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  1. I have ordered a new size X-coil, it's a 12x8" X-Coil, It's already in the post however it's delayed in shipping due to international shipping delays the world over. Hopefully this coil arrives soon. I am very excited about it as I think it will be the perfect size for NZ. It's even in NZ's black and white colours. This should be good in our rocky terrain on small gold.
  2. I haven't had a chance to go prospecting since our lock down ended a few weeks ago, once lock down ended I was busy catching up on everything that couldn't be done in lock down πŸ™‚ NZ has done a stellar job in eradicating the virus so our lives are essentially back to normal now except for no International tourists which in our part of the country are a big part of our economy. We haven't had any new cases in some time and there is now only one person left in the entire country that is in quarantine with the virus. The one case left is on the North Island, so no problem for me down the bottom of the South Island πŸ™‚ Every morning lately has been a heavy frost so I was intending to do my gold hunt in the afternoon once the ground thaws out. This was my yard before I left. A bit chilly πŸ™‚ It was good to get out prospecting again, my wife and daughter wanted to tag along as they were going to ride their bikes along the cycle trails in the area so my day was limited, I only had a couple of hours. We parked up and I walked to my usual spot and showed them where I'd be so they could come back and find me. My first target was a shotgun pellet, damn it, I'd forgotten they existed, I had a hard enough time remembering how to use my detector it's been so long πŸ™‚ I was then walking across to the spot I wanted to have a snoop around and on my walk there I got a signal, it wasn't a booming target and it sounded too good to be a shotgun pellet. I dug the surface away and the signal was still there, looking positive, it was at this point I took a quick video in case I was lucky enough that after only about 15 minutes I had my first nugget. I wasn't too sure on this one as the spot where it was located didn't really feel right, not the usual place we'd been finding gold around this spot so I turned the video off and started the recovery, possibly expecting a deep old bullet shell or something. It was a really scrubby area too, lots of prickle bushes and old sticks everywhere. In all of my excitement of my first find of the day I didn't even get a photo of the area, but the video shows it. I had to dig a fair way down to get to my target, It was stuck in some layers of the rock which I had to smash out to get to it. A decent size too! woohooo, what a start. I like when they're big enough my Carrot narrows them down. Just after I'd found the nugget I was rechecking the area and heard a bike pull up, it was JW, we hadn't seen each other in some time due to the lock down but he'd been coming to this spot again the last few weeks once lock down ended. We had a chat then got stuck back into it, he went to his usual spot where he's been doing very well, and I went back exploring the side I've been attacking. No good targets for about 40 minutes now then in between some bedrock I had another nice sounding target that survived a few scrapes of the pick, always promising. These small coils are just brilliant for our hunting grounds here, the smaller the coil the better, the small 10" X-coil has brought this old hunted out area back to life as you can get into all these little tight spots and it paid off again, the coil only just fit between these rocks too, there is still a lot of ground the 10" is too big for but it does get a majority of it. I'm no photographer πŸ™‚ but in the shadow in front of my coil is the dig hole, right between the two rocks. A bigger coil would have missed this gold. The bedrock is shallow here but I have done this ground with the Equinox a few times and missed this piece. If you look hard you'll see the crack in the bedrock where it was. And the nugget, typical sort of nugget for this area, all water worn looking smooth bits even though none of the rocks around the area are rounded water worn rocks. A few more junk targets and my phone dinged, it was my wife saying shes done bike riding and was on her way back to collect me so I walked over to see how JW was doing. I had heard him banging away at the rock for ages while I was detecting around so I assumed he'd done well. When I arrived he was digging out a big hole in the bedrock cliff face, all the soil was out of the crack and he was breaking apart the rock with his screw driver and hammer. So far he had one bit of gold but another signal was in there, so we tried to use my Carrot to narrow it down, no luck so he kept smashing away. He had created that big hole, the big bit of rock at the bottom of the photo was from the hole, the rest were thrown down the side off the cliff. After smashing some more up and trying to find it he still had no luck so we tried the Carrot again, this time it picked it up, real good. It sure helped speed up the recovery. A big one too! Carrot detectable size again. Unusual to get biggish ones and now we've both got one! He checked the hole again, and another signal A tiny one!, Rechecked again...... another signal, unbelievable. A lot more smashing out of the rock and out it pops The hole was getting bigger and bigger And more kept popping out. My wife and daughter arrived on their bikes now to collect me so I called them over to see the hole that keeps giving, it still had a signal in it now that we were working on recovering, each target as needing more rock smashed out This 10" Coil can really pick up some incredibly small nuggets. And they just kept coming, my family were watching on with interest. More nuggets kept coming out then JW checked the soil and crumbled up rocks that came out of the hole and more signals, all over the place Absolutely nuts, what a hole! All from that one hole,all were in the rock needing smashed out. I had a ball helping with that recovery, 13 nuggets. JW said yesterday he found a similar hole on the same cliff face with 10 pieces in it. And my total, sorry for the glary photo, was taken at night once I got home, and the houses LED lights mess up photos. 0.865 grams for 2 nuggets, 0.76 of that is the big one. I really love the small GPZ X-coils, I can not wait for my 12x8" X-coil to arrive as it may get into the spots the 10" coil can't.
  3. I was sent some photos overnight of some incredible finds with the GPX and an X-coil that forum member Elijah found. I thought I'd put the photos up for people to see as they're pretty incredible, I really love the old coin, imagine the history that goes with an old coin like that, I can't even imagine how old it must be It must have been a very wealthy person that lost it. I would love to detect in locations that have ancient coins like this. It looks like they just take a big nugget and stamp an image on it. It looks like a bird of some sort? And check out it's weight!!!! That coins heavy! I wonder what you could buy with it when it was used as currency. He also found this, I'm not sure what it could be, any ideas? It's likely to be very ancient too.
