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  1. Well looks like Simon beat me by a day, but I've got a video up showing the user interface in detail and cover most of the settings. AlgoForce E1500 Specifications & Settings
  2. As some may know by now I have had an E1500 for some time. The main goal was to test for EMI issues with our power grid, which is not only different than the one in Australia but that also "leaks" a lot more than it should. The good news is that I am finding the E1500 to be in the upper tier of Pi detectors as far as stability and EMI resistance. It is perfectly useable here in urban scenarios where many other PI detectors would fail. I have been in contact with Alex offering some business based advice on how to get the detector into the U.S. market at the best price possible. A big part of that was focusing on reducing the size of the shipping box to allow for affordable master pack shipping to the states. It might mean ditching the included soft case but I am sure people will be fine with that if it means keeping the price as affordable as possible. Long story short all the steps needed to bring the AlgoForce to the U.S. have been looked at and are in progress. However, it is a matter of months away at the least, and since delays can happen for a multitude of reasons please do not set your watch according to this post or get grumpy if things do not go as fast as you imagine they should. They are going as fast as they can and that's the best Alex and company can do. The takeaway here should simply be that it is now confirmed as 100% being part of the plan as soon as it can happen. I want to close by saying that Alex is the biggest breath of fresh air I have experienced in the industry in a long time. He is incredibly responsive to feedback and suggestions, as shown by the several updates to occur already. The detector itself is a blast with several innovative design features never seen in a detector of this type before. Something as simple as the visual display of the current threshold level versus the live ground/target response is incredibly helpful in fine-tuning the detector. And those coils options!! The detector and the company itself are a true pleasure to work with, and I want to thank Alex for finally being the one to put my Under 4 Pound, Under $2000 GBPI Challenge to rest after seven years. I never thought it would take this long, but folks, we have a winner! My thoughts on AlgoForce E1500 vs The Rest I sent the detector to Andy Benson (abenson on the forum) to use for his impressions. His video below. The detector is now enroute to Gerry McMullen (Gerry in Idaho on the forum) for further testing and we should be hearing from him soon. I expect he will be getting it in the mail tomorrow.
  3. Seems to be a ton of interest in it for sure. I plan on getting one, once the pros in the US have time to evaluate and report on it.
  4. Hi all, Just thought i give a perspective on battery run time for the AlgoForce. I detected with the AlgoForce for 9hrs straight using a 15000Mah battery and the battery was showing 42% remaining. This was a $35AU battery....pretty darn good. This was with using wired headphones.
  5. Open up a public API to the detector software and some hardware functionality so we can mod our machines or just experiment with the nuts and bolts. Even just a port to access the raw data directly would be interesting, as it could be recomputed, logged, whatever. It'd be a fun way to learn more about how everything works too - that's how some of us learned how to work on engines for example despite not understanding them entirely at first, and it's how I learn anything myself, just by getting my hands dirty with something real in front of me and not a book. It'd have the potential to create a modding community and make detectors a lot more fun and personal. And who knows, someone might actually figure out something new that the limited number of detector engineers hadn't thought of yet. It'd be something to keep me working with a detector even if I have no gold or coins to detect at the moment. I don't know that Algoforce would ever do this - but I guess they seem about the closest any manufacturer has come to a company that focuses on what it's customers want rather than what can maximize it's sales by forcing us to just buy an entirely new detector every time a marginal improvement is made. I'd buy a detector like this even if it wasn't something I needed, just so I could have something to experiment and play with.
