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  1. Last month I started to get a bit bored with my usual Snowbird gig of bicycling, paddle boarding, beachcombing, etc, so I decided to check out some creeks and the Peace River about 3 hrs west of me. This area was covered by shallow seas millions of years ago, and more recently saw the Ice Ages....so a cool mix of fossils can be found. Here is one of the creeks I hunted(cue the banjo music from “Deliverance” lol): So you kayak and/or wade in water of various depths looking for gravels in the bottom, then you dig and sift. All this is done in Gator and snake habitat, so one must stay
  2. This is an example of a mineral that develops an electrical charge during temperature change. Can anyone name this mineral? one clue it was discovered in Death Valley.
  3. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/10/19/style/crystals-mining-quartz-herkimer.html?action=click&module=Editors Picks&pgtype=Homepage (Author's name is Alexandra Marvar. Title is: Got Crystals? Gem Mining Could Be Your Full-Time Job.) Ugh. More/less the typical article that makes finding gems sound easier and more profitable than reality. Besides jewelry applications, they mention the New Age pseudoscience proponents. (Hey, maybe a good sales opportunity for LRL snake oil peddlers!) I am cutting and pasting one late quote which many of us can relate to: Among those freelance
  4. I have always wanted to visit this park. Large diamond was found this month. When I was younger I prospected for diamonds in SW Wyoming. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/man-finds-9-07-carat-diamond-arkansas-state-park/?ftag=CNM-00-10aab6i&linkId=100453663
  5. “The Great Basin has some of the most unusual natural history that's buried beneath its soil. Scientists say there was period either thousands to millions of years ago when woolly mammoths, giant sloths, and prehistoric bison would roam the area that we know today as Nevada. Recently, some of those animals from around and before the Ice Age have resurfaced. Tom Gordon lives in Carson City with his wife. He has plenty of space around his property and enjoys a good sweat from a home improvement project. He bought a couple of trees to plantand began digging holes around his fence. While
  6. Image: Rio Tinto. Rio Tinto has showcased its rare pink, red, violet and blue diamonds from the Argyle mine in Western Australia virtually to a group of collectors, connoisseurs and luxury jewellery houses. There are a few here: https://www.australianmining.com.au/news/rio-tinto-previews-rare-argyle-gems-including-six-hero-diamonds/
  7. I have been going through some old photos. This one might interest some members. To get the scale, the gold nugget is about 165 gm or 5 ounces plus.
  8. Hello all, I'm currently up in Georgia working on family property, getting ready for hunting season!🦌 I'm with my son and dad, so no time to detect this trip! But there's always time to hunt for flint and arrowheads! Most all the fields are planted now, so hunting areas are limited to washes, and recently cleared areas! Finishing up work this morning, i did some scouting in an area cleared last winter! Had some rains since than, so figured it may have exposed something! We found some knapped piece's yesterday! And were back there again! My son had scouted the area, but mi
  9. Just returned from a few days WAY up north near Happy Camp, CA. We weren't detecting but looking for something valuable never the less. I've heard about what's referred to as "Happy Camp jade" since high school but never went looking for it. Finally got a local guide who took me and Miner John up into the mountains near Indian Creek to find some. And find some we did! Actually found a lot more than the pictures here but some of the pieces were literally boulders and too heavy to pack out. A little research shows this is officially called Californite, not a "true" jade, but a variation b
  10. I just got home from a 3 day Nevada trip. Went back down to the drywash where I found the multi-oz nuggets in June. Boy, was I in for a surprise. The 6 x 10 coil on my GM24K is bad, and I really wanted at least a 10" coil, so hauled out the old GM3. It rewarded me with a multi-pound hunk of copper....or at least it's got copper in it. Same grayish metal clear through. Weighs just over a kilogram. I sent the bigger nugget I found in June to an assay lab. Should, know what the metal is in a couple of weeks. This nugget, along with another golfball-sized nugget were found about 100 yards up the w
  11. I have been to the Peace River in Florida, one of the best sites to hunt for meg teeth. I am not sure if they qualify as a rock or mineral but the normal hunting method is simply dig as much sand/dirt/muck as you can and sift through it. If some type of detector could help ID a meg tooth it would save a lot of time. There are also some off shore sites in the Gulf of Mexico that produce lots of meg teeth. Anyone have experience doing this or any advice to offer.
