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  1. Paul, Alaska has relaxed its Covid restrictions, but you should check to see if you can get through the border in Canada. Last I heard some time ago was that they were not letting people through. It would be a shame to travel all that way, only to be turned back at the border.
  2. Glen, your link doesn't go anywhere. It is a "round robin" and only goes to another link.
  3. Thanks Jim, sounds like my birth place. There are five beaches there that all front on a bay. If you would like to PM me, I can give you a couple of places where you might do well with coins, and easy to get to, depending on where you live. I also have information about a place in the same town where you might find really old artifacts, like from the 1600's. I'll never get back there to do anything about these places, so if you would like this information, just PM me with your location and I'll see if it is close enough for you to use my information.
  4. It is great to see wonderful finds like this come out of my old home state of Mass. Curious if this was a salt water beach or a fresh water beach?
  5. I think posting this in this manner will be okay with Steve, it is a new topic and new thread. Clay gave you the correct answer. Your private property interest in a claim is the minerals, not the land itself. As such you cannot keep people from recreating or traveling over your claim. The one exception to that rule is that, in being on your claim they cannot "materially interfere" with your actual mining activities. They can hunt, fish, camp, off road, etc. but cannot either prospect, mine, or interfere with your mining.
  6. The following copy and paste does not have anything to do with taxes as such; but it does clarify the possessory interest you have of a mining claim as the claimant. It also clarifies what Clay was writing about when he wrote about FLPMA and the "exception" stated in it. ********************************* The distinction between “public land” and “public domain” Any interpretation of mining law requires that it be read “para materia”, interpreted all together. The definition given to distinguish the difference between “public land” and “public domain”, citing the Congressional Re
  7. I don't know how each state deals with this situation, but on the Federal level, claims are private property, whether patented or not. The Feds do not address the issue of taxation specifically, so I guess the states get to do what each one thinks is correct for them.
  8. I know this is a long answer, but it is critically important because of the difference between Federal Land and Federal Domain. Long story short is that once a lawful claim has been made, it is no longer Federal Land, but Federal Domain and private property. My copy and paste of the law clarifies better than I can. ********************************* The mechanics of what happens to the “public land” once found to be mineral in character is expressly evidenced in the Organic Act of 1897, that “any public lands embraced within the limits of any forest reservation which. . . .” “...shall
  9. I don't know about where you are, but here the answer is yes. That is because here in California even unpatented claims have to have tax paid on them because they are considered private property. But once again, this is through the county assessors office.
  10. There is one other resource that I have not seen mentioned in this thread. I am not sure it is relevant in all places, but it has worked for me in the past. Keep in mind that a mining claim is private property; as such taxes have to be paid on it. That means that the county assessors office will have tax information about the claim. If you can even just point to a location on a map, the assessors staff can and will give you, or direct you to their ownership information. This information does not divulge the status of a claim, whether active or inactive; but it will tell you who pays the t
  11. Thanks for the update Norm. That looks like some serious surgery. I am glad there were no actual bad complications from it. Hopefully now the real recovery will begin.
  12. You might just try this company. Circuit Board Medics. They deal primarily with automotive and industrial circuit boards, but also do many other applications. You can also write and ask about specialty board repairs. I had them do my truck instrument cluster circuit board and it only cost me $100.00 including shipping and a lifetime guaranty. They were very helpful and will give you an honest answer regarding if they can repair it and how much it will cost. At the price for replacement you listed it would not hurt or cost anything to ask.
  13. Nuggets can be a type of rock specimens, and I am not selling them so it is not for financial gain.
  14. Mike, is that the tree fort I remember from when I visited and stayed with you years ago?
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