  4. Today i received new range coil. This is X-COIL 26" spiral mono. Weight of this monster coil is 1680 gramm. Tomorrow will be testing. This coil for GPX series
  5. There has been a lot of talk lately about gold being found on or off bedrock, I've personally done well finding gold in soil, even my biggest bit to date has been in soil. JW found this little soil ridge well up above bedrock, it's soil all the way to ground level 50 to 100 feet below along the top of the ridge, as you go down the sides of it the gold disappeared, oddly right at the top of this ridge has been a very productive spot for gold for us both. We did a number of posts about it at the time last summer when we were going there on the bike ride of death along a little track with a big drop. Today I was given a couple of videos of more gold being found and again the gold was in soil so I thought I'd show you the videos. Gold is where you find it πŸ™‚ Rules don't seem to apply. These two videos are the 10" X-coil and filmed yesterday. This sort of thing is familiar to me, this is often how I have found gold, just in soil and oddly most of my biggest bits have been found the same way which I've often posted about in the past and they've been in spots hammered by everyone around here, so the likely reason I found them is nobody bothered to detect the soft loamy soil areas instead targeting mostly the bedrock. Here is the photo for the total of the day
  6. X-coils have made an absolute Monster of a coil for the GPZ 7000. It was only a month or so ago the 26" X-coil was released for the GPX/QED, now a 25" has been made for the GPZ. These coils were designed for Russia as they have a lot of big deep gold as well as old golden relics and coins. The new X-coil 25" GPZ coil is bundle wound like traditional Minelab coils and weighs less than the genuine Minelab GPZ 19" Coil at 1800 grams including skid plate. I am betting this would find some bigger deeper gold missed in Australia πŸ™‚
  7. I put in some serious days of detecting old patches in Gold Basin in order to get a solid idea of what I personally missed with the Z14 and give my coils more of a workout. Most of the spots I hit were patches I personally found and I doubt anyone else has ever detected, that way I can gauge what exactly I was passing by and get a good feel for the differences between the coils I have with me. However, the first patch I hit was on in Lost Basin proper and not one of my own. I had once met an old timer detecting here as I was exploring back in 2014 and he explained he had found this patch in 2002 and it had produced up to a 1.5 oz'er and about 3-4 ounces in total, mostly deep. It's about 50'x50', seen 3 GPZ's I am aware of, 25" coils, and about 2 decades of detecting. I put on the 17x12, which I was given free by the manufacturer, and began a mental gridding. 12 t-hold, low smoothing, 19 gain, HY, Normal. About halfway through I got a very subtle signal, but it was repeatable. I kicked off low smoothing just to hear the difference and the signal was definitely bigger...maybe wider is a better term. Kicking into Difficult the signal disappeared. Back to my normal settings, I boot scraped an inch and saw the top of a large rock which I assumed was the signal, but after pulling it aside with my pick the signal got stronger. I ended up with a solid ~0.3 grammer at about 10 inches. I'm certain this target didn't make a peep on the Z14. You can see the big boss man overseeing the operation here to the upper left, and also the old dead twigs which the old timer had at one time raked aside, which was what drew my attention to the area to investigate at first. Grand Wash cliffs in the background, the Grand Canyon is directly behind them. Visible is the foreground is the filled in hole, you can see this is pretty typical Lost Basin reddish dirt. I would classify it as mild to low-medium "heat". Some run Difficult here, but I see no need for it. Here is a video of the lack of sensitivity at the tips of the 17x12. It's really noticable when trying to pinpoint and oddly it makes a big ole 17" round easier to pinpoint with for me than an elliptical. I feel as if the 17x12 is like detecting with a 14x8 except with a lot of extra plastic around the edges and with the depth in the center of the coil of a 17" elliptical. It's odd. I'm not sure it's my choice for rocky washes anymore because that sensitive area towards the center is hard to get over everything. Next I moved to a wash in Gold Basin which had produced a lot of sub-1 gram stuff for me in the past and I put on the 10" to do some crumbing. I slowed down and really made an effort to listen for tiny blips but after running through about 40 feet of wash bottom without a piece of gold I decided to grab my Gold Bug 2 and run back over the same ground because I swore I should have had some dinks by then. A lot of caliche is exposed here, and for those who don't know what caliche is, it's basically a limestone conglomerate type rock that acts as bedrock in the desert here. It can be soft or hard as concrete. Almost immedietely I had a strong signal on the side of the wash, which I assumed must be a small bit of tin. I grabbed the GPZ/10" and despite my best efforts I couldn't get any type of real signal to repeat for me. Going back to the GB2 I recovered the target and it ended up being a 0.03 gram tiny nugget, which upon looking with a loupe was quite porous and had tiny microscopic bits of quartz within it, a very common occurence for nuggets here as much of the gold forms within breccia in shears and shattered fault gouge here so it often encapsulates almost microscopic bits of quartz. Due to these non-sluggy sort of targets, the VLF seems to hit much harder on them than the GPZ/10", which probably explains why I can't seem to get the sensitivity on my tiny nuggets as others seem to be reporting, even in other parts of AZ. A 0.1 gram nugget of gold from here might only have 0.05 grams of gold in it, and discontinuous geometry, which is hard on non-VLF machines. I moved on another 5 feet and hit another pretty definite target on the GB2, this time it was a paper-thin flake, I think it was about 0.05 grams. Just holding it in my fingers lightly was enough to bend it. It's at the tip of my pointer finger. It would make a sound on the 10" if I waved it in my scoop right over the coil, but it couldn't hit it at about 1", just too thin even for the GPZ, and that's why I missed it I think. I put my GPZ back in the truck and decided to just run through the last 30 feet or so I had covered with the 10" just out of curiosity. I almost immedietely hit another signal, faint but repeatable. At about 6" I pulled out a 0.2 grammer right on caliche. Not sure how I missed this one, might have gone too fast with the 10". It ended up having a lot of quartz too, and some hematite. And then another 5 feet again, about 5" and sitting on caliche, a 0.2 grammer that I really should have heard before but somehow didn't. This one I got in-situ before brushing it away as it was wedged in between two cemented pebbles. And then finally a 0.15 grammer that really wasn't even very deep. Not sure why I missed this one but it was right in the center of the small wash and there is no chance my coil didn't scrub it. This post got kinda long, so I will take a queue from JW and do a multi-part post. My conclusion (unsurprisingly since we already knew this) is that the target geometry/composition makes a big difference in how successful a person is with the 10" and why I was having trouble understanding why people don't simply just go in with their VLF's instead of the 10X since it's so much quicker and lighter. I know I traded notes with Andy when we first got our 10"' X Coils and he was getting a lot better depth on tiny bits than I was, and I'm sure it's because the gold in the areas he detects is more solid and my gold has a ton more quartz inclusions and porosity. I have some 0.1gram bits that won't make a peep on the 10X even running them directly over the coil in my scoop, and that's due to the target characteristics. Overall, I'm reminded why I rarely spend much time doing this kind of detecting unless I really need to get a couple pieces for morale. I don't live close enough to gold fields where I can spend my time chasing small stuff like this. That's just me and my personal situation, but I feel it's necessary to state since the majority of posters here live much closer to detecting ground and might not understand why I detect the ways I do. It's 1000 miles drive each way for me to go detecting and I'm not retired so I have to make it pay or at least break even. Next post I'll show you what I normally aim for in my personal detecting and why I do it that way even though it breaks some of the "golden rules" of gold detecting. I believe it will be important to make these distinctions for those new people reading these sorts of posts 5, 10, 15 years down the road and wondering why we did what we did. I feel it's important to not copy what others do online, but to develop a strategy and skillset that matches your local conditions and personal situations. My style probably might not even be optimum 150 miles away in the Bradshaws, let alone across the country or world.
