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  1. Hey Phrunt. The hole for the pressure vent is on the base and will be hidden by the skid plate when fitted. If you remove the skid and look around the perimeter of the base you will see a 1mm hole - this is the vent. On the inside of the base we place a small pad which is IP rated for dust and water ingress and allows air to pass through - its the same pad as what Minelab use on their GPX6000 coils. If you do tape on the coil it should pose too much of an issue as most tapes are porous to a degree. if you are in doubt though you can make a small cut in the tape close to where the vent hole is to assist. Trev
  2. Awesome going Nedkelly!!! Super impressed with that haul. is it ok if I share these images? trev
  3. Yes we do... A foam inner core which the windings are laid in - lightweight and strong. πŸ™‚
  4. Hi All - been away for a bit out West on a sales trip and running the coils... Geez I like them but some would say I am bias πŸ™‚ A quick run down for you.... ABS plastic injection moulded housings - 2mm thick for extra strength and assist with minimising any flex when swinging Cable and internal PCB parts all same as Minelab (as do NF coils) - I can assure all that the cables are shielded very well and I do not believe that if there are any issues that the cable contributes to this. High grade LITZ wire - same as what is int he ML coils. in-spec shielding top and bottom of coil Pressure regulation pad to keep out water and dust but assist to regulate the pressure in the coil to minimise any swelling and induced noise Wings thickened for robustness and 8mm nylon nut and bolt. Poly carb label to look good - always! πŸ˜‰ All made in our Salisbury South manufacturing facility where we have 13 staff plus me (sales and technical) and my wife (CEO & Marketing) building coils and also making electronic windings (inductors,transformers etc) inc. QA, Engineering, Customer Service etc and all other things to keep a small-medium business running... I hope this answers your query on this... Regards, Trevor.
  5. Thanks Phrunt. Appreciate your comments and support over the years. you never know what the future holds for new coils. 😁
  6. Hey All, just thought I would say a big thanks to all who have purchased and used the coils so far and enjoying their abilities. It looks like the coils are certainly kicking some goals. The coils are designed to provide different options for your detecting and compliment the already brilliant GPX6000. To hear they are running very stable and sensitive is just what we planned for and all three sizes are proving their capabilities. Phrunt - I am glad the coil has helped your unit and I am sure the 10x5" will be dynamite on the small stuff for you. Thank you for the support. From my experience over the years most detectors and coils will be somewhat noisier when tilted on their side as they are seeing more interference especially when no ground is under the coil (i.e: tilting on a flat surface when compared to running up the side of a creek bank). It doesn't necessarily mean the coil is faulty - if the coil is behaving poorly when in a normal orientation then this could indicate a shield issue. Enjoy your days - Trev
  7. Thanks for your support! Our schedule looks like the dealers should have their initial allocated amounts on the 28th. Goldrush has several on order and is on our list to dispatch in time for the release. We will do our very best to ensure we get the coils over quickly! Trev
  8. Hi Phrunt - Rick is not on our payroll but is our ambassador for the coil series. This is something he is happy to do as he enjoys using the Coiltek coils on his detectors. Certainly performing well and we are excited to get them released - 28th July here we come! Best of luck with yours when you get it Trevor
  9. Thanks - maybe DD coils one day, you never know We see no issues with the coils we have got running for these videos. They are working perfectly. Thanks for the support! Trevor
  10. HI All - cant help myself here. Prototype and pre-production coils dont always get the exact same parts as the production and there are reasons as to why the cable is shorter for a couple coils in this circumstance. This shortening of the cable has no affect on inductance values, resistance maybe 0.01%. Essentially no performance change whatsoever and not a 'stuff up' as you have commented. Gerry and GRGuy received our coils for field tests and have been doing a great job in feedback for us and finding the gold with all three sizes. the best test I have found over the years is just getting the coils on the ground running for as much time as possible to get that feedback. We are very confident the coils will do what they are supposed to do and provide another option when detecting. Not one size coil will 'see' all the gold as each coil type, configuration and size has a different 'window' of gold it will respond to. this is why there are more coils being made for the GPX6000 and has been done for all previous detectors, not just Minelabs. If a user chooses to, they could (not should) buy another coil type to fit their prospecting needs. This does not mean that the Minelab coils are not great performers at all, it means that they are now more options to find more gold. Those that wish to stay with the 11" round coil for the 6000 will still have a great coil and if it finds lots of gold for them that is just brilliant. If they wish to get another coil size and run over the same gold bearing ground they may find more gold which the 11" didnt see. I think that there are many that know this but there are also many that have yet to experience this first hand so may be questioning why another coil. We will be releasing videos on this topic in the coming months specifically on the GOLDHAWK coils. Big thanks to Gerry and GRGuy for their efforts and there are more great videos and images to come from them which will help plus also more release information from Coiltek coming soon! BTW- that 9" round is a great coil too Gerry... but don't tell anyone πŸ™‚ Trev @ Coiltek.
  11. Hi Aureous... I am not sure what you mean by the 'original ML parameters' and what information you have on this. The GOLDHAWK coils are bunch wound like the ML coils. I hope this clears up your concern. Trev.
  12. Thanks for the replies - and some good questions. Phrunt - answers are weights of the coils are on the website now: https://coiltek.com.au/coils/goldhawk-series/ 9" = 700gms inc skid plate 10x5" = 575gm inc skid plate 14x9" = 900gm inc skid plate Plastics are UV rated ABS There isnt many plastics that wont scratch in the field with dirt being scrapped over the coils. the labels are a polycarb so are very durable and will look great even if rubbed over with the scoop. coils are quite robust to handle many conditions yes waterproof to 1 mtr. All coils are bunched windings. Hope this helps answer your initial queries and I am sure more will be answered once the coils are out in the field after July 14th Thanks, Trevor
  13. So I had the chance to get out myself and test the new GOLDHAWK coils... Super impressed. The 10x5" size is a superb little coil - πŸ™‚ The 9" round is a great well balance coil - I like this one The 14x9" is a great searcher with some excellent performance characteristics... More news coming out this week!! Excited to get these out there! Stay well peeps. Trev
  14. Thanks SH and JP and all for the support. the 10x5 NOX certainly hit the mark for the detector and users of it. We are very pleased to see it so warmly received. Most of the weight for the coils comes from the winding wire then the plastics next, nothing we can do about the wire really as you need this of course. Plastics, we are investing in new mounding and are very excited about it - can’t say too much more at this stage If the coil is potted with epoxy then this is extra again Ron about your query can the small elliptical size DD be as sensitive as the 11” round? I am guessing mono? for me I always see the smaller ellipticals like 10x5” have an edge on sensitivity to larger round coils but inherently mono coils are more sensitive than DD coils of the same size I’m looking forward to 2022! Trev
  15. Well this topic for GPX6000 coils by Coiltek has gone off the rails a bit with other brands and detectors. anyway if you’re keen to find out more join our mailing list and keep an ear out. We do appreciate all the relevant coil comments and I for one am looking forward to getting these things out there! take care all Trev.
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