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  1. The last Coiltek (non pin-point) coil that I owned was a Gold Stalker back in 2009/2010 but I’ve been bashing my head in Gold Basin with interference from the Las Vegas non stop air traffic directly overhead so picked up an 11” Coiltek anti-interference coil from @RONS DETECTORS MINELAB’s detectors. I have the long Coiltek pin point probe and the 3” pin point coil but having never used an anti-I coil, I had no idea the tech behind and couldn’t find anything online about if it was to be run Mono or DD on the front panel. I sent an IM to @Coiltek and within an hour or so had a super friendly, detailed and very informative chat on its use, thank you sir…. Top Tier Customer Service!!!!!!!!
  2. I don't agree with the posts about the coiltek coil being better than the stock 11 inch. Last week i did a test comparing the two coils and found the coiltek no better than the 11 in finding small or any size nuggets. I went to a patch where i found 18 various size nuggets which i had gridded with the 11, North South and East West. The area i found the nuggets was approximately 80ftx60 ft. I gridded the same area with the Coiltex North South and East West and only found 3 small nuggets that were between two bushes and two rocks that were too narrow for the 11 to go in between. The whole rest of the area didn't produce any targets whatsoever which in my mind shows the Coiltek is not any better than the stock 11 in finding any size nuggets. I go along with that it works good in brushy areas or where you need a narrower coil to find nuggets in tight spots. If you think you're going to find nuggets in beat out patches the only way that is going to happen is if someone else didn't get their coil over them. Of course this is just my opinion after doing my test. Good Luck, Jim
  3. I had a chance to go up to the high sierra area 3 days ago with my brother to do some scouting and detecting with our Minelab GPX 6000 detectors. He had the stock 11in round mono and I had my newly-arrived Goldhawk 10x5 made by Coiltek. We found some old-timer workings in an area that was new to us both. Those old miners sure did a lot of work and there were rock piles stacked everywhere. Bedrock was very limited to a few places lower down the slope. We concentrated mostly on the areas nearer to bedrock to see if we could find something the previous miners had missed when cleaning it. I set up my GPX6000 on auto 2 with threshold on and went to work scanning the piles and sides of the gullies. I immediately found small shards of copper bullet jackets, some small lead and the usual nails. The machine ran fairly nicely, without any real noise issues for the first hour, so I figured today might be a day noise-cancelling wouldn't be needed much. Scanning steep slopes was not only a breeze with such a light coil, but I didn't get a lot of extra noise from not having the coil horizontal, like I do when using my stock 11in round mono. I ended up doing about half a dozen noise-cancels throughout the day. Mostly in the later afternoon as temps rose and generally when more emi is around due to distant planes, etc. At any rate, off to a good start so far with the new coil. After about 1.5 hours I hit the first nugget on the sidewall of a cut, right atop some bedrock. It was a very rough piece and weighted .13g at about 1.5 inches of depth. Off to a good start, and gave us hope more nuggets could be found at this location. And, as it turned out, we got a lot of hope quickly after I dug a coarse 2.45g nugget about 45 minutes later 7 inches down out of the side of a throw out pile. Game on now that we knew this spot had some real potential after all! In the end, after 10 hours of swinging that day, my brother and I ended up with 8 and 7 nuggets each, respectively. A great outing to a new spot, and plenty of nugget digging action, even if most were on the smaller side. My brother with his 11in coil beat me by 1 nugget, but he had two "patches" on exposed bedrock knobs where he found all but 1 of them. I did eke out a .25g nugget about 3-4 inches he missed at the first spot. Maybe it was due to the smaller coil size, or just because he left me a bonus nugget. Nice of him to "share". Overall, I really enjoyed using the 10x5 Goldhawk. I could fit it among the rocks and bushes very easily. I "side-wall" scanned much of the day and the light weight of the coil made it very manageable. Sensitivity of the ML GPX6000 with this coil is really nice and its probably similar to the sensitivity of the 11in mono while still getting nice depth on small nuggets. I was able to pinpoint quite easily and quickly with the 10x5 as well. I dug probably 1/3 more targets than my brother, though partly that was due to how jazzed up I was from finding that larger nugget early in the day, haha. I included a picture of the trash just to give you all an idea of how much junk you have to dig to get the good stuff.
