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  1. Nice catching the beach at the right time. It pays off. It's always a surprise when you think the beach is going to be a dud but when you get there you find a nice cut. Congrats on the good finds!
  2. Boy that 16x14 in DD would be very tempting on dry and wet slope hunting on a beach. If that doesn't get the deep coins then nothing will. Hurry up, someone buy one in my area so I can try it πŸ™‚
  3. I've seen a couple of his videos and that is probably the worst assessment of what is going to happen when they release the Axiom. I wonder if he will do a follow up in 6 months πŸ˜„ What do you mean ...... not for the beach, not for relic hunting? πŸ˜†
  4. I got no other places to go πŸ˜„ No scoop on these hunts. They are all dry sand and wet slope hunts. I use a short handle spade for most of my hunting. For the rare water hunts I have an Xtreme scoop. Very durable scoop.
  5. Thanks!! I hope you can get some place to dig. Sometimes the most unlikely places produce some good finds. River banks are one such place. A buddy of mine and his friend are doing a river down state from me and they stumbled on to a swimming area. barber, seated and walking liberty haves have surfaced along with over 35 other silvers, Indians etc. Any field will do if you can get permission.
  6. I will out dig that badger 🀬 Well maybe not πŸ˜„ He even has better facial markings than I have too. I more like badger wanna be. Maybe I can have one as a pet and bring him to the beach with me πŸ€— I enjoy the digs, not so much the next day though.
  7. The knife is marked - wartech - also marked China. Pretty heavy duty though. My best find that day πŸ˜„ Most of the beach hunters I run into are private people and don't want to show their finds. I'm sure they are out in full force hunting in the water. Not showing their finds keeps some of the competition at bay. I'm scaring away more people than they are, by showing my trash. πŸ˜‰ They owe me for that. I really enjoy relic hunting and spent at least 10 years doing it prior to switching to beaches. Relic hunting is best done by 2 people for safety and enjoyment, while I can do beach hunting by myself on my schedule.
  8. You still reading my boring beach hunts? πŸ˜„ Yeah, that aluminum can read any number you want (and don't want). The knife is very new, maybe just a good cleaning and it should be good. The cars were new as well.
  9. The 5000 should hit hard on those 3 pence silvers you find. I can usually tell coins by the sharp, fast up and down response on a coin like target. It's like a hiccup. Very fast up and down. I have the 14" Coiltek AI coil for it and I love it for EMI mitigation. Just recently did I realize the depth response was better than I gave it credit for previously. I would be shocked if the Axiom could be as quiet as an AI coil, just by using their stock DD coil. If it was, that would be amazing (if it didn't lose depth). But if it accepts GPX coils, that adds another level of liking the machine and if someone manufactures an AI coil for it, that should seal the deal for many people wanting a lighter (by about 2 lbs) detector. It will be interesting to see how it turns out.
  10. The 5th summer beach hunt was at a small beach near the last beach I was at. This hunt was odd for sure. These beaches are in an industrial area and near a former military base. So, the amount of junk and demolished building debris is plentiful and so were the bon fires from the looks of the melted aluminum. If you’ve never had the privilege of hunting a bon fire beach, you are missing out. πŸ™„ Since I’ve pulled the CTX out of retirement to replace the Equinox, I always start with it at a new location or if the tide is at high tide. I planned on using the GPX later on. Almost no one on this beach so I could go anywhere I wanted. This is also a popular fishing beach at one time. I realized fairly early on that this beach does not have much potential for silver. It’s just too young and unused. But I was there for the day, so I decided why not get some lead for my collection. I found the lead line and had quite a few big sinkers come out. Coins were all over the beach, so anywhere I went I could cherry pick the high conductors. The odd find of the day was the second time I found a discarded letter from a girl’s diary. If you have teenage daughters, remember to tell them they do not need validation from the rest of the world or social media…enough said on that. No silver or gold but I did find 3 new vehicles to pay excise tax on. Also found a cool looking knife (blade opened). So, what happened to using the GPX on the hunt later on. Well…… I’ve been praising the GPX for its durability a lot recently and when I went to fire it up, I got nothing. I figured it was the power cable, but the spare didn’t work either. Yep dead. πŸ˜” If it was the battery or if the unit is fried, I did not want to think of the expense while driving home for 2 hours. Lucky for me, after testing everything on my spare unit and battery, it actually was the 12 Β½ inch Detech DD coil. It is my favorite coil, and I can’t complain on how much use it has gotten on the beaches and fields. So, I guess I can still praise the durability of the GPX. πŸ˜† It was a beautiful day out enjoying the greatest hobby in the world!!! Have fun everyone and get out digging if you can.
  11. No not your videos πŸ˜„ I haven't see them yet. The ones where they talk you to death and then show you a target dug up and tell you it was this deep (give or take) πŸ™„ You know, the ones that give you absolutely no knowledge of the machine's capabilities. I'm waiting for a day off so I can binge watch your videos. I know you will just tell it straight with no financial gain from it. There is nothing worse than watching the first run of videos on YouTube (for any new release) because they have you held captive since they are the first ones to release. ☺️ Seriously Steve, that comment was absolutely not aimed at you.
