics. I hope to post up some finds too when i do get a chance to have a swing... and also contribute in a beneficial way on topics (i hope!!!:)) Have a great day all! Trevor @ Coiltek.
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