  4. Yesterday I was meant to be cleaning up my garage, I'd made a mess of it and the boss told me it must be returned to normal but fortunately for me JW contacted me first thing in the morning asking if I wanted to go for a detect. This was enough for the "boss" to tell me I can do the garage today instead... yet here I am 🙂 We took the coils to a spot we've both detected a lot, a huge amount really but it was a good testing ground for the Coiltek's due to the high EMI envrionment, powerlines, buildings, airport, it's got them all 🙂 I knew from my initial testing at home the Coilteks were working A LOT better for me than my 11" coil, and I now suspect I've had a faulty 11" coil since I got my detector and it explains why I didn't like the 6000. I went over ground I'd done with the 11" coil as a bit of a test for the 10x5" Coiltek, I'd done this ground to the best of my ability and JW has been hammering it too, he's got quite a bit out of this area too. I didn't take many photos as I think most people are more interested in how the coils behave more so than photos of them. We arrived at about 10am, mostly the ground wasn't frozen except in shady spots which was handy as it's been frozen a lot lately. JW put on my Coiltek 14x9" and I used the Coiltek 10x5". It wasn't even 10 minutes and JW comes walking up as he'd found his first bit of gold with the 14x9", right near where we put our bags down, off to an incredible start, I'm guessing it's about .2 to .3 of a gram. Down in the bedrock too. Off to a good start for an area we've done so much. My first target I was sure was going to be gold ended up being a shot pellet, I really have no idea how pellets get into places like this, but they do. I had to move giant rocks by levering them with my pick and dropping them off the cliff, it took a lot of effort and I'm amazed how strong the Davsgold picks are, the jobs I do with them moving and lifting rocks is pretty incredible that they don't break. JW had lost his pick on a previous visit to this area, left it behind somewhere when he left, we were hoping we'd find it but as someone else had been detecting there too ( we could tell by dig holes ) there was a likelihood it was gone. I thought I'd upload this video as it shows the pains of detecting 🙂 The next target shortly after was only a few steps away from this one and it turned out to be a nugget. I'd missed this one in the past as it was well hidden, I had to smash out some of a bush to get the coil under there to even detect the ground, I'd not done that before but when you're in an area you've flogged to death you need to do these things in the hope of finding something. Here is a bit of a video of the find, as with most of my videos just raw footage, I don't like editing as to me raw footage is more informative than a chopped up and edited video. I was happy with the performance of the 10x5", a real game changer for me as I'm confident my 11" is faulty, it's away at the moment at the service agent to be checked, they can't look at it until next week so I'm eagerly awaiting their results, if it's not faulty its a piece of junk and will become a sacrificial lamb to get the one part of it I find valuable, it's chip, if its faulty then maybe I'll be happier with the replacement, soon find out. I switched the detector on and even though in a very high EMI environment and with JW detecting close by with his 6000 I had no significant EMI issues, I didn't even need to noise cancel although I did do one, I didn't need to regularly noise cancel and factory reset often like I did with the stock coil either, in fact unless right near the power lines a noise cancel was never required. Not once during the entire day did my detector go nutty, no police sirens or UFO sounds, nothing! Such a contrast to my stock coil that literally drove me mad, I was so frustrated with the detector I wanted to smash it. I was able to tilt the coil and go up and detect cliffs and nothing, no problems, if anything slightly higher EMI when off the ground due to the interference in this high EMI area from the power lines mostly. Nothing that I'd consider an issue that's for sure. This is the first day prospecting with the 6000 I actually found it enjoyable and started to like the detector. Here is a video showing my experience around and under the power lines with the Coilteks, this is a very high EMI area with houses nearby, power lines obviously, an International airport very close by, I mostly dedicated this to the 14x9" as we all know the bigger the coil the worse the EMI and I think it handled the situation very well, not quite GPZ with small X-coil or Concentric capability as I can run that maxed out under the same lines and keep it stable but for a GPX it did remarkably well I think. These Coiltek's for me are soooooo much better than my possibly faulty 11". My second nugget of the day was one I was more impressed with, it was in a little bedrock area JW and I have both hammered with our 6000's, in the video I said I did this spot with my 8" X-coil on the GPZ but I was in fact wrong, It was my GPX and 11" I did it with, and found a bit of gold within about 15 inches of this nugget using the 11" so we both missed this bit for some reason, The piece of gold I found the last time I used my 6000 was so close to where this one was, in the same line of bedrock only and only about 15 inches away, JW jogged my memory by reminding me the bit I found next to this one in this video was the bit where he came over with his GPX 6000 and 17x13" and even as we dug it out further the 17x13" was completely blind to it until it was near touching the coil. So, after a day of using