  8. I was in Quartzsite looking for flea markets for 2 days with my girlfriend (she is not a fan of prospecting). I snuck off for 2 hours to do some detecting with the 17x12 X Coil which Al had given to me for free to make up for the problems I had with the early X cords. I've not had any issue with cords since then, they stretched again but not enough to bind up in the shaft and inserting/removing coils has been easy now. Since time was slim I decided to hit a wash fairly close to town which had produced a little over 1 ounce for me with the 4500 and GMT, but which I had not visited with the GPZ at all yet. I figured it was the best chance for me to find a nugget in a short amount of time. Most of the gold found previously was 1/2 gram to 2 grams here. Not much smaller, and not much bigger. The wash has bedrock from surface to about 3 feet deep, a nice quiet gneiss and schist assemblage, pretty standard in Q. Part of the reason for the mild soils. I also thought odds were good that I'd missed all the deep, small stuff back in 2012 and that it'd be perfect to clean up with the GPZ/X combo. I'll try something different this time and I'm going to show the horizons and surrounding land. Anyone who really wants to track it down and find it, go for it. As I detect less and less, someone new or just starting can figure out where they are at. This is looking down towards some mountains that can be ID'ed. The part of the wash that produces gold is about 1/2 mile hike uphill from here, and is currently unclaimed. The 17x12 ran even quieter here than in Gold Basin, no problem running at 20 gain, HY, Normal. Though I run in low smoothing because I like a stabler threshold than most so I can move faster and concentrate. Within 5 minutes of hiking to my spot, I got a decent signal, a bit quiet but repeatable. Mostly only sounded off in a circular area under the coil, as if the coil were an 8" round, and I couldn't hear it towards the ends of the coil. I scraped 2 inches of gravel away with my boot, and the signal was now pretty stout. After breaking out the pick, I got down about 15" and started exposing jagged bedrock. I put the coil on edge and pinpointed the signal to a small area between bedrock juts and then began chiseling and brushing away gravel until I found the nugget with my pinpointer, so I could get a picture in situ. It's at the point of my finger inside a crack that required screwdriver excavation. I pried the nugget out of the crack after fidgeting with the bedrock a bit, and was a bit surprised to see it was larger than expected, in fact this is largest nugget I've found in this wash. I figured it was 3.5 grams by feel. It ended up running around 4.5 grams and paid for all our gas and food for the 2 day trip down. So I was happy, for what was at the time about 15 minutes total into the short time I had to detect on this trip. The hole is at the bottom of my coil. The nugget was wedged down in that bedrock which is unfortunately covered in shadows in this photo, and the total depth was just shy of the length of the coil, so around 16-17". There is a new ATV trail almost to the point where I started detecting so I can't help but feel at least 1 person has had a Z14 over this wash, but I'm not certain. This nugget was sitting almost vertical, and I suspect that is why it was missed previously and not a screaming signal on the 17x12, though the signal was definitely sharp and unmistakable. Another 30 minutes of poking and prodding into the rocks and bedrock, and I pulled up a deep drywasher nail and a the head of another nail. Both sharp and loud signals right in the gut of the wash that my 4500/GMT combo had missed 7 or 8 years ago. I was near the start of the wash, thus the end of my journey and thinking it was about time to turn around and hike back down. And then I hit my final target on the short hike, a ~1 grammer which was also a sharp and pronounced signal, and also right beneath a stretch of exposed bedrock. It's at the tip of my finger, didn't have to dig around with the screwdriver for this one. Here is the sum total of what I found with about 1 hour of detecting and 1 hour of hiking there and back. This is a wash I detected back in 2012'ish with a range of 4500 coils and my GMT (before I had a GB2), probably 8 or 9 times total. I covered most of the upper portion of the wash that had produced nuggets for me in the past, though I suspect I could pull another 1 or 2 out of there if I tried with the 10". I'm also pretty certain the 10" would have missed the larger, deep nugget, but I can't be absolutely certain. Total weight, not bad for an ~hour of work. And one final horizon shot right where the nugget zone starts, up towards the base of the mountain. For all the internet sleuths and greenhorns who can't find anyone to share locations with them to get them started. Good luck. Enough clues here to find the area for a dedicated individual. Overall I was happy with the 17x12 in the rocky wash/bedrock areas. It ran smoother here than Gold Basin, both dealing with ground mineralization and EMI. GB gives me these zips and zaps that are absent here, and struggles with the BIF and basalt, and it's real hard to run this 17x12 full bore in washes there with high black sand concentrations. The magnetite chunks in Q gave me problems but they do with the Z14 and 4500 too, so nothing new there. The main issue I have is the edges seem to not be sensitive enough on this coil compared to the rounds. So while the geometry allows you to push into tight cracks, you aren't always getting full sensitivity in the depths of the cracks as you would with the 10" round. The shape of the area of maximum sensitivity within the coil is odd. A simple sweep often misses subtle targets unless you are over one of the sweet spots, and the sweet spot doesn't appear to just be a smaller ellipse within the elliptical coil, it's some odd shape with hotspots within itself. That sounds confusing, but I have a hard time explaining it better. I think Condor mentioned it already, but pushing/pumping the coil into tight spots over the center of the coil (if possible) often works better to hear the coupling between very tiny or very weak targets to determine if it's good repeatable or ground mineralization. I've been doing this out in the open in the flats in GB too, especially in areas of high mineralization, to determine what is a good target. One thing is certain, in the US it's mostly about knowing where to go, or knowing someone who knows where to go. Or having exclusive access to land. This shows why. This was found in 2 hours, but only because I was lucky enough to start detecting at a time when a lot of people ran their detectors subpar by copying settings off internet forums, allowing me to find a lot of stuff the others missed. Those days are largely gone since the GPZ levels the playing field today. I couldn't walk into a goldfield I've never been to an expect the same results, it was only my knowledge of what and where I found gold in the past that let me do this. So, don't get discouraged if your results are not the same. A new guy would simply just have to hope to stumble on this place by dumb luck since all the leads are gone now, while I can just hike right to it. So maybe this will help someone new find an "old" place. I don't detect as much as I used to these days as I have other projects going, but Al (X manufacturer) sent me this coil for free to try last year, and I figured it'd be nice to do a write up since I wasn't able to run my GPZ on the commercial project I have going due to EMI interference from the CAT 336. The coil performed great here though, and it was nice to just get out and finally do some detecting for fun.
