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  1. It’s very nice that X Coil is getting a ton of free advertising via this forum but it appears I am the one getting the headache. I have been doing the best I can to keep a lid on the dumpster fire, but now I am getting messages accusing me of somehow being biased simply for hosting the discussion. I was approached by the Russians early on but declined as it was easy for me to see it was going to be a can of worms. So I have no pony in this race. I think forum members deserve to hear all the pros and cons and I am not in a position to say who is right or who is wrong. My view is that I just try and keep it moderated as best I can and let forum members decide who and what they want to believe. davgold as a dealer obviously has an interest in the coils looking good. JP has brought up some issues but it seems some have problems with him doing that or the way he is doing it. I have a personal friend who has a bricked GPZ due to his attempt to use an X Coil. It’s not the first I have heard of either. You could perhaps say that his fault but really he knows his stuff so I am more inclined to say that there are risks that are real here. I can see pros and cons and am very loathe to shut down any one side. I am willing to keep trying my best to keep the ship on an even keel as long as the general forum members are learning anything of value. I am also just as willing to lock all the X Coil threads and ban new ones if people have had enough of it. Lest anyone think I am upset that’s not the case. Typical tempest in a teapot with people thinking metal detecting is some kind of life and death thing. But new members joining to pick sides and send me messages trying to shut one or the other side down will not work so give that up. I am only interested in what the longer term members think on this particular issue. I would like to here from longer term forum members that are involved in the threads to either give me some direction via this thread or PM me with their thoughts if that seems better. It may be that most people are fine and that would be good to know also. By most forum standards it’s pretty tame stuff but I am protective of the general forum membership and don’t want to assume I know what you all think. Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. 4 Sundays ago Simon & I headed off to an old haunt. Simon with his QED & me with the Zed & 10 x 9 X coil. I had been here once previously with the same set up & had got 8 bits of gold. This time the ground was quite moist from frost conditions & thawing out. So I liked my chances of getting some more as I always maintain that these moist conditions improve sensitivity & depth. I was running High Yield/Normal. Full max sensitivity of 20. Going extra slow, rubbing the ground & over areas I had got gold off before. It took a while to get a faint little hit on an old timers throw out pile. Down about 4 inches the signal had moved so I was convinced it wasn't going to be a pellet . Gosh...wasn't much bigger than one. Got another signal in the same throw out pile just above the first. I had flattened some grasses that were quite weak & folded down easily. Bang. Got a good hit. you will see the first dig to the lower left. Out popped this. Then above that dig I got another hit. Crazy. So three bit in very short succession off this one pile. For no reason I flipped over this flat schist slab & bugger me, I got a signal A beautiful sweet mellow gold signal. And gold it was. Then on another old throw out pile I get another sweet little hit. Wasn't too deep but for the size of the gold I was stunned. Thats Gold Monster size gold. It didn't end there. On the same pile. A couple of scrapes. Another tiny bit On top of some schist bed rock another faint but positive signal. Another small bit of gold. Prior to this Simon's QED batteries had died. Bugger. Then I remembered that I had the GB2 & the Gold Monster back in my wagon, which wasn't too far away. So off Simon went & came back with the GM 1000. We then had a coffee & lunch break. My last bit for the day was down a bit of a gut. Notice Simon at the top waving the GM 1000. He didn't fair too well this day on the gold. I was surprised at the depth of this dig & the very good signal. Thinking it was going to be a reasonable piece. Wrong. But still gold. no catch & release. All up 11 pieces for 1.08 grams. Another successful X coil day out there on ground that had given up producing with the standard 14" Zed ML coil. Loving these coils Cheers. Best of luck out there JW 🤠
  3. As promised, I got out this morning to do a review on a new Russian Xcoil that I received. But let me state firstly that I am not a dealer, I paid for this coil myself and have no self interests other than reporting what I find as I see it. So here it goes: I headed off to the gold fields of Arizona at about10:15pm last night. It was 105F outside but it was dropping. So it looked like this was going to be a fairly comfortable night for detecting. The goal of this trip was: 1) compare the Russian 10" Xcoil to the 14x13" ML coil in respects to finding gold 2) check ferrite balance 3) check knock sensitivity 4) review overall design The first patch I tested was one in which I had only found small gold (nothing over .3g). In total, I am lucky if this patch gave up 15 grams, but it was very fun. And I gridded this area to the best of my ability. Rough dimensions are 50'x50'. It is unlike any of my other gold area I have been to. There is no quartz on the ground, but seems to be a basalt looking grey covering up a red gossan type material (which the gold is in) There are areas on this hill where you cannot swing a detector it is so hot. And hot rocks are the norm, here. Once on location, I began with the standard coil, dropped the ferrite ring and ground balanced. I also followed up with noise cancelling, etc. Then I proceeded to recheck an area which had a dense concentration of nuggets, previously. I found nothing but I succeeded in warming the machine up. No knock sensitivity, threshold was a little ratty with the EMI, but nothing out of the ordinary. I ran the most conservative settings I know. There are much better settings, but I wanted to know how the coils would operate without optimization. Settings are below: High Yield/Normal/Sens=4,Vol=8,Thresh=25, tone=53, Vol Limit=7, Ground Balance Mode=Semi Auto, Audio Smoothing= off, Ground smoothing= off Next, I switched to the 10" coil. Used the ferrite and checked knock sensitivity. all was good. It also, had the same level of noise as before. so I began hunting. after 15 minutes or so I had a target and it was a small nugget. and then another. At this point I just wandered through the area I had gridded and found a couple more. Total to this point was four small nuggets. I didn't want to spend all of my time here so I headed back to the truck. On the way I checked a wash that I thought I checked previously. Apparently not good enough. I found two larger nuggets, now I am up to 6 nuggets for the trip. But back to the truck I went to check patch #2. Now this is where it gets interesting. It is about 5 minute drive to my new area. The gold from this area *did* come from quartz stringers and the local metamorphic rocks. The largest piece found was 5 grams and I believe I found a little over an ounce in total. Most of it from two washes but some from the adjacent hillside. Anyways, after parking I started my slow walk to the patch with the 10" coil. After getting my wits scared out of my by what I think was a bobcat, I continued to the area. I immediately noticed a problem. The coil was very noisy. I tried everything I could and tried to rebalance to the ferrite. But it would not work. So then I walked back to the truck and got the std coil. This coil ran smoothly. So it wasn't my imagination. Then I switched back again to the 10" coil without rebalancing to the ferrite. No problem. It was smooth. As soon as rebalanced to the ferrite ring, it was out of wack again. So this was frustrating. I never did check knock sensitivity as the ground noise was already an issue. By this time it was 4am and I decided to call it a night. So it seems that while the coils work well in some areas, there are the areas (as JP mentioned previously) that will give some issues. The only way to trick it is to use your std coil and lock in the X-balance and then switch coils without rebalancing to the ferrite ring. Another note I would make about this new coil is that the coil wire itself is thicker and does not like to go into the shaft. After multiple changings, I found that with a little mid shaft rotation, it helped with this immensely. The standard coil wire drops right in. That is really all I have on this, for now. I am not sure if this helps or just muddies up the water.