between the 10x5" and 14x9" I am much happier with my GPX 6000, the majority of problems I had with it are resolved by changing to these coils, if it was that I had a faulty 11" coil then that's great news but if not and these are just that much better than the 11" coil then that's fine by me. The major complaint I had from the day was the shaft twist, especially with the 14x9" coil, not the coils fault by any means but something to be aware of. JW ended up with 2 nuggets also, very similar sizes to mine, one smaller and one bigger one. Getting any in this particular area is very much a challenge these days but a good testing ground. My 6000 went flat so it was game over for me but I went over to JW who had a signal in some bedrock he was trying to smash out, quite close to the power lines and his 11" was working to an acceptable level there I thought but he said some days his is better than others, my 11" would have been doing police sirens and all sorts of strange noises in that same spot. It was a very faint signal and he couldn't smash it out with his pick, the rock was too hard so he's going to have to go back with some heavy equipment, I had the 14x9" on at the time and turned on my detector and it lasted long enough after a rest turned off to go over that target and it got no signal, but that's not a surprise I already figured out the 11" was slightly more sensitive to tiny gold than the 14x9", we are confident it was a tiny bit of gold, so he'll go back and get it. I'm more confident the 10x5" would have had a signal on that target than the 14x9", it's significantly more sensitive to smaller targets. So yes, I now like my 6000 except a few things about it like the wobby shaft and questionable reliability, but it's not going to replace my GPZ, not even close, I still much prefer the GPZ but I'm lucky in that I have a great range of coils for it. And JW ended up finding his lost pick! So a good day for all.
  5. Took me over 4 years after I first suggested we needed such a coil, but finally got my 5x10 Coiltek for Equinox today. Super well made, looks like Minelab factory made actually, great job Coiltek! After looking into a couple of the latest alternatives to Equinox released in the last year, I came to the decision that Equinox is still the best thing going for me personally. And with that decision made, there seemed no reason to not finally get this coil. I'm sorry Noxy, yes, I strayed, but now I'm back, and home for good. Many thanks to Rob Allison for a super deal, and incredibly quick service!!
  6. This was one of those coils that I didn't really need but have been lusting after for far too long.. I mainly hunt on beaches so my go to coils are the Equinox 15x12'' and the Coiltek 15''.. I knew that the new coil wasn't going to get me any greater depth or coverage but I was hoping it might be a bit lighter.. Coil weight has never worried me much before, but I'm finding I have to put the detector down and shake out my arm more and more often.. I figured a lighter coil would make life easier.. I know that I'm not a great reader of fine-print but in this case I excelled myself.. When I took the Coiltek 14x9 out of the box my first thought was: 'Well, it's a chunky beast, what does it weigh?'.. It's nearly twice as thick as the Equinox 15x12.. So I googled the weight of all my big coils and discovered that the Coiltek 14x9 weighs a whopping 790 grams! This compares to 674 grams for the Equinox 15x12 and 836 grams for the Coiltek 15.. On the beach this morning it did feel heavy to swing but it 'pinpoints' much better than the other big coils.. I hardly ever use the detector's pinpoint function, preferring to walk around the target instead.. After a few hours I didn't have any sore arms, I figure this is due to far more accurate digging.. I usually get on my knees with a small shovel and dig a mighty great big hole to make sure the target is out the first time.. Although this is easy going on a beach after a while the constant getting up and kneeling down to dig does wear you out.. I'm still young enough that my knees and back are still hanging in there, but the ability to work like a digging machine is definitely slowing down.. With the Coiltek 14x9 I noticed straightaway that I was digging right on top of the target each time, also the targets were often just as deep as the larger coils.. So, while it might be a chunky heavy beast to swing, I have a feeling that my latest coil will save a lot of digging.. I also think it'll be a good coil for in the surf and wading, it looks tough as hell.. This is also a chance for Minelab to get back in the ring after the flogging they're getting from Garrett.. I've said for a long time that Minelab's only chance to survive is to forget about keeping prospectors happy and instead focus on beach hunters.. Especially by creating a larger coil for the Equinox - like the 17x13'' coil made for the CTX 3030 but a lot lighter (it weighs 907 grams).. 😁
  7. That didn't take long for some Success pics to show up in my email. My customer used his new GOLDHAWK 10" Ellip coil he just received from me last week. Went to the same exact site he's been swinging the GPX-6000 with stock coil since last year. Over 4 grams of nice Montana gold. Most of us know the 10" Ellip, 14" Ellip were some of the hottest coils in years past on the old technology GP/GPX detectors in much of AZ, NV and CA. Well until now, we have not the option for the GPX-6000. Hats off to CoilTek for allowing us more abilities to get more gold. Has anyone else be able to use their GOLDHAWK coils yet and have any Success to show? I realize they just arrived into the US a couple weeks ago.