  9. JW contacted me in the morning saying he's got the day off work so if I wanted to go for a detect jump in my car and head on over to his place. This is always a hell yes from me, the world would have to be ending to stop me.... oh uhm... whoops πŸ™‚ maybe more than the world ending. We were going back to the exact same spot we were at the previous mission so figured I'd either use the 15x10" X-coil or the 10" X-coil, but because the area is very rocky I went with the 10", you need as small of a coil as possible for this terrain. The 10" can get into some pretty tight spaces. Gold here would be missed with any bigger of a coil. JW noticed our Davsgold picks looked a little different, this is odd as we both have the same pick so we compared them The years of wear on JW's pick is pretty evident, his pick has gone through hell smashing up schist for years πŸ™‚ He needs to give it a sharpen, the sharp point on mine is very handy. I've also upgraded the magnet I had on my pick, it's been excellent. I drilled out a 30mm deep by 20mm round hole in my pick and dropped the strongest magnet I could buy into it with the same dimensions. Now not only is the base of my pick magnetic, the sides are too, it sucks up ferrous junk like mad. I'm very happy with it. I can move the black sand around on it πŸ™‚ JW was back detecting his highly productive cliff edge armed with his hammer and screwdriver, so I figured I'd go back and check around where I was the other day. It wasn't long and I had a very faint signal, a few scrapes and the signal improved. The bedrock in this spot is about 4 to 9 inches down. It turned out to be quite a nice bit of gold down in the bedrock that required breaking up some bedrock to get to it. For the first time I managed to record a good part of the find on video as I was so confident it was going to be gold. I've wanted to capture a find on video for a long time. Here is a photo of the spot I got it, it was actually quite deep, and the gold was on edge, it's a very skinny bit. My biggest of the day. I spent the next hour or so checking the area slowly. Plenty of pellets but nothing else. I moved back down towards the little gully JW was detecting and on the path we bike in I had a signal, I'd done this path bit the other day with the Nox, I'd spent an hour or two on this small area with it but I missed this piece, maybe just too deep for the Nox. Down through the gravels to the bedrock again. Almost like a little ball πŸ™‚ This round gold is common in this spot, JW's been getting a lot of it. I then realized I forgot to balance to my ferrite ring, seeing I'd gone from the 12" to the 10" X-coil I thought I may as well do it. Again I don't know if I am balanced to it being new to the GPZ but I did the procedure and the noise of the ring all but disappeared after a couple of sweeps over it. The day was getting pretty exciting, I was hoping for a 3rd but for the next few hours I got nothing but pellets... I had a break and drink and watched JW for a while, I usually learn a few things doing this and I was able to see his coil control is far better than mine, he drives that thing around keeping it so close to the ground hugging the rocks while checking the bedrock cracks. The cracks in the bedrock like in this photo can contain gold, but you have to check the entire rock as the gold has proven it can be anywhere in the rock in healed over cracks. As the day was coming to an end I went over to a spot that chased JW away with the abundance of pellets there, they were everywhere!!!! It paid off though, my final nugget for the day This is up on a bedrock ledge, the ground is 10 to 15 feet below where this little ledge is and down deep in the gravels was a bit of gold........ and about 8 pellets πŸ™‚ The gold had a louder and more distinct signal than the pellets. Another ball type bit. And now the weigh in..... My junk Not as bad as last time, I'd already done a lot of the cleaning of the area πŸ˜‰ Not too bad πŸ™‚ I haven't had three in a while. Almost worth celebrating with a beer at the pub
  10. Now that I've got your attention no JW didn't only get one bit of gold πŸ™‚ He got many but that's his story. I managed one bit. I had to borrow his gold bottle as I forgot my own, I also forgot my harness which is not the best thing to do for someone with a sore back! A week or so ago we went for a detect at a spot on the E-bikes, JW did really well over at a rocky cliff area where gold was getting trapped like a sluice box in the schist. I was detecting some bedrock nearby. My back was terrible at the time due to an injury so I used my Equinox rather than my GPZ. I mostly spent my day digging shot gun pellets but I did manage a bit of gold in a crack in the bedrock, I had only the week before been watching JW smashing gold out of bedrock so when I found this bit I was pretty confident it was gold when the target needed smashed out of bedrock and it was. You can see the thin layer of soil over the bedrock and minor cracks in the rock where I had to smash it out. The smashed up crack above in the coil in this photo and the little bit of gold. I forgot to weigh this one before throwing it in with my gold collection. I wasn't going to bother posting about it as it was just one nugget. That was it for me for the day. JW and I were discussing the virus pandemic yesterday morning as NZ has now locked down it's borders, anyone at all who wants to enter the country needs to go into quarantine for two weeks and he suggested we go for an afternoon detect. I was keen for this as I felt my back was ready to use my GPZ again with the extra weight it has so I jumped in my car and went up to JW's house. We decided we'd go back to the same spot as JW had unfinished business at his very productive little spot and I figured I'd go over the same area I was doing with the Equinox to see what I could get out of it. I hadn't completely finished the area with the Nox as my back got too sore to continue that day. I'm still getting the hang of using my GPZ, I haven't had it long and haven't used it as much as I'd like due to my back injury. It's very much a learning curve for me, it's different to using my GPX and QED. For example I only really learnt yesterday the left and right of the coil are the hot spots, not the center like on my GPX with spiral coils as I was confused recovery targets they were never where I expected them to be πŸ™‚ After a bit of practice with it I've settled on my general settings of HY / Normal with gain of 20 and smoothings off, this seems comfortable enough for me to use in the spots I've tried so far. Everything else is on defaults. I did the ground balance over the ferrite at the start of the day seeing some people say it's necessary, I'm not convinced in my soils it will make a difference but it can't hurt so why not do it. I guess this would be considered balanced to the ferrite? I have no idea, remember I am new the the GPZ but seeing it was setting it off loudly before balancing and afterwards it was like this I can only assume It's done. I'm pretty happy with how the GPZ runs as I was very close to JW, about 60 foot I guess away from his GPZ and they don't seem to bother each other much. I could hear JW chipping away at his cliff edge and I had myself what appeared to be a good target in some bedrock (in the above video you'll also hear JW chipping away at the bedrock), I was confused trying to target where in the rock I needed to smash and couldn't locate where the target was, the rock was solid hard rock and hitting it with my pick wasn't doing much. I went over to JW and asked if he'd mind helping, he came over and we attempted to get the bit of gold out, I'd been at it for about 20 minutes already and with JW's assistance and another 15 or so minutes we had smashed it out, JW instructed me on following the lines in the schist to try smash it out in the layers, working my way from the edge to where the nugget is. My Davsgold Gold Digger pick was copping a beating taking on this rock but I had no choice. My hand didn't enjoy it either, hitting the rock with the pick was hard work πŸ™‚ You can see here I'd been smashing out layers of it to try get to the spot with the gold. I was originally a bit confused with where the gold was, thinking it was in a big crack in the bedrock, but it turned out it wasn't in the crack but in the rock itself. That's the crack I cleaned out above, and the smashed out rock below trying to get to it. A few more king hits with rock flying everywhere and the target was out, but it disappeared, we could not find it anywhere!!!! All that work and it was gone. We detected all around the area and the only thing we could find was an odd bit of magnetic metal in the rubble below the rock, at first we thought it was a bit off my pick but it was weird and one side smooth and shiny. When I got home and put it under my phones microscope I found it's slightly magnetic, you can see the black sand and also a little bit of a metal substance stuck to it. Very weird, this likely came out of the rock as it wasn't there prior to breaking up the schist. We assumed that was the target in the rock and JW went back to his spot to resume his gold recoveries πŸ™‚ I wasn't ready to give up and kept detecting around the area thinking maybe there was still a bit of gold that flung out of it and about 5 minutes later I had it! A little nugget was sitting on the surface. This sun baker had to be my nugget from the rock, it's VERY unlikely there would be a sun baker here. I continued detecting the area for the rest of the afternoon, I was digging a lot of junk, mostly shotgun pellets and little shards of metal and all the ferrous targets I'd left behind using the Nox with it's discrimination πŸ™‚ I had another target I was so sure was going to be gold, I was clearing away the surface soils and the target was down in the bedrock again.... I was so sure it was going to be gold seeing it was in the bedrock I took a video of the target. But no, after smashing out the bedrock the only thing I could find was a damn shot gun pellet that had made itself down into the crack in the bedrock! That damn little pellet was down in that crack! I think it's a steel one too. I called it quits after that one and decided I'd go have a drink and snack and watch JW for a while and see what I could learn, at this point he'd come over to my spot as he was sick of chipping away at the rock in his area and the lucky bugger found two bits of gold in an area I'd been over with my Equinox the week before, I wasn't sure if I went over it with my GPZ but I am pretty sure I had not. The target signals on his GPZ with 10" X-coil were very good, stood out like dogs nuts so there is no way I'd miss them. So my total for the afternoon A bucket load of junk, mostly pellets and little bits of metal And one nugget for 0.086 of a gram. I'll take it, I'm still continuing my pattern of not getting a skunk since getting the GPZ... Before getting the GPZ I regularly found no gold, since getting it I always find at least 1 piece every time I go out.