  4. Have the 10" x-coil sitting at home and now waiting on the 22"x 21" to arrive. Was wondering if others have purchased lower shafts for each of there x-coils or just use the original one and undo/fit the coils to that one? (haven't done the chip mod yet so haven't bothered fitting the 10" x-coil.)
  5. 17 x 12 Spiral, pings tiny .1 gram bits no worries. Pain in the butt digging them but sometimes they lead to bigger and better chunks as was the case for me today. 76 grams at 18 inches, any detector would have heard it, same with the 6 gram bit. 14 gram bit was a different story, 20 inches down and very quite but definitely a dig me signal. With the X running so quiet it was no worries. A bloody pleasure to use, a complete contrast to my stock 14” which is so touch and knock sensitive, it’s had a hard life so maybe just worn out but it never ran as quite as the X.
  6. I sent my new 14" Minelab 7000 coil in to an alleged knowledgeable electronics facility, as recommended by Dave, to have a patch lead professionally constructed. It was returned yesterday looking sharp, but would not connect to the X-coil. I then tried the Minelab 14" coil now equipped with a female 5 pin adapter, still no connection. I did a complete restart of the machine and tried both coils again, still no go . I then tried Dennis stock Minelab 14" coil on my machine without the adapter, naturally, NO GO! I was able to pull some of the shrink wrap tubing back on the female 5 pin connector on the coil. Clearly the grey co=axial center wire did not get soldered. The multi-mesh type wire around the grey wire was well soldered with the extra tail to the metal connection parts as per the instructions, but the center core of that wire did not reach the solder point. As far as the business end of the patch lead, there is no way visually check the solder joints as it is encased in hot glue. The company said send it in and they will check the solder joints, but it sounds like my problem got a lot worse than faulty solder joints since the machine won't recognize a legitimate Minelab coil now. Remember, the machine was working fine with the 14" Stock Minelab coil until now.
  7. Does anyone know the company that makes the Xcoils? Is there a website?
  8. For those that have made their own patch lead did you use the hot glue gun to place hot glue in amongst the wires after they are soldered into position to keep them stable and help with shielding? I never bothered to read the instructions properly before buying supplies so ended up buying a tube of liquid electrical tape for the job. I can return it but will have to buy a glue gun as i don't have one. Do you think the liquid tape would do the job or stick (no pun) to the hot glue?
  9. Dave took 5 hrs out of his prospecting day to meet me and check my coil and Patch Lead. It turns out the Patch Lead was faulty, Minelab Chip probably fried. After talking with Dave, I probably used too much heat on the soldering iron and damaged the chip. My philosophy of more power, faster results may have been misguided. Fortunately, I didn't sacrifice a $900.00 coil since I had already sacrificed the coil when I inadvertently drug it behind the Rokon for several miles. So, I sent my working coil off to have it professionally done for a new Patch Lead. More delays, but a cautionary note to all considering this route. Some interesting insight from Dave that might be helpful for those waiting for more testing. Dave has a years worth of Anecdotal Evidence on the effectiveness of these X-Coils. He shared some of his observations and it's quite impressive. He's more than satisfied with the results but has no interest in engaging in internet claims, debate or justification. The demand exceeds supply already. The coils are now available in the US, drop shipped from Russia and he's set up to accept PayPal. They're produced in small batches, so a wait list is already starting. I believe Jasong is due to receive his coils soon, if he has not already. I look forward to hearing what Jasong has to say after his own testing and observations.