  6. The Algoforce manual suggests end users contact them with suggestions of improvements they could introduce, so I thought I'd test it out, see the caption below from the manual, "Bug Report and Feature Request AlgoForce highly values customer feedback as a crucial means of enhancing our products. To ensure a seamless feedback process, we encourage you to reach out to us directly via email at admin@algoforce.com.au. If you come across any bugs or have ideas for new features that could enhance your metal detecting experience, please send us an email with a detailed description of the issue or requested feature. Kindly include the hardware serial number and firmware version of your detector (located in the Miscellaneous setting) in your email. Our dedicated team of developers will promptly review your feedback and respond to you accordingly. We appreciate your contribution and look forward to working together to improve our products." I contacted Algoforce with a suggestion of an improvement on the 8th of February, The pinpoint volume I thought was unnecessarily loud, it's nice to have the general audio volume quite high when using the speaker or the Avantree Torus neck speaker which really made the pinpoint mode roar, in fact I have the volume maxed out most of the time, however the pinpoint volume in that instance was extremely loud, so I suggested an independent pinpoint volume control setting to adjust pinpoint's volume and leave the general volume the same. I am guessing headphone users would have found the pinpoint volume rather loud too. It is now the 13th of February and to my surprise this morning I woke up to an email from Algoforce with a new firmware update to try out, now incorporating independent volume for the pinpoint function. You can also now adjust the vibration separately from the audio volume, so you could have high pinpoint vibration with low pinpoint volume, or high pinpoint volume with low or no vibration, and the same goes in normal detector mode, no vibration with high volume, high vibration with low volume etc. To adjust vibration you just hold down the volume - or + buttons rather than pressing them. The new firmware release notes: Release Notes for AlgoForce E1500 Software v1.0.8: 1. The activation time for a long key press function has been reduced from 1.5 seconds to 0.7 seconds. For example, the time duration between pressing and holding the ground balance key and the commencement of actual ground balancing is now 0.7 seconds, as opposed to 1.5 seconds. Other functions requiring a long key press are similarly affected, including vibration adjustment and auto frequency scan. 2. In version 1.0.7, Pinpoint mode and the main detection mode shared the same volume and vibration controls. With the introduction of v1.0.8, Pinpoint mode now features independent volume and vibration controls separate from the main detection mode. Users can customize their preferred volume and vibration settings in either mode. Furthermore, the volume and vibration settings in both modes are saved during power down for convenience. I'm now testing this firmware out, I must say the upgrade process was simple and quick, I've recorded some video of the volume control function in use to see here, and soon they will have the firmware available for download. Very happy with their quick response, especially when at the moment they're super busy. It doesn't get better than contacting a manufacturer and being able to talk directly to the engineer behind the detector. So here is a video of the firmware update process, and some basic testing of the new volume control function. I'm pretty impressed by this, how quick they were to respond and do the modification, and it works just as I hoped it would. The screen in the video has the backlight turned off, in the sun, no backlight and the screens still easy enough to see, in fact I didn't even notice it was off, it looks a little darker in the video than in reality, which is why I didn't notice.
  7. So, we've had a lot of positives so far, and well deserved too however, now's the time to point out some other things that need to be known. As I've talked about in previous posts with it being such a sensitive PI machine it picks up the coil cable, especially with smaller spiral coils, not so much the bundle wound coils like the Sadie. Generally, this isn't too much of a problem and you only notice it putting down or picking up the detector when it sounds off on the cord moving, however if in bushy or rocky areas that coil cable can get moved around a bit causing false signals. The supplied Velcro straps will hold the cable in place however not in position, if you want it in a certain spot so it doesn't move plastic clips are a far better option. I've managed to find my plastic clips, and fitted one, now my cable is in a much better position than with a strap that allowed it to slip around the shaft, this will help a lot with the coil cable being detected. I don't know much about the clips, they maybe something designed for another purpose and someone discovered them and packaged them up as a detecting product and sells them off for a good markup, either way this place is where I got mine. They fit the Algoforce shaft perfectly and come in a pack of 8 clips. Next, the USB power bank shape can be beneficial too. The design is quite well thought out with 2 straps that hold it in place, and a rail sliding bar with a hump at the end to hold it there, along with rubber pads on the rail to give some grip. You can adjust the length of the rail by loosening a couple of thumb screws with your fingers, expanding it out to fit your battery and locking it in place again, then the little lump at the end helps the battery hold in place. This lump could probably do with being a little bit bigger, but it can't be too big as the USB ports on the battery bank and right there too so if it were bigger, it may cause some problems with some battery banks. I found with mine the lump is too small as I've purchased a Belkin 20000 mAH