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  1. I developed this condition in 2005, while moving from Alaska to Oregon. Had to buy a cane to be able to walk. When I got to Oregon a friend told me that a friend of his also got what seemed to be the same thing I had. He said that his friend heard about talking Coral Calcium for it and it worked. So I got some and within a few days it was gone and has never returned.
  2. No big rush or even need Steve. I have all the parts and it is assembled. My biggest problem in the beginning was that I had an extra part that I thought went with this unit, but it turned out to be for a larger dredge. Once I saw a picture of it assembled I realized that I had one part too many and it of course didn't line up with anything on the dredge.
  3. I have been privileged to see Steve's "scrape and detect" method first hand. It was many years ago at Crow Creek in Alaska. He graciously let me go over the ground first, but walked close enough behind me that I could hear his detector go off on nuggets I had missed. Back then he was also using a short handle rake to scrape, so he stops and scraps and they just keep popping up. He is second to none at finding whole "patches" of nuggets.
  4. Thanks to all that contributed to this request. I should have included the information that I have all the parts, just needed to see visually how they went together. There seemed to be a problem in that, I had a part that had mounting holes in it that did not line up with the holes in the frame. Once I was able to see a picture, which I posted, it was obvious that I had one too many parts. The extra part came from a five inch dredge that I no longer have. I had inadvertently put it with the parts from the two and a half inch dredge, but it didn't go to it, which resulted in my confusion.
  5. Found one thanks to Glenn Tibbett. Also thanks to anyone that looked for a picture.
  6. I was wondering if anyone might have a picture of an original Keene 2 1/2" dredge, it is the one that floated on an inner tube. I sent an email to Pat Keene, but have not got an answer. I just need the picture to see how it was set up and mounted on the inner tube. If anyone has one you can post it here or email it to me at: jfoley@sisqtel.net
  7. I'm envious, but I'm old and entitled to it. Have a great time Steve, you earned it.
  8. Happens to me all the time. Mainly because my atrophied brain keeps telling me I can still do this. It ceases to be fun when it happens and there is nothing to pull yourself up on and you can't crawl to something because of Blackberry vines.
  9. For all the text they wrote they could have included an example of the methods they allude to. I am not bashing PLP, they have done an incredibly good job on legal affairs, and I have a lot of respect for them. But they could have done a bit more than tease dredgers.
  10. Paul, Alaska has relaxed its Covid restrictions, but you should check to see if you can get through the border in Canada. Last I heard some time ago was that they were not letting people through. It would be a shame to travel all that way, only to be turned back at the border.
  11. Glen, your link doesn't go anywhere. It is a "round robin" and only goes to another link.
  12. Thanks Jim, sounds like my birth place. There are five beaches there that all front on a bay. If you would like to PM me, I can give you a couple of places where you might do well with coins, and easy to get to, depending on where you live. I also have information about a place in the same town where you might find really old artifacts, like from the 1600's. I'll never get back there to do anything about these places, so if you would like this information, just PM me with your location and I'll see if it is close enough for you to use my information.
  13. It is great to see wonderful finds like this come out of my old home state of Mass. Curious if this was a salt water beach or a fresh water beach?
  14. I think posting this in this manner will be okay with Steve, it is a new topic and new thread. Clay gave you the correct answer. Your private property interest in a claim is the minerals, not the land itself. As such you cannot keep people from recreating or traveling over your claim. The one exception to that rule is that, in being on your claim they cannot "materially interfere" with your actual mining activities. They can hunt, fish, camp, off road, etc. but cannot either prospect, mine, or interfere with your mining.
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