  8. Most of you think I have all kinds of free time but the actuality of it is that my free time is very limited. Yes I sell detectors for a living and so keeping customers happy and income coming in is a must. As you seen the extra price of fuel makes for more of a challenge to get away and then trying to schedule the Field Training we offer along with testing of new and upcoming gear is challenging. To make things worse, we have had one of the wettest and most cool Springs in history here in Idaho and it seems about the time I plan for more testing a big storm rolls in. Anyway, I was able to put some time aside and run the new CoilTek GOLDHAWK (why do I keep wanting to call it GOLDENHAWK?) coil on my GPX-6000. I selected the 10" Ellip MONO as I knew the site had been pounded with a GPZ-7000 and a good year with the GPX-6000 and 11" MONO coil. I was not expecting much but either way, those are the sites that I want to test, the so called CLEANED OUT patches. It took all of a minute and 3 feet to find my 1st. The 10" Ellip MONO GOLDHAWK coil is lighter so I can hunt for longer periods of time. It's more compact and allows for hunting in tougher terrain and up against boulders and tree roots where nugget like to hide. It's greater sensitivity to smaller bits, certain specimens and or highly collectible wire gold. I won't go into detail of why a couple well known GPZ-7000 users missed this nugget and or how a veteran GPX-6000 user missed this nugget, but will say this. They missed it and I found it with the new compact 10" ELLIP MONO GOLDHAWK coil by CoilTek.
  9. Looks like three sizes for the 6000 coming soon. Not much info but at least they are approved by Minelab. https://mailchi.mp/coiltek.com.au/g2osktoyd3-13772986?e=9ca788132a
  10. ATTENTION COILERS – NEW PRODUCT RELEASE!!! We are proud to announce the addition of a new coil to the Coiltek Goldstalker range. The 22” Goldstalker in a Double-D (DD) configuration. Compatible with all Minelab SD/GP and GPX detectors. Available for order at your local dealer today! For more information on this product and to locate your nearest dealer, visit our website here: http://www.coiltek.com.au/coils/goldstalker/22-goldstalker/
  11. Anyone know who might have a CoilTek 10x5 coil in stock? I'd like to give it a try in the bush.
  12. Over the past weekend I was able to get into the back yard and try out my new 10x5 coil. What I have noticed is that the numbers that should be trash is coming up as coins. For example I see and hear a 21-22 and it is a penny, where before it would be 19-20. A 28 is showing up for dimes now, and the quarters are at 32-34. Is the coil showing anyone else the same numbers or is it just mine is my question. Thank you to all who may respond.
  13. Looking good! 👍🏼 Coiltek Search Coils for Minelab Equinox
  14. I"m curious if anyone has tried the Coiltek 15" NOX coil and if so their thoughts on it. This is the coil: https://coiltek.com.au/coils/nox/15-nox-coil/ I used a WOT coil for several years and liked it but ultimately the weight did me in. The coverage area of this new coil intrigues me but I am concerned about the weight. Bill (S. CA)
  15. i am just the messenger, so i have been told the new 10x5 coil has mediocre depth and jumpy id. i have one on order. is the coiltek 10x5 made in batches? any user information would be greatly appreciated. please respond politely i am just asking
  16. Spending a few days at the beach and managed to get out for a few hours to bond with my Coiltek Nox 10x5 coil (really 9.5 x 5). Only have had a chance to hunt two or three times with it. Have now had a couple 2 to 3 hour runs with it. Once in a park and now this beach run. Though no spectacular finds with it so far, it is hitting keeper targets well with decent depth/sensitivity, ID stability, and it pinpoints well. Love the light weight coupled with the tight swing ability and OK swing coverage. I will probably be selling my 6" round because it no longer serves a purpose for me. This coil combined with my Zlobrik telescoping CF shaft forms the basis for my tote anywhere light weight Equinox kit. I'm relic hunter, not a proficient beach hunter, and knowingly did not optimize my probability of success (went out with rising tide, light beach day, hunted primarily the towel line, went with a low[er] coverage coil etc.) because of time restrictions - had other family activities planned. Anyway, nothing spectacular. Plenty of clad, some junk rings and the only thing of perhaps relative value, what appears to be a silver, engraved Toyota key fob or medallion. Weird item, but definitely silver backed and heavy at .8 oz. Trash ratio was pretty good, only fooled in a couple of junk items like the washer, vape, the screw top (natch), a pull tab that rang up a solid 13, the drywall anchor insert, a disposable contact lens foil pak, a freshness seal (great solid 7 target ID but the tone is light vs. a ring) and the rusty tent stake that was falsing off the bend. That silver medallion fooled me too as I thought it was just another clad quarter (hadn't noticed the VDI above 35) and the junk rings sound great too. The other items were iffy probable junk that I dug just to confirm suspicions. Used Beach 1 primarily, though I could have gotten away with just about any other mode because I did relatively little wet/saturated sand swinging (high surf line was really sanded in with minimal cuts and steep slope). The key on the bottlecaps was running iron bias F2 at max 9. They were unmistakable after that. Anyway. I had fun and like my light weight Nox setup.