  10. Gidday All, Managed to get two hours in today before rain chased me home with the 17 inch Russian X coil. Blew me away just how good this coil is ! I purposely picked a small area of State forest that I have flogged for the last 10 years, with all 3 different GPX detectors, with coils from 11-25 inches, the SDC, and even a QED. This spot has yielded many ounces of gold to me from 0.05g up to 33g. I had declared it " dead ", as my last 10 or so efforts with the standard GPZ14 and GPZ19 have yielded nothing more. 2 hours in today, nearly back to the car, and I get an obvious signal. This was slightly downhill from a small patch of small reef gold, in an area that I have literally smashed. Coil was about 2 inches above the ground because of sticks and clumpy grass. Removed said obstacles and signal firmer. 4 inches in and I am in nice gravel, target now screaming, out pops what turns out to be buck shot. Bugger, but this is from a spot that I have NEVER managed to get a target in ! Moved about 10m along and same thing, another obvious target, once again coil 2 inches over the ground. Dug in and same again, 4 inches down in nice gravel, target screaming louder than the buckshot, out pops what turns out to be an 0.65 gram bit of reef gold ! I'll be buggered, I thought ! Rain then chased me home. Coil was very sensitive, being able to pick up my 0.11g test piece at 2 inches. I tried knocking the coil against a tree a few times and no bump sensitivity. 17 round weighs the same as the GPZ14. All in all, a fantastic coil. Don't know what the Russians have done differently, but Minelab need to have a good hard look ! Further testing to come when our shitty weather finally breaks. Cheers, Rick
  11. A common subject that has come up recently with all the coil discussions is X signal and what it portrays. This thread is to put some clarity on what X means to the GPZ 7000 end user and why you should use your Ferrite. When the 7000 was released its software was designed to automatically calibrate for a component in the ground called X signal, there is no need for me to go into the scientific aspects of what X is and nor am I qualified to do so however, in the case of the GPZ, it is NECESSARY that the Ferrite be used and operators, no matter what or where the ground is they are working, should make it part of their daily detecting regime even if they can’t discern or understand the need for it. The GPZ has the ability to ‘balance’ out X signals, to do this you need to activate the Quick-Trak button on the front of the handle. When you press the button you are also activating the regular ground balance that any high end gold specific metal detector uses, initially when the button is triggered tracking is forced or sped up briefly, this also means the GPZ 7000 is doing two things at once when the QT button is triggered. On the first release software the Auto Ground Balance mode was trying to actively cancel out X signals as well as G signals running in parallel with each other, to some extent the G balance will also try to balance out some X signal if the X signal is loud enough but overall the detector requires X balance to cancel out X signals effectively. The issue with the release software was the X balance was too lively and was being too easily dragged away from accuracy by Salt signals and Saturation signals of which WA and Victoria are well know for (most gold fields suffer from these signals). Minelab then released the Ferrite to help operators to let the detector ‘SEE’ what X signal really was in Salty and Saturable ground, during the release WA and Victoria had suffered a long and extended rain event so the ground was water logged, Salt is conductive so therefore is exacerbated by moisture. Because of the water logged ground during this time it caused lots of early complaints from GPZ users. Not long after this Minelab also developed a software update to slow the Ferrite balance down so it would not be so readily dragged away by those pesky signals, this helped a lot but I was still advocating using the GPZ in Fixed GB mode. At a later stage another software release was provided that allowed the user to use a SEMI AUTO mode where once the Ferrite Balance was completed the X balance would be FIXED whilst allowing the G balance to continue to actively track the regular ground balance, this is my preferred and advised mode. X signal in the ground is not like G signal, it is in varying subtle degrees but is not as VARIABLE as regular ground G signal, the reason a GPZ makes a signal on X is because since the last calibration the temperature of the electronics has shifted or if in Auto GB mode other signals in the ground have confused or altered the X balance calibration. The only real way to tell if your calibration is OUT or WRONG is to use the Ferrite to confirm if this is so, which is why it is so vital you make it part of your daily routine. NOISE: Noise is any sort of audio signal that should not be there, noise competes with targets plain and simple. The less noise you have the more obvious targets will sound and the deeper your detector will run or more accurately the deeper you’ll be able to discern a target (assuming you are also using the optimised Ground type and Gold modes for the ground you are searching and the size of nuggets targeted), all targets under the coil are being energised by the Tx evenly at all times relative to coil position, however user choice of settings, calibrations and coil control have a huge impact on the outcome. If the ferrite balance is out then a signal off any X in the ground is going to join the audio and potentially compete with you being able to discern a target signal. X SIGNALS and X COILS The GPZ 7000 is a very versatile metal detector, if can be used even if the Ferrite calibration is WAY OFF as is evidenced by users who refuse to update their detectors or who refuse to use the Ferrite (or both), or if users are using X coils that make a signal on the Ferrite regardless of doing a Ferrite balance. I am a purist so will always check my Ferrite balance because even 0.1% less noise in the audio is an advantage in my opinion. The X coils do actually balance out the Ferrite over the receive winding part of the coil (not as cleanly as a ML coil but acceptable), but they do manifest a LOUD signal in another location that any savvy X coil user will soon identify unless a mod is done during manufacture (I am unsure of coils made in the last month or so but it is easy to tell). The manufacturer was unwilling to do the mod due to feedback from customers not complaining, the resistance was based around the mod adding a lot of weight to the coil (gets the coils up into Minelab coil weight territory, isn’t that interesting?). I am unsure how he went about removing the Ferrite signal or the mod required to do so and am not at liberty