  11. I've been getting out for a few hrs 3 or 4 days a week down here in Sunny Yuma, plus a weekend trip to Quartzsite. My thanks to forum member Will for showing me a new area in the Q where I found the 2 biggest nuggets. The 17" round X Coil on the GPZ has been my go to set up. I really like the ergonomics of the 17x12 coil, but the 17" round has really been finding some tiny gold at depth. I lost a few weeks of detecting after my GPZ started losing audio after a few hrs of detecting. I sent it in to the Detector Doctor and they couldn't duplicate my issue, since then its running fine. I've been detecting the same areas here in Yuma for the past 10 years with the old GPX 4000, the SDC and now the GPZ. Nuggets are getting pretty hard to find in these hammered areas so I really look for the new edge in detecting. I'm fond of the Sp01 booster connected directly to the Z then connected to quality earbuds at the booster. I took some of JP's advice on lowering the volume of the Z, then using the booster to raise it at the earbuds. What I understood to be JP saying was a high volume on the Z is also amplifying surface mineralization, creating clutter noise and concealing deep targets. I'm no expert, but it sounds reasonable so I'm going with it. I'm thinking the X-Coil and Sp01 are giving me a new edge on missed gold, maybe. The concept, nevertheless, keeps me out there plugging away and trying to put that coil over some yellow stuff. I took a separate picture of the tiny gold. None of them will register individually on my cheapo scale, so I had to group them to get a weight. Some of these tiny nuggets have come at incredible depths, at least considering their overall weight and audible response with such a large coil. Probably 3 to 4 inches for most of them. The 17" round seems to be hottest right between the center windings at about 2 inches off the edge. Sometimes a side to side sweep on tiny gold loses the signal. Pushing the coil and center windings at the signal brings them up smartly. Mitchel just seems to be having a run of bad luck on gold with his X Coil, mine has exceeded my expectations especially on really small gold.
  12. My first outing with the 15” x 10” X-Coil was a very satisfying experience. Settings used are; High Yield, Normal, Freq. Auto, Sens 20, Volume 12,Threshold 1, Tone 53, Vol Limit 12, Auto Smoothing Off, Ground Balance Auto, GS Off I ran a quick test on a 0.08 gram test nugget with the 10” round which produces some noise and false target responses when running with my wide open settings. Changed to the new 15” x 10” X-Coil and ran over the 0.08 test nugget again. Both coils were getting a good loud response at approximately 3.5 inches. I ran the 15” x 10” coil for 5 hours a day for 5 days. It was stable and quiet (except for a little very low level EMI). The noise and false target responses experienced previously with the 10” round coil were gone. There were no problems with ferrite balancing. Franconia, AZ has produced some large nuggets. A 3 lb quartz rock with 15.9 oz. of gold was found there the previous week. It was a US Army Air to Air gunnery practice range during WW2. So you are forced to dig a lot of deep targets. There are a lot of bullets and small pieces of screen wire blasted from the towed targets. I only found two small nuggets between bullets and wire pieces. They are 0.6 g and 0.2 g. Overall this is a very sensitive coil and a pleasure to have the lighter weight and ability to get into smaller spaces. Have a good day, Chet
  13. Well, I tried a new way to get out to this new gold area I found. The gold seemed fairly small, but I had to hike in at least 3 miles to get there. So I tried to drive in another way in hopes of only having to hike in a mile. Of course Google Earth made things seem better than they were (almost like I could drive right there), but in the end I only cut about a mile off the hike (one way). So now I had a decision to make … take my GPZ 14" coil, the GM1000, or what I call my Midget Coil (10" Xcoil). GPZ 14" about killed me getting out there last time so that was out. I love the GM1000 on bedrock, but some of the bedrock here was very hot. Usually in those cases, I will go to my GPZ 10" Xcoil, which I venture to say is at least on par with the SDC 2300 (with the exception of being a little bigger). And the Xcoil is still a pleasure to hike with. So off I went. I started out hitting the areas I had been to before and got some good signals. First piece was only about .1g. Then I started finding slightly bigger .2g pieces. Most of these seemed to be what I call runners. Those are the ones in washes that I find on the sides of the wash, trying to run away when they see me coming. The larger coils tend to lose a bit of depth when checking the sides and depressions. The 10" Xcoil, however, does very well getting in there. Overall, 5 pieces were found (total .75g). Not a lot, but at least half of these finds were detected very carefully with the 14" coil and were missed. The Xcoil was very clear on all but a 1 grainer piece that was about 2" deep on it's side. All in all, it was just a fun day crumb chasing.
