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  1. Sourdough Scott

    Digger Bob, Miner John Derloo, Any News??

    Many of my friends and my family members all lost their homes. I was thinking about Digger Bob earlier today. Hopefully all are safe.
  2. Sourdough Scott

    Tesoro Closing Their Doors?

    I heard this. Too bad.
  3. BLM raises fees. Just wanted everyone to know. Steve, please move this topic to a different thread, if not appropriate here. http://www.freerangereport.com/blm-hikes-mining-claim-permit-fees-by-30-percent/
  4. Sourdough Scott

    Where Is Klunker???

    I miss you too Klunker! 💋 Even though I see you entirely way to much in person.
  5. Sourdough Scott

    GPZ Aftermarket Coils

  6. Sourdough Scott

    GPZ Aftermarket Coils

    Came across a post on Facebook, about this gentleman testing a few aftermarket coils. This really opened my eyes this morning. I was under the impression that the Minelab coils were chipped and no aftermarket coils could be used. If this was the case? Why did they wait so long? The smaller coil would suit my needs just perfectly. http://golddetecting.forumotion.net/t26022-gpz-18-coil-test-report
  7. Sourdough Scott

    Just A Squeak

    Nice find. Way to stay with it. See you Friday night for Pizza @klunker's Minelab HQ.
  8. Sourdough Scott

    1st Detected Noogie....!!!!!

    Congratulations. It is game on now.
  9. http://www.foxnews.com/science/2018/02/16/arizona-meteorite-fetches-record-breaking-237500-at-auction.html
  10. Sourdough Scott

    Animated Gold Nuggets. Lets See What You Got!!!

    I call this specimen. " Golden Eye". It is about the size of a dime.
  11. Sourdough Scott

    Antique Blasting Box

    The pushing down the plunger, turns the magneto with many revolutions. It stores lots of volts. When the plunger bottoms out, it hits a contact plate, which sends out the charge to the detonation cord. Takes lots of volts to charge 20 holes. That could be up to a mile of det cord.
  12. Sourdough Scott

    Antique Blasting Box

    How many of you got a Antique Blasting Box for Christmas. A close friend of mine gifted me this. Too cool. Boom.
  13. Sourdough Scott

    Show Me Your Plates

    Another name for dentures is plates. Lol
  14. Sourdough Scott

    Steelphase Hits The USA

    Yes, I find that out, AFTER I ordered the unit that they have the covers. 😁