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  1. I sure miss running a elliptical coil. This should make GPX 6000 users happy.
  2. I attended last year. I can't confirm if there will be another one. The organizers are burned out. And no new blood is stepping up to take it over. But you can contact the people in charge here. https://gpaaofnorthernnevadareno.com/index.html
  3. I always enjoy your and Honans (2 toes) videos. Maybe we can hook up later this spring for a adventure.
  4. Since you do much of your detecting at RP. Anyone who has detected there during wet conditions knows how squacky the alkaline soils can get when wet. I'm not sure what detector would work best in those conditions? But something to look into.
  5. Ask Klunker, I don't miss anything except going detecting daily.😅🤣
  6. These two 4 in penny's are buried at Ryepatch. The IH is for the adults, the Washington is for the kids. If you happen to find one, they are worth a Treasure chest. The adult chest is full of silver and gold, valued at $400...the kids is full of money, jewelry, and silver worth $300...please bring the penny's to RPDC booth and see Sharon. A little hint on the adult penny...make sure you check ur holes, it's deep. Theres also these two canisters hidden,, full of 20 War Nickels worth $30....Good Luck
  7. Coming up this weekend. Also set you detectors in all metal mode. The tokens are made of steel this year. Past years they were made of brass. Plus there are other buried items in the hunt field. See you there.
  8. Klunker wouldn't share his lunch with Rooster the detecting dog. So we have to give him the golden boot.
  9. You know Klunker, it's just 2 weeks to slow the spread.... of the fire. Where have we heard this before.
  10. I purchased the 12 inch Nuggetfinder Z coil from Rob last week. I took the stock coil off and held the stock and Z coil in my arms held straight out. What a significant weight reduction on the new coil. I had a couple of hours free last Sunday. So I went up to a beaten patch of mine that I've found 100s of small nuggets in and a few bigger pieces. I found this nugget in 2 hours of looking. Not sure how I missed this with the stock coil, but I did. I had to have been over that spot dozens of times. Never heard anything there. But 1st pass with the Z coil it gave me a down low with a slight warble. About 10 inches down it popped out. I also have to say pinpointing is so much easier with this new coil. Reminded me of pinpointing with the NF coils on the gpx 5000. The weight difference and pinpointing are a major plus in my book. The 8.2 Pennywight darn near payed off the coil in 2 hours of detecting. I'll be getting out this weekend for a full day of detecting and can give more information on new coil.
  11. Had to laugh, was watching a old western few weeks ago. One of the guys in town built a shower that would continuously run. He gave the prettiest girl in town the honors of christening the shower. So all of the men in town waited outside the shower as the lady undressed and placed her undergarments on the hook outside the shower. When she took off her last piece, one of the men said" she's down to bedrock now boys" 😆
  12. So we support Minelab by purchasing their so called latest detecting technology. With the capability of doing software updates over your own computer. Then we are told their will be periodically updates to the GPZ 7000. There hasn't been one in 3 years now if I'm correct. So what's the use of even having that option if Minelab is going to hold out that technology for their future new flagship. Until Minelab comes out with. PI machine with discrimination, I'll just stick with my 7000. Why change, I'm already accustomed to the weight of it.
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