  17. I was talking to Rob yesterday about something I wanted to order from him and the subject of the 10X5 plus the above coil came up. I was just wondering if anyone here has ever used it? He made the statement that he has two of them. I’m like so many with their money down on the 10X5 and not knowing if are when we’ll get it. Chuck
  18. Hi All, what you tell about that? Check your coils 10x5, do you have such a problem? This is my video from Russia, the titles may not be clear to you, but I think that everything is clear in the video
  19. this update is about the 5x10 depth. I was running prk1, 5 recovery and finally found a place that had deep coins. I ended up with a rosey, merc and 5 wheaties. The merc and one wheatie were a solid 9 inches and maybe a little over. I was really happy with the results of the 5x10. I think that's getting right on the edge of max depth for a dime size coin in the soil around here. It was nice finding a place like that to really test out the 5x10. I'm giving it a b+ on depth. Still not as deep as the 11 inch but very respectable.👍
  20. A lot of you are gonna get the Coiltek 10x5 coil, and some of you are going to be irritated like I am that the Equinox falls over when you set it down. Went on Amazon and found the cheapest/ lightest rifle bipod I could find: https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B01M0A1RB5 It would be terrible for a rifle, but it's great for the Equinox. The legs fold out, and while they can get in the way when swinging the detector, I find I'm pretty comfortable using them open. It only weighs about 8 ounces. The best part of it is the clamp, it can be used universally, even on my new carbon fiber shaft. The legs are removable from the clamp block via a thumbscrew. Another benefit it seems to provide is enough counterweight to relive trigger finger, I've been having a lot of problems with my right ring finger locking up at night. It's a lot better now. The clamp is probably steel, so don't tighten it too much and hit it with WD-40 now and again to keep it from rusting.
  21. Where I preordered anticipated ship date is March 28. Has anyone’s been shipped yet?, Does anyone have reliable information? I’m only impatient when I’m waiting for something, lol
  22. Finally got my hands on one of these coils and am grateful. I was also lucky. Very lucky. First thing I was pleased about was that my Equinox coil bolt worked, it was a little tight but went right through. Did a system reset and re-paired my headphones. Next I noticed the coil cover is kinda sloppy, so I grabbed a couple of black zip ties, problem solved. I have an ear stiffener on my large coil with zip ties so this is no big deal to me. It will be easier to get off than the Minelab cover which was tough to get on, let alone off. It was kinda late in the day, so I set up my usual settings, Field 2, sensitivity 23, F2=3. This is what I used last weekend at the campground to score over 200 coins, although I had to switch to 10kHz a few times to cancel EMI. I went out in the back yard to a spot where there are hundreds of bullet shells of all sizes and metals, some steel, others varying brass, and a lot of lead. I wanted to see how the coil performed in a very dense metal environment. I noise cancelled, and then ground balanced in a spot with no metal. The first thing that struck me was how easily this coil goes silent when pumping it, I almost never get a perfect reading with the 11" coil, so I just go with it. This coil went silent after a few pumps no matter where I balanced, either turf, soil, or the dreaded "gravel test" in my driveway. If you've ever hunted in gravel, you know what I mean. The silence after about 5 pumps was shocking, and then every real target appeared with no false sounds. Wow! I tried it in a bit of field, thinking what a bonus it will be this fall because they planted corn this year. Real easy to maneuver. In turf it "falsed" a bit when it hit tall grass or stiff weeds, but not nearly as bad as the 11". Another thing I noticed was how "tight" the target IDs were. steel shells were 9 -11, brass 13-15. It almost seems like the coil has laser precision identifying targets. Can't wait to see how accurate pinpointing is! I didn't dig anything because I just got my lawn looking good, but I plan to take it to an area where there is a ton of trash, and see what I'm missing. It picked up targets at max depth, so the proof will be in the diggin'. Just a first impression, more to come.