to discuss why a ferrite signal happens in the first place. The reason I was pushing so hard for the mod was to try and get the X coils across the line for PERFORMANCE parity with ML coils in the hopes of accessing the dongle, the X coils showed potential but needed to be refined, in the end the current option was decided upon and I was no longer needed. As it currently stands any coil that makes a noise on the Ferrite (especially a LOUD noise) will by default make an unacceptable signal off X signal in the ground, operators will not really notice this signal as it will blend in with general ground noise responses, believe me it is there and it is COSTING you depth!! I do not use the X coils in Clermont because of these main reasons, our ground is saturable and the X coils saturate much more readily than the Minelab coils, most of my coils have the mod so X signal is not such a problem but a couple of them do not so they don’t get used either, with the larger coils I always use GENERAL/DIFFICULT and every X coil I have used makes touch and knock noises, some are acceptable (The Spiral wound ones seem best) but in most cases General/Difficult is out thereby negating the advantage of using a larger coil for larger deeper nuggets. To fully appreciate the differences in the coils I am going to include the settings I use so GPZ operators can benchmark what I am experiencing with their own settings. SETTINGS Audio Smoothing: OFF Ground Smoothing: OFF Sensitivity: 9 Threshold: 27 Gold Type: HIGH YIELD (To experience Knock and rub noise use GENERAL/DIFFICULT) Ground Type: DIFFICULT Volume: 6 to 8 for Headphones (either through a B&Z booster or GPZ direct), 12 for WM12 Ground Balance: SEMI-AUTO Conclusions and Suggestions: At no stage have I said the X coils are unusable just user beware. In quiet ground they should be OK and in variable ground, like I operate in here, they are usable but twitchy. I have found gold with them but choose not to use them full time in my areas due to the above issues and my being fussy about noise. I did during supervised testing (under duress I might add for the very reasons that have been borne out online) find gold in ground I frequent, I expressed that I was impressed that I was able to find gold with them in such a flogged area and that they showed potential which was borne out by my continued involvement till I was no longer needed. I have since been back to that area with customers on training and as always have found gold over the same ground as is typical of Clermont thanks to its high variablity ground. My favourite X coils are the flat wound ones because they seem to handle our ground better and have less touch sensitivity, however they are a LOT heavier. In essence they are what they are and did not meet required standards to be officially recognised, which is a shame because I too desperately want to see more coil options for the GPZ. JP
  12. Several people have them. What is your favorite X Coil and why?
  13. Have now got many hours of swinging, but I still am getting surprised at their performance, they`ve both put some weight in the pocket. Stability does not suffer at all from swinging against rocks or grass and importantly they are an advancement on the 2 ML coils in their depth and sensitivity capabilities. They have nice flat areas on top for pushing soil around with finger to isolate nugget. Also surprisingly they act a wee like mono coils (they aren`t) in that you can push any side, front or back vertically into hole or dug out soil to centre and retrieve the nugget which helps a lot in time it takes to retrieve signal. I`ve found I am using them both in normal much like I found one could with the ML19 but not so with the ML 14" which I found I had to use in difficult most the time on the ground conditions in my area. I run general/normal/10-15 sensitivity/semi-auto/ 7 volume/24-25 threshold which both X coils maintain nice and steady except for the odd wet tree root, hot rock, charcoal or ant hill as per norm. All pros no cons at all so far, have become so confident and pleased in their ability have a 10" in the mail, should be here next week. They have lifted my Z game, I place results way ahead of warranty concerns, had no trouble making the patch leads for my & my sons Z. I have no affiliation with our dealer or the Russian manufacturer, just am a very happy user of these quality coils.
  14. Out early this morn. to a shallow patch that produced nuggets up to 3 grams, the very first patch I found with the Z when it was less then a month old. 4 hours of detecting with the new 10" X coil, like both the 15 & 12 I found I could run the Z in normal on some fairly hot ground. Gold...…………. WOW it gets them small and that`s all it got small scraps, 10 to the gram stuff. Now the 10 " runs a little noisier then the 12 & 15, thus I dropped the sensitivity to 8, no knock sensitivity at all, I was amongst rocks and tall grass. The patch I run this on, was the initial patch I run my modded SDC with the 11" Coiltek Extreme, by doing so I thought I`d be able to perhaps see some difference in the ability of the Zs 10" X coil vs SDCs 11" Extreme coil, not so, both are top small gold coils. Whilst retrieving a nugget, the Zs threshold disappeared, I found the machine had turned itself off. I took the battery off and put it back, restarted the Z and no further troubles. Whether this was caused by a bad battery conx, or is related to the X coil I don`t know. I have never experienced an unexplained turn off before, thus will be keeping a eye on this should it occur again, I was using my sons Z as mine has the 12"X on it, back in the ute. Am I impressed with the 10" X coil, I sure am, it is a top addition to my coil armoury, will see much use amongst rock and narrow gullies where the larger coils will not go, although I do prefer the 15" X which has replaced the ML14 as my go to coil on the Z, I love nothing better then new patch hunting, just haven`t the patience for the clean up of patches, although they are there for the days my legs can`t do the yards.
  15. We have had one here for a month now and have been unable to use it 🤷‍♂️. Tried the patch cable made by Steve first, zed says coil not connected 🤔, checked points with a multimeter all seemed correct. Decided there had to be something wrong with our patch lead so sent it off to the mob in kalgoorlie to make a ‘proper’ one, finally got it back and tried again, same problem 🤦‍♂️ I’m a bit disappointed as we wanted to run it over some ground on the ugly nugget patch where we have got several multi oz pieces, but the mines department here only let you keep a certain amount of ground open so we are forced to rehabilitate it without getting to test as we need to move areas. Hopefully Yank 2 can get a replacement before his trip is over so I can try it on some other ground we have.