  14. Gidday All, Managed to get two hours in today before rain chased me home with the 17 inch Russian X coil. Blew me away just how good this coil is ! I purposely picked a small area of State forest that I have flogged for the last 10 years, with all 3 different GPX detectors, with coils from 11-25 inches, the SDC, and even a QED. This spot has yielded many ounces of gold to me from 0.05g up to 33g. I had declared it " dead ", as my last 10 or so efforts with the standard GPZ14 and GPZ19 have yielded nothing more. 2 hours in today, nearly back to the car, and I get an obvious signal. This was slightly downhill from a small patch of small reef gold, in an area that I have literally smashed. Coil was about 2 inches above the ground because of sticks and clumpy grass. Removed said obstacles and signal firmer. 4 inches in and I am in nice gravel, target now screaming, out pops what turns out to be buck shot. Bugger, but this is from a spot that I have NEVER managed to get a target in ! Moved about 10m along and same thing, another obvious target, once again coil 2 inches over the ground. Dug in and same again, 4 inches down in nice gravel, target screaming louder than the buckshot, out pops what turns out to be an 0.65 gram bit of reef gold ! I'll be buggered, I thought ! Rain then chased me home. Coil was very sensitive, being able to pick up my 0.11g test piece at 2 inches. I tried knocking the coil against a tree a few times and no bump sensitivity. 17 round weighs the same as the GPZ14. All in all, a fantastic coil. Don't know what the Russians have done differently, but Minelab need to have a good hard look ! Further testing to come when our shitty weather finally breaks. Cheers, Rick
  15. I have received the 15x10 Spiral X-coil. Here is what it looked like when I picked it up. My initial reaction when I was given the box by my mailbox center was that it was 'light' and did they have another package coming? haha Well, it is all in one box and well sealed. It is not packaged like a great looking Amazon box with hardly anything in it. This is a custom box with a lot of tape. Inside the black plastic was a white box that was also well taped. That box contained a sandwich of the coil with coil cover and an extra coil cover. Thanks. The coil is terminated with one connector just like all the GPX coils when you buy them. Tomorrow I'll take the coil, the 19" coil, the 14" coil to my local car stereo installer who also works on battery scooters and electric bikes. If they don't want to do the job then I have called an electronics store that said bring it by with the instructions and they might have someone do it as a side job. The final destination for tomorrow is a radio store here that still has ham and cb radios. One of these places would do a better job than me. I've read all the instructions multiple times now and I haven't had the 'practice' of using that connector and there is not a lot of extra wire to play with so someone around here puts these on all the time. I just need to get these coils to them to make the dongle. Chet, Andy, JW, Simon, Dave and Jason have all said they would help. We'll get it done. Mitchel
  16. So I couldn't resist having a crack at my own adapter soon as my x-coil turned up today. I was pooping my undies on the enitial turn on but all in all wasn't to bad to do it you take your time I started with number 3 blue wire at bottom first as hardest to get to to solder then worked my way up to 2 and 1 the 4 and 5 spent a good 20 mins thoroughly checking for any shorts or anything when I was happy I hot glued all wires and invetween stopping them from being able to move or that in future then heat shrink followed by lots isolation tape I then put the female plug back on the std 14 and works like charm I also waterproofed the xcoil by adding marine silicone in and around the plug and a thin layer along the joining lip were skid plate goes all and all thought for a first attempt wasn't to bad and I didn't make it go boom so that a bonus
  17. So my gpz turned up on Friday and I'm super loving it and my 10"x-coil should be here Wednesday, as soon as I got it out the box I grabbed my we test gold ranging from 0.025 to 1.71 gram and shot out to my we test area that happens to be gravel pit in known gold area.. I found for my area in NZ I was geting the best depth and response on general and high yield with audio smoothing off.. I had a play with the ferrite ring with ground balancing then factory reset and ground balance with no ferrite ring.. So my question is does the ferrite ring gb affect depth and sensitivity at all in low to medium ground. What I noticed was our soil and were I hunt in creek beds you hit pockets of high black sand then less etc. I didn't realy notice any difference in performance but I do think that the ferrite gb did run quieter in the ground over all. Does anyone have any tests or input on ferrite balancing vs no ferrite? I plan to get out this weekend for my first hunt with the 10 xcoil all going to plan. So will be sure to put up a link for the YouTube video when made and my finds if any lol I'm checking out new spot
  18. The weather here hasn't been very summer like, while Australia is having heatwaves and severe bush fires we've been wet, with regular snowfall. The lake levels are at crisis point where the nearby towns are close to getting flooding. The rivers and creeks are all roaring with water washing around some nice flood gold πŸ™‚ JW and I decided we'd go prospecting yesterday for a bit of fun, we went to one of our old haunts, we've done this area and this particular spot so many times and every time we think it's hunted out however JW's 10" X-coil got a fair few bits there last weekend and this weekend he was going to try the 12" X-coil to see how it goes there. It was raining heavy at my place when I left and JW's house was also meant to rain all day but this particular spot we were going to the mountains were meant to keep the rain at bay. Here is a little video of a Dam we drove past showing the flood gates open due to all of the rain, where I was standing filming it I was getting wet from the mist of the water I didn't notice at the time but if you look hard you'll see two people in yellow jackets standing down at the base of the dam having a shower in the water πŸ™‚ I went not expecting to find anything but I just enjoy the hunt anyway and as it goes with gold, you never know. I wanted to try out the 12x6" X-coil on the GPX 4500 as I've never used that combination at the spot and I've mainly used my QED lately so the GPX is getting dusty. The reason this area is such a challenge for the GPX is the massive high voltage power lines that run through it, they're connected to the Hydro Dam and with all the flooding going on they must be really pumping out the electricity. As I've mentioned in the past the QED handles the power lines fine at this spot although it is very sensitive and I do spend a large part of my day digging shotgun pellets when using the QED here. I am sure a KQED-spert could tell me ways to get around that, maybe changing my mode from Mode 1 to one of the higher less sensitive modes would probably work. It's the reason I don't like using VLF's here too, pellets... pellets.... pellets 😞 When we arrived I strapped myself up with the GPX, all my cords and harness were in a big tangle and fired it up and no audio, bugger! did I forget a cable. In a massive panic I went back to my backpack and searched for a missing cable. It turns out all I'd forgotten to do was plug the speakers into the Steelphase SP01, I'd plugged the SP01 into itself with a loop of the cord πŸ™‚ It shows how long it's been since I've used my GPX, forgot how to plug all the cords in. I really like not having all these cords and harness with the QED. I've run the GPX at this spot a number of times and it has found me gold, prior to getting any X-coils I used to use my 14x9" Evo here, I had to have the gain quite low and audio in Quiet to get it semi stable but it never really ran nicely, I was never able to get a smooth threshold. I have one of the early Australian made GPX's which I believe were a bit more noisy than the modern ones too which doesn't help. There are lots of old tailings piles at the spot, most aren't worth detecting as they're just big rocks, and the ones that are worth detecting have been pounded by every man and their dog, including myself and JW many times. Someone had dug a massive hole, it looked quite fresh, It looked at least 15 inches deep and all they got was a rusty bit of metal that they'd left beside their hole! The little 12x6" X-coil was working quite well on the GPX considering the power lines, It had a bit of pulsing but the threshold was mostly pretty good considering, I had my gain on 12 most of the day in sensitive extra with audio in boost and was pretty happy with how it was running, a stark contrast to when I used the EVO here I had to keep my gain down at 8 with audio in Quiet and it was still noisy. It's always my go to coil for high EMI areas, the smaller size and I guess whatever else the manufacturer has done has made it a pretty good coil for EMI. I was struggling to find any good targets though, it was only probably 10 minutes after we first arrived that JW came over to show me his first bit of gold so I knew there just had to be some gold left here. I can't expect to come close to his GPZ + small X-coils though, there is no better combination in my mind for finding these small gold bits at depth. Here is a photo of the dirty great big power lines with all that flood power running through them πŸ™‚ The weather held up mostly well for the day, a few showers, a few minutes of hail but mostly sunny. It kept getting a signal on this big rock, it's loaded with quartz in lines through it, hitting it with my pick did very little so I gave up on it. The photo doesn't show the size of it, it was three times bigger than I am πŸ™‚ Seeing I was desperate to find some gold at this spot and didn't have much hope for myself I resorted to my usual tactic of flipping big rocks over, it's worked here in the past. I guess those who have detected the ground before me didn't do it and the rocks added enough depth that they missed the gold under them. I was regularly finding these little skinks living under rocks, I believe they're rare and endangered so I was always very careful not to injure any of them. I flipped over this massive rock and a spider ran up my arm and under my t-shirt sleeve, I panicked and shook my arm and brushed at it to knock it off. A side effect of living most of my life in Australia is a fear of spiders, NZ doesn't really have that issue and poison or dangerous wild life aren't really something you concern yourself with however the Australian in me kicked in and I wanted to get it off me quick smart. I did that and looked down expecting a little harmless NZ spider and to my surprise it was an Australian Red Back Spider (Australian black widow). A Deadly venomous sucker that could have killed me and it was the biggest one I've seen in my life. We used to see them quite a bit in Australia but I never expected to see one here. It's a shame I didn't put something next to it for scale to show just how big it was Shortly after this photo I introduced it to my foot. After doing some research it turns out they do live in the area and they're trying to get rid of them as they're an invasive species that came in from Australia, I am surprised they survive the winters, the grounds often frozen solid here in winter. After my scare I decided I'd stop flipping rocks and started detecting the cracks in the bedrock. The grass growth from all the recent rainfall has made life difficult too, normally this place is dry and brown. I found a good area of bedrock and detected along various cracks in it, ones that didn't have too much grass and found my first bit of gold for the day. A little guy but a real screaming signal. I was never going to miss this one, it sounded like a 22 shell does. .247 of a gram! Quite big for me lately πŸ™‚ I checked that spot a lot after that hoping for more, I even dug more soil out of the crack and checked it hoping there was another undetectable bit deeper but I was all out of luck so I moved further down the crack and had target, very faint, not a screamer like the previous one but sure enough another bit of gold. This one was quite deep down in that little crack there It looks about the same size but it's very thin, not much to it. 0.103 of a gram. Here is a little video showing when I get them, it also shows there is no knock sensitivity of the 12x6" X-coil even with my gain up high seeing this question is often asked about various X-coils. I kept hunting around but found no more gold for the day unfortunately. Someone went to a lot of effort to prop this big rock up, I checked under it but nothing. I later switched to the 15x10" X-coil but I had to lower my gain down a fair bit as it was being messed with by the power lines, I knew it would be as my 14x9" Evo is terrible here and it's even bigger. I also found some weird sheltered spot under some rocks where it looks like some crazy wild animal has been living bringing back the bodies of it's victims. After my Redback discovery I thought this could be anything, maybe an African lion or the elusive Bigfoot so I took off quickly. I didn't want to join the bones πŸ™‚ And that was it for the day, 2 for me for a total of .35 of a gram. KFC time!
