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  1. I've been having great success detecting. Always check your hole, I found 2 targets in this hole.
  2. Omen for what. The 1st frickin thing you thread on breaks. So you tell me. This aint my first rodeo with detectors. I know the routine. But minelabs technology is the best hands down. But the strength of it's outer body components are obviously getting thinner and less strong. I just stated my opinion. Really don't need your opinion back.
  3. I just purchased a new Equinox 800 today. I was threading the armrest/ stand screw through the shaft. Well, the threads were tight. Then the plastic nut over the screw stripped out. Hopes this isn't a bad omen to start.
  4. There are no elephants where Klunker and went detecting today. But I would have felt better having the 69 Cal. A big kitty is roaming the area we detected.
  5. I went to a beaten patch yesterday. I pulled 7 nuggets out of it for approx a 1/4 oz. The reason they were missed by me earlier, it because it is usually very wet ground. But we are having a very dry fall, so I was able to hear the soil better.
  6. And I thought you were taking about a different kind of Piles....
  7. You should have hit me up when I'm the Graeagle area. I'd would have bought you lunch.
  8. Wow, sorry to hear this. Not much worse than a Meth head.
  9. I've already posted Rooster before. But he had a wonderful day last weekend with Klunker & I.
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