  16. Just my 10 cents worth on after market coils. I know this thread was about the coils for the 2300 but someone mentioned the Russian coils for the Zed. I made a small mention last week about me taking delivery of three of their coils. The 10 x 9, 12" round spiral wound & the 15 X 14. Last weekend with Simon I got skunked with the 10 X 9. I had great intentions of trialing all three this weekend but got off to a good start with the 15 X 14 & just stuck with it. Actually it is my 2nd outing with the 15 X 14 & it is proving to me to be doing a very good job on ground I have pounded to death with the Zed & the minelab 14" coil that had stopped producing gold finds. I will do a more in depth post later but just to show you how well this 15 X 14 Russian X coil did for me on ground that was no longer coughing up gold with the ML 14" coil. The depth were staggering. I bang on about how blown away I still am after 2.5 years of swinging the Zed & the ML 14" coil but this 15 X 14 coil is next level. It runs quite a bit more sensitive so I am putting up with a bit more ratyness. I tried to stay in my usual settings of High Yield/Normal & sensitivity up at 18-19. We had quite a bit of heavy rain the other day which made for much easier digging but it livened up the ground a bit. So wasn't able to handle the ratyness all the time. I have got into a good understanding of my Zed running in these high end settings I am pretty good though at dealing with it but it can get fatiguing with all that commotion & reading & deciphering the signals in between it all. But it pays off. 3.3 grams at a good 14 inches. My biggest for ages. Some of the small ones were at around 4-5 inches. & 2 were just .06 of a gram. So small for that big coil at that depth. I think so any way. Total of 12 for 5.5 grams I am loving this coil. It has changed the face of my detecting for me on old flogged Zed ground. Ye Ha. Bring it on. Good luck out there JW
  17. I have been dying to take my GPX out again with it's new X-coil but the weather hasn't been great the past couple of weeks, a lot of rain which was often falling as snow up in the mountains. I guess we are coming into winter but the spot I wanted to take my detector is up in the mountains so time was running out to be able to do so, more snow is forecast for the spot in a couple of days so I decided to just go and deal with the weather. JW is away on the West Coast so I did this one alone, the same area the giant nugget was recently found in NZ by Nugget Hunter NZ so maybe he'll come back with a giant potato size nugget too. 🤞 Last time I took it I also went to a spot that has tailings piles down in the lower country and I found a bit of gold there, I'd only ever found one bit of gold in that spot in the ten or so times I'd been there and it was with my Gold Bug Pro. While I was there a digger was working at the nearby power lines no more than 20 or so feet away from some tailings piles so I assumed the ground he was digging up may have some gold in it. He was digging a deep trench so I figured I'd go back there once he's not working and see if it makes any nuggets appear within my reach. I went to this spot as soon as in arrived in the area, it was about 10am when I got there and there was a thick fog and the ground was frozen solid. I knew when I left home I was in for a cold day as it was sub zero at my house when I left but I wasn't expecting the area to have a fog making it even colder. I had to use the Equinox as I was right underneath power lines detecting the diggers trench, the Equinox performed well, I was able to run my sensitivity at 24 in Gold 1 while detecting the trench itself which was directly under the powerlines, and I had to lower the gain either 21 or 22 along the side areas beside the powerlines to get it running nice and stable. I spent a couple of hours detecting the trench and surrounding dirt the digger dug up but found no gold. I was wanting to hang around this spot long enough for it to warm up a bit before my drive into the mountains so the road would be in good condition with less ice. At about lunch time I decided it's time to head up to the spot in the mountains where I got my 1.2 gram nugget with the Equinox a couple of weeks ago. Fortunately the road up there wasn't too bad, not as much snow as I was expecting so it worked out well, I doubt I'll be able to go back there in the near future so easily though with more snow forecast It was now time to fire up the GPX with the 12x6" X-coil, I also use the Steelphase SP01 audio enhancer so I feel I've got a decent GPX setup. The SP01 really makes the nuggets stand out from what I can see. With it the target signals are so much more obvious than without it. I run my SP01 in mode 1 with two GME SPK07 speakers connected to it wired in Stereo to take advantage of the SP01s pseudo stereo mode. This ground JW and I have been over a lot in the past few weeks, JW's been killing it there with his X-Coil and I found a bit with my X-Coil the only time I've had a chance to use it there. The GPZ just seems to punch deeper on our small gold than the GPX especially with his 10x9 X-Coil. My GPX settings were similar to my usuals, gain of 13, stabilizer at 9 and in Sensitive extra with fixed ground balance. There is a spot on this ground where JW found a bit of gold as we were leaving last time... I watched him dig it up and the signal from it was really messy, I assumed he had junk and I think he did too until it popped out. It's in a spot that's riddled with hot rocks, I can't ground balance my GPX in this particular little area as everywhere underground there is hot rocks... You walk a few feet away and it clears up and you can balance again. With my EVO coil on I couldn't even detect that particular location JW found that nugget, it was sounding off everywhere on the hot rocks under the soil there, it looks to me like it's a tailings pile that's got some soil over it, off to the edge of the little area is the tailings pile rocks. It's a shame I didn't get a photo to explain it. Seeing the X-coil was letting me detect this little area without going nuts I detected it, I found a bit of gold right next to JW's dig hole where he got the nugget as we were leaving. I'm not saying JW missed this nugget, he didn't detect the area, we were leaving and he switched off the GPZ after digging the first one in this spot and we left. This was the hole it came from And the bit of gold on the coil 🙂 A decent size for me too, .401 of a gram. I've been thinking of buying a Go Pro or some sort of Camera to record the occasional nugget find as