  23. I documented a recent 3-hour beach run in this post. It focused on my thoughts on the 10x5 coil. Bottom line: I like it. I covered mainly the dry sand towel line, got into one pocket spill and found a silver engraved medallion or key fob from a local car dealership. I did well to avoid trash and relied on high F2 iron bias to eliminate bottlecaps. Today I managed to hit the tide line and to literally get my feet wet with the Nox 10x5 in the wet sand and surf wash. What struck me was the stability of the coil in the wash in Beach 1 at the relatively high sensitivity setting of 23. The other eye opener was the sensitivity to micro targets under those conditions at up to 6-inches in saturated sand and moving salt water. Again nothing spectacular, a very tiny brass rosary centerpiece displaying a miniature "Our Lady of Guadalupe" relief image, two tiny pendants or charms of unknown composition a pineapple charm, and a small decorative loop that broke in my pouch (it was heavily corroded), a small portion of stainless chain, and a couple coins. I struck silver again on the return trip through the towel line with a freshly dropped silver and turquoise watch with SS back and band (primarily an eyeball find after it blasted my headphones on the coil sweep and yes, the time was set accurately and ticking away just fine, lol). Trash was similar to yesterday (you can see it in the bag in the background) with some tiny falsing ferrous wire and nails that were too iffy not to scoop. Some bottlecaps just to periodically confirm the ID (even with full IB, you can get a 10 to 15 ID chirp off the edge but it is dominated by a ferrous grunt). Couple of pristine "13er" pull tabs, freshness seal, and misc small aluminum bits. An aluminum liquor bottle neck wrap light green object). Overall, a lot fewer targets overall but attrubute that to half the run being in the tide line/surf wash during rising tide (again tge timing didn't work out for me to hunt while following the tide out). All in all, another enjoyable 3-hour run with this coil. I could swing this coil all day long. Love it's stability, sensitivity, depth, separation, coverage, and, of course, it's weight. Shame Coiltek felt the need to weigh down it's bigger brother elliptical to favor water hunting over terrestrial use, otherwise I would be considering that coil as well based on the 10x5 performance. Equinox finally has a winner smaller coil with adequate swing coverage now.
  24. I took the 10x5" for another spin for a couple of hours at a small park that I pounded for six mounths last year and hadn't returned to. I drive by this park almost daily and was curious about it because I never see anyone there except a few dog walkers and wondered if there was anything still there. I had cleaned out most of the upper layers of modern trash and clad but there's still tons of iron so I decided to dig any non-ferrous targets just to see what's there. I ran the stock Park 2 program with Horseshoe on, iron volume reduced, sensitivity 16-18 depending on EMI, FE2 6, and Speed 6. For the first hour I mainly just got iron targets. Then I got a larger signal bouncing from about 12-32 with lots of iron grunt and figured it was a large iron bolt falsing, but the 30s kept popping through fairly consistantly so I decided to dig. At about 6 inches down in a 2 inch diameter hole (we can't dig plugs in parks here) were 7 coins dating from 1968 to 1999. In fact everything I dug was yesterday was at 5 inches or deeper, most of which had iron targets nearby. I'm sure I had hit most of these targets with the 11" coil in the past but didn't dig because of the iron sounds and probable masking. I did get quite few nice sounding squeakers at below 8 inches, but couldn't dig them because of park restrictions, so the 10x5 does go deeper than I thought it would. Near the end of my time there I was in a heavy iron patch near and got a pretty clear high 20s tone. I thought it was probably a bottle cap but I was digging all non-ferrous so I went for it. At about 7 inches I found this ladies locket watch. I have no idea how old it is, but it was an interesting surprize. Below are shots of the "Hoard", all dug targets, and a close up of the watch.
  25. Would like some help please on a specific coil for my TDI Pro,i have the option of buying this brand new Coiltek 6'' Mono coil which was of course specifically designed for the GPX range of detector,the GPX Mono coils do work very well on my TDI Pro as i own and use most of them on the TDI. Has anyone specifically used this small 6'' Mono coil i am looking at using it most of the time because i am using smaller coils more and more due to the problems that i am hving with a broken wrist that i had from a bike accident decades ago,does anyone have any thoughts on this combination please.
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