  19. I did the Minelab cable cutting and soldering differently than specified by the manufacturer. Instead of cutting the cable near the Minelab connector I cut it below the Minelab curled cord and installed the 5 pin connector at that location. After the connector was installed and marine grade shrink tubing was applied a plastic tie wrap was attached with another piece of shrink tubing. This is used to pull the cable out of the lower end of the upper shaft since the Minelab curled cord retracts it out of reach. I then used a heat gun to soften and straighten approximately 8 inches of the lower X Coil curled cord. Cut it at that point and attached a new connector at 8” above the lower shaft. I have all three X Coils setup with three new lower shafts attached. This modification allows quick easy change of coils in couple of minutes. It is reasonable to be concerned about interference from the two connectors being located so close to the coil. This is not a problem since the detector only detects motion change relative to the coil. A simple experiment will demonstrate how the detector nulls out metal that is not changing position relative to the coil. Place a small test target on the ground with an aluminum soda or beer can about 2 feet from it. Swing the detector over the small test target. You will only hear the response from the large can. Now tape the can on top of the detector shaft 2 feet from the center of the coil. Now swing the coil over the test target and it will be detected. With the can attached the detector it will sound off as you lift and lower the detector to the ground since the coil is remaining flat while the shaft and can are changing position relative to the coil. In normal detecting when setting the detector down or lifting it I hear this sound-off with the 17” x 12” coil but not with the 10” or the 17” round coils. There is no effect during normal detecting since the coil is not tilting or changing position relative to the shaft. Have a good day, Chet
  20. I'm probably a bit slow with this and some of you may have already noticed but I stumbled across some awesome gold photos on the X-Coils website of gold found with the coils. Even a few of KiwiJW's photos made it on there, he should be proud! πŸ˜„ Western Australia seems to dominate it, I guess that's no surprise. The gold photos can be found here I don't even know if the website's been posted on here as it seems most of the stuff around it happened while I was away for Christmas and I haven't yet caught up on all the goings on while I was away so if not it's address is https://www.x-coils.com/ I'm stuck in my chair at the moment with a sore back so I've had plenty of time to browse around entertaining myself.
  21. So I herd we rumor and please take it with a grain of salt. But it got me thinking the russian outfit that made x-coils could they be bringing there own pi gold detector to the table sometime soon.. One would think if the can come up with the x-coil that I'm most account's seems to out do most other brands in all aspects.. Could they be the dark horse and bring a high end pi to table to challenge minlabs reign in high end pis. One does wonder
  22. There have been a fair few people asking about X-Coils for the older detectors, GPX4500/5000 etc Now we have X-Coils for the GPX 4500/5000 a 12" spiral round, and a 15" spiral round, and then a 15x10 spiral, and also a 17x12 spiral, and a few of the 12x6 size coils are out in the field being tried already. So I'll be heading out to give these a run over the weekend and guess what, No patch lead needed. 15x10 spiral for the GPX 17x12 spiral for the GPX 12" spiral round for the GPX 15" spiral round for the GPX cheers dave
  23. I have been dying to take my GPX out again with it's new X-coil but the weather hasn't been great the past couple of weeks, a lot of rain which was often falling as snow up in the mountains. I guess we are coming into winter but the spot I wanted to take my detector is up in the mountains so time was running out to be able to do so, more snow is forecast for the spot in a couple of days so I decided to just go and deal with the weather. JW is away on the West Coast so I did this one alone, the same area the giant nugget was recently found in NZ by Nugget Hunter NZ so maybe he'll come back with a giant potato size nugget too. ? Last time I took it I also went to a spot that has tailings piles down in the lower country and I found a bit of gold there, I'd only ever found one bit of gold in that spot in the ten or so times I'd been there and it was with my Gold Bug Pro. While I was there a digger was working at the nearby power lines no more than 20 or so feet away from some tailings piles so I assumed the ground he was digging up may have some gold in it. He was digging a deep trench so I figured I'd go back there once he's not working and see if it makes any nuggets appear within my reach. I went to this spot as soon as in arrived in the area, it was about 10am when I got there and there was a thick fog and the ground was frozen solid. I knew when I left home I was in for a cold day as it was sub zero at my house when I left but I wasn't expecting the area to have a fog making it even colder. I had to use the Equinox as I was right underneath power lines detecting the diggers trench, the Equinox performed well, I was able to run my sensitivity at 24 in Gold 1 while detecting the trench itself which was directly under the powerlines, and I had to lower the gain either 21 or 22 along the side areas beside the powerlines to get it running nice and stable. I spent a couple of hours detecting the trench and surrounding dirt the digger dug up but found no gold. I was wanting to hang around this spot long enough for it to warm up a bit before my drive into the mountains so the road would be in good condition with less ice. At about lunch time I decided it's time to head up to the spot in the mountains where I got my 1.2 gram nugget with the Equinox a couple of weeks ago. Fortunately the road up there wasn't too bad, not as much snow as I was expecting so it worked out well, I doubt I'll be able to go back there in the near future so easily though with more snow forecast It was now time to fire up the GPX with the 12x6" X-coil, I also use the Steelphase SP01 audio enhancer so I feel I've got a decent GPX setup. The SP01 really makes the nuggets stand out from what I can see. With it the target signals are so much more obvious than without it. I run my SP01 in mode 1 with two GME SPK07 speakers connected to it wired in Stereo to take advantage of the SP01s pseudo stereo mode. This ground JW and I have been over a lot in the past few weeks, JW's been killing it there with his X-Coil and I found a bit with my X-Coil the only time I've had a chance to use it there. The GPZ just seems to punch deeper on our small gold than the GPX especially with his 10x9 X-Coil. My GPX settings were similar to my usuals, gain of 13, stabilizer at 9 and in Sensitive extra with fixed ground balance. There is a spot on this ground where JW found a bit of gold as we were leaving last time... I watched him dig it up and the signal from it was really messy, I assumed he had junk and I think he did too until it popped out. It's in a spot that's riddled with hot rocks, I can't ground balance my GPX in this particular little area as everywhere underground there