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  1. You should have hit me up when I'm the Graeagle area. I'd would have bought you lunch.
  2. Wow, sorry to hear this. Not much worse than a Meth head.
  3. I've already posted Rooster before. But he had a wonderful day last weekend with Klunker & I.
  4. I guess not to many Aussies are happy with the price increase.
  5. I just sometimes sit back and think of I'm missing some deeper targets because of what settings I don't run. I 99% of the time run.... High Yield Difficult Sensitivity 16 or so Low smoothing Semi Auto GB I just like a quiet machine. Maybe I need to break out of my comfort zone ?
  6. Not sure why the event was cancelled. But they are having a children's detector hunt this September.
  7. Wes, thanks for the input. Hope all is well with you. Haven't seen you in a long time.
  8. If I recall correctly, the coiltek Sadie coil for the gpx series was waterproof. You think for a waterproof SDC, they would have engineered a waterproof coil. SMH?
  9. Has anyone here tried taking the unit to a Batteries Plus store. I have them replace all of my lithium batteries for my cordless power tools. They are better batteries than factory when I get them back. I will have to ask them next time I go into Reno. https://www.batteriesplus.com/
  10. I just spoke with Todd. He said the 10x5 elliptical was the hot ticket for him. Very sensitive. He didn't really like the 14x9 elliptical, not sensitive enough on the small gold. He didn't get the 11 inch round. So no feedback there.
  11. I just got a screaming deal on a SDC 2300. So just inquiring if anyone has any more experiences with the aftermarket coiltek coils? I'm seriously thinking about getting some to make the SDC a patch hunting machine.
  12. Because Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Scott was already taken.
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