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  1. Or maybe wait a few days (or weeks/months?) to see what the new Garrett machine has to offer?
  2. Yup, something at least as good as a Legend, D2, and Manticore, (and priced right) or, they're just wasting their time and advertising budget. We don't need more mid-range machines. People who are current detectorists are upgrading from those. Newbies or those who just lost their ring in the back yard are buying the cheap-end machines.
  3. From the discussion and videos I've looked at, it seems that just a slight change in shaft angle effects the problem significantly. Has anyone tried attaching a thick rubber hose segment around the shaft to help keep it a bit further from the coil when it's folded flat? I'm not sure that just a 1/2" or less will help much, but, a simple experiment might be in order. I'm thinking about a cut section of automotive heater/radiator hose or maybe pool noodle.
  4. Has anyone tried this upgrade? Feedback?
  5. Or maybe the Black Hole, where even light can't escape this detector! 😀
  6. In most known gold bearing places around the world, it's that more difficult 20% that you're looking to find. The easy 80% is already in someone's pocket.
  7. I have many of Steve's carbon fiber detecting rods on my arsenal of machines. I even have one of his two-piece travel rods for my sand scoop. He makes a great product! I've never noticed any difference whatsoever in detection depth or interference when they were swapped in place of a stock plastic or metal shafts. If extreme gold nugget detecting is your thing, fine, get some alternative shaft for that application. For those of us not in that elite group, it's a complete nothing burger.
  8. The old warranty may no longer apply since the business has gone through several owners. I guess it will be up to Chuck if he will honor repairs/replacements on sales he didn't even make.
  9. I heard rumors that Chuck is going to start making Stealth scoops again. Hope it's true as I've had no success in contacting the outfit in Ca that was the last manufacturer of them.
  10. I guess I'm the oddball exception here. I LOVE the 900 over the 800. To me, every feature is an improvement with the 900. I find the expanded (enhanced?) TID scale a benefit in separating known targets. I can tell a nickel over a pull tab much easier in most cases. Sure, just the tail of a pull tab will fool you still, but, that's no different than with the 800. Most of the modern tabs I find these days (not counting completely corroded ones) read in the 30's. Nickels NEVER do. They're usually a solid 27 unless corroded where they read less. As for that comparison chart, I don't agree with it's accuracy. For instance, a 29 (clad U.S. quarter) on an 800 is a 89 on a 900.....but, if it now reads 83 or 93 on a 900, are you going to pass it up just because it's an odd number? Not me! I love the "non-coin" numbers. I've found some of my most interesting relics and jewelry with those.
  11. Yeah, use some of the gold to buy some less labor intensive equipment! At least get some gloves and a face mask!
  12. I look at it as more of a reward for all the junk crap you have to sift through to get that gold! ??
  13. If you're not supposed to peel that sticker, what is the purpose if it and the holes underneath it?
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