  12. Yep Chase, any machine that may go deeper than the 5000 for coin size targets will get my attention πŸ˜„ The proof will eventually surface on how it performs. I'm hoping that it has better EMI handling and the ability to have an after market coil selection as well. For now I sit tight. I can still do what I love to do with the 5000 until something comes along and really can outperform it. I want to watch real videos from real people πŸ˜‰
  13. No I live now πŸ˜„ just my experiences live in the past. I keep fairly current with technology, but am cautious since the trends seem to be shifting toward specialized detectors, and since no one is making a dedicated relic machine, I have to live off the gold machine market πŸ™„ So I am hoping my buddy buys the new Garrett so I don't have to. I've already mortgaged one kid for the 6000, sold my dog for the AQ and only have one kid left to rent out for the next best machine 🀣
  14. I would love to be surprised 😍 But for me Garrett has always provided just short of what other brands provide. Back in the old days, Whites Coinmasters did better for me that the master hunter (I think that was the name). Same for their talking detector the CXIII (don't quote me on the accuracy of the model names πŸ˜„) vs the Eagle Spectrum. So I only dabbled in them occasionally. I would love to see that change for Garrett, but my past experiences don't give me any fuzzy feelings that it will top my current PI. Please surprise me Garrett πŸ˜„
  15. The arrangements kill me more than the hunt πŸ˜„ I like arranging them and labeling them with what detector I used, in order to see the long term trend on each beach. I also keep all the junk targets in separate boxes by beach as well. That way with just a glance I can tell what beach works well for me as far as old coins and relics goes. My stocking drawer looks like spaghetti 😳
  16. It will be interesting. I would think their main intent would be to challenge the 6000, so it may operate the similar. If the ATX is still in production, then that would still be their deep seeker for relics. So for me, I won't get too excited until it appears on some videos that actually show it responding to a target, and seeing it dig that target without editing. I want to hear and see the target dug. The good thing is that Garrett is not conceding the detecting market to anyone. If we are patient, we may see some great machines come out.
  17. Thanks Simon. I would think large targets would probably include a coin sized target ??? That would be a plus for the beach. Now EMI would be my main concern as every detector has some degree of it. I wold hope it would be decent at handling it. Actual depth would be my second question. If it can't beat the 5000, it is a no go for me. Pricing (I'm guessing) would be around 3k ? I think one of my hunting buddies is a Garrett guy and was looking to replace his ATX. He will probably buy it and maybe I can try it then.
  18. If the Axiom is supposed to challenge the GPX 6000, then it may take some sales from it. For relic/beach hunting, it is the opposite of what I want in a pulse machine. On a beach, in my type of target hunting, the 6000 does not cut it. Garrett may have a winner here if, fine gold is all you are looking for. The real surprise would be if it hits larger targets at equal or better depths than the other PI's out there.
  19. I hear ya πŸ™„ When you start getting excited for clad quarters it's time to drop the machine and just go swimming. This hunt was fairly shallow, mostly in the 6-12" range. A few targets a bit deeper. I like getting stuff deep. That way I can tell if the beach has potential or not. If I can hit silver at 12+", I will be returning there a lot. I'm actually getting used too the digging and even swinging that tank of a machine πŸ˜„ As long as the beach feeds me coins, I'll stay. If it's all small trash, I would leave. There is so much trash that people throw (or bury) on our beaches. Why can't they just comply and lose coins and expensive jewelry????? πŸ€—
  20. Everything is conductive if you get hit with a million amps 🀣
  21. Not bad results because of the rain and all. I think you did pretty good. I bet if you lived around there you would get plenty of gold after a good storm. Looks flat, so I'm thinking the heavy stuff is deep. But that screen shot cracks me up ... looks like two English guys in armor with bucket heads on πŸ˜„
  22. Nice recovery!! I bet that guy still can't believe you found it. You may even see him at the river with a metal detector next time ☺️
  23. The flower looks like a Tudor Rose, so an English symbol. Not sure if it's military or civilian but could have adorned leather or ribbon/cloth. Sweet find either way it ends up going
  24. Quantity hurts.... πŸ˜„ That beach is spankin' me pretty good πŸ€• On days like that, zinc pennies may be the high point of the hunt. 😲 But I always have the urge to MELT THEM ☺️
  25. The 4th summer beach hunt is again at that same small beach. Sun was full bore but had some clouds roll in from time to time. I figured I’d spend a good chunk of the day getting to re-learn the CTX. I forgot most of the tricks for depth on a beach and finally remembered how the menu and buttons work. πŸ™„ No silver or gold goodies today but did manage one decent target – a 1926 (or 5) Buffalo Nickel. I used the CTX for about 5 hours just to try and get silver, but the clad layer was dominating. The GPX was used in the wet sand for about 3 hours and scored the deep Buffalo nickel. Lot of digging, a lot of coins but no shiny today. If I get out, Maybe taking the EQ in the water and fight them waves a bit. πŸŠβ€β™‚οΈ
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