which seems an awesome product, I've always liked Belkin gear, they've been around for decades but its a very rounded battery bank so the lump doesn't do the job as well as it could and my battery bank does tend to move a bit, I'll sort out a solution here, perhaps some sticky Velcro on one of the rubber pads, and on the battery bank to line up and give that little bit more stick, it really wouldn't take much to lock it in tight. This is the Belkin, if only it had square edges ? I have another battery bank laying around which appears a much better design for a detector. The one below is another one with more Sqaure edges that holds in a lot easier, with minimal effort. Solar panel on top. On the bottom a torch and a little clip, it has very square edges so mounts into the Algoforce more solidly, that clip could potentially be used to lock it in even better, I've not looked into that yet although I doubt it would be needed. This one also has a rubber housing giving even more grip. Really with one like this there is absolutely no problem, so something to keep in mind when buying a power bank. Next up, wireless audio, I've got an MPow atpX LL transmitter, it fits perfectly onto the back of the control pod with some adhesive Velcro on the transmitter and on the detector, I had no problems with this, even in my wild bushy hilly terrain, it held on no problems at all. The thing I am going to change is the audio cable, I'll get one with right angle connectors on it, that way they don't stick out and I'll be able to use a Velcro strap to hold the cord in place nicely, if I can't find one the right length, I'll just make one, the right angle 3.5mm plugs can be bought at Jaycar and I'd imagine any good electronics parts retailer, or online of course. I noticed no extra EMI induced by having the transmitter on the control pod, it appeared to cause no issues at all. You'll note it has a little rubber cover to put into the socket if you're not using headphones, a great thing to have and can be removed and stored away if you're having headphones or a transmitter in there permanently. Next up, the battery holder straps. Positioning of these is vital to ensuring a good tight fit of your battery, having them tight means the little rail and rubber lump are not near as necessary, and to tighten them I've found this is the best positioning as then the clip is out of the way, if it's in the wrong position it will prevent a tight fit. Now, the cable from the power bank to the detector itself, it goes up into the handle up plugs into the detector inside the handle using a USB C connector, wise as this is now the standard and remaining that way. The other end of the supplied cable is USB A, I'd imagine they've done this for compatibility as older power banks won't have USB C but on mine at least it means the cable is offset on the side of the battery bank, making it more exposed to being hit by branches or rocks. By using the centre USB C port on my power bank I'll be able to route the cable up onto the shaft to keep it out of the way. This is the USB A plug end on the supplied cable for those unsure what USB A is. Now, even better there are USB C to USB C cables with a right angle at one end, you only want it at one end as inside the detector pod you need a straight plug, but on the power bank if you plug in a right angle one to the centre USB C port such as on my power bank the cable can be secured so it's well hidden from obstacles hitting it, the right angle cables come in various lengths, I'll work out the exactly length I need and order it today, 25cm should be the right size I think. Last but not least, the exposed USB ports on the power bank are going to get dirty, dusty and all sorts of things stuck in them, potentially damaging them or the battery bank, even water from sitting the detector down on wet grass seeing they're right near ground level. An easy solution to this is little silicone USB port covers you can buy. I've bought ones for USB A as I'm not going to use those ports and be USB C to USB C. Amazingly this Belkin battery is going to give me over 20 hours detecting on a charge, probably a few more hours than that. Makes some other detectors battery sources seem a bit problematic running out so quickly. On another note, my Sadie just arrived. These are a few little niggly annoyances or just things it is wise to know about the Algoforce so if you're buying one you can be better prepared. They're not necessarily faults with the detector but more advice on suitable products to improve it even further.
  8. Not my video. Just thought I'd share
  9. An E1500 FB page has been started, with a few finds being posted. https://www.facebook.com/groups/2529995203848150/?hoisted_section_header_type=recently_seen&multi_permalinks=2551339378380399
  10. AlgoForce has me tossing and turning. I need me one! ?
  11. A couple new videos that have been posted.
  12. There are a few murmurs of discontent floating around regarding the E1500 in hot ground and I was hoping to see some actual field reviews of this detector, but apart from a couple short remarks and Simon's testing.....NOTHING. If I am to part with my $$ to buy one, I'd rather hear from an actual user here in Australia first.
  13. Split from another thread so don't blame Ned for the title - that is mine. Yeah, I know Simon and probably others have found gold already, but this from Ned is more like what we want to see and so worth a thread of it's own. Congratulations Ned on a good start! - Steve H I've been out probably a dozen times with the E1500. Mostly testing a variety of coils the first few days. Then settings and combinations. I also rigged it up with a wireless set up and a sp-01 enhancer and headphones. After all that I got in some detecting time and managed to find my first gold for the year. 7 pieces all found with the E1500 and coiltek 9"round elite. Biggest bit went 2.7g and the smallest 0.13g. The heat's a killer here at the moment, if I didn't have a new toy to play with I wouldn't be out there.