at the moment I'm trying to use my phone, not easy holding the phone while doing these things but I wanted to try film a nugget signal so people could hear what it sounds like with the SP01 and GPX/X-Coil combination so I was filming every single target with my phone before digging it, this area doesn't have a huge amount of junk so it wasn't that bad, I filmed about 20 targets in total so I had to clean up my phone afterwards 🙂 Here is the video I took after digging a bit working out this was going to be worth filming, you'll see it's right next to another dig hole, I'm pretty sure that's the one JW got his nugget from the other time, it's hard to know exactly this area is filled with dig holes, JW will probably know. I continued on detecting the area for some time, I recalled JW saying he found most of his gold in this area on the other side of a fence, so I ventured through the fence tearing my pants on the barbed wire in the process 🙂 I was finding a lot of junk on this side of the fence, little bits of wire and old square nails and so on so I knew JW either ignored these bad target noises or didn't detect this far along the fence line. I recorded all these targets for no reason hoping they were going to be another bit of gold! After some time I had another target but it was a real screamer, I thought I had another nail or something so I didn't film and started to dig, and I dug up a rock that was sounding off, I thought it must be another hot rock, the X-Coil isn't as bothered by the hot rocks as the Evo but it does sound off on some of them so once I dug and found it was just another hot rock I put it back in the hole and ran the detector over it and filmed it as I was going to talk about the hot rocks and the X-coil in my post. The GPX goes nuts at the end of this video as I got my phone too close to the coil 🙂 As this hot rock contained quartz I thought I'd examine it further as usually the hot rocks are green in colour, JW last time I found a bit of Quartz that sounded off on my Equinox helped me smash it up to see if there was gold inside it, we got it down to a tiny little bit that sets the detector off and the rest doesn't. I've still done nothing with that little bit. Anyway this time I had my Garrett Carrot with me so I tried to narrow down the area on the rock that was setting the detector off. The soil on the rock was frozen so I was chipping bits off with my pick but once I got the bulk of it off the Carrot directed me to the spot to clean and I found a bit of gold stuck in the soil which was embedded in the rough rock. You'll see it in the frozen soil towards the middle of the rock in the photo above. And that's it once I got it out, 0.457 of a gram! It wasn't attached to the rock, just stuck in the frozen soil in a hollow on the rock. This is how magnetic the hot rocks area, this quite big one is hanging off my pick magnet. And that was it for the day, for me that's a very successful day, almost a gram in heavily flogged ground, I can't complain, no match for the giant potato nugget that Nugget Hunter NZ posted though 😉 I was very happy with the performance of the X-coil, it's ability to handle the hot rocks is helping me a lot.
  18. My 12x6" X-Coil arrived yesterday from Russia, I was out prospecting with my Equinox when it arrived, luckily my wife was home for the courier. I ended up with a skunk on the Equinox, I took it back to the place I found my 1.2 gram nugget last week. I detected the living daylights out of the hillside I found the nuggets on hoping there would be another. There ended up being no more for the Equinox but now seeing I had my X-Coil I figured I'd give it another try. I jumped in the car and started the journey, it was another stunner of a day so I did a few stops on the drive to soak up the view. Not a breath of wind anywhere. I figured my X-coil would like a photo shoot, being such a good looking coil 🙂 I arrived at my spot and started hunting, I immediately noticed the X-coil wasn't as concerned by the hot rocks in the area as my Evo was. Here is an example of the areas hot rocks on the Equinox Here is the X-coil running on the same ground, maximum gain of 15, audio in boost and sensitive extra, hardly even notice the hot rocks. You notice the cars more than the hot rocks, when they drive past even though I'm a reasonable distance from the road they interfere with my GPX, this is always the case on any coil. There was a bit of EMI noise but that's because my gain is on max 15 and I'd forgotten to airplane mode my phone before taking the video. The hole in the video is where my nugget came from. The GPX using the X-coil was blissfully unaware of them being there, only the biggest ones would sound off, a majority were silent, about 90% of them didn't make a peep. On my GPX with Nugget Finder EVO they were quite troublesome. There was no knock sensitivity at all and I was running the detector flat out, gain of 15 (max) with audio in Boost. This made detecting in this area quite enjoyable, I had been here now a few times so I wasn't expecting much but I really wanted to detect the exact hole I dug to get my 1.2 gram nugget with it as when I found that nugget with the Equinox there was another faint signal on the Nox coming in the -7, -8 range but I was never able to pin it down and ended up deciding it must be a tiny hot rock annoying it. It turns out I was wrong, as soon as I put the X-coil in the hole I had a signal, I scraped a bit and out it popped. My first X-Coil gold !!!! 0.287 Grams, a nice screaming signal too. I detected the rest of this little mound but didn't have any joy on the gold, the one interesting thing though was I found a NZ 1 cent piece, a long extinct coin. What is interesting about this is the Nox missed it, there is no way I wouldn't dig it with the Nox as they come in at 21 on the VDI's, same as a NZ Gold coin. No more luck at this spot so I went back into town to get some lunch as I had a plan to try another spot to see how the coil goes there. I'd decided on another occasion I was unable to use my GPX with EVO coil in this spot in the past, it's close to power lines which drive my GPX nuts there, it also has hot rocks that also set my detector off constantly. I also can't use the VLF's here as the amount of shotgun pellets is just insane, damn Rabbit shooters. The X-coil was a different beast. It still had the EMI issues but dropping my gain back from my usual 15 (max) to 10 mostly resolved the EMI with the odd UFO siren sound occasionally. I guess being a smaller coil helped with EMI. By dropping my gain back I wasn't picking up any