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  1. I've heard of a few failures, but, very few. Mine is about 3 years old now and still gives me a full day's hunt. I have a USB battery that came with a cell phone accessory pack and carry that with me just in case. I've yet to need to use it.
  2. In the case of the Equinox system, you can carry as many extra USB battery packs as you like to supplement the internal one. With car chargers and solar chargers, there's no excuse for dead batteries......and no need to buy throw-away ones either.
  3. Does anyone actually have the Coiltek coils in stock? Seems everywhere I check it's pre-order only and you have to get on a list.
  4. It hasn't been underwater yet, so, I doubt that it's a leak, but, who knows, I do rinse it off after every use.
  5. My Impulse needs to go back to Fisher for repair, so, that may delay the release of "new and improved version" depending on what they find. I went to use it yesterday, and it was totally dead.....wouldn't turn on or make one peep. Tried with both fully charged batteries so that wasn't the problem. It's been a rather disappointing machine for me too. I'll keep you posted as to what they find.....if they will disclose that to me.
  6. Sounds to me that if you want to get the latest from Minelab, simple, just move to Africa.....😃
  7. It's a bit surprising to me that the Netherlands and Iran are ranked that high. I would have thought Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Australia,and South Africa would be higher.
  8. Just about every detector company had their day in the sun at one time or another. Some were one-hit wonders, Like Compass, Barracuda, etc, but, not all. There was a time in the not too distant past when Whites was the top dog. They had a run with the 6000, Eagle II, Spectrum, and XLT where just about everyone I knew had and used one. Too bad they rested on their laurels a bit too much and didn't continue their innovative ways.
  9. I'd be tempted to remove about a foot or two of sand in a 10' X 10' hot zone area to see what gold or other heavies might be down deep. Are you allowed to use a dredge on the beach? 🤔
  10. If you're looking for reliable discrimination relic hunting, the Impulse is not for you. It's pretty much a beep and dig machine. In my detecting with it, surface discrimination works reasonably well, but, targets that have been there a while or are down deep don't react the same, so, all bets are off. Deep, YES! I've never dug so many 18" (and deeper) bobby pins and other iron trash. As mentioned, it's a very specialize machine that I will only use under specific circumstances.
  11. I've been detecting for over 50 years now too. Can't give you an exact count of all the detectors I've had in that period of time. Well over 20, but, probably less than 30. Still own 12-14, but, would have to do some looking to verify.
  12. You might also check with Tony Eisenhower to see what he can do for you. He upgraded my Impulse headphones for me.
  13. I don't own any pre-'85 detectors anymore except for my first machine (a Treasure Probe IV that I bought in 1970), and it doesn't work anymore. The old White's Coin Master, 4900. 6000 Di Pro, Compass 77, Ground Hog, etc were all sold or used as trade ins years ago. My oldest now is my good 'ol Whites Eagle II SL90. Good luck in your hunts guys!
  14. While your machine is under warranty, I wouldn't worry about it. If it fails, they'll replace it. After the warranty is up, that's when you may want to baby it a bit. Maybe by then they'll have an even better detector so you won't have to worry about it at all.
  15. All the high tech communication and locating devices are great, but, when plan A fails out in the desert or middle of nowhere, I like to have a good old fashion compass with me. In an arid region, I also like to carry a large sheet of plastic and a good knife. Must be my Boy Scout days nagging at me.....
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