  14. I find the speculation that the E1500 will somehow outperform detectors costing much more money to be, well, how to put this nicely… questionable at best. If this detector was GPX 6000 class it would be stupid to sell it for one quarter the price of a GPX 6000. I don’t think Alex is stupid. Here is the current price structure in Australia as of today after Garrett just introduced the lower priced stripped down Axiom package: 1. GPZ 7000 $10,499 2. GPX 6000 $8,999 with two coils 3. Garrett Axiom $4,999 with one coil (Axiom Lite) 4. SDC 2300 $4,399 5. E1500 with Sadie & Battery $2649 6. Minelab Manticore $2499 7. Gold Monster $1299 I have pretty solid information in hand indicating that you are going to get what you pay for. The E1500 is a very affordable option at close the price of a top end VLF and will outperform said VLFs on gold in mineralized ground. Time will tell but I think the E1500 will fall short of SDC 2300 and Axiom level performance, essentially being a bridge between VLF detectors and those models. The 6000 and 7000 will continue to rule the roost but at twice the price of the SDC/Axiom level you are not getting twice the depth. Pulling a number out of my ass I’d assign a very debatable expectation of about a 15% increase in overall performance at each major step up in price. People can of course argue that number all day long but I think it is very important to give newbies some sense of reality. Twice the money does not get twice the performance. Gains are more like 10% - 15% - 20%…. pick your number, but it’s not double, triple, quadruple. If I was still selling detectors I’d explain to this new customer that they can go find a gold nugget with a Gold Monster or a Manticore. I’d explain that for not much more than a Manticore they could get an AlgoForce E1500 and be able to deal with mineralized ground and hot rocks that will give the VLF models real trouble. I’d tell them that for substantially more money they could get some very solid bang for the buck in the Axiom/SDC range, a step up from E1500 but still not top tier. Finally, I’d tell them that if money is no object and they simply want the best performance they can get, to look at the 6000 or 7000. I’d comment that out of the box with provided coils the 6000 would have the edge for smaller gold, and the 7000 the edge on larger gold. Adding aftermarket coils (and more money) to the 7000 can close the gap between it and the 6000 on small gold, but nothing you do to the 6000 will have it hitting the big stuff as deep as the 7000. That would be my short and sweet sales presentation and I offer it up as the most simplified big picture no B.S. look at the scene as you are likely to find. My somewhat educated opinions only, feel free to toss in trash bin if you don’t agree. In the States this would be the situation if the E1500 could be had here: 1. GPZ 7000 $8,999 2. GPX 6000 $6,499 with two coils 3. SDC 2300 $3,599 4. Garrett Axiom $2,999 with one coil (Axiom Lite) 5. E1500 with Sadie & Battery under $1999 6. Minelab Manticore $1699 7. Gold Monster $799
  15. This posts a bit of a waste of time but any information is better than nothing. The coast has had pretty bad weather for a while now, today was meant to be a break in the weather and it was nice and sunny at home when I woke up so I thought I'd try take the Algoforce to the beach and try it out, I was going to be in the area anyway as my dentist is near to this beach and I had an appointment, seeing it's over an hour's drive each way to my dentist I figured it's a good opportunity to kill two birds with one stone and hit the beach before the appointment. Half way to the beach the wind picked up, the sky was grey and it was raining, great! I'd not want to live on the South coast of NZ, it's sure got some weather issues, drive inland an hour and you're in a vastly different climate. It doesn't help some storm from Antartica is sweeping over our island over the coming days either, so I'll have to try the beach again another day. I did film a small video while there, I dug a hole in the sand and put a $1 coin at the depth the Equinox started to lose the target, if I went much deeper the Equinox didn't pick it up at all, I was worried when I backfilled the hole the Nox may lose it but it kept the target, it was up averaging the ID's a lot, it should ID the coin flicking between 21 and 22. The Algo at that depth gave a near perfect ID on the coin which should be 66 according to an air test, I also experimented before backfilling the hole with the coin in there and the Algoforce was picking up the coin with a target signal deeper than the Equinox would. The Algoforce does lose the Target ID's at some point in depth when it still had the target signal. From this little experiment I've worked out on this beach at least I would be able to ID this coin much more accurately and deeper than the Equinox 800 can in the settings I was in, which was Beach 1, all defaults, ground balanced and 24 sensitivity. I didn't play around a lot as it was only about 5 minutes after I jumped in my car to leave the heavy rain kicked in. I did briefly take the Algo down to the salt water and have a try at ground balancing and it worked fine, this was all with the 10" Spiral X-coil, my most sensitive to small targets GPX coil so I was quite happy about that. The tide was right out so I didn't go all the way to the water to dunk the coil, It was too cold. I only didn't take my Manticore to check against it as when I went to grab it I had left the M8 coil on it and was in a rush to get out of the door so I couldn't be bothered trying to find the other coil and fitting it, so the Nox got the job ? I think the Manticore would have done better than the Nox. Pure estimate, the coin was about 20 cm deep. (8 inches) The Beach does have some black sand, not ridiculous like some beaches around NZ, but still enough to cause a bit of havoc with VLFs. Here's the Video, I've kept it unlisted on Youtube as it's not very good and doesn't give all that much information but the best I could do given the circumstances. I'll try again on a nicer day when I have more time. I'm also kicking myself I didn't dig the target I found when in the wet sand, it could have been a ring, the right ID range, I was talking myself out of it as I would have had to go to the car and get the shovel and I just wanted to leave ? This is the weather I was dealing with; it's meant to get worse over the coming days and all the purple area is going to be snow, blue is cold air. Red and yellow are the warmer air. I'm guessing the maroon colour over Australia is the crazy hot air, we don't get that here ?
