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  1. Jim was a friend of mine. The picture is from 2003 out in the Randsburg Ca. area. My son who is 21 now, Jim and I. He will be missed.
  2. I learned a lot from Ben. Look at the picture with the screen on his drywasher. Most everyone uses the expanded metal that's on most production dry washers. Ben used a 1/4 screen to get better fine gold recovery. He would check his tailings with an old whites gold master when he was done.
  3. I found the pictures of Ben Thompson. These were taken in the stringer district randsburg ca. around 2006. Definitely one of the last of the old school prospectors.
  4. Ben Thompson last years were spent in Randsburg Ca. I would see him out in the stringer district with his drywasher. I have some pictures I'll post when I find them.
  5. Just a thought while minelab is still working on software adding a follow the black sand feature like the whites GMT. I have used my GMT with that feature a lot to locate area's to dry wash. One area was a area that was a using a knudsen bowl for clean up for a large placer operation. I didn't know exactly where the machine location was but i know there would be a concentration of black sand where the machine was working. I pumped the coil up and down watching the numbers 30's,40's then 60+ Bingo. Knowing if you feed to fast or too much water your going to loose gold, I dry washed the th
  6. After using a GPX 4500 for a few years I was reading and watching videos of the new Garrett ATX. I was most impressed by how quiet it was dealing with hot rocks. I ordered one from Arizona Outback and received it in a couple of days. I always get excellent service from them. Through the holidays practicing in the yard and a quick trip to a gold location I noticed something didn't feel right. Thoughts came to me like maybe i should have kept my 4500. The ATX handled the hot basalt cobbles and boulders a lot better than my 4500, but the coil was awkward getting around and in between them. After
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