shotgun pellets at all, I was a bit worried at first as when I used my EVO here I was digging many pellets, I believe with the EVO I kept my gain at about 13 and put up with the EMI but I wasn't going to do that today, I didn't really want to spend my time digging pellets anyway so I ran with my gain lower hoping to find some gold bigger than a pellet. The GPX was running really nicely, the shape of the coil was letting me snoop around in spots my EVO couldn't get. Being long and skinny it gets into tight places well, it's also a dream for pinpointing. I could squeeze in between rocks and right up next to them too. For my EVO I'd be going over the top of these, not between them. Also in the plant life it was great, again going between them. These little plants are quite stiff, you can't just push them over easily but you can navigate between them with this coil. I felt I was detecting places that hadn't overly been done due to this, even though I was in flogged ground. I managed to pull a signal too, very faint but there every swing See how thin I can do my dig hole, the width of the coil... And this was it, gold number 2 for the X-coil It's heavier than the other one, just 🙂 0.294 grams! I was pretty happy with this as I've been to this spot about 10 times and only once even got a nugget so for me to get a nugget here was very surprising. I was pretty worn out now so I decided I'd hit the lake front for a quick detect near Mcdonald's to try find enough coin to buy dinner. It was a pretty nice time to be doing it. There is the beach I detected, my cars the first one on there, the silver one. I'd done this beach before some time ago and it was never great for finds, this time wasn't much different. My days haul. I do like my X-coil. I ended up having to pay for my McDonalds I think one of my nuggets looks like me, especially on the non-zoomed photo above 🙂
  19. So just spoke to the guy I get my minelab threw and aparently the new russian could that people are getting great results with on the gpz ane bow in process of testing some for the gpx so will be interesting to see how they go
  20. Monday two weeks back I headed to the spot where I had done well with the 15 x 14 X coil getting 12 bits off an old flogged patch first time going over it with the 15 x 14 coil. Over Easter Weekend I went back & searched a bit wider with the 15 x 14 X coil. Getting 17 pieces. Monday two weeks back I decide to try the 10 x 9 coil over the first area I used the 15 x 14 coil. Mrs JW came along for the day. I parked up in the same spot as the first time & went straight to the spot where I got 4 bits all in a 2 foot square area. High Yield/Normal. Sensitivity on 19. I had hardly put the coil on the ground when I got a signal. Of course I was thinking shotgun pellet. You will see a hole above the coil from my last dig here that the rabbits have dug back out & top left disturbed ground from the previous digs. This signal was to the left of the coil. Small gold it was Not two feet away another very faint signal right up against a tuft of tussock grass. I pushed the grass over with my boot as best I could to get the coil in closer & confirm a signal. Definitely a signal but I hacked the grass out to pin point it better & to get the coil over the top of it & right down on to the ground. Signal improved. Down a good 6 inches, maybe a tad more. The tufts of grass are dying off but still pretty stiff for the coil to flatten down. With the 15 x 14 coil I couldn't get the coil down on to the ground among this grass. The 10 x 9 I was able to negotiate a lot better. I ended up getting 7 bits in this very small area. It was just crazy. Some quite deep for their small size I then moved on to another little area & managed a couple more. A total of 9 before calling it quits & the long drive home. The piece top right intrigued me. You will notice the sun glistening off one face. It was almost a perfect crystalline pyramid shape. With equal square four sided base terminating four faces at the top pyramid apex point. 9 for just over 2 grams. Fairly rough reef gold, but damned if I can find the source. I have been trying for 7 years. Cheers Good luck out there JW 🤠
  21. Hi guys, Simon & I ventured back to the spot where I got my first gold with the X coil 10 x 9. I was very keen to try the 15 x 14 coil on it to see if there was anything at more depth. We got chased out by rain on our last time in there, so had unfinished ground to go over. Ground I have been over in the past with my GP 3000 & 4500 & with the Zed & ML 14" coil. I left the 10 x 9 coil on as we had had some rain during the week & the ground was still holding moisture & I am a firm believer that damp ground gives me an edge with my detecting. So I went back over the same ground where I found my gold last time. High Yield/Normal. Sensitivity on 19. Coil running as quiet as a mouse. I approached it all in the same ground covering order of the time before. Nothing initially. I then came to that drop off edge that I spoke of before & waving the coil over the end that had some exposed schist bedrock I got a very very faint blemish in the threshold. More one of those hunch type signals that could very well have been nothing as it wasn't always there. I certainly wasn't convinced but something nagged at me give it a scrape. Ended up opening a few crevices as the signal improved. Finally it was out. Moving along this bedrock a bit further, another very faint signal. Scraping the bedrock the signal moved. Small gold Same run of bedrock, another signal Another bit of gold Getting into a bit deeper ground off the edge of this bedrock I got another faint hit. Getting down into & smashing out the bedrock before the signal moved. You can judge from the photos the depth for these small bits of gold. Then things dried up for a while. I covered all that slope that I did well on the saturday before. Nothing more. I was going to try the 15 x 14 on this area after lunch but in the mean time I just carried on detecting ground that I didn't get to last saturday. Again targeting bedrock. I got a good little hit Another small bit of gold. Another wee hit, down to bedrock Another small bit of the good stuff I then wandered onto some deeper ground & got a very loud hit. Thinking it was just going to be shallow rubbish but the signal lived on down to a reasonable depth when suddenly it was out. no bedrock so I feared the worst. But Wooo hooo Ended up getting 5 pieces out of this little glory hole. Decided at this pint to stop for a late lunch. So downed tools & headed to the wagon. Simon off in the distance