  16. I haven't heard much about the accuracy of the E1500's target discrimination from those already using it in the field.. On the beach I rely on TIDs along with tones to work out what the target is before digging.. I like the idea of a PI detector with target IDs based on the conductivity and shape of the target.. On relatively stable ground (wet/dry salty sand) this target info will be very handy to help distinguish between low conductive gold rings and higher conductive junk like raggedy shaped bottle tops and pull-rings.. Also, how stable is the E1500s TID in the field on small low conductive targets? Air test show the TID locking on pretty hard but is that also the case in the wild? If your feedback on the E1500's TID turns out the way I'm hoping, it could make a good tool to complement my VLF detectors on the beach.. It would be a step up from my old GPX5000 on really rubbishy beaches, especially on historical ones where there's a few silver coins buried amongst loads of crap targets.. It'd be great to have some idea of what the target is before digging at these spots.. Thank you for your feedback!
  17. Is there a thread here that compares these two? I'm just thinking about the small gold comparison with the M8. I think Simon is new to both of them if he has an M8. He was comparing the Manticore to the 800 and some others. Does Norvic have a Manticore?
  18. I've got two batteries for my Algoforce so far, both work great but I've discovered they make battery banks for a tough life, and well, at least for me that's hanging off the bottom of my metal detector and seeing I like my Algo so much I'm going to treat it to a tough battery Dark Energy Poseidon PRO Power Bank Portable Charger Kit - Survival Supplies Australia It's about double the price of a normal one, if not more, but it's made for the outdoors even being waterproof IP68 Poseidon Pro – Dark Energy It claims to hold a charge for 8 years. The video is funny, they blow it up, shoot it, drown it, you name it and it survives.... and all this and it's significantly cheaper than a Minelab battery ?
  19. Strange listing considering it's so soon. Maybe he will sell to the USA if no one buys it locally.....very early days as it has just been listed. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/creswick/miscellaneous-goods/algoforce-e1500-pulse-induction-metal-gold-detector-2x-new-coils-2/1322076585
  20. I was just curious to know if the AlgoForce runs bundled or spiral coils optimally? I know it's early days to know definitively but is it safe to assume that the AlgoForce isn't too fussy in coil configuration. I know there is mention of the older Gold Search coils working well as do the Evo line of coils (Spiral). I guess this leads to whether either of these coil formats would be best in hotter ground? Thanks for any feedback. I only own 3 mono coils that I use with my GP3500.......my all time favourites.
  21. I figured I'd ask the obvious question in a new thread . The algoforce has become a popular subject. Please keep the comments related to the progress of this machine making its way to the US market. Anyone in contact with, or with knowledge of, is encouraged to update.
  22. Zip-a-dee-doo-dah zip-a-dee-a. My oh my, what a wonderful day. https://youtu.be/zDePvXpYhzA?si=1hV5JYM9muHOwM8x What’s that mean you ask? Gerry is Happy….and most of you should be too. Finally, we have a quality PI detector at an affordable price point. Finally, we have a team of people working for AlgoForce that are listening to the consumer. Finally, we have a PI detector without $500, $1000, $1500 coils, we get to use 100+ different coil options many of us already own. Finally, we don’t have to pay $100, $150 and $200 for a spare battery. Finally, we don’t have to buy brand specific headphones that are overpriced and not even durable for metal detecting needs. Who wants to add some Zip-a-dee-doo-dah zip-a-dee-a? It’s going to be happy times for so many.
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