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  1. I received my new lower shaft and clevis today. I'm pleased to see that it's longer than the original one. Since the clevis is attached to the shaft, there's no way to see if it's now solid instead of hollow. Hopefully it's at least made of a thicker wall plastic. Hopefully, I'll get out soon and give it a good test now that I have one of OBN's batteries and the new shaft.
  2. In the non-prospecting segment of our hobby (ie: coin and jewelry hunting), That segment will remain strong as that is a renewable research. Now, if you're talking about old coins and relics, that's going to get tougher as the years go by. Good luck trying to find a virgin 60+ year old public area that hasn't been hunted extensively. The future in old coins and relics is going to be private land......and even that diminishes every year as they get detected, or, ruined by development or re-landscaping. I don't see it getting bad in my lifetime, but, those starting out now will be in for some r
  3. Yes, he needs it to be compatible and waterproof. Thanks for looking.
  4. He's not too computer savvy. What do you want for it?
  5. Sorry, I should have been more specific. His machine is the Surfmaster PI dual field with the 12" coil. The ears broke off, he tried to fix it, but, apparently damaged the winding in the process. He might be interested in a working detector too, depending on the price of course. Thanks.
  6. My buddy broke his coil on a White's Dual Field. Anyone have one for sale?
  7. Yes, I pulled the pins initially to see if just the clevis was replaceable. Nope, the broken stub inside the tube was glued in. Very thin walled tube, so, they're going to have more breaking, I guarantee it. Fisher emailed me a prepaid shipping label and the old part is on it's way back, if they haven't already received it.
  8. Another upgrade that has already been done (according to Fisher) is the lower clevis that is riveted to the lower shaft. That wishbone plastic piece breaks easily where it attaches to the tube. I just had mine break and from what I heard when I called Fisher, three others have broken too, and it's been redesigned to where it's now a solid piece instead of thin-wall hollow tube. As far as I know, I didn't do anything to make it break. I was just walking along swinging the coil over flat wet sand, I heard a light "crack" sound, and the coil just fell off. I'll let you know what the new one looks
  9. I've never been a fan of the entry level detectors for newbies wanting to get into the hobby. They're fine for someone who just lost their wedding ring in their back yard, but, for someone trying to compete with veteran detectorists in the local park or beach, they're an exercise in frustration. Most people looking to get into this hobby want to find treasure.....however their mindset defines that. If they don't have some initial success, they become disenchanted and the detector ends up in the closet or garage sale. Having a good quality detector that will find more treasure than trash, or, a
  10. Even after 25 years, that section of ground should be a lot softer than the surrounding undug ground. Get a "privy" probe and poke around until you find a relative soft spot. Now, if you plan on joining us demented and addicted metal detectorists and make it a hobby/obsession, let us know what kind of detecting you plan to do beside your back yard and we can better advise you on a good detector to buy. One might even help with your back yard treasure hunt! Good Luck!
  11. I wonder if they're going to combine some model names now too.....can we expect an MX Bug Master AT Pro anytime soon??😄
  12. Sounds like "Knockdown Norm" is more appropriate! 😀
  13. I don't know if I'd go so far as calling it a flaw. There really isn't a cut and dried rule regarding warranties in most states. Generally, a product has to do what it's designed and promoted to do, but, the warranty is up to the manufacturer to decide. That's why you need to read the warranty to see if it's something you want to agree to. If there is no warranty or it's not acceptable, then don't buy the product. I'd rather the government keep out of it. You mandate a warranty, or any other law, and the price will go up automatically. Let the marketplace decide on a product. If it's junk, the
  14. Is the regular version AQ really not going to have a transferable warranty? That seems a bit strange this day and age. I can see it on the Limited, seeing is how we volunteered to be guinea pigs on basically a beta machine, but, on a regular production model, I would think it would be transferable.
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