saw my move, so we met up back at the wagon. Exchanged the usual "How did you do". Nothing Simon said, how about you. Not sure...lost count. WHAT...he said. So I tipped out my bottle & counted out 12 pieces. I felt bad for Simon. As he sure puts in the effort. After lunch he headed back to his spot & I back to mine. Still with the 10 x 9 coil on I got another hit. Another bit of gold. I think that was the thumbs up one that Simon put a photo up of. Two feet away another...but got no pic of that one. At this point I decided to put on the 15 x 14 X coil & go back over all the ground from the previous saturday. Long story short. Not one more piece of gold. I then noticed Simon was working his way over towards me so when he arrived I went over to where he had been. Not 5 minutes into it I got a good signal. I could see many digs & scrapes from Simon but this signal lived on down to a good depth. Signal still there. On to bedrock & it was still there. I was feeling pretty confident now. Scraping the bedrock the signal moved. I didnt even bother with the magnet as I was so sure it was going to be gold. WHAT...a bloody big old rusty boot tack. Couldn't believe it. Back filled my crater & moved on two feet & got the same kind of signal. Again I was down to some depth & even hit the bedrock again. Not getting my hopes up this time I waved the magnet over the bottom of the hole. nothing lept up on to it. So I carried on smashing into the bedrock. Peeling it out I could see a couple of crevices developing. Hooking the pick into that one in front of the scoop & racking it out the signal was out. Well I will be buggered. Biggest bit of the day .85 of a gram for the 15 x 14 X coil. That was the one & only bit on this day for that coil. Nothing more. We were stuffed so called it a day. Simon again got a skunk. Poor bugger. My total was 15 for 3.55 grams Got to be happy with that.👍 Love, love loving these coils. Cheers Best of luck out there JW 🤠
  22. Hi guys, last Saturday Simon & I were going to head to a spot that Simon has been to quite a few times now, but on hearing the weather forecast was for rain in the afternoon I decided to not go that far. I was scratching my head as to where to go. I then decided to take Simon to an area he hadn't been to before & I hadn't been for ages as it had dried up on the gold take for me. I did well there back in my GP 3000 days & the 4500. Even managed a few more when I hit it with the Zed & 14" coil but even the Zed had come stop producing. I wanted to try the X coil 10 x 9 & break my skunks that I had been having with it on the two previous times I used it. We got there & Simon elected to start with his EQ 800 & 6" coil. I the Zed & the X coil 10 x 9. I had broken my swing arm & the area had a steep bank that I was very keen to run the coil over as I had done well here in the past. I knew it would be very difficult detecting with the 15 x 14 coil without the swing arm working this steep bank. The 10 x 9 was effortless. It looked so strange seeing this small coil on the end of the Zed. There was quite a bit of grass growth on the top area above the steep bank, but this is where I started, working my way towards the drop off down the bank. I was getting heaps of green schist hot rocks & so was Simon. I was slowly going over areas where I had got gold previously. Tell tale dig holes from those times that the rabbits had dug back out again. Running in High Yield/Normal. Sensitivity on 19 the coil was running very stable. I was getting nothing but these green schist hot rocks. I worked my way towards the top edge of the bank drop off. The old timers had ground sluiced the top flat area & had stacked a few rock piles but the shallow bedrock gave me no gold. On the edge of the bank I came across an old dig hole & I got a faint signal from it. MMMmmm...had someone got a bit of rubbish & just thrown it back in the hole? I scraped into the old dig hole & the signal was still in there. got a bit more aggressive with the dig pulling out rotten schist bedrock now & the signal was still in there. My hopes now increased ten fold. My very first bit of gold for the X coil 10 x 9. 👍 Not four feet away I got another faint little hit. Small piece of gold No 2 I worked my way along this top edge but that was it. So I started detecting down the bank. It wasn't long before I had another little hit. Piece No 3 This just continued along this bank. Biggest bit of the day Got two from this dig when I re checked after back filling Tiny The bank is steeper than it looks in the photo. Especially when you are digging & trying to stop the detector from sliding off down plus maintaining your footing. Note the rock pile from the old timers. If you look hard you will see Simon's head at the left end of the pile. The rain then came in so we made a hasty exit. Unfinished business. Unfortunately Simon got skunked. Even when he went back to get his 4500 & 14 x 9 Evo coil. All up 9 bits for 1.52 grams. I was more than happy with that & a good way to break the skunk on the X coil 10 x 9. Third time lucky.👍 Cheers Good luck out there JW 🤠
  23. Maybe something to think about. Bearing in mind I am probably going to get these new coils for the 23 and 7 myself, people should at least consider, a lot of people are saying something along the lines of "my detector is out of warranty anyway, so I`m not risking anything fitting these new coils", but, it is Minelabs policy to not repair any modified Minelab detector. I daresay that if you were to send a out of warrenty 2300 or 7000 back to Minelab for repair and Minelab saw you were running a unsanctioned coil, they wont repair the detector. You could end up with a 4K or 10K detector that all it`s good for is to fill it with concrete and use it as a anchor. Like I said, I am probably going to get the coils myself, but I will be doing it with the idea that if either detector fails I will probably have to throw it away, and that`s on me and no one else. I have no reason to suspect the coils are going to cause any damage and I wish Coiltek and davsgold nothing but success with these new coils.
  24. Hubby evens the Score! 😆Enjoy! Ig
  25. Came across a post on Facebook, about this gentleman testing a few aftermarket coils. This really opened my eyes this morning. I was under the impression that the Minelab coils were chipped and no aftermarket coils could be used. If this was the case? Why did they wait so long? The smaller coil would suit my needs just perfectly. http://golddetecting.forumotion.net/t26022-gpz-18-coil-test-report
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