  12. Here's a couple of Ethiopian fire opal specimens, that my wife and i found last year here at Reno's Gem and Mineral show. Hope you enjoy the colors! ht
  13. Some nice fossils, minerals and gems. http://www.bonhams.com/auctions/24039/?utm_source=bonhams&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=STS_Lapidary_24039&utm_content=link3
  14. anyone want to guess? I never really thought to much about this chunk of blue rock until Mitchel posted the link for the natural science auction and I spotted the Chinese turquoise in the catalog. Holding the stone it feels hard enough my biggest concern is it looks too good? Doing some research died Howlite is often substituted for turquoise, the test that was recommended was to rub an area with cotton soaked in nail polish remover looking for any transfer of dye to the cotton or color change in the stone, doing this test the color was stable and no blue transferred to the cotton. Runnin
  15. I have found many rock contains mírala need help identifying.
  16. I’m new to prospecting and need help identifying please. What kind of minerals and rocks do k have?
  17. “Scientists say they have discovered a "stunning" trove of thousands of fossils on a river bank in China. The fossils are estimated to be about 518 million years old, and are particularly unusual because the soft body tissue of many creatures, including their skin, eyes, and internal organs, have been "exquisitely" well preserved. Palaeontologists have called the findings "mind-blowing" - especially because more than half the fossils are previously undiscovered species. The fossils, known as the Qingjiang biota, were collected near Danshui river in Hubei province. More th
  18. There a some very knowledgeable experts here on all kind of rocks so thought I’d ask if anyone here was familiar with this type of quartz crystal and what the host rock and inclusions might be? In the close up’s the gold color is a bit washed out and pale, but under a loop it’s at least interesting looking and crystalline in structure with a pleasant goldfish color. My wife bought them 10-15 years back although I’m not sure who she got them from she said the quartz came from Brazil, I don’t know anything else on their origin or value. They are cut and polished in a way to magnify the little bi
  19. All of these are among finds I have kept from the past. They have been in a storage unit. I am fascinated with geology but have trouble ID'g rocks and don't like to smash em. This is a lot of pics ... maybe too many?! Thanks in advance for all who take a moment to share their expertise. Much regards! ^ is this part of a thunderegg? ^ the shell of the rock above (part of a thunderegg?) ^ could this be a thunderegg or just jasper? ^ a pyrite next to my thumb, is the middle rock a chalcopyrite? ^ shell of the rock pictured belo
  20. Well I was out today in a remote locating looking for nuggets with my 2300 and it sounded off on this rock. The area is noted for a lot silver. Not saying it is silver only my PI machine is pretty quiet unless it hits some kind of metal. It was lying on top the ground. It's dark gray to black. Maybe Hematite. Any one no for sure looking at a picture? Has some quarts in it also.
  21. Hi all! Found this rock by a river last summer.. anyone knows what it might be? Looks like a rock inside a rock ? Curious for any answer.
  22. any idea what the material / mineral it is? it`s very shiny, the green reflections are from the plastic lid i had them sitting on
  23. I found this nugget in the clark fork river in some exposed bedrock with one of my gold detectors. I always assumed it was lead, but after taking close up photographs, I'm not so sure. Any help identifying it would be appreciated. Thank you
  24. “A rare pink diamond has fetched SFr50.3 million ($50m; £38.5m) at auction, a record price per carat. Pink Legacy, weighing in at just under 19 carats, was bought by US brand Harry Winston at auction in Geneva. The price of around $2.6m per carat marked a world record for a pink diamond, according to the Europe head of auction house Christie's. It had been valued at between $30-$50 million before sale, and was bought after only five minutes of bidding. The diamond's new owners have rechristened it the Winston Pink Legacy.” See the full article for more details and great photos
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