is hot rocks... You walk a few feet away and it clears up and you can balance again. With my EVO coil on I couldn't even detect that particular location JW found that nugget, it was sounding off everywhere on the hot rocks under the soil there, it looks to me like it's a tailings pile that's got some soil over it, off to the edge of the little area is the tailings pile rocks. It's a shame I didn't get a photo to explain it. Seeing the X-coil was letting me detect this little area without going nuts I detected it, I found a bit of gold right next to JW's dig hole where he got the nugget as we were leaving. I'm not saying JW missed this nugget, he didn't detect the area, we were leaving and he switched off the GPZ after digging the first one in this spot and we left. This was the hole it came from And the bit of gold on the coil ? A decent size for me too, .401 of a gram. I've been thinking of buying a Go Pro or some sort of Camera to record the occasional nugget find as at the moment I'm trying to use my phone, not easy holding the phone while doing these things but I wanted to try film a nugget signal so people could hear what it sounds like with the SP01 and GPX/X-Coil combination so I was filming every single target with my phone before digging it, this area doesn't have a huge amount of junk so it wasn't that bad, I filmed about 20 targets in total so I had to clean up my phone afterwards ? Here is the video I took after digging a bit working out this was going to be worth filming, you'll see it's right next to another dig hole, I'm pretty sure that's the one JW got his nugget from the other time, it's hard to know exactly this area is filled with dig holes, JW will probably know. I continued on detecting the area for some time, I recalled JW saying he found most of his gold in this area on the other side of a fence, so I ventured through the fence tearing my pants on the barbed wire in the process ? I was finding a lot of junk on this side of the fence, little bits of wire and old square nails and so on so I knew JW either ignored these bad target noises or didn't detect this far along the fence line. I recorded all these targets for no reason hoping they were going to be another bit of gold! After some time I had another target but it was a real screamer, I thought I had another nail or something so I didn't film and started to dig, and I dug up a rock that was sounding off, I thought it must be another hot rock, the X-Coil isn't as bothered by the hot rocks as the Evo but it does sound off on some of them so once I dug and found it was just another hot rock I put it back in the hole and ran the detector over it and filmed it as I was going to talk about the hot rocks and the X-coil in my post. The GPX goes nuts at the end of this video as I got my phone too close to the coil ? As this hot rock contained quartz I thought I'd examine it further as usually the hot rocks are green in colour, JW last time I found a bit of Quartz that sounded off on my Equinox helped me smash it up to see if there was gold inside it, we got it down to a tiny little bit that sets the detector off and the rest doesn't. I've still done nothing with that little bit. Anyway this time I had my Garrett Carrot with me so I tried to narrow down the area on the rock that was setting the detector off. The soil on the rock was frozen so I was chipping bits off with my pick but once I got the bulk of it off the Carrot directed me to the spot to clean and I found a bit of gold stuck in the soil which was embedded in the rough rock. You'll see it in the frozen soil towards the middle of the rock in the photo above. And that's it once I got it out, 0.457 of a gram! It wasn't attached to the rock, just stuck in the frozen soil in a hollow on the rock. This is how magnetic the hot rocks area, this quite big one is hanging off my pick magnet. And that was it for the day, for me that's a very successful day, almost a gram in heavily flogged ground, I can't complain, no match for the giant potato nugget that Nugget Hunter NZ posted though ? I was very happy with the performance of the X-coil, it's ability to handle the hot rocks is helping me a lot.
  24. Hi guys, The weather has been crazy here over the last month. More consistent rain day after day than I have seen here before. Lake threatening to flood lower Queenstown CBD. Didn't....just. They had sandbags on the ready. It brought snow back to the hills. I knocked off work for the Christmas/New Year break on Friday. Mrs JW went up north to see her daughter & her sister. I was going to go over to the West Coast with the jet boat but that ended up not happening. Simon had been tracking the progress of two new 10" X coils on there way to us. One for his GPX 4500 & QED & one for my Zed. They arrived mid last week. Come Saturday morning I had decided not to go to the West Coast so I messaged Simon about going for a detect & if he wanted to stay the night & we go again Sunday. He was keen & turned up with the two new coils. We headed back to the same area we had gone the time before but to a different spot. It was where Simon had found his biggets bit of gold in this area along with some smaller ones & I had found a few small ones with the Zed & ML 14" coil scavenging among the flat schist sheet bedrock where I had got bits before. We dropped our packs, rigged up our detectors with the new 10" X coils, & Simon headed off to his eldorado & I to where I had got a few bits with the ML 14" coil. I thought I would try ground balancing over the Ferrite as this was the latest 10" X coil. I don't bother as a rule as our ground is so insanely mild it doesn't bother me. The coil made a loud hit as it passed over the ferrite for the first time. 2nd time it was dead quiet.πŸ‘ Full max sensitivity of 20 High Yield/Normal in our mild ground. Within a few minutes I had three shotgun pellets🀬 Then another signal that could well have been the same, it sounded the same. A few scrapes & a bit of depth the signal was still in there somewhere, it had not moved. Down a good three inches sitting on the bedrock was this. Simon wasn't far away so I called him over to wave his 4500 over it. He got it at a good 2-3 inches so every chance he should get similar. Unfortunately for the day he didn't. The grass growth was a bit crazy so we were pretty much limited to the bedrock areas. This pic is of the same dig looking back to where our packs are. Carrying on around this bedrock area I got another faint but very positive hit. Again a few scrapes & it was still there. Down in a little pocket in the bedrock was this little sucker This bedrock scavenging kept paying off for me. This one had a bit more depth to it but I was gobsmacked at the small size of it for the signal. That was my 3rd piece of gold in a row. First, 3 pellets now 3 bits of gold. I didn't mind those averages. I ended up with 4 more bits for the day making a total of 7 for just .45 of a gram. On our way home I called in to a boat ramp where I have launched my jet boat to see how high the river was from all the rain. Wow...that told a story. Down there past that sign in the water is a carpark area for boat trailers. That four legged structure is a gas BBQ with a bench seat beside it & down past that somewhere is the boat ramp. Cheers & Merry Christmas. JW 🀠 To be continued...
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