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  1. I added a new twist this year. Next to the panning trough. Is a old miners cabin. It has a recording of the trials of the miner back in the day. I was telling the kids the cabin was haunted when they were listening to the recording. When they were all engrossed listening to the story, I would sneak to the opposite side of the cabin,of the doorway where the kids were, and scare them at the window. About 30% of the kids jumped. Ha.
  2. This is the most boring thread ever. I'm very ashamed that Klunker made me post it. 🤣
  3. Hearing rumors about a new Minelab detector to soon be released. Just wondering if it is a dedicated gold detector or ?? Minelab Vanquish metal detector on the way?
  4. Ok, let's see a few of the forums members recent finds. Be sure to include detector settings and GPS coordinates. 😉
  5. Klunker spot on prophetic ramblings could not be more off base. But make the most sense when you have to spend a grueling day in the field with him. He talks incessantly. I just pretend to take in everything he speaks in jibberish half sentences, and nod my head in accordance.
  6. Klunker, I got your metal free shoes on order. The beaver is almost finished with them. Size 17 correct? I'll drop them by soon.
  7. Klunker asked me to post this picture for him. 😉
  8. I have dealt with this somewhat. A plant, shrub, or tree root with a high water content, can run somewhat irratic. Also slow you down and have to check out some possible targets a few extra sweeps to rule them out. Lowering the sensitivity slightly helps. Along with a slow coil sweep. But in my instances, this issue seems to be more prevalent when thunderstorms are nearby.
  9. This is for Klunker. There is nothing to worry about here in the Sierra.
  10. I've seen this advertised. Not sure if this is what you are looking for? https://soloshot.com/
  11. I think steel toed flip flops are in order this year for you.
  12. I told him not to quit his day job. We haven't been out detecting since.
  13. BLM raises fees. Just wanted everyone to know. Steve, please move this topic to a different thread, if not appropriate here. http://www.freerangereport.com/blm-hikes-mining-claim-permit-fees-by-30-percent/
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