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  1. 1 hour ago, okara gold said:

    This was a two day hunt a few years ago in the water when a small storm moved just enough sand to make these targets come to light with my PI. They were all about chest deep so fighting the incoming tide made it difficult and finally unable for me to detect. On the third day the depth was reduced to about my waist and only a few coins remained. The fourth day brought nothing. The area containing the targets was rectangular, about 25 by 100 yards long. I dug quite a bit of trash... this was some of it, but would sure like to do it again only deeper. Four gold rings and quite a few silver.

    It's amazing what is still hiding there, just waiting for a rough waters to remove some sand.  Just 4 days and you went right back to silence. That is the fun part of detecting. You get to a beach and expect a so-so day, but instead you get a bonanza!

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  2. 4 hours ago, Steve Herschbach said:

    I’m sure somebody could. Or I could have cut the lower rod and added an external sleeve to make it longer. At some point that also will introduce wobble but at this time it’s the easiest way to get a longer lower rod. In my case I would need a 30” total length and so would have to add a 2.5” sleeve.

    I was figuring that it would take longer for Fisher to make one since they already had their hands full.  If the AQ takes off in full production, someone will make that longer rod or maybe at least the adapter I talked about.  Either way I hope you can get the extra length since it sucks hunting hunched over, even if it's a little.

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  3. I had my best time detecting when I was able to punch down to the level that recent beach activity exposed. Exposed for me a lot, but only slightly for others that did not have that depth with their VLF's. Even though the AQ is not really intended for silver or copper coin hunting, it still will find them in all metal at great depth. On my beaches, I will hunt gold first, then hunt some silver and copper (and iron of course). It will be very interesting to learn the maximum we can squeeze out of the AQ.

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  4. There are some beaches I do that have nicer silver coins. If they are deep enough and are away from a lot of high tides, they will preserve nicely like The Seeker's were. Great finds, nothing like a bit of silver to brighten one's day

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  5. Yep, remember this was supposed to be a nice, relaxing, detecting session. We can all wait until it happens. I know for me, if I'm rushed or pressed to do a hunt, it usually ends up stressing me out and greatly affects the outcome. You are under no obligation to get this to us. We appreciate all the videos, pictures and exchange of information from everyone so far, and I'm envisioning this as a group effort. I still feel this is going to be a great adventure figuring this machine out.  The only stress we need to feel is butterflies in our stomach as the gold comes out of our old hunting grounds :laugh:

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  6. I'm just hoping that there can be some form of factory update to the connector. I know it can't be converted to the next design, but I'm hoping some modification can be made so we are not buying power cords one after another. On a coincidence note, I used the GPX on a project hunt today and the power cord failed. It was making weird noises like it was turned on (partially) when it was off. Lucky I had a new cable in the car.


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  7. Again another sad day. My first dealings with Whites was the Coinmaster V Supreme. I, like many others, followed them right up to the DFX. For me, the only machines I really felt were groundbreaking in the way I hunted, was that Coinmaster V (NO more hot rocks YEAHHHH!) and the Eagle Spectrum. After they went too digital sounding, so I left for Minelab. It's sad to see them go, but in this day and age, you have to reinvent yourself and listen and address your customers needs. Detecting is so competitive today that we search for the newest technology to give us a better chance of finding what we are looking for. The good old days of hitting a park and having a fist full of silver and Indians are over. New technology might  have saved them though. Good luck to all of them.

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  8. Nice score on the Walker. Unfortunately, sometimes silver does not do so well. Usually the culprit is Chlorine and/or Sulfur. Both are bad for coins and are found just about everywhere in the water. Really bad in the ocean environment. Lakes are susceptible too. But it's still a big piece of silver and a great find. 👍

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  9. 1 minute ago, Steve Herschbach said:

    shooolofhardNOX, I’ve found all your posts on beach hunting with the GPX incredibly interesting, and just want to say thanks for taking the time to post all of them.  :smile:

    Thanks Steve, I appreciate that. I'm a relic hunter at heart, but the beaches have bit me hard 😄  I don't dare try nugget hunting or I may never come out of the hills. Technology really helps these days. Without PI's, beach hunting would never return silver and gold like this on dry sand. Time will tell how things work out, but we are in a different era of technology now. It's nothing like 1970 🤩

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  10. Thanks for all the replies on the GPX. Some really good points Steve, many of which I share and have observed the last two beach seasons. Thank you Tony for filling in some of my hopes for the AQ, especially with EMI and wet sand. I always use the GPX 5000 with a 12.5" DD coil and can get coins at 15" consistently in dry sand. The limit is about 18". After that the coins stop and the buried beer cans take over😄. Here is a picture of the silver and gold found on this one beach, for two seasons of beach hunting - Off season only. I call this my silver beach since the silver outranks the gold, at depth. I'm hoping the AQ brings out the gold I know is still hiding deep down. This is the beach I will be hunting when I get an AQ, since I know it well enough to compare it to the GPX and not have to bring both machines out (which is impossible really). I have a good feeling about this.

    silver pic one.jpg

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  11. Congrats Joe on getting your AQ. You should never feel guilty or worried about getting your machine first.  You are a dedicated water hunter with lots of experience. You deserve to get one, as Steve does as well. We appreciate seeing your results and sharing your first impressions of it. So far I'm seeing the learning curve is rather small. It seems like a few trips out and it becomes a very predictable machine.  It seems very stable considering the wave action. How did it handle the local EMI?

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  12. Congratulations goes out to Alexandre first off. I'm sure he is very happy to finally see his design and hard work finally go into production,  although limited. I'm sure in a while, the rest of us will be very grateful for what I'm assuming this machine can do. Certainly, it will raise the bar for other manufacturers. Second, congratulations to Fisher for weeding through all the obstacles, legalities and even a pandemic. A lot of people, me included, were not happy about all the delays, and quite frankly it stressed a lot of us out. I'm sure by now it's obvious how passionate we are about detecting. Personally, I've been in the game for 51 years now, so any long term delay, from any manufacturer, may be the unit that comes out after I am not able health wise to use it.  So I'm happy that the unit will be released as soon as it is possible. Will it be ready for my fall beach season?????? I really hope so. If they decided to sell a couple of units earlier, please put me on that list.

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  13. Great find!!! Gold coins have always eluded me. I've found a fair number of gold rings but no gold coins. I think I'd react the same way you did if I ever find one 🙄. As for the house coming down, maybe you can befriend the contractor and get in there after it is down and some top soil is scraped aside. They usually strip some top soil and then build a new house and return the top soil back. Lots of opportunities during and after the crews there. That is if you can get permission from the construction company or the owner.

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