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  1. My heartfelt prayers to all the wildlife and humans affected by the wildfires in Australia. It seems to correlate to many of the same sort of issues we have in the Western United States. All I got to say, stay vigilant against any people purposely igniting fires in our countries. Either being foreign or domestic. We live in scary times. God Bless.🙏
  2. I went to a beaten patch yesterday. I pulled 7 nuggets out of it for approx a 1/4 oz. The reason they were missed by me earlier, it because it is usually very wet ground. But we are having a very dry fall, so I was able to hear the soil better.
  3. And I thought you were taking about a different kind of Piles....
  4. You should have hit me up when I'm the Graeagle area. I'd would have bought you lunch.
  5. Wow, sorry to hear this. Not much worse than a Meth head.
  6. I've already posted Rooster before. But he had a wonderful day last weekend with Klunker & I.
  7. I guess not to many Aussies are happy with the price increase.
  8. I just sometimes sit back and think of I'm missing some deeper targets because of what settings I don't run. I 99% of the time run.... High Yield Difficult Sensitivity 16 or so Low smoothing Semi Auto GB I just like a quiet machine. Maybe I need to break out of my comfort zone ?
  9. Not sure why the event was cancelled. But they are having a children's detector hunt this September.
  10. Wes, thanks for the input. Hope all is well with you. Haven't seen you in a long time.
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